Dec 27th, 2012

Remember opening your first video game console and the excitement you felt as you realized it was a Nintendo? I have fond memories of opening my NES on Christmas day and then playing Super Mario Bros. until my thumbs went numb. With each new generation of gamers, Nintendo consoles seem to be the ultimate gifts, gauranteeing kids to lose their minds. Remember the Nintendo 64 kid?

Today’s generation is no different. I’m sure some of you reading this either received or gave a Nintendo present to someone this holiday season, witnessing the excitement that goes along with that. Check out the video below, where a pair of excited kids receive a Wii U for Christmas.

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  • TheDetonator

    ahhhh the joy of Christmas:D

  • Srpg2ishere

    How is this worth an article? XD

    • Well, I for one liked to see it. 🙂 Cute!

    • Jason Edokpa

      What are you talking about? This was a very great article.

  • Amazing, nice family, and great video.

  • CheckItNow12 AtScratch

    Cute video. 🙂

    Anybody got some Nintendo Network IDs? My username is CheckItNow12.

    •  3Piece

      • darkmuha


        nice vid xD that was me when i was getting the gameboy advance ^^

  • ObiBoing

    Who hasn’t gone throught the same moment Christmas morning ?

    Mine was with the SNES with Super Mario World.

    And this Christmas I gave my niece her first Nintendo console a blue Wii and some games, she has not stopped playing with it.

  • audie bowler

    il beat every one of you , mine was sinclair spectrum 48k with a sharp tape recorder and a kempston joystick i was 11 it was early 80s…

  • RoadyMike

    I would cry too if I had gotten the basic Wii U version lol
    I love moments like these.Going crazy for the gift you really wanted.Happened to me when I got my PS2 for my birthday.Awesome feeling

  • Now thats what I call real Christmas Joy. Thats one child that will never ever forget his dad ever did this for him for as long as he lives. 

  • NkoSekirei

    be very very quiet its noob season on bo2 lol

  • Srpg2ishere

    This kid must’ve been insanely happy. lol. I don’t blame em. All I did was smile alot when i got mine but dang. I didn’t know some people wanted it that much! XD

    • Genesect4ssb4

      happened to me when I got my N64 AND 3DS. Yes the 3DS of all things. I love that thing.  

  • i did the same thing…………..

    and im 20………….

    and i live by myself…………

  • Robert Papageorge

    That was me once… with my beloved gamecube. I just didn’t go as crazy as that kid.

    I almost did though.

  • xdlugia

    Ahahaha, that’s me when I got my GameCube.

  • hahaha and he names the price lolz!

    • bizzy gie

      Yeah, but he named the price of the deluxe model.

  • For me that also happened in the 80’s though, with the Nes system and several games 🙂 even though my experience was not during Xmas but during “sinterklaas” the event is the same to the Dutch what Xmas is to most of the world, most Dutch families(especially with younger children) celebrate it on december 5th, and far less during Xmas until the children are older at least.

  • fireheartis1

    I never had a Nintendo system baught for me I always safed up to buy my own, but I did react like this when I got my Sega Saturn for my birthday.  It was the first time my mom baught me a console for my birthday.  I was sixteen at the time and I reacted a little bit like this lol.  Too bad my mom didn’t have a video camera to record it.  It would be funny to see a sixteen year old act like a little child on YouTube over a Sega Saturn.

  • This is what I was like INSIDE when I opened my Wii U! 😛

  • Dáibhí wotshissurname


  • Tim van Broekhoven

    This is exactly me when I was getting my wii u with ‘sinterklaas’ lol

  • marius valasinas

    I had to give myself Wii U premium bundle for Xmas. No f**ker else would have givven it to me. Cost me a lot, but at least I finnaly have it

  • Reed Carter

    I legit cried when I got the wiiu deluxe set and then I plugged it up and I saw CoD BO2 start up I took some pans ran outside and started banging them like crazy at 7:00!

  • logan mckee

    I did this when i got the black one. What if he got it…