Apr 30th, 2013

Kung Fu Rabbit is an upcoming Nintendo Wii U eShop release from Neko Entertainment. The game is scheduled to be released on May 2nd and features cute visuals with a bit of hardcore puzzling action. The release trailer above shows some of what you can expect to see in the game. The game offers up 70 levels of play and reminds me of a cutesy Super Meat Boy. What do you guys think? Will you be picking it up when the game is released?

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  • I like Meat Boy like games but this seems a bit slow. Don’t u think?

    • It does seem a bit slower paced, but the early levels of Super Meat Boy were slow compared to the later levels. We’ll have a review up later.

    • Arthur Jarret

      If you dont buy items, you can unlock hard mode early (you collect and buy stuff with carrots). Do that, because the first half of the standard mode is much too easy

  • david jarman

    Sweet! I professionally cook rabbits too!

  • Kevin Sepulveda

    Is this game multiplayer at all?

  • Why didnt i buy a ouya instead of a wii u same type of indie games but £350 for a wii u 🙁

    • AAAkabob

      Cause we didn’t buy a Wii U for indie games

      • Wayne Beck

        Maybe not, But I sure am loving them. =)

  • Blah

    May 2nd?
    That’s for the US, isn’t it? Because the game’s on european eShop for more than a week now…

    • Yes, that’s the US release date. It has been available in Europe for some time now.

    • FlyingBoat

      yea i thought that too. im in australia and saw it a while ago

  • Tim van Broekhoven

    How come I already have this…??? (ö)/

  • Ducked

    May 2nd? That’s my birthday!