Nov 20th, 2012

If you’re a gamer and you watch any light night shows, chances are you know that Jimmy Fallon is a huge gamer and a technology geek in general. Last night, Fallon had the opportunity to play the brand new Wii U with the President of Nintendo himself.

They played a couple games including some head to head games and the New Super Mario Bros. U. I love Jimmy’s excitement and I think many Wii U owners are feeling the same sentiments when he says, “AH! I lost but I’m still happy.”

What’s your favorite part? I like at 4:50 in when Jimmy points to the “helper” and says, “What’s his involvement? *laugh* He comes with the game?” Good stuff.

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  • Boing

    I don’t watch any Light Night Shows o.O

    • gr8 Monst3r

      but u should !! 😉

      • gr8 Monst3r

        oh, i understand now what you meant… :p

        • Vextrum


  • Teves153

    Why can’t I watch this?

  • Mida

    The more attention, the better it is for the Wii U

    • ssb43dsFC 3007 8585 6950

      I saw a wii u ad on youtube just now! MOAR ATTENTION!

  • Volcano


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      • ssb43dsFC 3007 8585 6950

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        • The Detonator

          please stop trolling on this website.

          • The Detonator

            Well at least not completely. They do make things a bit more interesting.

      • Nintyfan

        Ur making urself look really bad…

        just sayin

        • ssb43dsFC 3007 8585 6950

          leave me alone u simpleton!

          • SideScreamer

            It’s probably the same guy. Just wanting attention.

          • Madmagican

            I think it’s that copy-troll again.

          • immallama

            lol, there was a copy troll before? 😛

  • Nintyfan

    Haha! That was enjoyable! 😀

  • TheUNation

    It’s “LATE night shows”… not “light night shows”.

    • Nintyfan

      Light and night? Complete opposites!

      LIKE 😀

  • Maverick-Hunter

    Jimmy makes the wii u look fun 🙂

    • redclow

      Maybe because it IS fun!

  • D2K

    Reggie Fils-Aime: “Imagine Mario is ‘3D,’ and Zelda in ‘3D’.”

    I’ll assume that Reggie meant ‘HD’……………………….BUT…it could mean that something is on his mind in that realm that caused him to get tripped up on his words. Hmm. The plot thickens. At the very least, we know for certain a ZELDA game is coming otherwise he would have mentioned it.

  • Dan


  • awesomeness

    wait… 16 years… have it been that long since super mario 64 O.o

  • theBALLANCEDopinion

    hey guys! im posting this very comment on my gamepad while trine 2 is paused!!!!! I love my Wii U!!!!!!

  • immallama

    I loved all of it! Hilarious XD

  • immallama

    Acctually i changed my mind i hate it.
    its a fail.

    • immallama

      Ok, you’re not fooling anyone retard. Why would my post have an icon and not yours? Why would mine have correct grammar and not yours? You’re such a sad excuse for a troll XD

  • TheDavyStar

    This is sorta irrelevant, but I think that logo at the top looks like a multicoloured version of the huawei one…

  • The Detonator

    corrections. its LATE night shows and the time you said is at 3:30 not 4:50

  • JumpMan

    Jimmy Fallon is the funniest man alive. i just wanna hug him!

  • Linskarmo

    Only part of the video worked for me, but I can tell Jimmy’s funny!

  • Vextrum

    Light night shows? uhhhhh……..