Jul 16th, 2017

Here we go again: a big franchise has just been announced and isn’t coming to the main Nintendo platform. And as usual, the people behind the game don’t want to upset Nintendo fans so they give us the good ‘ol “Maybe” or “We’ll see” or “We’ll take a look at bringing the game to the Nintendo console”.

And let’s call it what it is: bullshit. Instead of having the guts to just come out and say “we won’t release the game for the Nintendo platform”, they give us political answers and hope that Nintendo fans forget about it down the line.

The latest example of this comes from the just-announced Kingdom Hearts 3. The game is coming to the PS4 and Xbox One, and game director Tetsuya Nomura said that after the game is released on PS4 and Xbox One they can “perhaps, maybe we can start thinking about other possibilities [bringing it to Switch]”.

Just say no. It’s fine. Nintendo fans won’t be upset. We understand that it’s a business and games are expensive to make and resources aren’t always there to get it out on ever platform.

But don’t disrespect the Nintendo community with bullshit political answers. Whether it’s small developers or big publishers, very few give straight answers when it comes to this.

Except Bungie. Just do what Bungie did and tell the truth: they were asked whether Destiny 2 could possibly be released on the Switch, and they said “no”.

Just be honest.

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