Apr 25th, 2017

League of Evil, a mobile, action-arcade game about beating up evil scientists, is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Publisher Ratalaika Games made the exciting announcement yesterday with promise of a press release later this week.

League of Evil is reminiscent of Super Meat Boy in that you’re jumping around small levels, dodging obstacles, and trying to finish the objective in the shortest amount of time possible. What will be interesting is the price point.

If this is the same, feature-for-feature release we saw on Steam last year, then we can expect this version of League of Evil to have a few improvements over its mobile counterpart. The updated version of League of Evil has new, exclusive levels and a cross-platform, level editor. With the level editor, you can share your creations across PC, 3DS, and (according to the game’s Steam page) Wii U. We’re not sure if the Wii U version is still in development, though.

[via Twitter]

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