Nov 26th, 2012

Nintendo is publishing LEGO City Undercover on the Wii U, which is an exclusive open world adventure game specifically tailored for the new console. And the company just released the first TV ad for the new game. It features the same style as the previous North American TV ads, now with LEGO City Undercover instead of Nintendo Land or New Super Mario Bros U. What do you think of LEGO City Undercover so far? Is it a game you’ll be picking up when it launches next month? Let us know in the comments section!

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  • The_fuzz_buzz

    Looks SOOO STINKIN COOOL!!!!! And….* whispers* first….maybe….

  • gobbledegubber

    Ok gamestop says not coming till march. is it dec or march would love pick up for christmas.

  • AKA-Link77

    Looks cool and its like Grand Theft Auto Lego game but i may have to hold off on it till later… : /

  • ledreppe

    Hell yeah, I’ll be getting this for sure!

  • Nintedward

    I’m not massive on Lego games since I over played them in the 6th Generation lol. But this actually looks really cool! Not saying that cus it’s exclusive to wiiu. But because it’s based on GTA as opposed to Harry potter *shivers* .

    • Whoobin

      Hopefully the Wii U gets GTA V. Off topic, but I love your GameCube pic (My favorite console). Add me when you get your Wii U console, so we can play some Black Ops 2 together. 🙂

    • JumpMan

      what you got against Harry?! WHAT IS IT!?!?!?! DON’T YOU BE INSULTIN’ MY FELLOW GINGA’S BFFL!

    • Nintedward-3DS-WiiU

      Testing Disqus

  • nintendofreak

    ME LOOOOOOOVA LEGO…im gonna tell my little brother to add this to his santa letter den steal it from him when he gets it

  • smallNdeadly

    I only played the star wars Lego games and they felt repetitive. This one looks FUN.

  • Maverick-Hunter

    Suck it Grand theft auto V I’ll get this instead of that 😛

    • Jack

      Stop lying! You know that GTA V will the event of the decade! If (when?) it is on Wii U, you will praise the lord!

      • beerkin

        How do we get rid of this Jack (ass) guy?

  • Miguel

    I really want this game, looks absolutely fun

  • Jack

    Nintendo loves sticking with baby games. I thought this system was supposed to be for the HARD-CORE gamer? All of these baby games tell me it’s the same old Nintendo. If this is Nintendo’s last stand, it serves them right after beating people out of their money selling a repackaged, overpriced Gamecube to unsuspecting suckers!

    • Johnny Star

      Obviously you are someone whom has not played a Wii U. Go back to the other fanboy pages, and stop trolling on sites that don’t bash other systems. This site is for TRUE gamers only kid!

      • This is a site for paid posters, not true gamers.  True gamers do not hold bias on any system unless they know deep down that their system does not measure up to the others in all-around attractiveness. 

    • eli

      ok lets start off by saying *takes a big breath in*if this is such a babies console then how am i typing this out on it?,can your xbox do that don’t think so,how did it sell out of preorders everywhere in every store?and if it is well its just right for you because the way you said it was a ‘babies toy’implyes that your probably 6-10,and ummmmm your to late nintendo is releasing ‘wii mini'(actually dont see the point i didn’t really say it to be a good thing but whatever it still proofs you wrong)annnnd end rant!

    • beerkin

      I take that back. There are idiots on this page. 

  • FabulousKing

    I don’t have a Wii U yet, but the Basic Set (white looks better), Batman: Arkham City (Armored Edition), Tank! Tank! Tank! and this game will make me very happy 😛

  • MasterRD

    I bought almost every lego game except batman 2 and Lord of the Rings, I was going to get this at launch, but it got delayed on the US.

    • eli

      your missing out

    • hurtninja

      Lego Batman 2 is amazing, you should get it. It’s definetly better than Lego Batman 1, in my opinion at least.

  • Art

    Am I the only one waiting to see a Sabotage spoof with a Lego City Undercover?

  • Revolution5268

    take my money please!!!

  • pringlessaltdd

    Wtf? This commercial came out like month ago. Btw this new wiiudaily layout sucks.

  • that…music again ;(

  • beerkin


  • beerkin

    Beerkin in the house!!!!!! Thank god. A site about Wii U that doesn’t seem to have a bunch of acne faced depressed Sony and Microsoft idiots on it. 

  • Rye Rugovac

    Yay! I’m getting it, but only cause I love LEGO.

  • Nintendo specializes in baby games.  I thought this system was supposed to attract the “hard-core” gamer?  This game does not look hard-core to me!  If Nintendo wants to shed it’s image, they needed to start with hard-core games then bring on the baby games latter on.  They can’t seem to break away from them!

    • As someone who loves games like Bioshock and Assassin’s Creed as well as Mario, I laughed so hard reading this. This game looks great. I’m guessing the difficulty will be on the lower side compared to something like GTA4 (although maybe not, since that’s already a really easy game), but it looks like it will be a full adventure game with lots of unique gameplay mechanics and a charming and funny story.

      Besides, even if the Wii U didn’t have plenty of AAA “mature” games, including ZombiU, Blops2, and ACIII, variety is the spice of life, idiot.

      (btw, the hardest-core games on the planet are things like Mega Man 2 or Battletoads, and everything in those games have cartoon googly-eyes)

      • I don’t consider Mega Man or Battletoads (I know you are young and just discovering those) baby games.  Games like Mario (with a BABY Mario), big eyes characters, graphics that rely more on shading than textures and primary colors are baby games.  This Lego game is a baby game, although I have played the Lego Star Wars and enjoyed them, but it still does not take away from who there target audience is.  My point was that if Nintendo was supposed to be the foe hard-core gamer, start with hard-core games!  Don’t act like you don’t know what type of games those are, they are usually the best ones.

        • So:
          Big eyed characters, primary colors = Baby game
          Mega Man 2 = not a baby game.

          Are you serious? Look at the attached images and tell me that Mega Man 2 doesn’t feature even goofier child-friendly styling. It looks like a Saturday morning cartoon show!

          And once again, you’re forgetting:

          Darksiders II
          Assassin’s Creed III
          Mass Effect 3
          Black Ops II
          Arkham City
          Nano Assault Neo
          Ninja Gaiden III Special Edition
          Tekken Tag Tournament 2
          Trine 2: Director’s Cut

          And that’s not even all of them. The Wii U had more “hard-core” games in its day-one launch lineup than the Xbox 360 did, that’s for sure. In fact, the 360 only had 18 games TOTAL at at launch, and only 5 of them fit your caveman definition of “hard-core.”

          Plus, there’s Aliens: Colonial Marines, Need for Speed, Bayonetta 2, and others coming soon.

          And seriously, Mario U is totally hard-core, especially if you’re going after all the secrets. The core game is pretty easy, but it’s no easier to beat than GTA or Call of Duty (coming from an NES-era gamer, those are “baby games,” at least in single-player modes).

    • MujuraNoKamen

       P**S OFF! Since when has hardcore been about “maturity” in games? Nintendo may have done more for casual gamers in recent years but at heart they’re still hardcore. You don’t believe me? OK, try and picture the average “hardcore gamer” (12 year old screaming kid who only plays CoD) completing Metroid prime 2: Echoes or Adventure of Link in under a week or ever for that matter. Nintendo games may have become easier recently but Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Twilight Princess and Donkey Kong Country Returns will easily separate the men from the boys. Franchises like Zelda and Metroid are among the most hardcore out there because they take dedication, time and skill to beat, they may not be particularly mature but there is an air of grittiness about them so to call them “baby’s games” is a joke – Nintendo has these games in addition to Wii U versions of Black Ops2, Ninja Gaiden and AC3, so they have something for all gamers. If you refuse to play games because of the age rating then you’re missing out and you’re the one who needs to grow up.
      By the way, I’m sure all the Babies out there will get the Dirty Harry and terminator references in this game.

  • Co-op?  You only look for co-op in co-op games, not single player games!  GTA4 had great physics to me and no one creates a city/living world better than Rockstar!  Some people complain about the way the cars drive, but some people just miss the jokes with that or other things.

    Before Verizon got the iPhone, they found many excuses to say why it was not good (knowing it is a phone in the hall of fame), but once they got it – it became highly celebrated as a reason to go to Verizon – or stay!  I am 100% sure the same hold for GTA and Nintendo.  If it come on Wii U (it might), then any (petty) excuses will go away very quickly!  GTA has not been into the gang stuff since San Andreas.  The game is not about gangsta stuff, it’s about being able to do what you want to when you want to.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Awful!. The music was terrible, and once again – rather predictably –  Nintendo chose to show some incredibly false family set-up with everyone giggling at what was on screen rather than showing off the actual game. SERIOUSLY! WHY? There are already trailers out there for Lego City: Undercover that show off the gameplay, the humour and uniqueness of the game, why spend lord-knows-how-much on this god-awful s**t-fest. Nintendo, I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again, STOP WITH THIS ADVERTISING show real trailers for your games rather than people playing it with brief glimpses of the actual game, YOU’RE JUST LETTING YOURSELVES DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Linskarmo

    This looks like a great game! But I’m still not digging the dubstep.