Jun 11th, 2013


The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD remake will be available this October, Iwata revealed in today’s Nintendo Direct. The game was previously slated for an ambiguous ‘Fall’ release date, so having a month in hand now means fans of the series can be prepared for the game when it becomes available.


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  • DemonRoach

    10/31/13 for a game that should of been out on 12/31/12

    • bizzy gie

      Get out of here troll. Why are you even keeping up with E3? You’re not a gamer.

      • NkoSekirei

        demonroach is a pest that needs to be sprayed with raid or be crushed with a boot

  • Jerry Garcia

    OMG, Megaman on SSB.
    I literally might cry.
    I laughed out loud with happiness.

    • XroyD

      New Challenger Approaching!

      • Mario

        I just hope Sonic will be in this game! I know he’s not from the Nintendo universe, but don’t you guys think that he’s becoming more and more a part of this universe then he is to the Sega universe. To me, I think he is, for Nintendo, a very important character to them. Just as important as the Nintendo characters that we know today. I just think he deserves to be a part of this game as well.

        • XroyD

          You’re right, I really think that he will be in the next Smash

        • Mochlum

          I just tried to imagine a Mario vs. Sonic vs. Megaman battle. I had a fangasm.

  • bizzy gie

    Love the bottle message Miiverse setup.

  • andrΓ©

    i thought it looked dated, lookes the same as the old wind waker,

    • wober2

      I am ok with that, the old one’s art style holds up well for me.

    • incoherent1

      I thought so too, until I went back and looked at the old Wind Waker. It’s actually a huge improvement, except I somehow remembered the original WW looking a lot better than it actually does (which is actually a compliment to how timeless it is). πŸ™‚

    • Magnus Eriksson

      That kind of made me happy. I think the old one looked gorgeous. You shouldnt mess to much with a good recipe. And here Nintendo did good.

      • RockGod

        Agreed. I want to know more about the gamepad uses in the game though…

    • companyoflosers

      if you do a side by side comparison, objects in the distance are much clearer. on the gamecube version if you look from one side of outset island to the other a hut would be just a big blur but you can see clear outlines and details in the hd version. shading is also way better. there ARE a few textures that look low resolution though. overall the resolution size, shading and draw distance all seem to have been given big upgrades.

    • 150Db

      Watch the trailer in HD. Take note also: this game is confirmed by Iwata himself to run in 1080p, so it will look more than twice as sharp as even the trailer in HD!

  • Mr. J

    I’m just wet my pants.

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    Didnt nintendo say we would see a new zelda

    • Baum γ€Œγƒ„γƒͺー」


    • wober2

      I dont think they said when but it is in development.

  • Chris Hamilton

    game looks like it still belongs on the gamecube ,but I might just buy it anyways because it will still be fun

    • howling_wolf1334:[

      Look at the buttons man, we can use now more items…

  • howling_wolf1334:[

    I cant wait, looks beautiful in the picture…

  • Petri

    Day one for me.
    Never played the original, even though I had Gamecube.

  • devildoggonzo

    Not my favorite zelda by any means but this is a day 1 purchase.

  • Metal_Man_v2

    Being able to have more items out? Definitely a plus. But they really should have come out and shown some actual new content to the game. If the scrapped dungeons aren’t added, I’m not getting it, there would be no point. I have the original, and my gamecube works brilliantly. I don’t mind taking 10 seconds to switch some composite cables.

    Oh, and here’s the trailer. Why wasn’t this posted?


  • Potemkin

    This is one of my favorite Zelda titles ever! (ALTTP, LA DX and OoT are the others)

    After playing it full HD on Dolphin I plan on getting it again…as long as it isn’t charged as a new release.

  • ChiwawaBoi

    Im a little let down that there was no info on ZeldaU. on the other hand, smash bros looks amazing!

  • devmiles

    bottles? for miiverse? seriously? sigh… good for 12 year olds. i’m not impressed.
    they should have done skyward sword hd instead

  • Cutcopy

    I think they should have made the ocean have more depth to it rather than be a sort flat blue. Have the water be a little more transparent, especially as the boats break the water. And then fade into a blue endless abyss. It would have been subtle but would have made a bigger impact since there is so much time spent sailing. And it would have been a change for fans who played this on the GameCube.

    But I’m still getting it anyway

  • Leo

    My God Zelda WW looks so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • NkoSekirei

      Everyone throw ur money at the screen!!!!!

  • MetroidZero

    The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Developer Direct:


  • bakedapplepie

    The release date of this game is the day I buy my’ Nintendo Wii U. Wind Waker in 1080hd is not too be passed up.

  • Zzyzx


    Am I the only questioning why they chose Wind
    Waker for an HD remake? Why not Majora’s Mask or Twilight Princess? Two
    games that could actually greatly benefit with a facelift. Remember how
    excited everyone got over the Wii U Zelda demo with TP graphics or the
    Majora’s Mask fan made trailer? Why not just take one of those two ideas
    and do it.

    But instead they decided to upgrade the game with cartoony visuals? I’m just baffled.

    • Stephen Davis

      I think there are two possible reasons for going that direction 1) That would be higher development costs to make and couldn’t be released this year probably 2) I think that if they did, it would steal ZeldaWIIU’s thunder. Then ZeldaU wouldn’t be able to stand out so much, like its going to against cartoony HD. I think thats what they want is to stand out, like they do in their own unique way πŸ™‚

    • Mochlum

      To satisfy the fans of the cartoony art style. The new one is probably gonna have a Twilight Princess/Skywards Word art style, and since the cel-shaded art style has a large following, they decided to make this to satisfy them. I am personally excited for both.

    • Castamere

      I think the huge open seas in Wind Waker was one of the biggest reasons they chose to do this. It works so well on the Wii U. Also, the visuals will look even more timeless than before in 1080p at 60fps.

  • Rey Hardy

    1 of the top 5 games from Nintendo’s Direct. Bayonetta 2, Windwaker HD, Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros, and Monoliths X was the best game from E3 my god what a game that is. It alone kicks everything Microsoft and Sony have.

  • RyuNoHadouken

    a waste of resources…this game is boring…the story and the quest i pushed myself to finish just to say that i did…ill pass…zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Stephen Davis

    Is it just me OR would it not make more sense to make a remake of Twilight Princess in HD??