Jul 12th, 2014

Luigi’s Death Stare has taken the internet by storm, but how do a few kids feel about the character after having seen the clips being uploaded to YouTube? Surprisingly, a lot of them think Luigi is one of the meanest characters to ever be created. In fact, one of them gets upset when Luigi uses a red shell to knock out Mario in one of the videos.

Looks like we’re going to need another Year of Luigi to correct this publicity.

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  • Gideon


    • matthew garcia

      Wow Nintendo is really trying to hold on to this death stare thing far to long. I think this and my body is ready is really annoying people. Is this what there holding on to just to try to sound cool.

      • Virus6

        Nintendo isn’t holding on to anything. Both Luigi Death Stare and the “My Body is Ready” stuff is all fan memes.

        • matthew garcia

          It kinda sucks. Greatness awaits was getting annoying for Sony also

          • lonewolf

            Seriously how old are you?

          • matthew garcia

            I’m 69.

          • Epicstuf

            No, you really aren’t.

        • 00EpicGamer00

          Actually, the “my body is ready” stuff, didn’t start out as memes. Reggie actually said that…..then the memes came, lol.

          • matthew garcia

            This is true. It sounds pretty lame

  • Christian Schoff


  • Ducked

    Luigi death stare needs to be in Super Smash Bros

    • Yen

      Final Smash

      • Epicstuf


    • Clel

      It should be a taunt

    • The Clockwork Being

      Please may that be a taunt!

  • Gabe Hoffman
    • Epicstuf

      Dude. He got pissed at Mario becuase Mario was a bad brother. So he gets pissed at everyone now.

  • RecheDiazrivarola

    FROZEN react to frozen ps4 XDXD

    • Ducked

      Should have been glacier white instead of black.

    • C4

      Wonder if all special edition will be just “faceplates”

      If then they should at least sell them separate…

  • SuperUltramagnus

    he’ll no to year of lugi! next year should be year of link!7

  • Stephen Dorn

    Luigi wants to come in first for once.

  • anthony optimo

    As Long as the Wii U is in third place in this console generation, mad dog stare away green dude.

    • Andrew Clear

      except Nintendo is in 2nd.

      • anthony optimo

        This is great news.

  • Epicstuf


  • Nintendofreak
    • Petri

      Just for that, not going to buy it even from the bargain bin.

      • tux_peng

        I use a WiiWheell for MK8…

  • Adrian

    Why “Not pretty folks”? Nothing bad happened in the video..

  • Kiefer Wickham

    Late much

  • ~OMEGA~

    already posted

  • HotInEER

    This was awesome!

  • Nookling

    Some of them don’t like Mario Kart…. WHATTTT

  • Joseph Oliveira

    Luigi ain’t the only prick with this death stare. Ever see Mario have a pissed off face when he’s loosing?

  • Chase U

    I wonder if Nintendo REALLY knows what they did here… ?

  • The Clockwork Being

    At least the kids know who he is