Oct 22nd, 2013

Lego Marvel Super Heroes launches today in North America and to celebrate a new trailer has gone live showing off some of the action you can expect to see in the game. Of course the usual humor found in the Lego games is present and we get a look at some of the heroes and villains you’ll see in the game.

TT Games has been hard at work on this one and it’s releasing for multiple platforms, including the Nintendo 3DS. You can pick it up for $49.99 today, but our European friends will have to wait until November 15th for release.

Will you be getting this one? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Fred

    There’s hasn’t been as much hype about this one as there was Lego City Undercover. Is that because it’s not as good or just because Nintendo published Lego City and not this one?

    • Most likely because Lego City: Undercover was a Wii U exclusive title. This game is being released on every console, pc, and handheld known to man.

      • rp17

        Although the lack of hype and exclusivity, i think this one will be better, as it has everything lego city undercover had but with 150+marvel heroes. I just hope it takes advantage of the gamepad in an interesting way.

  • Rich Garriques

    watched it , this game is great very nice graphics and gameplay for a lego game.

  • bizzy gie

    Nice twist on Lego and Lego figures. I watched a bit of a walkthrough and it’s looking good so far. You can see it on this channel. youtube.com/ghostrobo

    • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

      i like this channel i wish that ghost is coming back because i don’t like jake

      • bizzy gie

        Jake is doing a great job. Everybody seems to love him. It’s only for a week while Ghost is in South Korea with his girlfriend Rosa.

        • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

          Ghost have a girlfriend named Rosa? Why i heard it now i was scared that Ghost gave his account to Jake but oké.

          • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

            oh and 2 days ago did i looking 2 episodes of lego marvel and yeah he’s doing a great job

  • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

    i give this game already an A+ (even i haven’t play this game but i will play it soon)

  • Guillermo Moore

    Will this one use Pro controller U? I loved how each person had their own screen,in Lego Batman 2, but hated that whoevers using the tv can only use the wiimote+nunchick

  • BIG Franky

    I want this bad but it’ll have to wait…. I was just doing an inventory on unopened games for my kids for Christmas and I’ve got Pikmin3, Lego City Undercover, Rayman Legends, Super Luigi U, Disney Infinity (with all 3 play-sets and some additional figures), plus I have Sonic Lost World ready for pick-up next week….. and that doesn’t even count my PS4 I have paid off and set for pick-up in a month…. sheesh… I gotta slow down… especially since I just got the Wii U set-up like a month ago.

  • Noel Canales

    I like this game.

  • iamserious

    This game looks so fun I want it! Would a 10 year old boy who loves Mario games like this game though?

    • Merrfn

      I imagine he would.

      • iamserious

        I love Marvel so I hope he does!

        • Merrfn

          Just ask him if he likes LEGO. At his age I was on a LEGO craze, but he might hate it 😛

          • iamserious

            He loves Legos! That settles it then. It’ll be his Christmas gift. A Wii U with Lego Marvel Super Heroes and Wind Waker (the bundled Wii U game).

          • Merrfn

            Yeah, I reckon he will like it.

    • YogiGRB

      I think he will, i’m 34 love mario and hyped about this game. Day one purchase for me 😀

      • iamserious

        Cool! Sounds like I’m going to have to get this then because I am a fan of Marvel also.

        • YogiGRB

          I have all the lego series on the 3DS plus Lego City Undercover on the WiiU. You should try that one also, it’s so fun(ny)

          • iamserious

            I thought about getting that one also but for now I just have money for one and I think this one is gonna be the one I get for him (just realized my son loves Lego’s).

  • demann78

    this game looks really good

  • Alan Schurle

    These games are the epitome of reinforcing that complex and/or realistic gameplay/graphics don’t necessarily make a game fun…Lego rules

  • Deadpool U

    I’m definitely getting this it’s gonna be awesome and I’m not just saying cause you can play as me but still play as me I’m awesome!

    • Mario

      Of course you are Deadpool. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be in the game.

  • Mr. J

    I preordered this game and got the iron patriot minifig from walmart.

  • Merrfn

    Looks like it will be a real fun game. Can’t wait to get it this holiday season.

  • Emissario Zen-hai

    not have the eshop?

  • YogiGRB

    I so want this game, getting it on both 3DS And WiiU

  • Saikyo

    sad that games like this usually get the perma backlog treatment due to other major releases

  • Emissario Zen-hai

    quando é que esse jogo vai sair no e-shop????