Nov 4th, 2015


Nintendo’s new president Tatsumi Kimishima is confident that the delay of Miitomo will not affect Nintendo’s fiscal performance for this year. In a meeting with investors, the new president stated simply that the delay was so Nintendo could help promote the app better, rather than releasing it into the wild with no build-up at all. In fact, Kimishima had a specific time-line in mind.

After reconsideration on when the appropriate timing of the release would be, we have now rescheduled the release to March 2016. Upon releasing an application, we believe it is necessary to communicate about the application at least about two months before its release in one way or another.

Simply put, Kimishima didn’t feel as though there is enough time left in the year to generate enough awareness about the new app, which is essential in a market already saturated with games and other attention-grabbing apps.

Kimishima also stated that Nintendo wanted to focus on this holiday season, where the company makes the bulk of its revenue and that the free-to-start app would have minimal impact on finances due to being rescheduled. It makes business sense and it’s nice to see Nintendo putting the home console market first, but we’ve been waiting for a Nintendo Direct or more information about upcoming releases since Iwata’s unfortunate passing.

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