May 9th, 2012

Killer Freaks From Outer Space art
The Wii U will be getting at least one exclusive third party game: Killer Freaks From Outer Space. Made by Ubisoft, the game is a light, satirical view on the alien invasion premise, where the player takes contorl of a survivor during an alien invasion by an enemy species called “Freaks”. Developer Ubisoft Montpelier released a batch of concept art and artworks of the first person shooter, and it looks like a pretty interesting game, visually speaking. Killer Freaks From Outer Space was revealed at least year’s E3, and is expected to be a Wii U launch title this Fall. Head on after the break for the artwork!

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  • atomicmandrillattack

    cool looking foward to seeing the games at e3. 🙂

  • swic11

    I think the concept art looks great, lets hope the graphics are as good as the trailer we were shown.

  • Austin

    The art looks very nice, this should prove wii u is a next generation console. Im not so much a fan, but ill wait till after e3 before i make a opinion. They would need to be epic to get my attention, seeing that there is so much competition.

  • Soastockton

    Wow the pictures are actually better than the trailer….in like campaign mode were big alien on buildings…looks dope!!