Jun 9th, 2015


Xenoblade Chronicles X still hasn’t been released outside of Japan despite tons of fans that have been excited ever since the initial reveal in 2013. We still don’t have a release date other that to say it’s coming this year, so many Western fans are chomping at the bit to get their hands on this game. According to Kotaku’s review of the Japanese game, they may end up disappointed. Kotaku imported a copy of the game from Japan in order to review it and after spending 70+ hours playing the game, reviewer Richard Eisenbeis did not have kind things to say.

If I were to describe my 70 hours with Xenoblade X in one word, it would be “boredom.” The main story did little to get me invested, the side quests were repetitive at best, and the combat was a painfully monotonous slog even with the advanced classes unlocked.

Richard’s main complaint seems to be in the fact that the quests have very little variety, even between story missions and side missions. They’re all fetch quests and go here and kill that, but that’s not too surprising considering Xenoblade Chronicles was the same way. If you want to read the entirety of Richard’s review of the game, you can find it here.

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