Jan 6th, 2014

Gundam Original

Still in love with anime? Well then, a Japanese Wii U might hold some appeal for you. Just released on the Japanese eShop is the Bandai Channel. If you download this channel, you have unlimited access to the first episodes of over 500 different anime. So, feel free to test drive these strange anime you may has missed.

Do you really love Gundam? Put down 1050 yen (that’s about $11) and you’ll get over 10,000 episodes at your finger tips, even the entire backlog of the Gundam series. It also increases your access to 580 anime episodes, including the obscure Sgt Frog. In order to view this awesomeness you need a Japanese Wii U and a Bandai Namco ID. You can only sign up through a PC or a smart phone.

It is unknown at this time if this is IP region locked. Let us know if you can view this in the States. Do you think this is a step in the right direction for Wii U?

[Via Siliconera]

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  • Shota

    already have that on my jap wii u. keroro sounds better 🙂

    • 和夫

      Are you able to watch videos on it? They don’t seem to load for me…

      • Shota

        if you don’t live in japan it isn’t gonna work but there’s a solution for this. you can use a VPN service to hide your ip adress but the streaming might be slow, so i recommend kissanime.com on wiiu webbrowser to watch anime

        • 和夫

          Alright, thanks. I live in Canada so it doesn’t work. Do you live in Japan?

          • Shota

            i live in holland and it wasn’t working till i used vpn , it was so slooow XD

          • 和夫

            Oh, I see. Probably best to just use the internet then.

  • lonewolf88

    now a anime app is way better than a porn app.

  • Christopher Acuna

    Hulu, and Netflix have some decent anime on them.

    • B. Adriano

      They do…I don’t doubt that. But they’re not entirely updated on it though. Crunchyroll (they have an app for Playstation) simulcasts Anime that are being released in Japan right now. I wish they would make Crunchyroll available to us Wii U owners. If there is going to be a petition for Anime to be on a Nintendo console outside of Japan, everyone should start with getting Crunchyroll on the eShop first on my opinion.

  • Petri

    Wish Nintendo could bring this to west.
    Well, I would take a crunchy roll app for time being.

    • Raptok

      Still waiting for TVii in Europe…

      • Petri

        Europe as a whole is kinda tricky for Nintendo.
        They do not have very strong presence through out the whole PAL territory.
        Northern Europe, and some smaller European countries might never receive TVii, even if some countries in Europe would.

        I wish they could get rid of every representative doing not so good job representing, and just represent themselves.
        They might even be able to gain some more ground in Europe, but might not be worth it to them.
        Sad to say, but Sony and Microsoft are much bigger companies as a whole, than Nintendo, and they have pretty strong presence even in our small country.

        I could settle for TVii just for Netflix, so I could start it up without killing the game, if needed.

    • Gizmo

      Theirs a site called KISSANIME.com. It has a huge library of anime and its compatible with Wii u (the Wii U runs on HTML 5 and KISSANIME Has a HTML 5 feature.)

      • Petri

        Ok, looks nice.

      • leo

        thanks mate

      • YogiGRB

        bookmarked on my Ultra

      • HungryMetroid

        you sir are my hero

  • Rinslowe

    It is so wrong and yet so right….
    I want what they have, I won’t lie.

  • Morits Lian

    I bet there will be a petition for this…

    • Nostalgic_Chaos

      I’m all for it if there is. Anime is loved worldwide, not just in Japan. It should be available to everyone. This is stupid

      • Yousif Alromaithi

        Man I love Anime TV Shows. One of my favorites are Cowboy bebop, Case Closed, Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibōken, and Dragon Ball Z which I used to watch when I was a kid. Man I wish this app is available on the states sucks that Nintendo has region locked on Wii U.

        • Nostalgic_Chaos

          Cowboy Bebop and DBZ are my favourite anime of all time. I’m age 25. I still love them. I enjoy them more now than I did when I was a kid lol. Started watching DBZ when I was about 11, started watching Bebop at around age 13-14.

          • Yousif Alromaithi

            Case Closed was really good so is Samurai Champaloo.

          • Shota

            that end was perfect of cowboy bebop

          • Nostalgic_Chaos

            Perfect indeed. The ending and the series has impacted me emotionally more than any other piece of media production I have ever seen, let alone within just anime productions.

          • Nostalgic_Chaos

            Also, not to mention that it has the best soundtrack of all time!

          • Shota

            yes indeed!

          • Alan Michael Hensley

            DBZ is and will always be awesome and one of my top anime shows, however, as of right now, Fairy Tail is number 1 on my list, loved Cowboy Bebop, reminded me a little bit of Outlaw Star. which is also amazing, there are so many good anime series

          • Nostalgic_Chaos

            Outlaw star is amazing. I liked Fairy Tale as well.
            I think Outlaw Star is one of the most underrated anime out there. It doesn’t get enough credit as it should.

        • Shota

          meitantei conan!

        • Zorlac79

          That is a few more than one. . .

          Only poking fun, not being rude at all. 😉

    • Satoru Iwata

      No need. We understand that western fans want this and we are working on this as we speak. Please be patient.

      • leo

        Thanks for Iwata!

  • Nostalgic_Chaos

    Whhaaaatt!? That is unfair! I love anime. I would be using my Wii U to watch anime 24/7. They need to make this available for other parts of the world as well

    • Angel714

      right I do too. this would make thing so much better.

    • leo

      so hows project meteor going?

      • Nostalgic_Chaos

        I’m going to kill Relena Peacecraft.

        • leo

          cool cool, ima go play with char later.

  • Raptok

    And we’re still waiting for TVii in Europe…

  • Chong

    Wii u is king……

  • wober2

    I am not sure what benefit NoA gives us besides the actual localization. They seem to shoot themselves in the foot with the american audience.

  • Yen

    I’d be fine if they’d just let Crunchyroll work on the Wii U…

    • B. Adriano

      Yes. I don’t understand why Crunchyroll isn’t on Wii U yet. The CR staff seems to be taking their time yet always on hand to make their Playstation app updated.

      • Yen

        Seems that way. I don’t even really want an app. If they can just get flash based videos to work on the Wii U browser, that’s good enough.

  • Will.F. Martinez

    Hope we get that state side or something similar. TVii is useless

  • Jamal Brown

    Need to realease this in tha uk

  • Joey

    I do not watch anime shows anyways…

  • CEObrainz

    Hopefully the install base of the Wii U increases enough so Crunchyroll can stop making excuses and just make the app for us.

  • ScrewAttack

    With no intention of stereotyping, this sounds like a massively good idea.

  • Deadpool U

    As exciting as this is I won’t be needing this app I can watch most anime on my Wii U browser.

    • elton john

      Hi, Do you know what anime website I can see with HD (or SD) quality ?

      • Shota


      • Deadpool U

        I usually go with Cartoonworld of CartoonFreak.

      • harelsen

        animeseason.com is by far, the most awesome thing on the interwebs :p

    • FaTih

      Really ?!

  • Daniel Carvalho


    Oh yeah, Nintendo loves region lock…

  • Pokémon episodes on the Nintendo eShop for the win! 🙁

    • manowaffles

      Pretty sure this sounds way more awesome than some 30th season of Pokemon.

  • Tannealle Merryman

    Oh wow..wish we could get that too.

  • Michael Ocampo

    “So, feel free to test drive these strange anime you may ‘has’ missed.” Shouldn’t that be have missed? (not trolling, just trying to help out)

  • leo

    im crying….. watching via wii u?!?!?? Pure GOLD

  • Random12multi

    Anime isn’t the only thing we stream.

  • Christian Schoff

    *drools* I MUST HAVE IT!

  • SkateRyan

    I’d love for Crunchyroll to make an app for Wii U. I’d probably get a premium membership, if they did.

  • FaTih

    :'( y not in europe too