Little Inferno for the Wii U is an upcoming platform game from the creators of World of Goo. Little Inferno is a surrealistic take on the platform genre, and features a story set around a fireplace. Players assume the role of kids who throw their toys and other stuff into the fireplace which generates levels, according to reports. The Little Inferno Wii U edition will be the only console version of the game. The game is expected to be released in the Winter of 2012.

Little Inferno Wii U features

Little Inferno Wii U
Not much is know about Little Inferno, but it’s anticipated that it will follow the same art style and design of World Of Goo, which was made by the same team behind the new title. The Little Inferno Wii U version is expected to utilize the tablet controller in a meaningful way, but since little is know about the gameplay, it’s hard to speculate what Wii U GamePad features the title might include. Since the Wii U will be the only home console Little Inferno will be released on, we expect developer Tomorrow Corporation to offer some interesting and unique features.

Little Inferno Wii U screenshots

Little Inferno Wii U teaser trailer

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  • Lloleus

    Cool. World of Goo was pretty fun, especially when they gave us a creative stage where you got to build a tower of your own choice and try to beat the other ones via height.

  • Undecided

    The trailer was a bit disturbing..

    • Stef

      yea that disturbed me a little too

  • Stef

    yea that disturbed me a bit too

  • NintendoLover

    This trailer is kind of creepy. It freaks me out. It kind of scares me…. What’s wrong with those kids. Tomorrow Corporation is always creepy and it freaks me out! D:

  • Thepokemonmaster

    This Is a creepy game…. Nintendo should watch what spam the other companies try to get in the eshop..

    • Ben

      The kids look like they were in the movie Frankenweenie.

  • Zak Iceblade

    What was Nintendo thinking! A game about kids burning stuff! Yea okay well what is the moral of this game? Is it to not burn stuff? NOOO! The moral is burning stuff is okay as long as if you are a innocent child. Who is even directing this game, Tim Burton?

  • Ben

    Soooo, what’s the point of the game?

  • Superrty

    D: What…was…that. Its so creepy

  • Alex

    What…was…that. Its so creepy [2]

    But awesome at the same time…..

  • Seth S. Scott

    This game is so great! I wrote a small, spoiler free review. Check if you wanna, thanks!

  • funkzillabot

    I have this. It is a really great game. It’s a nice surprise when you find a sleeper hit indie game.

  • has anyone noticed the sale price is exactly the same it hasnt been reduced!!!