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We’re only a week away from the launch of Lego City: Undercover, but if you’re planning on picking up a physical copy of the game, you could be waiting a few more days. Both Best Buy and Future Shop have updated their online listings for the game as having a release date of March 20th, two days after the official release date set by Nintendo as March 18th. Amazon still has the correct list date as March 18th, but there’s a note on the listing that says the following:

Potential Shipping Delay
Delivery of Lego City: Undercover pre-orders may be affected by manufacturer shipping delays . Amazon apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause.

This leads us to believe that Nintendo is having another physical shipping problem similar to what we saw with Fire Emblem: Awakening. This is bad news for people who want to purchase a physical copy as you’ll have to wait a few days, but the midnight release of the game on the Wii U eShop is still scheduled to take place as planned. Will this affect whether you buy digitally or physical copies? Let us know in the comments.


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  • guest

    oh no’s i have to wait a couple of days for a physical copy! nintendo’s doomed!

    • Haize


      • Zombie_Andrew


        • bizzy gie


          • Grammar Nazi 2000

            (I don’t think it’s going to happen; I just wanted to make a lot of Os)

          • Diggery doomed!

          • Grammar Nazi 2000

            (So much that it went off the comment section!)

          • RicardJulianti

            (here’s some more O’s)

    • DemonRoach


  • AAAkabob

    This is an interesting trend going on with Nintendo’s games. I have a feeling they’re purposely releasing the game on eshop before retail.

    Not sure how I feel about this…

    • Link Slayer

      I think so to and I don’t like it. there needs to be more incentive to buy on Eshop like 10 dollars cheaper. I know about the digital promotion but everyone don’t have Delux Wii U. There should still be more incentive to buy digital. Thats not a game I just have to have. My mind may change after reviews.

      • AAAkabob

        Well if you got the deluxe you get 5 or 6 bucks back, and Nintendo coins which aren’t worth crap if you spend it on their games.

        • ECM

          Yes, and you can never sell it, never loan it out (unless you give someone the entire console), and if your console gets lost or stolen, good luck dealing with getting your thousands of dollars of content back.

          (In other words, six bucks back on a sixty-dollar game and some coins are not exactly what one would describe as a deal.)

          • Perkoff

            I think Lego City is selling for $50, at least that’s the price listed everywhere.

        • hey now. I like the club nintendo rewards

      • Fred

        I buy eShop cards from best buy and then participate in the Deluxe Digital program that Nintendo does so all my games are 12% off by default (10% from Nintendo program 2% from best buy rewards zone). Plus sometimes the games go on sale Ubisoft had a sale not too long ago and I bought Trine 2 on sale.

      • Nathaniel Lopez

        Getting the game a little earlier than everyone else is sort of an incentive, albeit not a great one since the delay is only off by a few days.

    • j0niex

      You should have his job with that prediction.

    • People should not buy the digital version because all companies want to go digital to save money while not passing on the savings to us.

  • Link Slayer

    I only buy digital games I want to keep. Like NSMBU or games like Zelda when they come. I need that trade credit.

  • Holyfire

    Still gonna get a physical copy. Between dealing with internal memory and managing external harddrives. In the long run, physical discs are probably no more hassle.
    Anyways, on my ADSL 2+ connection dedicated to a WiiU game download would probably take a day

  • Nathan DeFalco

    Heh. I bought a $40 eshop card from Gamestop the other day in preperation for buying this game and the guy behind the counter tried to talk me out of it. Thing is, I know I’ll be coming back to this game time and time again since it’s a sandbox game and I have two little girls at home that will play it long after I’m done with it.

    A couple of days is no big deal to wait for a physical copy, but for me at least, I may the right decision in going for the digital copy.

    • Quan ManChu

      Think about it, if you buy this game on the Eshop but decide you don’t like it, you won’t be going back to Gamestop to sell it back to them for $9. See?

      • gigantor21

        B-but you can use that $9 for trade-in credit towards lining Gamestop executives’ pockets–er, slight discounts on new games! And don’t forget to sign up for Power-up Rewards so your trade-ins will be worth more than peanuts after a few months! 😀

      • Leorio

        Except Gamestop doesn’t give $9 for a game that new.. you get $20+ for newer games, especially if there’s a deal going on.. Funny how people can ignore facts because they want to be a part of a group. In this case the sheeple that bash GS for no real reason.

        • Perkoff

          So they offer you about half of what you could sell it on amazon for. I’ll never sell/trade in a game for “store credit” again. Amazon or ebay is where it’s at.

  • Eli Braden

    NOOOOOOOOO! ive been waiting so long for this game!

    • therealruben1

      me too but i got a reservation card from target and their website still lists the original date

  • Chiwawa

    my wii u is getting repaired and wont be back till around that time. so im ok with it.

    • thedeciderU

      Just curious, what happened to it? Are other posters here having any hardware problems? If so, what are they?

      • AAAkabob

        None that caused any damage for me, had it since black Friday and have used for hundreds of hours

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Shame, I hope this gets fixed for those it affects. I live in the UK so LC:U doesn’t come out here until March 28th so the issue shouldn’t affect me but good luck to everyone in NA waiting for the game.

  • Nintenjoe82

    I bet someone in the supply chain is bricking it right now!

  • Fred

    If I buy it I’ll download it regardless. I got 3 Wii U games on disc then I got a 2TB hard drive and I’m going to download every single Wii U game I buy from now on.

  • audi lover

    I would download just not happy paying the extra £10 mark up on the game here in the uk, you can buy smbu for as little as £35 in retailers why pay £50 to download? I could buy an extra game for every 4 downloads doesn’t make sense to me

  • Johny

    RIP NINTENDO !!! wii u is doomed

    • uPadWatcher

      RIP Johny!!!! Failed at trolling.

      • Johny

        sorry :/ i guess you , along with some others didnt see through my advanced sarcasm… ^^ heh….

        • Metal_Man_v2

          Sarcasm is best displayed in tone of voice. Text is probably the worst way to try to imply sarcasm, unless you’re going to add #sarcasm at the end or something.

          • Johny

            OR if the statement is so exaggerated, being rendered as utter nonsense based on what the statement is based on to such extent, that its very obvious that it is sarcastic…

          • Metal_Man_v2

            That’s not how it works. Spouting nonsense cannot be assumed to be sarcasm.

            “The word comes from the Greek σαρκασμός (sarkasmos) which is taken from the word σαρκάζειν meaning “to tear flesh, bite the lip in rage, sneer ” It is something that is conveyed physically. It cannot be done well in text.



          • Johny

            yea geeze ^^ i was just trying to explain how i intended it to be interpreted…
            idk how to explain it further 🙂 ok… bad joke… i didnt portrait it as it should have been properly, im not a troll, i love wii u,2 day delay is not a big deal, and will not noticably impact wii u’s success. there.

      • Andres Trujillo


  • Elem187

    I really hope this game is as good as people are expecting it. Seems two early previews are mixed, one giving it a 5 and the other an 8.

    I hope its like the ZombiU deal, one or two reviewers gives it terrible reviews because the game wasn’t a genre he liked.

    (I think he wet his pants while playing it so he gave the game a terrible review because he was embarrassed of having to walk around the office with wet pants and had to endure the “He peed himself” comments from all his coworkers)

    • redd214

      Wow since when is a 8 a bad score? A 5 of 5 and an 8 of 10 are hardly “mixed” reviews

      • Grammar Nazi 2000

        THEY MEANT 5 OUT OF 10

  • Mario

    Just two more days? That’s nothing!

  • Marius Valasinas

    not a big deal. hurry it up though

  • lol facepalm; when will the little n learn? RIP wii u

    • Srpg2ishere

      lol facepalm; when will the little troll learn? RIP beanerslayer

  • Andres Trujillo

    Gamestop still shows it as coming out the 18th. I called the store today, and they have no plans to delay it

  • Jeff Jagoda

    Just another Nintendo delay. Won’t really matter as I am not thrilled about this game. Really looking forward to Pikmin 3 in the next few months hopefully.

  • therealruben1

    i know what you all are gonna say but ive been waiting for this game for months!two days may feel like a week

  • Linskarmo

    Really? I just preordered it on Amazon. Oh well, I guess if I’ve waited this long, I can wait a little longer.

  • Zelly Jeffers

    That’s a shame, but I’m so glad I’m doing as much digital download as possible. My eShop balance is more than ready for this!

  • dgallo911

    So, im guessing we wont see it in Australia till 2014….

  • Leorio

    I was already having second thoughts about buying this game, if I find out it’s been delayed I’m just going to cancel it and buy something else. I’m not waiting forever like with fire emblem lol

  • C.S. Bailey

    Always been on the fence about this game, but I can put that $5 pre-order towards something else…. I’ll see if I have the day off first.

  • disqus_ZwAKKg4G01

    I only buy hard copies

  • Gamefreak361

    If they delay it a few days, I’m seriously gonna flip.What is the world coming to? BIg deal. Any real gamer can wait a few more days.

  • Sydney Ultrasyd

    Pfff, one more delayed… Let’s hope it’s not too long : ( This doesn’t help the console at all

  • Madmagican

    Well at least it’s not getting pushed back all the way to fall