May 22nd, 2013

If you can’t get enough of the DC universe from Injustice, Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes is now available. The trailer shows some of the unique features available to Wii U owners, including using the GamePad as a map of the city, as well as being able to select your sidekick. The trailer is actually pretty hilarious and seems like a good addition to the already broad host of Lego games available on the Wii U.

The game is already available in the US, but will be available in Europe on May 24th. Will you be picking this one up?

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  • Magnus Eriksson

    LEGO games start to look really high quality. I might get this one.

    • Seems like the humor is top notch. I know it’s been available on other systems for a while, but I never paid much attention to the games. Definitely considering it!

      • D.M.T

        So…you didn’t buy Lego City Undercover??

        • She meant this Lego game has been available one other systems.

      • david jarman

        Hi, Ashley. I hate to be a pest, rulqua is posting. It’s above and beyond offensive and he/she is using a lot of racial remarks. I mean this is just pure ignorance and hate.

    • david jarman

      This one is a lot better and not about platforming. There’s a lot of exploration in this game and (although its not that important) the graphics are really good. Forgive me for saying this, but I like it more then lego city.

  • Clel

    Lego videogames always… perplexed me.

  • rulqua

    Lego games are fucking shit.

    • DUNNY

      nope lego city undercover is awesome

      • Matthew Stapleton

        Agreed, not I have to break down and finish it, so I can get Lego Batman lol.

    • Clel

      That doesn’t sound biased.

    • bizzy gie

      You’re missing ‘the’ in between ‘are’ and ‘f*cking’.

    • uPadWatcher

      Why so serious?

    • Phoenix Maybe

      Have you’ve ever PLAYED a lego game? If you really hate it so much, I think this is the last place you should consider announcing that. And next time, keep it clean.

      • rulqua

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  • HSN1

    With Lego Batman 1 for Wii homebrew hackers managed to find an exploit to instll the Homebrew Channel. Let’s hope the develpers learned their lesson.

  • Arthur Jarret

    I got most other lego games on gamecube and PS3 (only missing Harry Potter yrs 1-4, lego star wars 3, pirates of the carribean and this one) – will definitely pick it up. I hope they will release Lord of the Rings on Wii U too!

    They make a really nice change of pace after failing MH3U’s ‘Mark of a Hero’ quest 15 times in a row, watching multiple death scenes in dark souls or getting a zombi-U-induced heart attack.

    • Lego Super Waluigi Bros

      • Arthur Jarret

        That would definitely be a day one purchase!
        I’m lobbying for a mario dance mix 2, so you can at least have the role of main antagonist again.

        • I love you

        • Phoenix Maybe

          Mario dance mix 2? Oh dear…

  • david jarman

    This game is actually little a gem. I like it and it is very fun to play.

  • D.M.T

    Lego City on Wii U is enough for me. I can’t see myself buying another one

  • ludist210

    Having co-op play on two separate screens is a brilliant idea. I hope more developers do this. My wife and I would really enjoy playing like that.

    I will buy this one in a couple of months. I want to now, but funds are tight.

  • dasapolis

    Question: now that EA have the rights to the star wars games, will it even be possible to get more LSW? Also, which company is making the lego games?

    • david jarman

      Disney owns the rights to Star Wars period and will more then likely force EA to include nintendo.

      • dasapolis

        But I’m guessing ea doesn’t make the lego games, so will it be possible to get lego star wars, or does ea have full right to all the games made?

        • david jarman

          I think so and believe we’ll get lego Star Wars.

      • Johnny Star

        Travelers Tales make the LEGO games

        • david jarman

          That is true. However, EA have now acquired all the licenses for star war games(core games at least). So that might include the lego games.

  • beerkin


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      • rulqua

        It’s not trolling. Lego games are fucking shit. It’s fact.

        • TaintedXGamer

          Then what about the totally original Lego city undercover game, your telling me that’s crap also? >_>

          • rulqua

            Lego City Undercover is about as good as Duke Nukem Forever

          • Wow, either you actually think DNF was a good game or you don’t know what a good game is. Just go play CoD and leave the real gamers alone.

          • rulqua

            Even CoD is less of a piece of shit than fucking Lego games, you stupid cunt.

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          • rulqua

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          • Phoenix Maybe


          • Joey Perez

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          • GeekDaddy

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          • uPadWatcher

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          • Phoenix Maybe

            Really? Duke Nukem Forever? Just stop. Please. Stop.

        • Yep, totally not troll behavior.

          • rulqua

            That’s called glorious truth.

  • beerkin

    Why do all the damn videos not work on iPad. A lot of people have one and it would e great to be able to watch the trailer.

    • Because Apple doesn’t support Flash.

      • GeekDaddy

        Yeah, they were really upset that he might be in the game so they wouldn’t let you watch the video…

      • beerkin

        I understand that aspect. Why don’t these sites embed html5 or other compatible video formats?

        • It’s because most web developers are trained in using Java.

  • Streakin-Cobra

    I wish we had DC Universe like the PS3… :'(

    • Weraru

      What about Lego Marvel Super Heroes

      • Streakin-Cobra

        I never played that game or look at any info on but DCU is amazing and im not into the lego games. They’re good dont get me wrong but a bit to kidish at times

        • Weraru

          Why don’t you go look at it, then?

  • bizzy gie

    Racist much?

  • Fred

    I’m thinking about it, but I can’t find a single review for this version. Is it better than the other versions? Are the load times better than Lego City (same studio)? Frame rate issues? Bugs? Was it a rushed port or a well done one? These are the things I want to know before I decide if I will buy it.

  • Phoenix Maybe

    Even though I like the way that the characters in the more recent lego games talked, I sometimes miss the old mute characters. (well they weren’t mute, they just made sound effects and didn’t talk)