Feb 27th, 2013


Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes was released early last year, but it looks like Warner Bros. Interactive is keen on bringing the game to Wii U as well. The game will release sometime this spring and it looks like it’ll be done right, as Warner Bros. makes mention of GamePad-exclusive functions for the game.

Other details include off-TV support and co-op between a player playing on the TV and one on the GamePad, which cuts out the need for split screen. Even if this is an older game that was released on last-gen consoles last year, I’m eager to see what improvements Warner Bros. can make to the series, as the Lego games are shaping up to be real winners.

Check out the press release below:

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes will take advantage of the innovative Wii U™ GamePad controller. Players will navigate through Gotham City using an enhanced interactive map and select their favorite DC Comics characters to assemble a powerful team of heroes, all with the use of the controller’s touchscreen. They can even enjoy the entire game experience on the GamePad in off-TV mode, or have a second player join in on the TV, so they can fight crime together without having to share a single screen.

The award-winning LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes gives players the chance to step into the shoes of the Caped Crusader and fully explore a LEGO version of Gotham City. Once again under threat from the Joker, Batman must defend Gotham with the help of powerful friends like Superman and Robin, to put a stop to the diabolical plans of his nemesis and his entire team of super villains including Lex Luthor, The Penguin and Harley Quinn. Encounter all of the Dark Knight’s iconic allies and enemies in a charming, hilarious, family-friendly adventure full of exciting gameplay.

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  • Mark Thom


    • Laud

      It’s already better, it has gamepad support.

      • Mark Thom

        cool 🙂

      • Nintedward

        That and off screen play = definitely better. 

        I’ll keep my eye on this one and hopefully it launches cheap like Ultimate spider man.

        • I say 35 or 40 bucks. only because the game is old.

      • all their adding is gamepad support. which mean no split screen, and the map wont cludder the screen. it doesnt seem all that special. im just waiting for lego marvel heroes!

        • Kyle Berger

          try reading the article b4 commenting.
          “Other details include off-TV support and co-op between a player playing on the TV and one on the GamePad, which cuts out the need for split screen.”

      • BellsGhost

        Lol. What an idiot Nintendrone.

        • Gamefreak361

          Lol. What a unoriginaldrone.

    • BellsGhost

      It wont. Wii U sucks.

      • I’m confused…If you hate Nintendo, why are you on a fan site for Nintendo? Seems odd…

        Now I’m not going to sit here and pretend Nintendo has been on their game with the Wii U. The system was a cool idea and innovative, but the games produced so far have been lack luster and rushed. Even Mario U was extremely short compared to previous Mario titles. Zombie U was a blast though, so I’ll give Nintendo that one.

        The rest of the games so far have mostly been ports from other systems that I’ve already played. Even Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is just an HD re-make of MH-Tri for Wii.

        I really want to like the Wii U, it is fun, but I’m getting frustrated with no release dates yet on several games announced prior to system launch (Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2).

        I will give Sony credit for their PS4 conference, they not only name-dropped some game names but came with video’s to get people excited. Nintendo, where’s the new Zelda preview, Mario 3D preview, Mario Kart Preview, etc. I am excited for all these games, but give people something. Just saying “yeah we’re making that” tells me nothing on what it’s like, what it will do, when we might ever see it, and causes people to lose interest until the next shiny thing comes along.

        So for me, I love the Wii U, really excited for some of the titles mentioned (especially Monolith Soft’s new “X” game) but don’t keep giving me a port of some game that came out half a year ago or more. Give me the games you promised in the launch window (which again ends in March and the big launch named games have no release date yet)

        • Gamefreak361

          It’s not hate. They call them trolls. A bad one at that.

  • idk if I wanna try this game again. if they add new characters or make the game daylight for once, i’ll get it. 😀

  • Mickey Mouse

    Nah, I’ll not bother. Once is enough, and besides Lego Marvel Super Heroes will probably be out by the time this is released. I’d rather spend my time playing a fresh Lego game.

  • Johny

    nope.. i DONT care for lego games since after Lego star wars … Lego star wars was just SOOOO awesome.. and soo fun and unique.. but all lego games after that were pretty much the same gameplay mechanics, and not as fun IMO… the exception is of course LEGO city undercover, which is not a typical lego game and has alot of potential… that game, I AM looking forward to and see how it does 🙂

  • Even more baby games for the Wii U!  Nintendo sure knows what it’s doing!

    • Kyle Berger

      ok. if u let your 5 year old son/brother play ZombiU, u need to focus on being a good parent/brother instead of trolling Nintendo.

      •  Thank you for making my point – these are baby games ans Nintendo is always full of them which is why the Wii U is not selling because the public is tired of it.

        • Agent X

          And the FPSs, Fighting and Third Person Shooters are the MATURED games right?

          •  I hate FPSs, fighting games have long been played out (only Sega and Capcom don’t get it) and 3rd person shooters are nice.  They are mature as are realistic racing simulators.  Stop playing, you know what a baby game is and is not.  You know the look a game has in order to attract the under ten crowd.

    • EvanescentHero

       Nevermind that this is on your precious 360 as well.

      •  Yeah, the 360 IS precious.  I like Lego games though!

        • Gamefreak361

          But it’s a baby game! Remember? That makes so much sense!

          •  It IS a baby game, but I did not say that baby games cannot be fun!

          • ElladanCZ

            Donaald you are arguing with yourself. You are therefore drunk/mad and you should go home (or the Arkham Asylum).

    • Retro Cool

      I know you get a lot of flak for “your opinion” and considering that you may well not like the “U” and are quite bias in your conversation and opinons on here, I want you to consider that the other system has it as well “Donaald”! Not to mention many other “baby games” so then does that make it a baby system for them as well.  In fact, if you had pre ordered the game for the other systems you can even download “Villians” for free. OOOOoo..so…

      Just because they do not advertise all the kids games for the other systems and mainly FPS among FPS among FPS and other mind numbing, lack of story and  lack of character background games, you have to realize and confirm the numerous amount of kid games for those systems. (The numerous amount of lego games, eyepet for PS, Sing it, many disney games, carnival games, Kinect Joy Ride, Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster, Penguins of Madagascar, Barbie Games, Nickelodeon Dance, Kinectimals -NOW WITH BEARS and so on and so on [and no I am not going to name all of the games nor a counter point of possibly saying “that is all you got” or whatever)

      So to say the least…. PS & MS are just as much as kid systems as the “U”.  So I respect your words to the point that it really does not make any sense what so ever and obviously everyone on here sees that when you “Try” to stir up anger that you get bolted with words of hatred.  Now, that is not the way to go about saying a person is wrong for whatever reason(s).  I am just saying, know your facts before you go on and converse your ideas and hatred, for the most part, about the system.  

      Not to mention.  I have dream to just love all systems and that all systems can just get a long.  Not just by the content of the specs of the systems, but the respect of what the system can bring to my home.  To bring new and wonderful ideas and to showcase the love they have for gamers.  Not to drown me in mircrotransactions or boggle me with download content to add to the “experience” of the game, but to play the game on its content and the publisher respecting the consumer when so called purchased game is not the full game, but just part of it and the other part locked away (I’m looking at you Capcom). I have a dream to have all systems in one household and to have those systems play nice with one another.

    • WiiUltra

      I’m curious. What is your opinion of a manly game? This game is very fun btw.

      •  GTA, CoD, Gears of War or anything without characters composed of primary colors, big eyes and distorted bodies.  You know, the kind that excites the minds of little kids.

        • Mr. Nidoking

           People who think they are mature and manly because they play M games are the most immature of all gamers.

        • WiiUltra

          I’m not trying to bash you or anything but you do know that more kids than adults play those games? I remember being in elemtary school and my friends talking about GTA. Like seriously? Where are their parents?

          •  No they don’t, they can’t even buy them in a store on their own.  These are adult games with adult themes.  Of course the little kids want to play when they can wear their parents down enough or sneak the games.  Little kids don’t have what it takes to plays these games.  They always get destroyed by my excessive skill online.

          • Gamefreak361

            You’re so modest man…..I love it!

          • val berger

            Actually it is true that ppl who have evolved out of the need to demonstrate everyone how old they are tend to give a shit about how dark or bright a game might appear. I personally can’t wait to see a new super bright and shiny Super Mario installment and calling this a baby game just shows how less you actually know about the industry. On the other hand I also like to play dark games like Bioshock and so on. So how could that be? maybe because it’s the quality of creative gameplaydesign, that matters over some trivial decisions of how violent and pseudo-manly a game has to be. You’re not a more mature person, just because your videogame gives you that feeling. And it’s absolutely true that especially children act just like you do, reducing Nintendo Games to their color scheme and playing games they shouldn’t even be allowed to play so they could feel like real men. Grow older and maybe we can continue talking then, obviously you only see the world within your XBox horizon, which is kinda sad. 

            I personally have a daughter and like the fact, that I got some games like Assassin’s Creed, Mass Effect 3 or ZombiU on my WiiU which are more into deep storytelling  and intense atmosphere which I won’t be playing with her for a long time, but also know that there are many games heading for the console which I won’t need to hide from her and still have fun playing them. 

            I’m sure you are so open minded, that you really tried the WiiU out before coming up with those supermature arguments. Like did you ever have a party with friends, playing New Super Mario U or Nintendo Land with 5 Players? Or do those games come with to many primary colors? Especially those asymmetric multiplayer games really got some potential so you should take down your Horatio Cane shades and just give those things a try. Especially ppl like you might find something totally new here.

            In the end you also got a point here, as Nintendo is aiming for the so known Pro gamer with the WiiU but doesn’t really try to get more games like those I mentioned earlier onto the system. One game every second month surely isn’t that much. I obviously disagree with you on your superchildish attitude when it comes to the looks of a videogame (c’mon…a videogame…right) but I surely agree on the fact, that Nintendo just isn’t doing anything possible to get more third parties on bord. It’s not like they’re doing NOTHING at all, but it’s just not enough and it may turn out to be a rough situation, once the next tech-gen will be launched. But in the end, Nintendo-fans buy the console with the fact in mind, that they’ll get a good selection of 1st party exclusives, so if I have to buy another mainstream console to play the mainstream-stuff that makes ppl like you feel like matures, then I can always do that.
            What’s really bugging me about Nintendo is the promise, that they’ll do more about third parties, like they already promised soooo many times before. Maybe Nintendo enthusiasts should know better by now.

          •  Scroll up to the top of this page and ask yourself if that is not a baby game.  I don’t know any grown people with a Wii U to even play together.  I knew grown people (mainly women and children) who had the Wii and that is how I played it.  It was OK, but got dull with it’s simplicity and my dominating people who owned the thing for a good while made them want to quit.  Most grown people I know have a 360 or PS3.

        • Kyle Berger

          I agree with you, but there will always be 7 year olds on call of duty and 35 year olds playing Mario.

    • bizzy gie

      Again, dipwad, this released on ALL THE CONSOLES. And I assume Kinectimals, a 369 exclusive, is your definition of a hardcore game.

      •  It is the Wii U that is overrun by baby games, not the other two.  Most of Nintendo’s Wii U releases are baby games.  These games do not show what the system can do and it only adds to people’s disinterest in the system.  For Nintendo, it appears as if baby games are their focus and real games take a back seat.  I guess this is why the Wii U has taken a back seat.

        • bizzy gie

          So you mean to tell me BO 2, AC3, AC4, Ninja G., Tekken Tag, 007, Watch_Dogs, Monster Hunter, Mass Effect, Batman Arkham City, The Walking Dead, Metro Last Light, Injustice: GAU, Need for Speed, Ghost Recon, Sniper Elite, Human Element, Next Battlefield (confirmed for Wii U), Splinter Cell, and Resident Evil are all baby games? You’re the guy who says he states “facts”, right? What a joke.

          •  First, only write about what is out, not rumor.  Second, I could go down the list of all of the other games that you did not mention, which ARE baby games and which are much more hyped for being on the Wii U, but I don’t have time.

          • bizzy gie

            These games aren’t rumored and if you actually did an ounce of research, you’d know that. The ONLY game that MAY be subject to change is Battlefield, but I HIGHLY doubt that.

          • I did not say that they were all rumored, but if they are not out they could always be canceled. 

          • bizzy gie

            But until we actually HEAR THEM SAY THAT themselves, then we’ll assume they’re not going to drop their large investment any time soon.

          •  Cancellations happen all of the time.

          • bizzy gie

            But until we ACTUALLY HEAR THEM SAY THAT…

    • TheLast

      The amount of insecurity in your testosterone is amazing.

    • Sol Ridgeway

      And Disney should stop making cartoon movies, because they don’t sell right? Nintendo is marketed as a system to have around the whole family and in the living room. It is a console of bringing people together. There is a difference between Space Chimps and Up, just like there is a difference in Gummy Bears and Lego or Mario. This was a quality game. The movie is coming out the exact same time as the game on the WiiU so this is a great marketing opportunity.

      •  That’s your own definition of what Nintendo wants.  They market to little kids because they expect those dollars to be throw away dollars to never come back on them.  Marketing to babes is why they do not have staying power.  They buy the systems, then only a few games and they never touch it again.

    • Ahiam94

      get a life.

  • Retro Cool

    Considering I got this game for the Wii already, I see no reason to get it for the U.  They would have to add a lot more to the game than off screen play and no split screens to really get me to get it again.  If they did, I would do so in a heart beat

  • Martin Kearney

    I was waiting for this to happen for sometime now….

  • dr scoobie

    i was just about to buy this for ps3.
    i think i might wait a few months for the wiiU version instead.

  • Mr. Nidoking

    I’m already getting Lego City: Undercover, so I don’t think I’ll need another Lego game.  I’ll get Injustice instead to satisfy my DC craving, which is weird because until recently I didn’t care much for DC besides Batman and Teen Titans.

  • Srpg2ishere

    What is going on? lol. Lego City Undercover isn’t even released yet and Lego Marvel Superheroes is already on the way, too. And now a re-release?! Let my wallet breath man!

    • TheLast

      I’ll get this while I wait for Marvel. I’m not that in to LEGO, but I’m a huge Marvel fan.

  • Ben English

    Because the Arkham City port sold so well?

    I hope there’s some serious extra content besides gamepad controls, because otherwise the reaction will be, “why bother?”

  • Linskarmo

    I hope they port the Lego LoTR video game to Wii U too! That hope is the only reason I haven’t gotten it on Wii yet.

  • dgallo911

    I wish this (and the Wii U ) was out when this was originally released. I watched my 4-5 yr old play this game so much im still having nightmares/flashbacks about it. As you may have guessed, theres no way i will be purchasing this again  UNLESS they add online multiplayer because the only thing better than having my kid playing a lego game online is having him playing a lego game online and forcing me to watch it on the tv lol

  • Edward Thorpe

    I hope the DLC characters from the PS3 and 360 game will be in the Wii U game.