Apr 22nd, 2013

Looking for a way to pass the time with some awesome tunes? Check out these videos where YouTuber Smooth McGroove puts together several clips of him making various noises into some of the greatest video game theme songs from generations past. The videos below are all from the Legend of Zelda series, but his YouTube channel showcases him doing other songs like Guile’s theme from Street Fighter, and some of the songs from Final Fantasy VII.

[via GameFans]

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  • Christopher Smith


    • routerbad


  • Suraj Alexander

    I don’t know if i am being too hopeful but does anyone else get the feeling that Nintendo is hiding something really big for E3.

    They haven’t talked much about Wii U much but promised a huge increase in games. They sound very confident. Maybe, they will unveil Wii U’s hidden specs? Just being hopeful here.

    Maybe a new IP? That would be amazing.

    • Nintendofreak

      yeah they havent supported at all the wiiu recently they may be hiding a earthbound remake ohh my fucken self

    • DragonSilths

      Miyamotos new IP…

    • Cerus98

      They’ve never cared about specs, it’s just not in their philosophy. They figured out a long time ago that using what you have and creating something fun and original is more important. Something rarely talked about is reliability, a concept Nintendo has gotten right time and time again. Sony and MS crammed a bunch of high priced tech into their last consoles and look what it got them. I have never had any problems with any Nintendo console. I still have an NES that works perfectly.

      But I’m on my second PS3 and third 360. That’s five purchases of the same two consoles. It’s rediculous to say the least. It’s equally rediculous that the PS3 and 360 didn’t even take full advantage of their hardware until the end of their lifespan. Some might call that a good thing because it means the hardware didn’t get outdated but I call it a bad thing because its a waste of money. They could have used cheaper, older and more reliable hardware and kept the price and failure rate down. Then release new consoles with better hardware when the games actually required it.

      So what’s the point of them giving out the full specs of the Wii U? So the Sony/MS fanboy trolls can say what we already know and what doesn’t matter?

    • Super Buu

      Well, all 3 confirmed games for E3 are pretty big. The 3D Mario, Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers are really big games. Other than that, if there is something bigger, chances are that it may be Retro’s game or Miyamoto’s new IP. Either way, this coming E3 will be a huge step up compared to the previous one.

    • Dominic Coradazzi

      the return of Super Mario RPG or Earthbound? I know it’s highly unlikely but I can hope eh?

    • Chris

      star fox and metroid crossover. If that rumor is true I will have a heart attack.

  • The_fuzz_buzz

    This guy should get a contract with Nintendo… For, well, ANY reason at all!

  • Ben Ifits

    I just nostalgiad in my pants.

  • Jac_Da_Ripper

    This got me hype for E3 (am I the only one?) And it made me happy to know that i have played these games while half of my generation is stuck on blops!!

  • Nintendofreak

    somebody has too much time to waste but im still impressed

  • In the first video this guy looks like adult link halfway it’s 30’s hehe but damn he’s good. I even reconsidering to perhaps get windwaker HD afterall. Only because he did the tune and it gave me goosebumps. In my hatred to the artstyle of Windwaker I completely forgot how damn good the music was in that game.

  • Geoff Hammer

    That’s so incredibly weird…

  • jjerker1

    I’ve mentioned this earlier in another post, but get ready for Nintendo to unleash a flood of good stuff. Every single franchise that they have will make an appearance. Star fox, earthbound, mario, zelda, metroid, smash, kart, donkey kong, f-zero…2 new ips and wait for it….a full fledge pokemon rpg! Not to mention a host of other 3rd party partnerships that will be unveiled and this doesn’t include all the other stuff that’s already been announced like bayonetta 2 wonderfull 101.

  • NintendoNoob

    Jesus is that you? God you have an awesome voice Jesus keep singing!!

  • NintendoNoob

    I hope they never reach land
    (for the Wind Waker one)

  • Tecpedz94

    Da fuck is this….. Okay in all honesty the last one is good cuz no matter how u sing it its always going to be great 😛

  • Zeldatrek

    This is Wii U news? Ok but I rather listen and watch the last of ZREO’s new vids from Twilight Symphony.

  • di g

    the one he does for final fantasy 7 is awesome

  • Nicolas Dorion

    wii u daily is running out of shit to say, uh?

  • Jon

    his Guile’s Theme is the best

  • Pikachief

    Every idea I ever have has already been done 🙁 (Including this one)

  • Cerus98

    Can’t believe I missed this “news” article being a music nut. Um…creepy? Non-news worthy? No more you tube videos please, those wackos don’t need more attention. There was plenty of other news to report so this wasn’t needed. Oh, it’s A Capella (two words) btw, don’t Americanize everything please. Kids and young adults learn enough bad habits and mistakes from other media.

  • Loved Final Fantasy a lot too, I’ll add him to my favorites on YouTube gotta listen more from his themes. Love his cat too btw, looks so similair to my first cat it’s awesome. My (new) cats really enjoyed the windwaker theme.

  • Linskarmo

    Very good videos! I especially like the kitty. 😉