Jan 16th, 2017

The small Joy-Con controllers in the Nintendo Switch pack a lot of technology into a small package. Which means there isn’t a lot of room for a big battery.

But don’t worry: according to a report, the Joy-Con controllers last an impressive 20 hours on a single charge. By comparison, most controllers last 4-5 hours.

While the Joy-Con battery life lasts 20 hours, Nintendo didn’t reveal the size of the internal lithium ion battery.

The Joy-Con controllers are incredible small, yet pack a lot of tech and buttons: each controller has a an analog stick, two trigger buttons, a top “plus” or “minus” button, four ABXY buttons, two shoulder buttons for horizontal use (SL and SR), a capture/home button, and a sync button. On top of that each controller has a motion sensor, and the right controller has an IR motion camera.

If you add all of that up, each Joy-Con has 12 individual buttons + analog stick (which can be clicked). And they only weight about 50 grams (less than 2 ounces). Which makes the Switch Joy-Con battery life that much more impressing.

Switch Joy-Con battery life lasts 20 hours

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