Feb 14th, 2014


Yesterday to kick off the first Nintendo Direct of the 2014 year, Nintendo showed us a trailer of Little Mac, the newest character to join the Super Smash Bros. roster. The trailer highlighted some of his moveset and today we get a better look at that with some of the stills released in the Challenger Approaching gallery.

Little Mac gets the one up on Mario, Sonic, and eventually Fox McCloud as well. What’s even funnier is it looks like Little Mac is going toe to toe with the Animal Crossing villager, which should be an interesting fight all together. Which is your favorite? Who do you want to see join the roster next?

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  • Looks cool
    i will have fun playing as LITLLE MAC


    • Niknique


      • ikr why aent i in ssmbu! i would make A GREAT addition to the roster

  • Little Mac needs purple gloves instead of green gloves

    • linkzero65

      waluigi you’re BACK!!

  • Wren Justin Umlauf

    Very happy Little Mac is in the game. He’ll proably be one of my new favorites. I just wish his face looked a little less Japanese art style.

    • Mario

      What did you expect? The majority of people working on this game are probably Japanese.

      • Wren Justin Umlauf

        I expect very talented artists to make a White American character look a little more American. But thats just me being picky. Im still excited to see him

  • matthew garcia

    Lol well now that the dissappointing nintendo direct is over now we can all go back to smash bros news 24/7 now

  • Nookling

    His counter looks cool. Seeing all of his strengths makes me wonder just how bad his weaknesses are

    • His recovery didnt look too great

      • NyallJodhan

        His recovery isn’t all that great in his OWN games. LOL, I’m finding this out all over again the hard way.

        • XD I’ve never played a Punch-Out! Before…

          • NyallJodhan

            Get the virtual console version in the eshop, it’s awesome!

          • but… moneeeey

          • NyallJodhan

            LOL. There is that indeed. I got it from Club Nintendo with the 150 coin promotion.

          • Tornmage

            Bitch please, I got it for 30 cents in 30 cent promotion lol

          • but… my coins… XD

    • Fierce-Deity Link

      aside from his recovery.. he doesn’t seem to have a very good aerial game

  • Razo_E

    Whoa, he Hulks out. Guess you can say this Little Mac becomes a Big Mac. YEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…

  • Mario

    Ohh! That’s gonna leave me and Sonic a mark!

  • desgraciado79

    The Little Mac addition makes me want this game even more. I can’t wait to uppercut my daughter and send her flying. It is very therapeutic.

  • triplegamer3K .

    I wonder what all costumes he’ll have.
    My bets are his major circuit clothes,super punch out version,and of course his pink jogging clothes.

  • Random12multi

    Just realized something… he was a trophy… then an assist trophy… then finally a playable character… he actually started from the bottom…

  • Yoshi

    Just letting you know… I’ll be announced along with Yoshi’s new island!!!

  • Ian Settlemyer

    Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong might as well be next.

    • Fierce-Deity Link

      we dont need dixie kong.. diddy kong is enough… D:

  • lonewolf88

    anyone think his hulk for kind of looks like eren from aot?

  • blaster man

    Why did 50% of what was shown (on the Nintendo Direct) of Little Mac involve him beating up a woman (Samus)? That’s kind of disturbing.

    • Proud Borracho Latino

      Samus can handle it.