Feb 21st, 2013

It’s always great to know what’s going on in the world of gaming, no matter if you’re a die-hard Nintendo fan or your main gaming rig is a PC. Yesterday was Sony’s big announcement of the PlayStation 4, where we saw such details as:

  • Sony’s focus on cloud-based gaming
  • Vita used as a remote play device
  • New dualshock 4 controller
  • Several new game trailers

Overall, the announcement was positive for gamers, as no industry standard was set that could be considered anti-consumer, like many gamers feared. Sony have outright denied that the PlayStation 4 would block used games, meaning this is one less console we have to worry about trampling on our rights as a consumer.

What did you think of the announcement? Are you a considering what Sony has to offer? Let us know in the comments and remember, let’s keep it civil. There’s no reason we can’t discuss the events of yesterday without resorting to name-calling and bullying.

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  • Vic Nwaogu

    I watched it yesterday what they’re offering is pretty cool. Nintendo should start trying to make the console faster. Alot faster and attempting to make their game variety more broad. 

  • Wayne Beck

    Slightly Faster, Slightly Prettier and a Touchpad. Woo.

    • Lunatic

      Did you people even WATCH the conference? There’s a HUGE list of new features for the system other than speed and graphics.

      • Wayne Beck

        No there isn’t. There is a Social Network(Old), A new Eye(Kinect), A Store that tells you what you like(Useless) and a Touchpad(Useless).

        Sony effectively did nothing last night to inspire innovative gameplay. They handed Devs and excuse to release prettier sequels to already played out IPs.

        • sdmac200600

          you also forgot how you can record gameplay and stream it to the web (not at all innovative) and how friends can directly help you out if you are stuck on a section of the game (not at all innovative) sort of like miiverse but a bit extra 


          • Wayne Beck

            No body wants to let their friend take over their game in the middle of playing it. That is a stupid feature that will not be used. 

            Sharing gameplay video is not new. They just made it faster. 

          • sdmac200600

            dude no console ever before was able to record real time gameplay footage and share it over the internet without a need for an PVR or an elgato…

          • Wayne Beck

            Except Halo right?

            I don’t know why your so impressed with Sharing Video.. I mean, are you so egotistical that you have to post your gameplay footage all over the internet for no one to care about?

          • sdmac200600

            Ok so first off, Halo is not a console lol. Those were separate servers on Halo to record gameplay, not the system itself. I don’t have the need to post gameplay over the internet but people who do let’s plays on youtube (which if you look at how many subscribers most of them have, I would say A LOT of people care about it) will find this feature very beneficial because they don’t have to spend hundreds on an Elgato or HDPVR. Why are you riding something off that hasn’t even been out yet? Give credit where it’s due. Sony came up with something that is very beneficial for gamers and the youtube community as a whole. Oh but because Nintendo didn’t come up with it, it’s bad thing huh?

          • Wayne Beck

            I can’t give credit because it is not due. Allowing people to record Gameplay videos on their console does nothing to enhance gameplay or inspire innovative game development. Sony has done nothing to advance gaming with this console and adding social features does not entitle them to praise. 

            And Nintendo did come up with it. This is a natural progression on Miiverse. I’d be more than willing to bet that the Wii U will have video sharing by the end of the year. That doesn’t make it improve gameplay or game development.

            It’s pointless fluff.

          • sdmac200600

            So the Wii U can record games? Wow how do I find it? Do I have to download the app “wii record for u?” How will you be able to share your videos if you can’t even have videos on the Wii U in the first place.

            Something that is innovative don’t have to enhance gameplay experience. What you think is pointless can have a big affect on somebody else. Just because you think it’s pointless doesn’t mean everyone think it isn’t.

            Letting your friends take control of your game and letting your friends watch you play your game while they are helping you out with text does enhance the gameplay experience. Maybe not to you but to the majority of future ps4 owner it is. Even some people in this comment section would like to have that feature integrated on the miiverse.

          •  Where ive not read anywere where people wanted that.
            Dude if you hate Wii U so much why comment here in less your a troll and not a very good one but what ever dude when steambox comes out goodbye sony

          •  Who really cares..

          • Lunatic

            Um… I’d like to do this? Have you never traded off playing a single player game with friends? Or had somebody help you with part of a game?

          • Wayne Beck

            No, my friends and I and nearly every other gamer in the world prefer to beat things on our own. That’s why they invented “Save Data”. That’s why they invented “Achivements”. That’s why they invented “Gamertags”.

            Letting someone else beat the “Hard” part for you is weak. It is beyond weak. What purpose is there to playing a game if your just going to hand it off to someone else to beat it for you?

          • It’s super weak.  I am disappointed in that feature.  The only good use it could possibly have is letting a friend play the game as a demo from their house.  But even so, just having them come over and do it in person would be alot cooler..

          •  Who care i can do the same thing at my house but make the video even better and you can edit too if needed you cant do that with the controller

          • sdmac200600

            I know you can but the fact that you didn’t even mention as if it wasn’t even there isn’t right. It doesn’t matter if you can make a better video with an elgato or a HDPVR, the fact that this is the first console to have an entry level PVR besides the editing of course is pretty unique

        •  Agree it was very sad and i laughed at the same time .You have all these sony fanboys saying how they will destoyed nintendo last night did not show that and going after microsolft too that was just as funny..watch this thing will do as bad as there failed vita..

      •  Do we care? …Nope! Ps4 Is lame Im stick with the cool console Wii U that has awesome games like Zombi U and zelda even if there some kids games if my 10 year deaf son likes them that’s all i care about and every game they showed looked like a ps3..out of date indeed and what upgrades facebook?That’s a laugh and there copy of kinect again they copy other people what a joke

        • sdmac200600

          You see. Now you are sounding like the sony fanboys who rode of the system before it was even launched. They are adding new features to the ps4 but of course you don’t see that. And here I thought nintendo fans had the biggest open mind about things…..guess I was wrong.

          •  Oh im open but not to a 500 to 600 dollar console

          • DemonRoach

            Wii U requires a gamepad, and a pro controller, plus at least 2 wiimotes, plus nunchucks.  There is no way Wii U is a better deal that ps4, even if ps4 ends up being 200 bucks more.

          • I would rather stick with a console that has fun games and sony does not do it for me so sorry ill pass im waiting on the very true next gen steambox then its lights out for sony

        • sdmac200600

          Oh yeah because a person who hates wii u buys one at launch just to bash it. Now you are just sounding idiotic. I play my Wii u WAY more than i play the ps3 as of now. my ps3 has not been on in a good month now so how are you gonna tell me that i hate the wii u. im nit gonna drop dam near 1000 bucks on a system just to hate on it. you see unlike you, i see nintendos flaws but since i point them out on a nintendo website and i give credit where it’s due to sony means i hate the wii u. you got life messed up.

          • Yeah! My lifes great got a 10 year old deaf son i adore more than any console so my life is never messed up but think what you want man..lifes to short to debate over a game console

  • I watched it live and I think what Sony proved that Nintendo needs the most right now is new 
    IP. It should focus in both new mature IP and new kid friendly and funny characters that can give Mario a rest for a while. Save project HAMMER, Sadness and Winter while looking for characters to compete against Sony’s new family friendly faces. Nintendo can still prove gaming over power too but it needs to get creative. Port trilogies exclusive for the pro-controller, Buy or co-develop with smaller studios, become a independent developer paradise, send games like Pokemon into the Wii U expanding on the tactical formula or even letting you BE the Pokemon and add a whole new depth to the game strategy. 

    I myself love Mario, Link and Samus, but is time for them to get a back seat for a while, maybe even focus on spinoffs with whole new characters in both the Zelda and Metroid universe. 

    Nintendo can do it, it just need to once again get creative. 

    • Laud

      Why do our IPs need to get a back seat? Their IPs are more generic and they rehash them all the time whereas Nintendo IPs always bring something new to the table.

      Nintendo has nothing to be scared of, all Sony has shown so far are generic shooters, an infamous game and that capcom game. (Not gonna bring up SE because they’re gonna be irrelevant after Monolith releases ‘X’)

      • Lunatic

        Games are important, obviously, but did you forget all the other features that are new to the PS4? I mean, things like streaming your game online and allowing other players around the world to jump in and take control are big enough as is to provide a brand new, unrivaled experience.

        • DragonSilths

          Why would I spend $60 on a game just to have someone else play and beat the game for me? Fucking stupid lol. Being able to upload gameplay to Facebook…who goes to Facebook to watch videos lol???

          • Lunatic

            You’re really missing the point, aren’t you? You don’t buy the game to have someone BEAT it for you, you use the new feature to let people try it out, or help you through little parts, all while talking and sending messages. It’s social, and a fun new means of multi-player. It’s the same as going to the Wii U menu and opening the internet browser for game tips mid-game. Do you think that’s stupid too? And people don’t GO to Facebook for videos, but if they go on Facebook and there ARE videos, some people WATCH them. It’s not really all that fucking complicated of concept that adding new and useful functionality to things can be a good draw for some people.

            I mean seriously, have you never sat and watched someone play a single-player game before? Maybe trade the controller around? You can now do this from ANYWHERE and you don’t think that’s innovative?

          • Sidney Majurie

             Why are you in such damage control on a Nintendo fan site? You’re not going to get anywhere here lol. What kind of n00b “feature” is this allowing other people to walk you through a game if your stuck? Uploading videos and watching other people play games? Why is that good? I barely have enough time PLAYING games myself, now I’m supposed to watch other people play or hold my hand through my game. These are all PROMISES at this point and nothing was shown. How quickly we forget about Sony and it’s promises. I hope everyone of your friends have excellent internet connections and service…

          • Adam Porter

             yea tbh i think as far as all this streaming and cloud gaming craic goes sony might have jumped the gun there might not be enough people with such awesome internet connections to make use of these features.

          • Richard Yates

            Well pointed out! I can see a fair few peeps on my ps freinds list struggling when it comes to bandwidth and the ps4!

          • oontz

            My internet is 50mb a sec, hasn’t gone down in the past 5 years. No bandwith cap and CHEAP! Looks like I am good! 

          • Sidney Majurie

             Well good for you. MOST people in this country are nowhere near that. So that will be a cool feature for a minority of gamers on PS4…

          • Lunatic

            “What kind of n00b “feature” is this allowing other people to walk you through a game if your stuck?”

            1) Apparently you’ve never played a single player game with a friend before and traded off the controller to help people.
            2) *you’re

          • Sidney Majurie

             1) Correct. I’ve been gaming since the 80’s and consider myself advanced enough to handle my games on my own. If I get stuck I can quickly pop onto an internet walkthrough and jump out.

            2) Yeah, you’re is a contraction word that stands for “you are.” I was in advanced English classes in High School and College.

            Sometimes people make these things called typos on message boards and text messages which allow others who are butthurt by their opinions to have a pretentious and pathetic point of attack. Laugh Out Loud.

          • Michael Jurado

            not really its essentially passing the controller without anyone being there that seems pretty god damn pointless streaming my gameplay for others too see just seems like a cocky thing to do i mean screen shots i guess would be okay but a whole video i dunno seems worthless >.> personally i would much rather enjoy a 5 player game vs passing the controller to someone who is X amount of miles away from me and probably suck more than i do. sorry bro that “innovative” feature just doesn’t wow me in any sort of way

          • Lunatic

            I guess you’ve never watched a “Let’s play” before, or watched a pro player live. There is a vibrant interest in watching others play, but I guess it’s just for people more into gaming.

          • Jay

            ummmm thats why you play with people IN PERSON.

            I dont understand why so many gamers are becoming more and more anti-social. Thats why I like the Wii so much, it brought people together. I would much rather play Wii Sports with my girlfriend than “pass the controller” over a wifi connection. lame.

          • i rarely play games online on my playstation. too many games are focused on online play and no local play. nintendos games are usually local play on their consoles which is great for me and my brother.

          • Lunatic

            Now you can play in person AND not in person. I’m not sure what terrible goddamn logic makes you believe that having both isn’t an improvement.

            And your claim is that this is LESS social? Is staying in touch with long distance friends via phone or Facebook LESS social than never talking to them? Is video chatting from a foreign country LESS social than a phone call or something? Giving people MORE options won’t make existing ones impossible, it’ll just make things more flexible.

          •  With Sony’s network knowing that it is very hackable would you trust anyone you do not know to connect to your console remotely to help you with a game?  Heck I wouldn’t even trust Sony’s network

          • Jay

            lol hit the nail on the head. I dont see anyone using this feature.

          • oontz

            I think it’d be cool if you’re stuck and don’t know what to do. You press a button and the stream service auto selects someone playing that same part of the game so you can watch their ghost (like Dark souls) but live. and interact with the player, ask questions. 

            That’d be pretty cool. Like Miiverse but with in game video as well. 

          • Anukul

            don’t the kids play games? are they all experts?

        • Adam Porter

           you ever think will your internet connection be able to handle it?? i struggled to stream the presentation in 240p last night never mind play games online with mates around the world while streaming in full 1080p hd.

          • oontz

            failing to stream a presentation online probably isn’t the fault of your connection, just to many people trying to get the same video as you. 

      • BellsGhost

        REally?  Besides graphics, Zelda and MArio has been the SAME since the 80s.  Nintendo is the king of milking.

    •  I disagree with that

      • skid5jack

        Why ??? He is completely correct.
        This is going to be an interesting time for Nintendo now.
        If you look at software sales for the Wii. 90% of the titles came from Nintendo directly. So third party developers will take this into consideration.
        I think its safe to assume that the power inside the ps4 and 720 will be quite far ahead off the U and they won’t want to put extra resources into building a weaker versions into a system that typically doesnt sell well with third party software

        •  Nintendo could do just as well without them but you have some people who want Nintendo to fail and that will never happen and i could careless who powerful there console with true heart into them like nintendo does there just another gaming company..so no im not worried as i won’t be waste my money on sony anymore the only console that looks good is the steambox when that comes out sony is doomed and that is fact or even apple who i don’t care for when the apple tv comes out it’s game over for them

    • sdmac200600

      I like where you are going with that and I see they are somewhat doing what you were saying with the year of luigi. Nintendo needs to let mario and zelda have the weight took off them so they can breathe. I’m not saying they are milking them, not at all, but they do need to create some more new ips than just one or 2 a generation if that

    • B. Adriano

      Not sure, really. I mean yeah I agree that new IPs are desirable, but I think what the Wii U really needs now is more dedicated 3rd party support. Nintendo needs to get back the 3rd party developers it lost over the years. It needs to work on its 3rd party relations.

      The Wii U will always have Mario, Zelda and Metroid exclusives, but imagine what a Metal Gear exclusive, a Final Fantasy exclusive, a Tomb Raider exclusive and other non-Nintendo exclusive could do to the Wii U sales? I mean, yeah okay here we are enjoying the games that are available to the Wii U, but let’s face the facts…the Wii U isn’t selling like hotcakes like the Wii did before. Majority of the problem is the lack of support from 3rd party developers.

      Like many of you, I may not like some developers’ IP but I’m sure there are a lot more out there that do. And if Nintendo and 3rd party developers and publishers could make them buy a Wii U then it’s better for all of us.

    • You have a point there all I disagree  on is that Samus need to take a backseat for a while, Samus did so allready from 1994 to 2001 she deserves some quality time, it’s not like Samus will get 2-3 games on each nintendo consoles except the GC 2 games in 4 years, gba 2 in 6 years and Wii 2 in 7 years (3 if you count metroid prime trilogy as a new metroid game as well)

      Other then that you are right, maybe link and Mario can take a small break for a bit and allow new ip’s to flourish.

      • Adam Porter

         they should add more games and franchises not take them away. for example if there is a nintendo console that won’t be getting a zelda game well i just won’t be getting that console.

        • With the “small break” I actually didn’t ment to say “do not bring new Mario and Zelda” what I said was they could use a small break as in Maybe one game from that franchise instead of 3 or 4 like it is now on the Wii and ds/3ds and next to them bring “new” ip’s I thought I was clear on that but I guess I was not. Hopefully I am now.

    • MetroidZero

      Heck no.

  • Mark Thom

    GO PS4 GO!!!!!!!!! lol

    • Laud

      There’s a place called PS4daily now. Go on over there, you don’t need to be here anymore.

    •  GO Wii U GO!!!!!!!!!!! The true fun console

      • BellsGhost

        Wii U sucks.  More like the tru KID console.

        • Im a kid at heart and nintendo will always be here now by the way the same loons like yourself said 3ds would die off and look how that worked out 3ds beats vita 10 to 1 and the ps nutsack bombed big time so what you have to say is worthless. Now the sony fans that are awesome are not the one talk garbage about wii u and i cant wait to see ouya and xbox720 or even steambox come out those will be the real awesome consoles so again you are a drone who seems to miss the target

  • Ultranist

    RIP WiiU

    • Silent

      Go back to elementary school. We dont need anymore dumbasses in here.

      • BellsGhost

        You should get out then.

    • the ps5 won’t even make it to market.


  • Next gen consoles will obliterate the puny wii u. RIP wii u

    • the nextgen have not been released and they already have more 3rd party support than the little wii u. hahahaha

      • Lucy Heartfillia

        lets see how many consoles ps4 will sell in 1st month. 
        if it overpass 2 million (wii sales when it came) then ill give Respect to Sony.

        • Sdudyoy

          As a Nintendo Fan I don’t care about graphics and do not care about Third party support I buy Nintendo products strictly for Nintendo games, That are in my opinion much better than all your honestly are much funner that games like shooter’s, the only Sony exclusive I like is LBP.

          • I totally agree. I also buy Nintendo games ’cause they’re so blatantly better and well done…

          • Sdudyoy

            When I think about it there are more good Sony exclusives like Shadow of the colossus, Jak and Daxter, and Sly cooper.

          • BellsGhost

            No they’re not.  Same shit from the 80s.  nintendo sucks.

      • Dallan

        The two big ones they were pushing were watch dogs and destiny both of those titles will be with wii u. For diablo 3 we can only hope it comes to wii u

        • Zelly Jeffers

          Yup. Watch Dogs was really all I had my eye on and now that it’s been confirmed, I think I’m set.

        • mistmantle

          everyone have played diablo 3, and after you beat its pointless to play it again.

          it’s fun to play i once but after the first time you played it… its boring as hell ( i know, i lvled to lvl 60)

        • BellsGhost

          Destiny isnt coming to Wii U, nor Diablo 3.  Wii U sucks.

          • Who cares i can play diablo 3 on my pc and destiny will get on ps3 but wii u will still sell better then ps4 all down to price little boy and for your little mind to know ps4 will be mostly bought by the hardcore fans then christmas people will buy the cheaper better console for there buck so im not worried what happens wii u will be fine while little drones children like yourself will whine and complain to your blue in the face and thanks for all your lame comments you have given me a huge laugh and my two sons think you a nut so thanks at your exspense. Hahaha

      • Holyfire

        It was like the same scenario this passing gen. Nintendo outmatched Sony n M’soft. WiiU will do well. Wait till ur PS4 launches and watch it not sell. Cause ppl in this economy wont afford a console costing far more (PS4) than a console ppl already think is too unaffordable (WiiU)

      • Silent

        Talk about fail trolling. Do you even own a wii U?  Wii U is current gen just as PS4 and Xbox 720. You should restrain from trolling if you dont have a good argument.

      • its too bad they are wasted on such useless systems.

    • technically nintendo has been making games longer so sony is 3 generations behind, you guys need to catch up fast

    • Rip sony steambox is coming

      • BellsGhost

        Steambox will kill Wii u too.

  • AAAkabob

    Maybe when the price for the premium is $400 or less….and I have a nicer tv, and a nice surround sound, and some nice gamer headphones…yea pretty much when I hit the lottery lol

  • 1.6 GHZ CPU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nintendofreak

    i posted yesterday about how dey putted move n touchpad in control nobody listened…watever being honest i pc mostly n no matter wat u say pc is better…yeah i still own a wii n a ps3 n use dem both but i use d wii like 21 times more dan d ps3 without exaggerating an as for a wiiu i will get it when the next metroid, legend of zelda, and yoshi story come out…plus i have heard that d basic is like 400 n premium 470 bucks

    • mistmantle

      400? thats a bit low, considering the amout of hardware value in the consol it will be around 500-600 us dollars. ( another veary expensive console here in europe :/ )

    • Lunatic

      This has been edited, and I still can’t read it. I’m calling troll.

      • Silent

        Yeah, that’s what happen when you stay home to play videogames all the time instead of getting an education.

        • Nintendofreak is just a kid living in his parents basement living on welfare and playing video games all day

  • Nothing new as always, besides better graphics and a probably expensive machine. This a PC can do it even better. This presentation just made me want the Wii U even more.

    • Lunatic

      Yeah, nothing new. Just a new controller, new 3D camera system for motion control, new streaming capabilities, new ability to play EVERY GAME off-TV direct to their new handheld, new streaming capabilities with the new ability to let other people around the world take control of your game in real-time…

      Oh, and something like 8x the hardware power of the Wii U. Nothing new.

      • bizzy gie

        That off-t.v. feature was a direct rip-off of the Wii U. Why pay $400+ for a PS4, then pay $200+ for a Vita to do what the Wii U does BETTER for half the price?

        The Vita is going to need a cord to connect to the PS4 and run off-t.v play which means it’s only good for playing a game while someone else is watching t.v. That’s it.

        Not to mention that the GamePad has a higher resolution than the Vita and a larger screen with clickable analogues AND actual trigger buttons. Oh yeah and it’s a WIRELESS connection.

        I’m not paying double the money for a cheap rip-off.

        • DragonSilths

          PS4 being $400…yah right. If its cheaper then $599.99 I retire from gaming. Thats how sure I am Sony will pull the crazy price card again.

        • Lunatic

          “Why pay $400+ for a PS4, then pay $200+ for a Vita to do what the Wii U does BETTER for half the price?”

          Uh, let’s see… Because they play different games, EVERY game will be playable through this (which the Wii U DOES NOT OFFER) and BECAUSE YOU DON’T BUY A VITA JUST FOR THAT FEATURE. It’s a separate game console! It’s not like you’re buying a $200 PS4 peripheral that can’t function on its own. Jesus you people are dense.

          Oh, and the Vita’s off-screen play is wireless too, and nothing was ever said about the latency. But thanks for pulling those facts out of your ass.

          • Jay

            Dude, The Wii U offers it for each and every single game.  The developers choose whether or not they want to be able to have that feature in their game, depending on how they choose to utilize the controller. If Ubisoft wanted, Zombi U could have easily done it, but chose not to, because they wanted the gamepad to be your “survival tool” and not your main screen. That’s not Nintendo’s fault or a limitation on the Wii U.  Nice try though.  Sure, people buy the Vita to do other things.. all, what?  4 million of them?  Congrats on that.

          • Lunatic

            Did you just say that the system offers it but doesn’t have it? Because I feel like your point is entirely void when you pointed out that NOT EVERY GAME HAS IT.

            And come on. People don’t have the Vita because the line-up is CURRENTLY crap. You’re acting like there will never be anything else coming out for it. More games and PS4 connectivity will only increase its appeal. I’m not saying it’s DEFINITELY going to be the best, but you’re acting like it’s dead and nothing is being produced for it.

          • CTRAINGAMER

            I agree. It’s not to late for Sony to pull some good games out of their ass.

          • Personally I wouldn’t get a vita for that alone, as far as handhelds go so far I always had them from N, and always will too.

            Tried others but they just didn’t appeal to me. The fact is that indeed the lineup for the vita is crap at the moment and has been since it’s launch.

            Media claims that this year will be the year where the vita succeeds or the vita fails. So for Sony using the vita as a second screen for the ps4 is the best thing they have done with it thusfar. Even if the vita fails as a system on it’s own it atleast can still be used as a second screen for the ps4. Thumbs up for that to Sony.

            Another fact about handhelds is that the 3DS (atleast in Japan) kills every competition, both consoles and handhelds (Wii, WiiU, PS3, XBox, Vita and any other console/handheld out there)

            The past several weeks 3DS has outsold all consoles combined, as of now the 3DS has reached 10M sales in Japan since it’s launch, compared to the less then 9M PS3’s since it’s launch in Japan (not to begin on the vita), so for that I can’t blame people claiming that the vita is dead…

            In Japan alone there are 14 games for the 3DS marked as best sellers in the top 20, compared to 2 in Europe in the sales top 20.

            On a side note, the Japanese people are crazy 😀

            Anyway wether or not they stole the idea from N, I still think Sony makes the right choice by using the vita as a secondary screen (as it seriously doesn’t look good for the Vita on it’s own) so for the Vita Sony seriously has to step up, and they just might, with a Killzone: mercenary game for the Vita to be released later this year. And with Final Fantasy X HD remake, Soul Sacrifice and Ruin. But it remains to be seen.

            (my source a Dutch gaming magazine)

          • Jay

            you gotta be crazy if you think the Vita can do what the Wii U can. And you gotta be stupid to buy a vita for this feature.

          • Lunatic

            I said the exact opposite, that people WOULDN’T buy a Vita for just this feature. Did you even READ my comment?

            And why do I have to be crazy to assume that Sony WON’T make off-screen play work badly? Your blind devotion to Nintendo doesn’t mean that NOBODY ELSE can pull off the same thing well.

          • CTRAINGAMER

            Huh…I agree with this comment you posted as well. Sony IS able to make similar things to other company’s but most of the time their WAY to similar and they usually don’t do to well. I think that they should stop copying other company’s ideas, improving graphics and just get creative. Graphics have a quality limit, and when they get maxed out no one is gonna want them, they’ll be bored of them. People are gonna want to see new creative styles and gameplay, and when/if company’s fail to provide that, the gaming industry is going to die and I personally don’t want that to happen any time soon. (Even though I probably won’t be alive by then)

          • Celtics_For_Life

            What they’re trying to say is this feature won’t change anyone’s minds about the vita. And lets see here… Kinnect rip-off, same remote, inferior over-priced Wii U rip-off, better graphics and the ability to let someone else play your game. Whoopee. Even if people do buy the PS4, they won’t buy the Vita because of one more feature. Yes they did read your comments, but did you read theirs? Actually, it’s your blind devotion to Sony that stops you from seeing that you could just buy the cheaper, HD, Wii U instead of PS4+Vita. And Jay Garvens said that you CAN use off-screen play with the Wii U, and developers CAN utilize it at any time, except they don’t think it would suit the game. Look at Super Smash Bros. Brawl! It didn’t use motion control, but it COULD have. Did you Even READ their comments?

          • BellsGhost

            Vita >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Wii U

          • bizzy gie

            Oh you were right. I WAS wrong about the cord connectivity. However, the actual way the Vita and PS4 will connect isn’t much better. You will HAVE to have an internet connection in order for remote play to work.

            Not everybody has internet and some people’s services are crappy. I’d hate to be the guy on level 99 with the boss’s energy at 1% preparing to make the last attack and beat the game when BOOM! The internet connection goes out.

            And of course the Vita is a separate console. You buy it for what, the only 5 good games it has? The only reason the Wii U’s GamePad doesn’t support off-t.v. play with EVERY title is because it can be used for MORE than just separating a person from his/her big, beautiful t.v.

            The GamePad offers a second screen experience in collaboration with the t.v. The Vita will only be strong enough to handle displaying the game. That feature is useful if you actually have kids or live with other people and have only one t.v., but it won’t come as use to everybody.

            As far as latency issues go, I’m sure speeds will be based off of internet service and not everybody can afford internet period let alone the top-of-the-line best internet. The Vita/PS4 off-t.v. play does NOT compete with the Wii U’s even in the slightest. The ORIGINAL will ALWAYS be the BEST.

          • Silent

            Long but good read.

          • oontz

            I’m sure they’d just have local network play. They aren’t going to send a game signal on the internet to the Sony server and then back again on the internet to the psvita. Much easier for the two devices two be connected via wifi and send data between each other. But regardless… speaking as both a wiiu fan and ps3/4 fan I am not about to buy a vita for this service. No point. If I already owned a vita than cool but this wont make people buy a vita.

          • Lunatic

            Do you seriously believe that no PS4 games will use the Vita as a secondary screen? An option that was available between the PS3 and the PSP? And only strong enough to display the game? You know it is, itself, a CONSOLE, right? It has its own power behind it too, and I’m gonna make the wild assumption that they WILL be doing something with it.

          • bizzy gie

            I never said that. I also addressed the whole Vita is its own console crap. Read my comment again, but this time…PAY ATTENTION.

          • BellsGhost

            Nintendrones hate logic.  huh Nintendorne?  They’re so cute when all riled up.

          • Silent

            Steps to eliminate trolls:

            1. Read Comment
            3.Move on

          • CTRAINGAMER

            The PS Vita is better then the Wii U’s gamepad in a sense, because it’s an entire “console” (even though it’s a hand-held, not a console…and it’s joysticks suck ass) but that doesn’t even matter if it doesn’t have any good games, and don’t go off and say “The PS Vita has good games! blah blah blah blah blah!”….it doesn’t have good games, even a “fan-boy” has to admit that. Oh and BTW. True gamer’s don’t really give a damn weather or not they can carry their games with them into another room, they usually have a pretty good gaming area set up. ):p

          • bizzy gie

            Well, even though the PS Vita is its own console, it can still be argued that the GamePad is better. The GP has a larger screen than the PSV (6.2″>5″). The screen also has a better resolution. The GP also has clickable analogues, trigger buttons, nfc, and a t.v. remote function.

            It also has that mystery port at the bottom that hasn’t been used for anything yet. The PSV has a touch-sensitive back and outer camera (can’t count inner camera as a benefit because the GP also has an inner camera).

            Although games can’t be played on the GamePad, off-t.v play gives a sense of playing $60 games on a portable handheld. I get entirely where you’re coming from. The Vita is a CONSOLE. The GamePad is a CONTROLLER. I just find it incredible that a CONTROLLER holds up pretty well against full-blown portable CONSOLE.

          • atl hawks

            But here’s the problem with the vita, umm let’s see… IT DOESN’T HAVE ANY GAMES. At least the Nintendo is reassuring us by announcing games for the wiiu. I was interested by sony’s conference, however not announcing any games for the vita ONLY, disappointed me. You see the difference between the 3ds and vita is that it’s its own SYSTEM.Nintendo is just not trying to make a mini-me for the wiiu, they’re trying to give it its own identity.And how do you know if sony or any developer gonna utilized this feature for every, if not only a select few games, at all.Since the vita is in a drought, I guess you’re going to be using that vita JUST FOR THAT FEATURE after all

          • BellsGhost

            Persona 4 > Pokemon, Zelda, Mario, MH, and anything else 3DS has, excluding FE and KH.

        • Captain Falcon

          If I remember correctly, there was Remote Play for the PSP and the PS3, but it was poorly supported.

        • BellsGhost

          Wii U sucks.  Just shut up Nintendrone.  Go play MArio.  It’s all Wii u has.  Stupid kid, time for beddy bye.

          • Silent


          • bizzy gie

            *facepalm* Now that done laughing my lid off, I can seriously comment. First, I can’t “shut up”. We’re typing, not talking (or at least I am I assume you’re just jamming random keys into your keyboard then trying to pass it off as a legitimate reply).

            You don’t own a Wii U therefore ridding you of the credibility you NEVER had. And what makes me a Nintendrone (the OLDEST, lamest insult in the book) hmm?

            What, I don’t blindly hate Nintendo for nothing like make.believers and Xbots so I’m instantly a fanboy? I prefer innovation, gameplay, and experience over pure technological specs, cheap knock-offs, and blood and gore only.

            Joke if you will, but “MArio” was rated the best video game of ALL TIME. The Wii U has has a pretty decent gaming list out for it too. NSMB.U, Black Ops 2, AC3, Mass Effect, NL, and so on.

            When I play FPSs online for Xbox, all I hear are a bunch of raging 11 and 12-year-olds, so that “stupid kid, time for beddy bye” BS is irrelevant.

            How about you get your head out of your own ass and do some research. When you can formulate a mature, intelligible argument then I’ll reply again. As for the moment being, you don’t have to agree with me. I can’t force you to be right.

        • Ben Kapferer

           Actually, it’s the Vita that has the higher resolution screen (qHD versus WVGA). It’s also a more expensive AMOLED display that looks very nice from what I’ve seen.

      • DragonSilths

        New controller just was modified its still basically the same old. 3D camera is a rip off of Kinect lol. Streaming stuff yah not bad probably wont be in great quality. Off TV play using the Vita lololol. Wont be as good as the 1 single frame of lag the gamepad has. Plus buying a $600 PS4 and $250 for a Vita controller to do what the Wii U can do better thats cheaper…I want to buy a game so someone else can play it for me…fucking usless. And no shit the PS4 is powerful, Power is the only thing Sony knows. It failed them with the PS3 and Vita, it will once again. PS4 is just a supped up PS3.

        • Lunatic

          New controller is the first shape redesign since the original PlayStation, and although it’s minor, the light bar for accurate motion tracking, touch pad and share features should change things up. The Kinect isn’t a 3D camera (has depth, but only one RGB camera for pics). I don’t think anyone will care about quality when they can watch and take over their friend’s games from anywhere.

          People keep citing the price of off-screen play for PS4 vs Wii U (and the PS4 price hasn’t been announced  so stop presuming), but they are NOT the same thing. When you buy a Vita, you are getting an entire portable game console. The Wii U GamePad cannot function on its own for games. This just adds a new draw for the Vita, being able to play off the TV. Also, I’m pretty sure they made it sound like EVERY game will be playable that way, whereas this is not the case for the Wii U.

          And power does matter. Graphics aren’t a big deal, but the reason the Wii couldn’t appeal to gamers is that wasn’t strong enough to even PLAY games like Skyrim, games that have become standard on other systems. Its matters when the system can’t handle it, so developers don’t even try.

          And the PS3 FAILED? As far as I understand it, they had a TON more exclusives than the XBox. Maybe in the first year or so they lacked games, but now they are a standard.

          • Adam Porter

             here i loved the presentation last night and i’m excited to see what the ps4 will bring in reality. but one thing bugs me with all the new feature that ps4 is bringing to the table, all of them rely on heavy broadband usage, this will require superfast broadband which not many people have(i certainly don’t) and probably a broadband package with either a huge download allowance or unlimited allowance, which many people can’t get or is really really expensive.
            though the graphics and sheer power of the console makes me want it tbh.

          • i agree, it is very impressive, but the fanboys make it undeniably painful to like any system

          • RoadyMike

            I know that feeling bro.Its terrible :/

          • Arthur Jarret

             Actually, Xbox had the most exclusives this gen…

            Of course, these included Kinectimals, Star wars Kinect, Kinect adventures….

        • sony is a big copycat afterall.

          • kikkelipissi

            I agree with you, but still prefere ps over xbox.

      • Sidney Majurie

         Someone doesn’t own a gaming PC…

        • exactly, anyone who wants graphics and power can go to a pc and leave the consoles to make fun games

      • Jay

        Yup nothing new. You just proved his point further.

      • ConCity Soldier

        If it’s said to be 4.5x the power of the PS3 it is not 8x the power of the Wii U.  WRONG!!!

        • bizzy gie

          It’s 7.5x more powerful than the Xbox 360.

        • Anukul

          actually 8x the power of ps3, but power dont matter.

        • Lunatic

          Oh, sorry, 8x the ram. But I suppose that’s irrelevant, eh?

          I also said “something like”, which makes your “WRONG” a bit stupid.

      • All they did what take ideas from other game companys. Again im not impressed and will wait for what xbox720 will look like

        • BellsGhost

          Oh stfu Nintendorne.  Nintendo copies too.  Go suck Iwatas dick.

          • Learn to spell and you suck at trolling…goodbye

      • Richard Yates

        8x mate?……..you absolute donut!

      • Juan Benitez

        just to get things straight thete was a nintendo site leak that says that by the end 2013 the gamepad will be considered a handeld. I appreciate your affection for the ps4 but, the wii u is getting into new hights way more than the ps4.

      • Linkus Green

        Have you even tried the Wii U yet? If you haven’t, you’re missing out on a new experience. PS4 is simply another good-looking experience. Which is fine, just expensive. Just another one of sony’s good-looking, but very expensive paperweights. Even more expensive when they hack you again. Or maybe they’ll just make you log into facebook everytime you want to play a game.

        • BellsGhost

          New exp?  Really?  it’s called a iPad! 

          • Silent

            You know what? Im glad I know a community where there are no trolls. Im just going to read the news and move on. BTW, Wii hate U so U got flagged, Because U are an assfaced fail troll. 

    • Captain Falcon

      Nothing new? That’s quite a bold statement.

      Here’s a review from a Nintendo fan / Sony fan (not too biased):


      • sdmac200600

        dude! you watch shoke too? i freaking love that guy.

      • RoadyMike

        I don’t have to watch Shoke’s vid to admit that I for one,was really impressed(Saw it anyway and yes,give props where props are due people!)
        Sony is trying to break all barriers and limitations devs have faced up till now(on a console of course) and are doing some very interesting things with this new ground(new to consoles)And the features sound awesome,I just hope they(as in EVERYONE) do everything the best they can with each and every one of them;cuz,why have them if no one uses them to their full capacity?
        This upcoming gen is gonna be amazing.No matter what console you play on

      • RoadyMike

        And also,
        Its an honer to speak to the #1

    • Jonn McNally

       Lol, keep telling yourself that.

    • BellsGhost

      Lol, stupid Nintendrone.  Stop being jealous of the PS4.  You WASTED your money on a gimmick, hahahahahah!  What a stupid iodiot you are!

  • Zelly Jeffers


    (And that’s on topic.)

    I followed it yesterday on Kotaku. Had little interest in getting one before yesterday’s announcement, and now I have zero interest since I saw nothing groundbreaking.

    •  I agree on that ps4 is not that great it may be for the fan boys but with them pricing it so high not many will buy it and go with nintedo wii u so im not worried though let the haters hate i just laugh every time they try to show how better sony is and it’s a joke but if they want that ps4 go for it there not getting my money i will that on games coming up and trust me when the big names come out ps4 will be in the dust

      • BellsGhost

        You know how much the PS4 costs?  Wow!  How did you go to the future?  Wii U sucks, only little babies play Wii U.

        • So zombi u is consided for babies…Facepalm!

    • BellsGhost

      And what?  Wii U impresses you?  Stupid Nintendrone.

      • All i see is a bad sony fanboy cry baby who is not getting his way so im done i dont have time to debate with cry baby but you can cry and moan all you wish i really have enjoyed seeing you have a little fit like my young son has when he does not get his way. ..Grow up boy and really go troll on a website who cares because i sure the heck dont and if you like ps4 go for it but it does mean i have to pay even if is 400 i have better thing to buy with that type of money but then the sony fans who do love Wii U as well are the ones i respect..cry baby fanboys like you are a disgrace and will never be anything in life but posers like yourself so in closing cry all you want Wii u is a great console and they have my respect heck i even give respect to sony but a few loons like yourself like sony is a great god and should be worshiped well bellyboy time to stop dreaming and come back to real life so i wont be responding to any more your childish lame comments and grow up and if you dont like comments like mine too bad and there is a ps4daily go there and be who you are belly..not much

      • Zelly Jeffers

        Why, yes. Yes it does. 🙂

  • Johny

    this presentation was just SOOO sony cliché… 
    bla bla GRAPHICS…bla bla POwAAH… bla bla.. heres the accurate size of our graphics d**k. SEE HOW BIG IT IS!
    blah blah heres once again our attempt of an alternative to nintendo’s latest thing…*KHM i mean.. our innovative step forward to gaming.
    -sony’s presentation in a nutshell-sorry.. didnt mean to diss ps4 xD… its just how i saw it… but i think the games coming for it are pretty solid. Killzone might actually turn out good.. as it kinda strays more as an half life 2 stiled fps and not just another generic shooter. and the controller is finally shaped better… (ps3’s was probably made for little hands of a 10 year old)… and the sticks are fine too (a mix between 360 and wiiu’s) … and the touch pad ? ..hmm… idk.. i hardly imagine it being usefull for other than easyer mouse-like menu navigation and browsing… and maybe some ingame quicktime action gestures or something… well.. we’ll see 🙂

    • Lunatic

      Seriously people, this press release was to show off the actual FEATURES of the console, which were a LOT more than just a graphical boost. It saddens me that everyone on here is just pointing out the limited game selection they decided to show off (there’s an image at the end of what looks like at least 25-50 developers that are currently working on other games) instead of actually focusing on how AWESOME it will be to watch and TAKE OVER your friend’s game from your house (among the other countless features they talked about).

      • Silent

        Why would i pay so my friend takes over my games. Again, promoting anti-socialism.

        • Lunatic

          Pay? Pretty sure they would’ve mentioned if it was a paid service. Also, “socialism” isn’t the word you’re looking for. And if you think that communicating with other people who can’t physically be there otherwise isn’t social, then I’m not really sure what your definition of “social” is.

          • Silent

            Social is obviously direct contact with other individuals. Socialize-Socialism.

    • BellsGhost

      Stupid Nintendrone.

  • sdmac200600

    how come people are saying that sony didn’t bring anything new besides updated graphics and a new controller? Did we watch the same conference? Being able to stream and record gameplay and share to in web is pretty new and is very innovating. being able to have your finds help you out directly is pretty innovating. you guys know you want those features on the wii u. Hell I know I want that recording gameplay on my wii u. come on guys give credit where it’s due. Sony came out the gate swinging. What I really want to see is how nintendo will respond to this in future ND’s or at E3.

    • Jay

      i dont think you get it.

      The Wii U CAN do this with just a simple software update, but the PS4 will NEVER do what the Wii U can. NEVER.

      • sdmac200600

        No it can’t. You can’t just update the console and expect it to record gameplay or  have the other features the ps4 will have without the cpu straining and a non sufficient amount of RAM. The ps4 has 8 gigs of RAM for a reason. It also has a Quad core CPU for a reason: to be able to actually run all these features with ease. Not only is the CPU isn’t a Quad core CPU in the Wii U and the Wii U only has 1 gig for the OS, they will need to put in a new chip on the motherboard in order to record games and stream it.

        • oontz

          Exactly, well said. If all it required was a software update we’d be recording and streaming video feeds from our gamecubes, lol

      • BellsGhost

        What?  A gamepad?  Lol, really?  Sony does not what that gimmick.

  • incoherent1

    I’d like it if Sony released a promo video — about 10 min recapping the announcement. I tried watching live and, in addition to the connection failing, it just couldn’t keep my attention for two hours.

    The demos were nice, but the true test will be when we see playable games, which, luckily for Wii U owners, looks like it won’t be for months. In that time, I think Nintendo has a great opportunity to push hard for more games and sales — hardcore gamers who want bleeding edge hardware are going to get the the PS4 anyway, with or without a Wii U. The real test will be getting casual & moderate gamers (like me) to commit to the Wii U through fun, exclusive multiplayer games Wii is known for plus third party support to keep up with the others on at least some level (Watch Dogs was a huge win).

    Nintendo has time to make that happen, but it’s a closing window.

    • Wayne Beck

      After the first 15 mins or so, they just demo games. 

  • I thought the announcement was pretty decent. I liked some of their ideas, but the fact you CAN’T TRANSFER any of your PSN games, or ANY PSN SAVES/PS3 SAVES is kind of sad.  I myself really would like to be able to transfer my PSN games at least so I can continue to enjoy them. They’re just trying to force you to pay for their subscription gaming serice and buy all new PSN stuff which is kind of dumb on their part. I know they’re a company and need to make money, but at least Wii U lets you play Wii games and transfer titles/saves. This seems like something that is easily done, but apparently now. In terms of games I was less than impressed with them, there wasn’t a title that stood out to me. Nintendo had ZombiU that was different but the PS4 just showed off Destiny (coming to other consoles), Watch_Dogs (coming to other consoles), a new Final Fantasy (obviously coming to other consoles), Diablo 3 (already on PC and wasn’t that great to begin with, always online lol). I like the specs on the console though and think it will help them in terms of graphics , and the overall scale of the game itself. It definitely wasn’t as groundbreaking to me as the PS3 was to be honest….oh and the whole streaming games thing is cool. I just hope with that $500 price point they don’t scare too many people off, especially because the Wii U will probably have some great deals this holiday season that will lure some people its’ way. It’s great to be a gamer!

    • BellsGhost

      You did not mention Knack, Killzone, or inFamous.  Shut up nintendrone, stop spouting half facts.  zombie u sucked.

  • Michael Jurado

    long time no see wii u daily sorry i’ve been uber busy playing Dofus for my PC any who i’m back and i’ll be commenting on lots of posts i’ve missed. That being said i’m not impressed by the ps4 in any sort of way. This presentation was all like check out the new killzone my reaction was Oh my god another FPS are you serious??? in a era where the ps3 and the 360 spammed about 20 or 30 different FPS’s we don’t need another one so I was instantly turned off by this. The only thing worth mention is Kingdom hearts but, at last it was just a heart break simply because its a timeline and not a 3 … personally I was disappointed with ps3 because, as a machine from japan I expect a F**k load of JRPGs which I got next to none of and it seems history is repeating it’s self >_.> just prettier >.> so its like ugh pass. infamous remains the same old infamous, the thing they did with the face model was neat and i honestly wanted to see microsoft do that with their kniect 2 so i was shocked when they presented this feature first. their share interface seems pretty cool at the same time pretty god damn pointless. Although I found some good from this presentation which was any friend can come help you from where ever they are, this is awesome for those who dont have friends to come over and play 😛 oh and before i forget that racing game w/e it was called they worked on it for 10+years yeah umm Mario Kart will be better lol i’m sorry but if i wanted a realistic driving game i would just get in my car and go for a drive there is absolutely no point in making a racing game this god damn detailed, fact of the matter is in a racing graphics don’t mean shit getting 1st 2nd or 3rd place is what matters give me ways to play the game to where its more fun to get in said places instead of giving me shiny leathery seats with realistic vroom vroom sounds … again i’m sorry if i offend anyone but, that by far was the most pointless thing about the presentation. Oh and before I forget I LOVED THE GUY from square enix who just came up on stage and was all final fantasy at e3 that is all LMAO that made my day oh oh one more thing that puzzle game although it was more dull than watching paint dry I did like it reminded me about my days playing zelda except without the sword or the shield or the elf or any story line okay it wasnt as good as zelda but the puzzles were pretty cool … yeah okay nvm i’ll just play zelda 😛

    • Jay

      Well, Nintendo Wii U has an ultra realistic racing game coming it’s way.  Project CARS.  Looks as good as the PS4 racer.

      • Michael Jurado

        and i probably wont be getting that game unless it makes some real kick butt gameplay with the gamepad

      • Richard Yates

        Been following that game 4 a while! looks wicked…..hopefully they have a great physic model.

      • BellsGhost

        No it doesn’t.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=0rJDn0jRnUQ

    Who gives a fuck about Call of Duty, Activision got Bungie making lovely clouds… also a I got a really big thing about cars its fucking weird

  • dr scoobie

    where are all those idiots who seemed to think the difference would
    be psx -> ps2 levels now?

  • Lunatic

    I watched it last night, and while I can’t really say that anything REALLY blew me away, I think Nintendo should still be worried. I thought Nintendo should’ve been worried the moment they released a console whose capabilities are only mildly better than its main competitors’ 6-year-old consoles. The Wii didn’t capture the “gamer” demographic because they lacked the power to get ports of all the big games, and now the Wii U will be lagging behind when Microsoft and Sony put their monsters forward and they are something like 8x more powerful.

    Yes, Nintendo will still create unique experiences, but I think around 2 years from now Nintendo is once again going to have the niche console option that doesn’t get all the goodies that Microsoft and Sony always get together. And people who say that Nintendo is safe because people will have to pay twice as much as the Wii U to get an off-screen experience with the Vita? Newsflash: Offscreen isn’t everything, and the Vita is an actual CONSOLE. People don’t buy the 3DS as an accessory for the Wii U, they buy it on its own merits as a console, and the same will be said for the Vita. Making the Vita a second-screen for the PS4 just adds to its list of reasons to buy it. And apparently they want to make EVERY game playable off-TV, so that’s another leg-up on Nintendo.

    Aside from these gripes, streaming games seems nice, and the ability to control other peoples’ games sounds like a potentially amazing experience if it works well. It’s like the new Starcraft ability to take control of game replays at any time. It could completely change something we’re used to (streaming video) into something practically limitless in potential. And making a crazy camera system to supercharge the controller’s motion sensing and potentially giving Sony its own Kinect competitor was obviously a smart idea. By incorporating what used to be secondary peripherals (Kinect/Move) into their main console line, Sony and Microsoft are taking a Nintendo-like step in the right direction, ensuring strong support by developers.

    As a disclaimer, I am not getting a PS4. I was a hardcore Nintendo fan up until my launch-purchased Wii died and Nintendo failed to recover 3+ years of data, at which point I bought a 360, where I have spent most of my time and money lately. I dislike Sony and the PlayStation brand, but it seems clear that they are moving forward, and it really saddens me to see Nintendo lagging behind in the power wars once again.

    • Wayne Beck

      Honestly, I think Nintendo is setting themselves up to be the Last Console out not the first. I just have a feeling that Nintendo’s Target Life Cycle for this console is 4 years and we will being seeing the Next Nintendo Long before the Next Next Xbox and PlayStation. 

      That’s not to imply this Console cannot compete. Based off what we saw last night, this is looking to be last Gen all over again. Nintendo dominates in Hardware and Software sales while everyone claims Xbox is the best console on the market. The difference is, I think Nintendo is planning for a 4 year life cycle this time, instead of that just kind of happening(Let’s be fair, Wii’s life cycle ended two years ago and it’s still way out front).

      • Jay

        I agree with your statement that Nintendo will release another console in a short time frame.  I’m betting on closer to 5 years, but, if the PS4 lasts as long, or longer than PS3 (which is possible), then Nintendo will have something more powerful than PS4, for half of the PS4’s lifetime, and by the time PS5 is out, in say 3-4 years after “Wii U 2”, “Wii U 3” will be ready to roll out, and maybe it will match or surpass the PS5, and Nintendo can “keep up” with Sony and MS.

        However, I cannot agree that this will be like Wii vs PS3 all over again.  The gap is there, but it’s NOWHERE near as big.  I just made a huge post about it, but the Wii U can run every graphics engine, with DX11 level effects, that the PS4 will be running.  It may not be able to squeeze as much out of those engines as PS4, but it’ll be close enough that you won’t have 2 call of duty games, running on 2 vastly different graphics engines, like you had with PS3 and Wii.  The Wii couldn’t touch the graphics engines that PS3/360 were using, which is why the Wii versions looked nowhere near as good.  It was like Unreal 2 compared to Unreal 3 more or less.  Now, you’ll be comparing Unreal 4 very high settings to Unreal 4 mid level settings, or something like that.  That’s very different from last generation.

    • Jay

      The difference in graphics is not as great as you think.  I hate saying this over and over.  PS3/360 could utilize graphics engines that were on par with Unreal Engine 3, which was probably the most common graphics engine used in a lot of games for those systems.  The Wii could not use that graphics engine whatsoever.  Couldn’t touch it.  

      The PS4 is definitely more powerful than Wii U, BUT the next set of graphics engines, that are all on par with Unreal 4 (Unreal 4 was showcased with Killzone.) like Frostbite 2, Cry Engine 3, Unity Engine 4, are all completely doable on the Wii U.  The Wii U can also do DX11 equivalent features, like the PS4.    Crytek said that the Wii U can easily handle their Cry Engine 3, and Crysis 3, running on that engine, looks arguably better than that Killzone Demo for PS4.  You’ll see Wii U games that look much more like those PS4 games, most likely at E3.

      So, the Wii U may not be able to push as much into the graphics engines as the PS4 can, but it can still use the same graphics engines.  In fact, if you look up that “X” game by monolith software, for the Wii U, you will see that the detail in the background, draw distance, character detail, is actually not very far off at all, from what was shown with Killzone 4 using Unreal Engine 4.  Different setting, art style and graphics engine, but it shows that the Wii U is definitely capable of far better than PS3/360 graphics.

      The ports have been worse, because most games ported were from the 360 version, and in fact most mulitplatform titles were built on the 360 first, because it was cheaper and easier to do so.  That said, the architecture in the 360 is CPU intensive.  If you just slap it on to the Wii U, and don’t take advantage of the GPGPU, and treat the Wii U’s guts like a 360’s guts, you are going to get a poor performance, because it’s not meant to be run that way.  One developer who figured that out was Criterion games.  Go look at screenshots of the Wii U version of Need for Speed Most Wanted, and compare them to the PS3/360.  It’s using much better textures, effects and lighting.  They didn’t switch to the better PC geometry, but it’s still a very noticable improvement over the PS3/360 versions.  Had other companies done that, and not done quick ports, the Wii U versions would have been all better, buy a big margin.

      Wonderful 101, Need for Speed Most Wanted, Watch Dogs, Bayonetta 2, Project CARS, “X”,  whatever Retro is working on, the next Mario/Smash/Zelda games, Rayman Legends and more are coming.  Heck, even Aliens Colonial Marines on the Wii U is supposed to be a far better version, statements say the beautiful October demo footage is from the Wii U build, and it looks much, much better than what exists on PS3.  It’s frustrating that we haven’t seen a game built from scratch on the Wii U, using any of the next generation game engines, like you saw on that PS4 showcase.  Trust me, when I say they are coming.  No Wii U game yet, except for maybe X and possibly Bayonetta 2, have been built from scratch, with final developer kits, using Unreal 4, Unity 4, Cry Engine 3, Frostbite 2 etc, BUT they can be done and will be done.  Remember how Nintendo always showcases Zelda tech demos, and the games ALWAYS look way better than the demo?  And how the quickly made Zelda demo looked better than most PS3/360 titles as it was, and IT only used an Unreal Engine 3 equivalent game engine?  Ya, imagine a game that makes that demo look as crappy as Twilight Princess made the Spaceworld 2000 demo look.  

      Don’t lose heart, the 3DS was in the same boat, and now it’s outpacing the original DS in sales, and the DS is the best selling video game hardware ever.  The Wii U can take just as drastic a turn, and churn out great games left and right.

      •  Jay that was an awesome response and you have my full respect not many like that but i agree with you 100 percent

        • Jay


        • BellsGhost

          Shut up Nintendrone!

      • BellsGhost

        Nah, Wii u can’t handle anything.  It sucks.

    • That_one_guy99

      May I say that the 3ds with monster hunter also has a multiplayer using the wii u and 4 3ds and you can take the game on its own and play it on its own. I’m a fan of the ps4 and hopes it does well but I didn’t see any killer apps for me just an opinion.

  • luke hutchison

    i hope they didnt put a link to wiiU daily on the other site.
    that would end badly.

  • Wayne Beck


    This is the first Write Up that I’ve seen that Genuinely sees the problem here. Sony’s PS4 looks like it will be a fine Machine. It will be the most powerful and the fastest, again. But it offers nothing and I literally mean nothing to inspire new and innovative gameplay.

    The insane push by Sony and Microsoft in the last Gen succeeded in their goal of making Console Games graphically advance, but there was a price. Third Party Software is stale. 8 Call of Duty, 5 Assinsins Creed, 5 Halo, 4 Uncharted, 4 Killzones. Sequel after Sequel After Sequel and nothing changes but the APRs.

    I for one, do not think I can take another 6 years of the same game being released again and again. This PS4 has so far done nothing to help and the 720 is set to be the exact same console with a monthly fee.

    Looks like it’s time to pray for Nintendo to get some Software on the Wii U.

    •  Nintendo needs no prayer it is doing just fine..These are the same people who claimed vita would kill of 3ds and look how that happened and with steambox coming sony will find it hard to keep up

    • BellsGhost

      THat’s what Nintendo has been doing since the 80’s though.  Not only that, but Nintendo has static characters who do not evolve at all and with little to no story what so ever.

  • Err somewhat off topic.

    But Ashley/WiiU daily what the F is going on on the ps4 daily website? It’s even slower then the WiiU OS. Is it coded completely wrong? Or is it completely overloaded? I have been able to make exactly one post through my smartphone, and my desktop isn’t any better on that website 🙁

    (I wanted to TROLL there xD Just kidding guys/girls, I will never troll on PS or XBox sites just wanted to read some more and make some comments there)

    • Hey Sylux,

      We’re working on some database issues with the new launch. Hang in there. 🙂

      • k so it wasn’t my smartphone/desktop atleast, but database issues. Anyway I”ll hang in there thx for the heads up. 🙂

      • Silent

        Omg, Im sorry to tell you this but you look amazingly beautiful (hot)

      •  Why does Wii U daily alway talking about sony on a Wii U site. Just saying

        • BellsGhost

          Cause Wii U sucks.

          •  Ha ha ha Only in your mind drone boy

          • BellsGhost

            It does suck, there’s proof of it all over the web.  Loop it up Nintendrone.

          • Whatever bellboy now crawl back in your little hole troll…Wii U 4 Life

  • DemonRoach

    It’s the motorcycle to Nintendo’s big-wheel.

  • Gurbeer Gill

    I think the PS4 launch will show that the sales issues with the Wii U are actually pandemic over the entire gaming industry.  I love my PS3 and my PS2.  But I just can’t seem to care about this new launch.  I just can’t.  Better graphics?  meh.  Just means longer development times.

  • I was crying because I thought this meant they would take a huge shit on Nintendo. But I thought Nintendo learned their errors and they HAVE something up their sleeve. This can also  maybe make Nintendo react and start putting there pants

    •  Wii U will be fine ps4 is not that great just an updated ps3 with a copy kinect

      • BellsGhost

        PS4 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Wii U

  • knuth borrou

    wii u and 3ds is beter then ps3 ps4 psvita and xbox 360

    •  I agree there too now vita that was the worst handheld it looked cool but in the end the games sucked

    • BellsGhost

      Typical nintednrone who likes rehases.  HAving fun on the same Zelda and mario?

      • Yep i am bellyboy and people will continue buying them enjoying the rehashes of god of war and heck im even getting the forth game bellydrone and yes i do own a ps3 so agin you prove nothing keep trying trooper oh wait im done find someone else to troll been gaming way longer than you boy

  • I was very disappointed in the presentation actually.  I’ve been doing sony for the past 10 years.

    My consoles have been SNES->N64->PS2->PS3->WiiU

    With a few different gameboys and a PSP thrown in.

    The MAIN reason I was interested in PS4 was because my PS3 broke shortly after I got my Wii U.  I wanted to know is PS4 would be backwards compatible.  But guess what?  It isn’t!  So no PS4 for me.  Maybe in 2016.  I do need to go buy another PS3 though, unfortunately, because I have 5 or so PS3 games I’ve yet to beat, and another 5 that I need to buy.

    PS4…what I saw, was a huge emphasis on connected devices and social networking.  And impressive REAL TIME graphics.  The fact that some (all?) of what they showed was not pre-rendered is quite amazing.  The thing is..I have 0 interest in sharing my gaming on social networks.  I have 0 interest in watching people’s videos, and 0 interest in recording my own.  I don’t like the idea of a friend being able to proxy into my game and do things for me.  Just in principal it un appealing.  I play a game because I want to conquer it.  I want to experience it.  I want to see what it has to offer to me.  I don’t care about how my friends are experiencing their games.  All i care about is multiplayer.  Yeah, that’s cool.  Beyond that?  Guess what, GAMING IS NOT MY LIFE.

    Ugh overall I was disappointed.  I didn’t get to see the console, the price, or the release date.  And the one thing I wanted, backward compatibility, was not provided.  The PS3 is already an amazing device IMO.  The PS4 looks like it’s not offering anything the PS3 didn’t aside from slightly better graphics (which don’t really matter all that much to me) and integrated social gaming experiences (totally a waste of time). 

    I’ll just buy another PS3 eventually and that will be that.  I just wish the Ni No Kuni Bundle came out in the U.S.!!

    • Oh and just so everybody knows, the whole game prediction thing is NOT new technology, it is NOT sony, it is a very OLD marketing strategy to use consumer buying trends and habits to predict future purchases.  It’s the same concept used in facebook ads, ads on your Email, Amazon ad offers. 

      basically it is spam.  And useless.

      And the touch pad on the controller.  I can imagine some applications if a cursor is in play.  But we will have to see if they can utilize it effectively. 

      The off-screen play is old news, and honestly quite horrible if you have to be hard wired to the console.  Great so you can watch t.v. while you play games?  Well the game must not be very fun if you have to multitask to enjoy playing it.  This feature is only useful if you have to share the T.V. with somebody else.  That’s it.

      The motion sensing technology.  Uhm cool I guess?  But not new in any way, and I really hope they don’t incorporate it into a whole lot of PS games.

      Honestly, I like Playstation more than Nintendo.  But PS4 missed the mark.  I guess it’s meant for that upcoming generation of gamers for whom gaming is life.  Congratulations guys, now you can play, talk about, and watch videos of games 24/7.  you never have to speak to another human being in person again.  You win.

      • Silent

        ” Congratulations guys, now you can play, talk about, and watch videos of games 24/7.  you never have to speak to another human being in person again.  You win.”  Lol funniest part by far. I agree, I can just get a PC if i want better visuals. Because thats what Sony is all about. Visuals -_-

        •  I agree

        • BellsGhost

          Stfu Nintendrone.  What’s Nintendo all about?  Rehashes?

          • Silent

            im so glad i can flag you. 

          • Bells a waste of time let him cry and have hissy fit if that what gets him on..Me im here to talk Wii U

      •  Me im just tired of people have console war me i own all of them but i just play nintendo more but if ps4 is more that 400 dollars im passing heck i think i’ll pass anyways there was nothing that was shown that blew my away now lets see what xbox720 will do

        • oontz

          Tired of console wars yet you perpetuate fanboyism almost every chance you get. If you were indeed tired on console wars you’d think you would post a bit different, no? 

          •  I post what i chose at the time and what i want at the time

          • BellsGhost

            Cause you’re a no good Nintendrone.

          • Again bla bla bla

          •  Well bells this is a place where we can voice opinion freely. I’m so sorry for
            your inability to be able to form coherent words or sentences as you
            type. Keep trying trooper!

          • BellsGhost

            YOu’re a baby little Nintendrone.

          • Cry to someone who care bellstroll this is a wii u site not a drone troll site

  • SoulSilverZero

    I might get the PS4 as long as the price isn’t too high… The livestream feature thing is actually kinda cool.

    •  Wait till steambox comes out

      • oontz

        Just like we’ve been waiting for Half Life 3 to come out 😉

  • ZeldaFan83

    As a Nintendo Wii U owner and Nintendo Fanboy I have to say I was pretty impressed. Their internal specs are impressive as Sony has said they focused on building the PS4 to be more like a supped up PC which is smart making it more compatible and easier to bring PC games over to their console like Diablo III (I really hope this game will make it to the Wii U). But at the same time I was a little disappointed that all they focused on was mostly increasing the internal specs like graphics and resolution quality rather than innovative next-gen gameplay experiences. I was hoping that they would finally move away from their standard playstation controller which hasn’t really changed all that much since the PS1 and have the guts to try something new instead of just adding a little screen in the middle of their controller’s design. I was never really a fan of the PS Eye or Xbox Kinect so that didn’t really get me excited or even interest me.

    Now if they can actually manage to keep a $429 price point with all the internals and technology that comes with the PS4 then that is impressive as I’ve heard that the price for the PS4 will be $429 and $529, but that was just a rumor I heard and I don’t know if those are official numbers. I myself would not spend $500 bucks on a single console that may or may not differ that much from a PS3, but the PS4 so far seems impressive none the less…at least technologically but is it enough to draw in many PC gamers who might have a high end PC close to those specs or even better internals.

    Regardless of the internal specs of the PS4, I do hope that Sony can offer something with their new console that the PS3 can’t or any other console on the market for that matter. I am satisfied with my Wii U and the unique features it offers as well as the unique gameplay experiences. I wish Sony the best of luck with their new console!

  • MetroidZero

    So, in conclusion, to do off-screen play on the PS4, one would have to buy the Vita handheld (virtually a console) to go off-screen, and this contrasts to Wii U’s gamepad that can go off-screen but comes with the console itself. 

    So one could buy the Basic Set or Deluxe Set Wii U and still get a better experience without burning a hole in his or her wallet.

     I own a Basic Set Wii U. 

    *Clicks Back Button*

    • oontz

      Imagine Metroid or Zelda like this… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbFBEjlKtpY

  • Enigma

    You all have no idea what you are saying. Go to PS4Daily, and learn.

  • Michael Soucek

    ps4 is better than wii u no troll own a wii u just saying.

    • Yeah right

      • oontz

        Yeah right!!! Imagine Zelda like THIS 

        Jaw on the floor! 

        •  Meh! looks like ps3 too me but i have a pc that has even better than that but to say no hate im done hating im going to get a ps4 as well as 720 and so forth im done with console wars im a gamer ..that’s it

      • BellsGhost

        Yup, it’s true.

  • I really did not expect this. If it weren´t for Zelda, the hope for a Mario Galaxy, Smash Bros and Metroid… I would not be getting a Wii U. And I´ve owned exclusively Nintendo systems, ever since the Nintendo 64. 

  • The only part they failed in is not being backwards compatible, not being able to transfer PS3 downloaded games over, and basically having you buy a vita. What kind of ticks me off, and in a some what just way, is that they pull out a new console with out the devs really pushing the true power of the ps3. And now they “have” the technology to go beyond the ps3? Bullshit, they had the tech with the ps3, they just didn’t take advantage of it. Buuut I don’t really blame them for that. If they were to really push a game that far, it would cost a hell of a lot more than 60 bucks (U.S). The Aussies would be poor buying a game with that much work-force going into it. Hahaha :p
    But I’m looking forward to this console non-the-less. Ima wait till a second gen. comes out though. I always go with 1st gen consoles and something is always wrong with them!

    • oontz

      Why would you basically need to buy a vita? It’s not a requirement. You can play PS4 without a vita. 

  • DemonRoach

    8gb vs. 2gb? It’s back to the ps3 vs. wii power difference.   Wii U going the way of Leapfrog. 

    • No its not but each to there own there not getting my money

    • Jay

      No.  Wii couldn’t touch Unreal Engine 3 or equivalent game engines, which were the staples for PS3/360 games.  Wii U can run Unreal Engine 4 and equivalent game engines, which will be the staple for PS4/720 games.  It won’t run them at as high of a capacity as PS4/720, but remember, not all 8gb will be available for games. Crytek has stated that the Wii U was running Cry Engine 3 with ease.  Crysis 3, which looks every bit as good, and to some, better than that PS4 Killzone demo, would be easily able to run on Wii U.  

      Go look at Monolith Software’s Wii U game.  It’s not even using Unreal 4, yet the animations, character and monster details, draw distance and backgrounds are incredible.  

  • Sidney Majurie

    Question: With the PS4 being able to do all those things like downloading in the background and being able to start playing a game before it downloads, sharing videos, allowing people across the world to spectate and even play your game for you etc., how much of that RAM will be dedicated to the Operating System? My guess is at least half (if you want that stuff to work well and fast). Bringing the RAM actually used for games to 3 or 4GB.

    Now with the WiiU’s GPGPU combined with the 1GB of dedicated RAM for games, just how much more powerful is the PS4 going to be to than the Wii U? likely 2-3 more times as powerful. Substantial, but not exactly staggering in terms of what difference you’ll actually see. So we’re looking at a graphical difference of roughly PS2 and Wii. Hmmm….

  • Nintengoth

    Hmm major rip off of Ninty (as always with sony) apart from the graphical power being stupid nothing is really new, they take what Ninty does and make it beefier and it has never worked for sony. i dont know how much the machine will cost but im sure not cheap nothing under £500 i dont think lol if not more! when the ps3 launched i remember seeing loads of people paying over £1,000 for it! thats just stupids, anyways, this needs to be sonys last ever games console, i feel the graphical power limit has peaked and we cant really improve on it anymore.
    im mre exitied that WiiU is getting more games now 🙂 cant wait till E3 to see what im getting in the next year! hehe

    • oontz

      You think graphical power has peaked??? Could you imagine a zelda like THIS

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbFBEjlKtpY (watch in 1080p)

      I WOULD love a Zelda game of this caliber but fear we maybe getting an updated cartoonish Skyward Sword again 🙁

    • Kirzan

      Less fanboy, more brain power.

    • BellsGhost

      What was a rip off?  Nintendornes are sos tupid and think Nintendo does everything first.  Guess what, they don’t/

  • Sony offered the same lip service they always do. All the big features they showed were either stolen ideas or negatives to me. The social features they are providing look to me like a big invasion of privacy. As someone who does not want to have a Facebook/Twitter account and currently finds that my time with my home console is the only alone time I get. The last thing I want is someone being able to watch my every move!! Forums like this are a much better way to communicate as it is non-invasive and no one is expected to comment. On the positive and as a developer I think x86 was a good move for sony.

  • WarioForever

    As I am a Nintendo fan, I really have to admit that Sony make a great start. They have more really good games than Nintendo has now. Graphics are impressive and maybe you get Vita bundled in the box. The biggest prolem with Nintendo is that they don’t have great games in the beginning (Legend of Zelda, 3D Mario) and not so many 3rd party games. So congratulations Sony (I’m not sarcastic), and for you Nintendo, you really dissappointed me. 

  • I was impressed by the presentation, but I’m not convinced that streaming everything will consistently work how it’s supposed to, and it will apparently charge monthly fees like XBL.  Also, not many people will own both a PS4 and Vita to take advantage of cross functions.  And since most people won’t do that, they can’t very well design games relying on it.  Other than those things, what is it offering that a PC won’t?  

    The Wii U isn’t perfect (i.e. this excruciating drought), but it has a lot going for it. Its first party exclusives are generally outstanding, unique and can be played with or around the kids.  I HATE the idea of having to pay monthly online fees, which could add up to more than the cost of the console over the life of the system..  

  • WarioForever

    I’ma back!!!
    So, this is a PS4… it looks stupid! (no offense PS4 fanboys)
    Again, Sony is only concetrating on graphics.
    I bet it will be expensive. 

    Advice for Sony fanboys:
    Ok, this might be a good console for you, so I wish you a good gaming, but don’t compare the graphics with the Wii U. Nintendo fans have already been prepared for this, they know this will come. 

    Advice for Nintendo fans:
    Well, you must agree that Nintendo is little late with their exclusives and Wii U has lack of 3rd parties. If Nintendo wants to win this, then they must make a contracts with devs. So in other words, they must bring back 3rd party games!

  • Clem

    I’m pretty excited for this 🙂  Looks like I’ll be continuing my tradition that I’ve had since the GameCube / PS2 days: Nintendo as my primary console and Playstation as my secondary. I always want to give Xbox a chance but there’s never anything on it that I want that isn’t also on one of the other consoles lol.

    To everyone bashing this presentation: Get over it, please and thanks. Nintendo is, has always been and will most likely always be my #1, and I know we’re all Nintendo fans here, but come on, can’t we just be fans of *video games*? Companies copy each other all the time, but they all do enough unique things to merit appreciation (yeah, even Microsoft, even if their products don’t appeal to me on a personal level). I get so annoyed by the console wars, I know competition is healthy and all but fighting over GAMES is just silly…

  • David Burlington

    ps4 will be subscription so thats how they will get over cost up front why you deleted my previous comment?

  • i’m not trying to hate on Wii u i actually love it but Ps4 daily looks better than wii u daily…+ _+

  • Couple of things Nintendo should worry :

    1. The waiting time, Nintendo OS time is really terrible, for a lot people this will be a factor, Nintendo will be considered slow, of course is not but I’m just saying (cave)
    2. This chip is supposed to be more easy for developers to create game, Nintendo is having problem with that, so game will not develop or will develop later after they release in other systems
    3. The eye camera supposed to be like Kinect? there goes some of Kinect fans
    4. Game titles it all depends on how many fans those game have.

  • uPadWatcher

    If it’s priced $599.99 (North America), I’m not buying it.  Sorry… I’m keeping the Wii U and wait for the XBOX announcement.

    • BellsGhost

      You’re an idiot.  Only reason why PS3 was that much was because of Blu Ray.  Stupid Nintendrone.

  • AJ Ariyathas
  • Silver Lugia

    It’s gonna be so much money and I already have a Wii U. I plan to wait till the price drops until I pick it up. I have always been a die hard Nintendo fan, but I have always enjoyed the Playstations. Now I can’t wait to try out the PS4.

  • Linkus Green

    Wii U/3DS XL combo will still be cheaper than a Vita/PS4 rip off. Sony, your PS2 was fantastic. However, everything else since has been a financial failure, and completely unoriginal. If you want the best graphics money can buy. Get a PC. You want classic games? Unique gameplay? The best first party titles? Nintendo is your answer. Good day sir.

    • BellsGhost

      NAh, all Nintendo has are rehases.  Dumb Nintendrone.

  • Kirbyomega

    I love how there are only 8 (9 counting this one) original comments and the rest are just replies XD.