Nov 28th, 2013

It’s Thanksgiving here in the United States, so we here at Wii U Daily are taking it easy, but that doesn’t mean you have to go without entertainment! Check out this live-action ZombiU short film that was put together on a tight budget. It’s actually pretty creative!

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  • Steven

    That was pretty entertaining 😛

  • MrMistermister

    I can’t believe they spelled ZombiU wrong…

    • jjbredesen
    • Goob1246

      It was most likely intentional, seeing as 1) there was a custom “ZombieU” logo in the video and 2) “A ZombiU Live Action Fan Film” is in the title of the video.

      • MrMistermister


    • Yoshi5081

      They were not going to use the original one cuz this is not from nintendo or anything like that… -.-

  • Noteak

    Well that was… interesting…

  • jjbredesen
  • thecoolmana777

    That was actually pretty good, I like the way it took place in Edinburgh it would be interesting to see other settings it could take place in 🙂

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    That was really good actually!

  • Zack Hussain

    The chap that stars in it is on miiverse his name is CDreams look him up

  • Mario

    ZombiU. A true horror game that is not well appreciated. That’s a shame.

  • Veries Seals

    Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! Whyyyyyyy???? I love the game. I will just stick to the game.

  • Adrian

    This just reminds me how sad I am that there will be no ZombiU sequel.

  • DeepFried35

    Hey guys Shaun here from DeepFried35.

    As already mentioned by Zack in a previous comment, I play the main character and yeah you can find me under CDreams on Miiverse if you wanna catch me on there every night or so.

    I stumbled across the article here on WiiUDaily about an hour ago, we thought things had settled on YouTube then today we got a sudden burst of views, I now realise why. I just wanted to thank you all for the great comments about the film and that I’m really chuffed you guys and girls enjoyed the film. Greg & myself did our best and it’s just rewarding as hell to know that it was worthwhile so cheers for that.

    By the way, if you havn’t already checked them out, then download a QR reader for your mobile of choice and see what you can find when you scan the QR codes in the film, also we have a load of additional materials on the website and our social network including zombie intro videos that were used in the run up to the films release on Halloween, just little extras that we did to flesh things out 😉

    Finally, we’re running a comp on our website for a copy of ZombiU (PAL version) signed by the Ubisoft Montpellier team. The creative director saw the film after a fan passed it on to them and got in touch with us, he then offered to sign a brand new copy of the game that we bought to give away as a thank you for anyone who watched the film. All you got to do is answer the really easy question and you’re in for a chance to win the draw.

    So once again cheers for everyone guys especially WiiUDaily team for posting this up 😀

    • jjbredesen

      Thank you for creating the film it was awesome, keep up the good work!

  • Felipe Valencia

    One excellent game for WiiU … if you have not played it I recommend you do so … I wish a second game … ZombiU 2 …

  • Nigga
  • Guhtere

    Well this was made a little late…
    Don’t worry, this was only made a year after the game was made…lol.

  • Rai_TheNoblesse

    all I can say is “F@CK” Ubisoft, for using such a lame cover design and not promoting the game enough and therefor not selling it enough for a sequel!! especially since (and because of) the game, there’s been a “horro/surivival” game boom.. , look at the comming games (evil within, outlast, deep down ect. ect..)

    ZombiU, when played at night alone, is more intens than The Last of Us…, Ubisoft really master the usage for “fear” in ZombiU…, but are so lame, not to bring out ZombiU2!?…, I’m boykotting Rayman, because of the Wii U loos of exclusivity, and when possible, I’ll just download Ubisoft games from now on on the PC, instead of buying any…., untill they get, that makig a sequal/promising an exclusivity is not dependetn on the sales alone,.. which in ZombiU’s case, they f@ck up in the first place..

  • MetroidZero

    Still haven’t beaten this game yet lol.