Aug 28th, 2012

Karateka Wii uThe Wii U console is getting a lot of love from indie developers these days, the latest piece of good news comes from developer Jordan Mechner, who will bring a remake of his classic game Karateka to Nintendo’s new console later this year. Karateka is a beat ’em up fighting game that originally released way back in 1984, but creator Jordan Mechner has been working on a remake for several consoles and platforms. Now ESRB ratings have confirmed that a Wii U version is in the works as well. The game will feature the same story and cinematic elements as the original, and will focus on simple, pick-up-and-play gameplay. Karateka is scheduled for release later this year as a digital download, likely on the Wii U eShop. Karateka is one of many indie games coming to the Wii U, other notable titles include Little Inferno, Toki Tori 2, and Trine 2. There are currently over a dozen indie games confirmed for the Wii U, most of them will be available for launch.

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  • nintendoododo

    i have never heard of th1st game 😉

    • rafael

      You are playing with fire hehe

    • NintendoGamer

      Th1st? What is this supposed to mean, son?

      • Enygmaomega

        I love it Nintendoododo! Haha. Very funny/clever

        @nintendogamer… I don’t wanna sell him out so… for u to understand… Let’s say you should read a few articles back. Lolol

        • NintendoGamer

          Yeah. It’s very clever. That’s why his comment has more dislikes than likes, right, son?

          • Enygmaomega

            Someone who gets to make a statement against authority/status quo while at the same time saying an innocuous statement is clever in my book. Whether or not someone decides to be a hater and have something to say about my reaction to it? that I cannot control.

            I’m a Nintendo fanboy but at least I have an open mind/sense of humor

      • Nintendude

        It’s called the Youtube Plague, my friend.

  • Lamsaturn

    Cool, I love indie games and developers. It seems to me that indie devs often are the ones to come up with the most interesting and fresh ideas, but we’ll have to see with Karateka. I’ll probably give it a go when it comes out, especially if it gets multiplayer.

  • NintendoGamer

    Great. I love indie games! I hope indie devs will make tons of good games for the Wii U.

  • Happyguy

    I’m happy 🙂 This makes me happy.

  • nintedward


    • Opticine


  • TheUNation

    The last time I’d played Karateka it was on an Apple IIc computer. I’m glad this old school game will have a graphical makeover as a digital download at Wii U’s eShop.

  • Gamer

    He is not indie, he is a legend at game making.

  • richman

    that is great news that nintendo is getting a lot of love from indie developers and that there will be a lot to look forward to on the wii u.

  • u mad bro

    it sounds interesting. i’ll probably get it.

  • Enygmaomega

    They made Carmen Sandiego.
    I played that game on my PC for days.

    Ooo. Can u imagine a Carmen Sandiego game where u use the game pad as a clue scanner/map tool/minigames/whatever else while the main screen is the live action chasing that red woman around the world

  • theorangefish

    I don’t care about this game!

  • Dmonkeyman

    i”m probably not gonna get this game but its good to have another indie in the mix

  • Macarony64

    Hove to admin that ill be cool if they have a trial style like the 1 on xbox live i always like to try before i buy


    Go check out clips of this game to see for yourself. I only played this game a handful of times. Think of it as if Billy and Jimmy from Double Dragon was still in training and they had to learn their moves and then fight someone. It will be interesting to see how that stick figure game is rebooted for sure…

    • Patrizia

      Wii retmoe?ive had the wii since xmas time now. i dont know why but i cant use the retmoe to play any games. for example, it doesnt let me swing in tennis, bat/pitch in baseball, etc on the main menu screen i can use it but when i start playing it doesnt work. what do i do?

  • BananaPwnz

    Sounds legit

  • ax-el

    Hell yeah! This game was awesome, cinematics, different movements, different type of bosses, a good last boss and alternative ending XD (I still don’t understand how the princess was captured in first place, she kicks the protagonist ass with only one kick). This game is awesome, it deserves more than a simple remake, but anyway, take my money please.

  • SteampunkJedi

    Sounds interesting. I’d never heard of it before, and still don’t know much about it, but it looks good, I guess. But more Wii U support! Yay!

  • Dereq

    Wow, I remember having this game for Atari 7800. Tough as shit.

  • Ryu

    I love indie fighting games. Bring on Skullgirls and Battle High for Wii U!