Apr 29th, 2013 publishUpdated   May 2nd, 2013, 7:08 am

The development team at NetherRealm Studios have promised to support Injustice with tons of DLC and the first bit that we’ll be seeing is in the form of Lobo, headed to us on May 7th. Platforms still haven’t been confirmed yet, so we’re going on the assumption that NetherRealm Studios plans to support the Wii U just as it supports the PS3 and the Xbox 360. You can see the new trailer for Lobo above.

Are you excited about the DLC? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • RyuNoHadouken

    why wasnt he already in the game? Im sure most of their DLC is already made and theyre just doing timed releases…smh…im glad i didnt pay for this game

    • Laud

      I mean, that’s a little harsh. It’s not like you need this character to enjoy the game.

      All games will have DLC, whether it’s on the disc or it’s really downloadable really isn’t a big deal. It’s optional and if you feel betrayed over some additional content like this then you are too sensitive.

      • AAAkabob

        No it’s the point that they already had it done and decided to hold out on it to get extra cash when it easily could’ve made it onto the release version.

        Never conform to unethical business practices.

        • Laud

          But how do you know it was already done? What if they started working on the DLC a week before release? Mind you the Wii U version was released a week AFTER the other consoles so it’s possible it could have been worked on right after the game launched.

          • Only the Wii U version as far as I know was delayed in UK. It was launched simultaneously alongside the other platforms everywhere else.

            But you might be right though about the DLC. I don’t recall Injustice ever reaching gold status before shipping.

          • Kevin Sepulveda

            The Wii U version was Only delayed in the UK I got mine on launch day here in the USA

        • Adrian

          I feel most DLC is a scam. At least it feels like a scam to me.

        • Wayne Beck

          You have to understand that games are not released on the day they are finished. They lock down the Software. Have QA do a release pass. Pay a Large fee to Hardware Company. The Hardware company does a QA pass. Then if it passes, it goes to manufacturing and distribution. If not, it goes back for more bug fixes.

          Even if they finished Lobo the day after they sent the game off to First Party QA. They would not be allowed to add anything to the game before it went to retail. All the Additional Content would have to be sent to first party to be checked again with another fee.

          Personally, I think DLC is a terrible waste. I don’t like companies to try and artificially grow the lifespan of their game. So I don’t usually buy it. Some people do not care. Some people play one game for months and want more content for it all the time. I just go get another game.

          • AAAkabob

            Then the DLC should be free, I don’t like the idea of selling a game at full price when it”s only half of what they intend it to be.

          • Zombie Boy

            I think some DLC is worth the extra cost, if it adds a sufficient amount of content to the game or does something new with it. Paying X amount of money for a single character doesn’t appeal to me though, especially as they will then ask for more money for the next character, and then even more money for the next… With those empty slots on the character select screen when the game was launched, it was obvious that they were planning to do this and that, to me, seems like a con. Call me old fashioned, but personally I’d of rather waited a few more months for the game to be released and received a complete roster of characters at launch.

          • Wayne Beck

            Honestly, I don’t disagree, for the most part.

            In this particular circumstance, I think this DLC is more of a Fan Service than anything else. There are so many DC characters and everyone has a favorite. If this were mortal combat and you had to pay extra to play as Smoke it would be a cash grab, but you can’t expect them to shovel every character into a DC fighting game all at once. Especially not with the Quality of the Fighters in this game. Every single one is unique. Their entire combo systems are different. If I was a Hardcore DC fan, I would want my Favorite Character added, but I would want them added with the same quality of every other character in the game.

            I doubt we’ll see additional storylines with these DLC, so I would assume they will be pretty cheap.

    • NkoSekirei

      wat about darkseid is he in the game or well we have to get him for dlc

      • I highly doubt Darkseid will be DLC because he’s already in the game as part of a stage transition in the Hall of Justice.

        But goddamn it, he should be!

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Hahaha, loved him as a kid. Im really thinking about getting this one.

  • Nintedward

    It’s a great game , I really love how clean and polished the graphics are!

  • bizzy gie

    Crap! I won’t be able to get an eShop card until May 25th. Guess it’s for the best. I still suck so much and have to learn techniques to counter the loser spammers.

  • Nintendofreak

    who is lobo? i was never into dc

    • Wayne Beck

      Intergalactic Alien Bounty Hunter. He appears randomly throughout various DC comics, but his most famous appearance, to my knowledge, is in Justice League when he goes toe to toe with Superman. They played him off as Kind of a Goof, but he’s supposed to be a pretty sadistic killing machine.

      • Jason Setley

        Should be a cool DLC.

    • Jason Setley

      Lobo is an ultra-violent motorcycle-riding inter-galactic bounty hunter. Born on the planet Czarnia, he killed every other member of his race for a high school science experiment and then gave himself an “A” on the assignmen

      • Nintendofreak

        wat dafuq did i just read

        • Jason Setley

          LOL, hes a little crazy, for DC Comics. He even tryed to join Justice League

          • Nintendofreak

            i already like him its like a space badass version of me 😀

  • david jarman

    I can’t wait for the William Hung dlc-artist is kader

  • Edward Dudley

    I hope Martian Manhunter, Mr. Freeze, Killer Croc, Hawkman, Swamp Thing and Powergirl eventually become playable.

  • Jason Setley

    Support is needed, thanks, now maybe COD will give us some maps

  • $41809923

    we need a patch to fix combos in the game and online mode and star labs do not work right this is more important then a dlc wii u never get supported how sad things are

  • I’m going to be a DLC character too


    Not to be negative here…BUT we didn’t even get an option with the pre-order DLC like the others automatically got by pre-ordering the game. They haven’t said boo about us really getting tat pre-order DLC or any other DLC which I would like the option of it, but will be truly surprised if we do.

    That being said, Batman had a new custom (at least I haven’t got it yet in my game) and that was a new part of that stage opening (same as before), and obviously Lobo is a new character, so is that all new to the DLC? What else will be in that DLC and how much? I hope they don’t release one character at a time, and kinda group stuff up. Again I do hope we get all the DLC like the others but I can’t hold my breath on it. I’m sure if they do most that bought the game on the U would buy at least some of the DLC for it.

  • Saul Rivera

    So the days of unlocking characters or levels have really gone by…now you have to buy them…hell even costumes…this dlc bussiness is sickening…

  • Johny

    Theres wii u logo at the end… dlc is probably coming to wii u too…

  • Derty

    What a badass clip lol

  • How much is this going to cost because really I am not spending more than a dollar for a new character to play haha.

  • Henry Asenime

    Still no comfirmation of Wii U DLC