Aug 22nd, 2014

One of the best non-playable parts of Super Smash Bros. the great selection of music that is put into the game. There’s tons of new information about the music, including the video you see above from GameXplain, who features a few samples of music that you’ll hear in the game, all taken from the official Super Smash Bros. website. Sakurai says more tracks will be added over time and the currently available tracks feature in Multi-Man Smash, Battle! Trainer Battle and Full Steam Ahead from Spirit Tracks.

The Nintendo 3DS will have Play in Sleep Mode, so you can listen to the music even when the Nintendo 3DS is closed. The shoulder buttons will let you skip tracks in this phase. Here’s a list of tracks that will feature in the Nintendo 3DS version:


Be sure to head over to the official Super Smash Bros. site to listen to all the new music that’s being featured.

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  • “Xenoblade Chronicles”

    Time to make a fan asssumption about something I know nothing about!!!! Because excitement!!!!!

  • Mayoo

    “usic” is missing an “m” in your title.

  • greengecko007

    The “usic” sounds like it’s great quality, but I hope we get more epic arrangements and less covers in the game. I enjoyed the songs like the ocarina medley in Brawl a lot, but the straight MIDI file ports seemed cheap.

    • matthew garcia

      I wonder if the soundtrack will be different between 3ds and Wii u seeing how one is on CD with much better sound quality and the other is on a sd card looking thing. Sorry I’m not sure what to call it lol

      • greengecko007

        I would think that it would be considering there are different stages and game modes between the versions.

      • Cartridge?

        • matthew garcia

          Is It still considered a cartridge? Looks like a memory card to me but I’m not sure what the proper name for it is

  • Mario

    …LOVE IT!!! XD

    • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

      AGREED!! XD

  • Korv13

    Am I the only one who find this list interesting? There are some names in there that are going to feed a lot of speculation.

    – The first one, ACE, who made Xenoblade Chronicles soundtrack
    – Masato Coda from Monster Hunter series soundtrack
    – Masashi Hamauzu from Final Fantasy XIII soundtrack
    – Noriyuki Iwadare from Ace Attorney soundtrack
    – Yasunori Mitsuda who made Chrono Trigger soundtrack
    – Nobuko Toda who made Metal Gear solid 4 soundtrack
    and some others…

    HOWEVER, maybe there is nothing to speculate here.

    -The artists could have been choose without a particular purpose (the names of the games can be there just to show what the artist has done before…)

    -They could only have been choose because they will be some tracks of these franchises (I can see some Chrono Trigger soundtrack in a stage made for an another game for example).

    Nevertheless, I think we should keep an open mind to some possibilities… like the inclusion of Shulk or the return of Snake.

    • Snake….Nope, not happening.

      • Korv13

        I don’t believe Snake’s return either. He was a one-time deal.

        However, the presence of Nobuko Toda is puzzling…

      • Mario

        Shulk on the other hand…

  • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog


    • Mario

      AGREE!! XD

  • SmashFinale

    Over-speculation is imminent.
    Hopefully the soundtrack will be as amazing as Brawl’s. With this list of composers it’s already looking to be that way.

  • Lord Carlisle

    I’m trying to gather signatures to get Nintendo’s awareness and suggest the idea of making assist trophies such as Ghirahim playable DLC characters. We could use support! Please sign!

    • Korv13

      I’m sorry for Ghirahim. I saw that you supported him strongly on Gamefaqs. I was also hoping him to get in the game. 🙁

      I red that Assist Trophies are gonna be in « All-Star Mode » in some fashion. Maybe you’ll be able to play in team with him or against him there.

      • Lord Carlisle

        I was disappointed at first, sure, but I think in the end I’m just happy to see him with a fairly noteworthy role in the game, even if it’s not as a playable character. He’s not just a trophy, so I can be satisfied.

  • Joel

    I’m just doing my best to wait patiently for this game.

  • Imanol Pérez Ramos

    i want a new version of gusty garden pleaaaaaaaase!!!!

  • Zodiark

    Only three songs! But I can’t wait till October/November >.>

  • majora :D

    I saw Xenobladeon there and almost crapped myself

  • Joel Cruz

    The day gets closer…Oct/3 then… this winter

    CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • EmperorIng1268

    Motoi Sakuraba.. omgomgomg

  • muchi

    yoko shimomura
    best one on the list

  • Prizm

    Last track wasn’t bad. I hate that fake orchestra style though that many games use. Always sounds like they’re trying too hard to be ‘epic’.

  • Arale Norimaki

    Spirit tracks theme so sexy #KINKYLINKY