Apr 17th, 2014

In the world of crowd-funded development, there’s a never ending stream of headscratchers. We wrote about JetGetters a few weeks ago because the concept of jumping between planes while racing is a neat one. The team was seeking a funding amount of $50k and that was eventually reached via Kickstarter, but yesterday the developers decided to cancel the Kickstarter with an update.

During the Game Developers Conference (GDC) and the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX East) – We found an investor to assist tinyBuild in expanding our development and publishing efforts. Because of the time it will take in bringing our new partners up-to-speed and hiring on additional people for JetGetters we have decided to cancel the Kickstarter. The main reason for this is because we feel strongly that if we promise something, we better damn well deliver on it and with the few month delay we won’t be able to deliver JetGetters this year.

According to them, the game will still be released without the funds from the Kickstarter because during PAX East last weekend, they found an interested investor. The game has been delayed for a few months while they transition game development according to this new breakthrough. So what does this mean for the Wii U version of the game? Well, we don’t know at this point. No specific mention of the Wii U was given in the update and the Wii U goal was the largest at $80k. Now that the team has found a sound investor however, we hope to see this game soon on the Wii U eShop.

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  • leo

    what about the money people gave them via kickstarter?

    • ETeach

      They’ll just get it back, I think. Once they cancel the project, the money should return.

      • But then you could say the same about the Occulus Rift.. In my opinon, Kickstarter funders should get refunded every time the company gets the money from a different means.

        • CyanideInsanity

          I really don’t see why. If you got what was offered for your tier, whats the problem? If it was drastically changed, like if jetgetters then turned into generic fps 1million, then I would understand.

          Kickstarter is exactly what is sounds like, just something to start a project.

          • ETeach

            Yeah, but collecting that money on the basis of doing it indie and then getting a publisher would give developers an easy way to pocket huge amounts of money. Now that they have a publisher, they don’t need donations.

          • CyanideInsanity

            True, but for games its pretty much a pre-order for the appropriate tiers. So unless you’ve pledged less than the game, and the game tier is more than $20 I’d say it really doesn’t matter.

            Personally I don’t care. So long as the publisher doesn’t force them against their initial intentions, its fine.

        • Oni

          It’s fine, the money doesn’t get taken out of your account until the project fund date is up, and goal is reached, so if they cancelled it before then, then no money was taken from anyone.

        • ETeach

          That’s not how it works?

        • Dáibhí wotshissurname

          Or just if they take the Kickstarter down at any given time, rather than if they receive external money at all, I would say. People are also in it for the perks.

        • Arthur Jarret

          Oculus kickstarter was to build the prototype and dev kits – never to fund the final consumer-level product to market.

          After they built the prototype (and fulfilled the conditions of kickstarter) they sold the project by using that prototype to Facebook.

          By that time, the kickstarter was already complete, the project done.

    • Niknique

      Isn’t that the risk you take when using kickstarter? if a project doesn’t get funded you don’t get the money back. But in this case I’m not sure.

      • HSN1

        If I recall correctly: The money goes into limbo until the time is over or the project is cancelled. If the project is cancelled or the time limit is reached without enough money being pledged the money returns to you from limbo. If the project gets successfully funded: the project makers and Kickstarter get the money.

    • Sdudyoy

      If a project isn’t completely funded or cancelled before the End date everyone is refunded.

  • That guy who hates Spike

    It’s Nicalis, isn’t it?

  • Strider72

    Kickstarter doesn’t take your money until the project completes. Since tinyBuild canceled before the end, no money was actually taken and everyone is getting a tier reward!

    • X3Charlie

      I was about to ask, thanks.

  • FutureFox

    That title was initially confusing. Sounded like the dev was cancelling the game altogether.

  • Greg Lanciotti

    this game looks boring as shit

  • Josiah Parsons


  • Josiah Parsons

    Actually, this gives the Wii U version a better chance at seeing the light of day. It would never have hit the 80k stretch goal, and the investors might bring it to us!

  • Skelterz

    I’m Going to be the first to come out and say it ”This is off topic”.
    But not so long ago myself and a few people who frequent this site often criticised its articles claiming they were readable elsewhere sometimes 2-3 days earlier, But i have to say i’ve slowly started to check the articles again recently and there’s a couple there i’ve not read anywhere else shout outs to the writers and info finders at wii u daily This is my favourite wii u site because of the community so good job on keeping things fresh i’m back to stay i hope.

  • gerb1977

    I hope this makes it to the Wii U. I thought it looked like a fun game and a unique take on the genre. Seems like a Nintendo style game really, similar to the recently released Steel Diver on 3DS.

  • Enumerating Wishes

    I wouldn’t say “refunded” because actually they don’t take the money until the campaign finishes. They didn’t take my $10 since the campaign never ended.