Jul 5th, 2013

Early today we told you about a series of tweets made by Kamiya that mentioned he didn’t have faith in the marketing efforts Nintendo would be putting into The Wonderful 101. That, combined with the fact that the game releases just two days before Grand Theft Auto 5 in the West means most gamers who aren’t already aware of the title will likely pass it over.

A fan reached out to Kamiya this morning to ask him if he would release a demo of the game on the Wii U eShop. Kamiya’s answer was that he would love to release a demo, but that the final decision is up to Nintendo themselves.

The Wonderful 101 was one of the E3 Best Buy demo games during the week of E3, so hopefully we’ll see a playable demo before the game releases for those who might be curious about the game.

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  • david jarman

    The demo would be a system seller. The game is freaking awesome!!!

    • how would a demo sell systems to people who have to own the system in the first place in order to download the demo?

      • Mochlum

        At stores.

        • that would make more sense

          • sd

            It would also have to be major games stores. Other stores still dont even know what the wii u is. They will be sat there trying to get it to work on the wii. Nintendo really need to advertise as soon as this and pikmin are out. Seriously the wii u has so much awesomeness and most people are not aware. They just think its a gimmick or an add on. So use those great japanese trailers and release them in the west.

          • Shigeru Miyamoto

            Yeah, when I played the game at an event back in November it made me want to get the wiiu even more than I wanted it before. It’s so addictive and actually quite challenging.

          • you didnt already have one?

          • Shigeru Miyamoto

            Of course, the event was prior to the release.

          • but you’re Miyamoto!

          • Shigeru Miyamoto

            Not really…

          • I dont understand

          • Shigeru Miyamoto

            Just, nevermind, go die in a hole.

          • I dont think I’m going to buy your games anymore!

          • It’s the best console I’ve ever owned. Just NO ONE is willing to forgive the Wii’s power mistakes

  • Will.F. Martinez

    i know nothing of the game, so a demo would help alot of my confusion.

    • Clel

      Yeah I’ve tried looking it up, figuring out stuff, but really don’t understand.

      • david jarman
        • Guest

          Sorry dude I just saw you posted the link to the video. I posted the same link. I dont think there is anything else to understand about the game that isnt in the video.

          I can also never understand why people downvote some comments, why were you downvoted for posting a good link. Some people are strange.

          • david jarman

            The more posts for the link the better.
            As for the down votes, who knows.

        • sd

          Not sure what is going on with your link, it doesnt work as it should for me.


          • david jarman

            It might be your browser. Both our links worked for me.

      • Squid

        Basically, from what I’ve seen, you run around as a mob of little heroes and you use the Gamepad to form them into weapons In a similar fashion to Pokemon Ranger, Guardian Signs

      • Guest

        Watch the video I just posted above, it should help.

    • Ducked

      It’s a 5 player co-op game for starters…

    • sd

      To me its looks like a superb arcade style game. It looks great and more importantly different to other games.

    • Pikachief

      It also looks like the kind of game that we can’t really understand fully until we play. The gameplay looks like it’s hard to compare to any other game and thus we won’t really know what it’s like until we play it in some form.

      We can speculate forever and be unsure about this game, or we can play a demo! Come on Nintendo!

  • Super Buu

    A demo of the game will be great.

  • Kamon

    You and everybody else, Kamiya. πŸ™

  • ReggieFils-AimeNintendo

    We wil translate that demo right away with our top english professor’s, then after that we are planningon releasing 5 new animal crossing trailers saying how great it is.

    • david jarman

      It’s already in English, but you knew that…..riiiiiiiiiiight

      • reggie fils-aime

        of course, the imposter is wrong. I will host a nintendo direct in honor of The Wonderful 101 to publicise this wonderful game to all our wii u owners so they can see how great the game is.

        We hope you play the game!

        • Kamon

          Golly! Thanks, Papa Reggie! πŸ˜€

        • ReggieFils-AimeNintendo

          I’m sorry, I am checking our schedule and there is no plan for a direct and no need, we need to release a NEW demo translated, and one tv spot commercial Mr.”Reggie”

        • Mario

          All right! Which one of you is the real Reggie!?

          • ReggieFils-AimeNintendo

            The one that cares about tv spots and exclusive demos which is me, Nintendo Direct won’t make my reggie body

          • Mario

            I still don’t buy it.

          • iceazeama

            we just fire them both!!!!! the cat suit is soooo innovative!!!!! who the fuck is he kidding!!!!!

          • John Raybell

            none of them

        • Clel

          Uh-oh, someone has an evil twin!

          • Satoru Iwata

            There has always been two Reggies. Since we only need one as president, we took his twin and made him a game tester for Retro Studios. Please understand, and we apologize for this mix up.

            Thank you for supporting Nintendo and its products.

          • John Raybell

            OMG go away, GET A LIFE!

        • uPadWatcher

          Time to PLAY THE GAME!!!!

        • John Raybell

          both of you shut the fuck up, so tired of these impersonators around here, talk about no fucking lives!

          • oh hush. it’s just harmless fun. No less of a life than you sitting here bitching about it.

      • ReggieFils-AimeNintendo

        we are planning on releasing a exclusive demo, so no

    • John Raybell

      Get a fucking life you fake ass bitch, fucking annoying assholes, goes for bomberman and sonic and so many fucking other crazy assholes around here lol.

      • BLACKendTiamat

        lol. man if i would have posted this id be called “immature” lol. guess throwing in the “big D” is grounds for that. ill change from now on :P.

  • “The Wonderful 101 was one of the E3 Best Buy demo games during the week of E3”

    I call shenanigans.

    • Mad cow

      yeah, it wasn’t. I was there. I waited in line for 2 & 1/2 hours. I think id know.

      • Mochlum

        I didn’t even play any of the games… though watching Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart, and Wind Waker was cool. I didn’t get to watch Donkey Kong πŸ™

  • Henry Hotspur

    I’ve already played the demo, but it would be a good idea.

  • XroyD

    Who doesn’t want to play a demo of this? Not everyone had a participant Best Buy near to them or are at other country.

    • Sol Ridgeway

      I do, but I was not standing in that line just to have 2 minutes of gameplay.

      • XroyD

        Does it really was just 2 minutes?

        • Sol Ridgeway

          I don’t know for sure, but the people I talked to said they let you play through one demo level which was around 2 minutes. I don’t know how they worked the lines for each game, but the line In Orlando was outside the store the entire day for both days. I heard that there were people camped overnight on Tuesday.

  • I’ve seen a few lousy trailers about W101 and the very limited info about the game hasn’t sold me the slightest. So I agree with Kamiya. Maybe the game is a system seller but as kamiya said, the marketting efford from N is 101% useless. Seriously N do something about it, get the marketing going, seems like N can’t get games out there due to the underestimated work requiered to develop HD games, in that case leave that to the devs (platinum, Ubisoft, capcom etc.)

    But for gods sake get that marketing going N, get a demo out there for W101, maybe it’ll make more people familliair with the game and it’ll help sell the system, the ball has been in your court for far to long ninty.

    Truth is only US and Canada had the best buy deal, no other continent or country had it, exception I recently read that France has had a similair best buy demo deal but that’s it, so get that demo out there N.

  • asdfk

    Remember when the game was Called wonderful 100? good times…

    • Superbax

      It was called something like Project P-100

      • Baum γ€Œγƒ„γƒͺー」

        Did we really post this in the same exact moment? xDD

    • Baum γ€Œγƒ„γƒͺー」

      It was never called “Wonderful 100′”…Guess you mean “Project P-100”?

    • Jeffery02

      You mean Project P-100?

  • Jeffery02

    There was a Demo at the Best Buy E3 event? The Best Buy I want to had Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3D World, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, and the LoZ Wind Waker HD Remake. I’m a little disappointed that Wonderful 101 wasn’t there. I tried it back when it was P-100 at the Wii U Experience and that 5 minutes had me excited for the game. I hope for a demo so that I can see the changes since then. I suppose I’ll be buying it anyway though. Lol! So I guess they wouldn’t release a demo for me at least.

  • bizzy gie

    Ashley what state do you live in? I think your time zone is way different.

  • wober2

    This is nintendo shooting itself in the foot about 3rd party developers. I really hope nintendo has a huge campaign coming out with all these titles. Even if it was guerrilla style social media, nintendo cannot be this quiet. Nintendo Directs are not enough…

  • iceazeama

    this game seems like it would sell a lot better if it was 40$. it just does, for how long it is and everything, like sonic racing was.

    • Quicksilver88

      The creator said the main mission is 20+ hours…this is about normal for any non RPG title and supposedly it has great replay….why should it be discounted when for current WiiuU owners this is highly anticipated.

  • Mochlum

    I would like, even though I’m already sold on it. It looks like a really fun over-the-top action strategy thing.

  • John Raybell

    for one, why isnt all the best buy demos out right now for gamers, makes no sense at all, they have them made, let us download them, and yes nintendo sucks at marketing I understand why he is worried about that.

    They have done a horrible job with the wiiu marketing not only that, they fail at coming up with ways to play, so far windwaker takes advantage of the gamepad more then any other game, the issue is, it does it in very gimmicky ways!

  • John Raybell

    Nintendo needs to just pull there heads out of there ass and spend some damn money, they need to hire more devs, create more titles, and fucking advertise the console and games the proper way, they have been worse then door to door sales men as far as how they advertise there products, its been horrible and is why they are hurting so bad.

    • BLACKendTiamat

      marketing is definitely lacking with them. im not even sure what they plan on doing about it either. seems like nintendo hasnt mention much about getting the Wii U’s name out there.

      i miss those 45-60sec commercials of games back in the day

      • John Raybell

        Yeah I know a bunch of people that has never even heard of the wiiu, or when they hear about it they still think its just a gamepad for the wii, also not a single person I have talked to has ever seen an ad on cable tv for the wiiu, which is fucking nuts.

        Never have I have seen a product that was so poorly advertised, almost a year later and still tons of people still dont know a damn thing about it, AT ALL!

        That’s a pretty big issue, its why nobody buys it, because nobody knows about it due to poor advertisement.

        We also need demos for every game that is going to be coming out, they have them made already, just give them to everyone already fuck

  • uPadWatcher

    We need to tell Nintendo that we want The Wonderful 101 demo to be released at the eShop. Inform them on Facebook and Twitter pages and Miiverse. All you have to do is just ask for it.

  • Linskarmo

    I would love a demo for it. Actually playing it could give me a feel for the gameplay

  • TaintedXGamer


  • Ducked

    Another great co-op gaming coming to the Wii U.

    New Super Mario Bros U
    Rayman Legends
    The Wonderful 101
    Donkey Kong Country Returns: Tropical Freeze
    Super Mario 3D World

    Loving it!

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Not much of a third party selection, however.

      • Ducked

        Yeah, I guess we have to sell Wii U’s first like Iwata said.

  • Joel

    Grand Theft Auto V is gonna be a real toughie to fight against. Hundreds of people named it their most anticipated game of 2013, and it looks like it’s gonna be huge.

  • thedeciderU

    every game on the eshop should have a demo. look at xbl and psn. they SELL games.

    • thedeciderU

      nintendo/publishers need to get on top of this. the eshop could be a lot better than it is with the inclusion of demos. i hope nintendo doesn’t screw this guy over.

  • sd

    I am buying it regardless, its my most anticipated wii u game this year.

  • $39063977

    the game looks great, but if the question ever comes down to this or gta5, well guess what ..

  • MetroidZero

    I just got me a 80GB External Hard Drive (80GB is enough for me). I have like 4 demos downloaded and 3 full eshop games. Demos give me a good grasp on what the game is like, and I have been suspicious about The Wonderful 101. A demo would be nice.

  • Madmagican

    I’d love to see a demo. Despite having a Wii U and tending to be rather informed on what’s going on with the console but I still know very little as to what W101’s really about

  • Saul Rivera

    Nintendo tweeted they’re going to have a day dedicated to the wonderful 101…at least I think thats what it is…it says…

    Introducing #WonderfulWednesday! Here’s Wonder-Red. Help him unite his team of heroes in #Wonderful101 pic.twitter.com/igjLaspQmS

  • Shigeru Miyamoto

    I remember playing a Demo of this while Nintendo was touring Canada.

  • Pikachief

    All games should have a demo. I know there’s a lot of games I never would’ve touched if it wasn’t for a demo but I try most demos I see. I have about 50 XBLA games and I probably wouldn’t even have half that many if it wasn’t for the demos.

  • Quicksilver88

    I think Kamiya is screwing with people which he is notorious for doing. This game has been shown in non-playable form at Best Buy since WiiU launch, it has been in multiple E3s and was talked about at E3. My god Nintendo is publishing it they will promote it. The 10min demo IGN showed would be awesome to download. For sure Nintendo needs playable demos for all their major titles coming out this year. Also to those going meh about this game……are you crazy lifeless zombies? This game looks awesome from the art style to the gameplay to the schtick this game oozes coolness. Until we get X and SmTxFE this is my most anticipated exclusive.

  • Luna Moonfang

    Important Note:

    Nintendo of America just announced trough Twitter the “Wonderful Wednesday”!
    Please Wii U Daily staff, create an article (or update this one, it’s up to you guys >.>) as fast as possible so more people can stop worrying about this game future!


    • Tim van Broekhoven


  • Only a few are true gamers

    The wonder 101 was not a best buy demo i was there and that was not one of the games

  • sd

    For all the people saying they dont know anything about the game this video will help. I chose to watch only 5 minutes of it as I dont want any more information until I play the game. It looks great to me and I cant wait.


  • sd

    A quick rundown for those not wanting to watch the video based on my understanding. The planet is invaded by aliens and you control a superhero called red ( or something). You run around to save the planet from these aliens and during this time you gradually build up an army of super heroes. You harness their power to defeat the aliens. Some citizens join your crusade temporarily, while others stay for the whole game until you get your 101 heroes. You can buy power ups and special moves in a mall. To fight you harness special moves or guns etc by drawing shapes on the gamepad. The shapes become your weapons, like a gun. The more heroes you have the stronger the weapon. For some weapons the bigger the shape drawn the stronger the weapon. But the stronger the weapon the more power drain. To defeat some enemys you will need certain weapons.

    You are the wonderful 1 red, you must join up with the other hundred heroes to save the planet during the course of the game.

    • BLACKendTiamat

      better advertisement than nintendo has done lol.

      THIS ^^^ right here makes me want to buy the game.

      • Jon

        except, what he explain was stated in Nintendo directs and other things Nintendo has said…

  • waaaaaaaaaaa

    Quoting him:
    “Enough of that Kamiya idiot. Fuck off.”

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Nintendo is actually doing a Facebook Twitter campaign called Wonderful Wednesdays https://twitter.com/search?q=%23WonderfulWednesday&src=hash

  • Lophs

    Nintendo is brilliant at marketing so whats to worry…hey look at the Wii U….oh……

  • This story needs an edit. The Wonderful 101 was not one of the featured demo games during the Nintendo E3 Experience at Best Buy stores. Those were SM3DW, LoZ:WWHD, MK8 and DKC:TF.

  • Paul

    If it means anything…I’m picking this game up day one and I really have no interest in gta. I think the audiences for the two games are different enough don’t you?

    • I don’t think the two audiences are necessarily different–some people enjoy playing both games. But I do think that many gamers out there would probably prefer GTA over The Wonderful 101. Though, I’m personally not one of them. An open-world sandbox ridden with crime and corruption? Pffft. I’ve lived in a couple of those. I have no interest in playing them.

      • ICHI

        I used to love GTA but gone off the idea of playing a game like that, GTA4 blew me away when I first played it but then it was too serious and had silly filler missions about going on dates or nights out drinking, it got boring and I ended up preferring red dead and crackdown 2! still two of of my fave games of the last gen! I just can’t get excited over GTA but can get hyped over anything platinum makes, after metal gear rising really got the adrenaline going and before the spectacle which is Bayonetta 2 this looks just bonkers enough to be a real love of mine.

        • BLACKendTiamat

          i kinda miss the 15 car pile ups in the online MP racing matches lol. so hilarious. whoever can get out of that mess first pretty much won haha!

          oh and spawning a vehicle on top of Rotterdam Tower, driving it off, and jumping out half way from the ground. πŸ˜€

          • ICHI

            Multiplayer was great fun! It reminded you though how boring the main game was. At least again Red Dead manged to almost make an MMORPG out of their online where people could go raiding to raise their level, and you could team up with another group to go and ruin it for them and afterwards everyone would meet up for a poker tournament before playing a game of chicken mounted on Buffalo’s!

    • BLACKendTiamat

      will get both eventually. wonderful 101 first though. im already in the mindset of next gen. i havent kept up on if gtaV will be for ps4. if it is. ill get it on that console for sure.

      • John Raybell

        pretty sure GTA isnt a next gen title, xbox360,ps3, hell not even Pc has been confirmed, which pisses me off, GTA plays like crap on consoles, I need it for my PC, lag in GTA on consoles just kills the game for me

  • John Raybell

    They need more TV ads, this is the big part of whats missing, they need ads on cable tv, loads of channels,sat tv, online tv.

    They need to drop a few million dollars in to advertising alone, 6 months later people will HAVE actually heard of this console.

    Its been out for almost a year, and still lots of people haven’t seen an ad, never heard of it, when they hear about the wiiu gamepad they think its for the wii, or thought it was.

    You can watch cable tv all day all week all year and you would be lucky if you ever saw a wiiu ad.

    At least with the wii you always say constant ads from the “We would like to play guys”

    They also did a better job of showing off those games and that console in a better light.


    • BLACKendTiamat

      couldnt be more true. everytime i talk about a game on the wii u at work (zombiu mainly) people will ask what console its on, i reply with “wii U” then they say “what the hell is a wii U?”

      so far every conversation ive had regarding it has resulted in them not knowing what the wii u is.

      its THAT bad.

      • John Raybell

        Yeah its nuts, i have never seen a nintendo product so poorly advertised, when i was growing up I always had the console wars with my friends, they always knew what console nintendo had out, some had them some didnt, now days, almost everyone I talk to has no idea what im talking about and i have to explain and pretty much do the advertisement for nintendo, its really been bothering me for months.

        Not only that, but I see more nintendo ads in my dreams lol, no shit, last night because of thinking about how poorly they advertise, I had a dream last night that I saw an ad on cable tv, its the first ad I have ever seen on cable, to bad it was only in my dream lol.

        I think its the only issue with the wiiu, its not selling that well because no body knows about it yet, yeah its been out almost a year, but lack of ads is killing this console and hurting nintendo soooooo bad right now, its crazy they haven’t started advertising like they normally do

  • domahman

    Little too late. plan for the future.

  • Michael Jurado

    I really hope this game shines more than it has. Because I am truly looking forward to this game and it’s a day one purchase for me.

  • fireheartis1

    Does anyone know how we can get a hold of Nintendo and request a demo of the game? Hopefully we can convince Nintendo to do a demo release of the game.

    • John Raybell

      not just this game, but all announced games so far, mario, mario kart, dk, X, all of them

  • Sidney Majurie

    Nintendo is planning an extensive
    The Wonderful 101 focused Nintendo Direct before the game releases. They said so in the E3 Direct. All our questions about the game should be answered there πŸ™‚

    • John Raybell

      that would be fine if nintendo direct was a tv ad too, nintendo direct doesn’t reach enough people, and most of the people it reaches already know about the wiiu and the games that have been announced for it, so this does no good what so ever in bringing in more sales.

      They need tons of TV ads, and thats that, only thing that will help them now

      Nintendo direct was a terrible idea for advertisement by it self, together with other forms of ads will help, but alone like it pretty much is, is hurting them so bad its not even funny

      • ICHI

        I think (though I may be wrong) they link to the directs from their website too so anyone having a look at the machine with a modicum of interest should be able to find all the info they need, but yeah they need TV adverts to get those people looking in the first place.

        • sd

          Yeah but the issue is still the same. They are advertising to people already aware or interested. They need to advertise to the masses. Its crazy as nintendo have done really well in the past. Why not advertise at the cinemas or on tv, create hype and just show some game clips with a decent sound track. Games sell, show people the games. w101, zelda, donkey kong, x, bayonetta, mario 3d, mario kart, sonic and pikmin blended together , 2 seconds each. No more. Tease the audience and then finish with with the wii u logo and a message saying only on wii u.

          • John Raybell

            exactly, nintendo direct is great for us who already own a wii, but its horrible for ones who don’t own one, know about them, or have yet to see them, if they haven’t heard about the wiiu they more then likely haven’t heard of nintendo direct.

            They need public ads everywhere, so more people know about it, hell advertise both the wiiu and nintendo direct, ads for both would help tons

      • Sidney Majurie

        People keep blindly saying Nintndo Direct isn’t good while Nintendo produces research and evidence that proves the opposite. Nintendo Direct vids on the eShop get more views that their youtube channel. Millions more. People forget that eShop is on 3DS as well. Thats a potential to hit 30 million users.

        And since the game is still 2 months out doesn’t make much since to start rolling out commercials yet. TW101 isn’t a system seller type game. A gameplay commercial on tv aint gonna convince many people. It makes a ton of since targeting Nintendo fans as this is a game for people who like Nintendo games. And those people are tuned in with their Wii U, or 3DS. Market research.

  • Dell Goodman

    I would love to see a demo of this game too. I’ve only seen a few stage demo videos, and the game looks alright, but it’s one of those hard to judge titles without actually trying it out for yourself.

  • Clel

    No news since 2 days… So much for Wii U DAILY

  • Jon

    they… explained some of the game on the E3 Nintendo Direct….

  • Johny

    i would greatly crave a nice demo too

  • sd

    Wow. My brother just proved the point about how badly Nintendo are doing with marketing. until recently he worked at HMV. He is heavily into games and music and plays a lot of games on the xbox 360 and ps3. He has a strong knowledge base. Today I was chatting about games and said the W101 was the game I am looking forward to the most in the next few months. His response, whats that, I have never heard of it.

    This from a gamer that has worked in the industry for decades. Nintendo spend some damn money and advertise everywhere before its too late. I really want my kids to play a nintendo system growing up. Dont fail us.

  • Aleks

    My wallet is ready to support this offbeat, awesome looking game!