May 27th, 2014

Today Warner Bros. Interactive has announced Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham for the Wii U, as well as multiple other platforms. The game will be available this fall and is the next installment in the Lego Batman series. According to Tom Stone, managing director for TT Games, the team is looking to bring “an astounding amount of characters from the DC Comics universe to the next frontier with a new epic story, more gadgets, and unexpected challenges.”

The story revolves around Batman joining several other DC Comics heroes to stop Brainiac from destroying the earth. Brainiac has captured the power of the Latern Rings and is using them to shrink worlds to add them to his collection of miniature cities. Heroes and villains will unite to stop this new threat before it’s too late.

More than 150 characters will be unlockable as players progress throughout the game, including favorites like Killer Croc and Solomon Grundy.

Are you excited about the announcement of this new Lego Batman title and its tie-in to the DC Universe? Perhaps we’ll see a Justice League style game soon.

  • ActivesiN

    yup this makes up for not getting arkham knight!….

    • Ace J

      yeah i know right lol

  • Frankie

    I am surprised they are making this for Wii U. I guess it sells decently on Nintendo consoles.

    • LevenThumps

      I think LEGO games have sold consistently well on Nintendo consoles. They even got their own exclusive LEGO game with LEGO City: Undercover

      • Josiah Parsons

        And boy was Undercover a gem! It made up for not getting GTA5!

        • it didn’t made up but was a great game anyways. but didn’t sell as good as it should have.

  • Justin Carlson

    I’ll be getting this for Wii U.

  • Sean Jarret

    I’ll end up with three different lego batmans on 3 different platforms (1 on PS3, 2 on Wii U and 3 on PS4)

    I think Wii U has more Lego games than Mario games, doesn’t it?

    • NintendoFan

      Yeah quite a few more

  • bistricky

    150+ characters to unlock …… wow …… sounds like a lot of fun …. definitely adding this game to my wii U collection. 😀

  • Sdudyoy

    Weird, I was just recently started playing the second one with my cousin, I guess I enjoy that one enough to get this one.

  • FlashFan207

    So AWESOME!! Sadly, I’m going to miss Arkham Knights because of Rocksteady’s lazy business practices, but this sounds like a great consolation prize. Plus, it allows playability of Superman, whom I believe is getting terribly ripped off in the video game industry.

  • Officer Raichu

    hmm this is pretty cool

  • jhell

    Not for me

  • Steve Rees

    I have a personal mission to get all Lego on the Wii U, so this is great news for me. I absolutely love the Lego games but I’m hoping for more like Undercover too.

  • Christian Schoff

    Which Lantern rings? Just green or the whole spectrum? I feel like you’d need more than Will to shrink a whole planet.

  • Jack

    I may be 18, but I am a sucker for Lego games.

  • Ducked

    Why don’t they just call it Lego Justice League? The Lego Batman is my favorite in the Lego series, I’ll probaby pre order.

  • Joel

    This game hasn’t even released yet and already it pales when compared to Lego Marvel Superheroes.

  • Wouldn’t it be sweet if Nintendo secretly announced LEGO City 2 at E3…One can only dream.

    • BIG Franky

      too bad only 62 people actually bought the game. 🙁

      • If it was cheaper on the eshop I’d be the 63rd.

      • Glad I was one of those 62. Amazing game!

      • Mike

        Actually it sold over a million nice trolling attempt but you failed

  • LordiMcKill

    In the 18 months since launch the Wii U has received no less than 5 Lego games (one of which was an exclusive, which is quite good btw, I’m just in the middle of playing through Lego City Undercover atm) and now we are receiving a sixth? At this rate we’ll have more Lego games than first party exclusives to brick up our systems!!

  • Derek

    How much does it cost for a company to port a AAA game to Wii u?

    • NintendoFan

      From the Xbox 360 and PS3? Not very much because of similar architectures.
      From Xbox One and PS4? Quite a bit more I think

      • Derek

        Then why don’t these companies port games to Wii u? The games don’t sell that bad on Wii u. Do they really have that much to loose?

  • tom

    3rd party support yay!

  • Brandon

    When it comes to lego and movie games, there is no need to worry, because most likely its always going to come to the wii u.

  • Rinslowe

    Who needs Arkham Knight when you can have Lego Batman the third, lol
    Actually I’m sure both will be great games.

  • Jeremy Baker

    I love Lego games

  • Obi wan23

    Yassssss! Ya beauty!! The John Williams superman the better still play when he flies


    I never understood the appeal with Lego games…
    They just make games from already established franchises?
    What makes them so special from all the other games based on movies or comic books?
    Not bashing them ,but I am curious on why people love em so much?

    • greengecko007

      I’ve tried them, and hated them. They just aren’t for me, but that doesn’t make them bad games. I’m just glad there is support for a 3rd party game that’s actually coming to the Wii U.

  • matt

    Who cares really where is our knight game ?? look every game on ps4 so far has fell very short of expectations in graphics watchdogs customer reviews are not positive gaphics and vehicle physics are its downfall ??

  • leo

    well….. at least its batman….

  • Mike

    I love Lego games and have every single one released on WiiU