Nov 11th, 2015


In what sounds like the plot of a video game more than a news story, a Japanese developer has come forward with some astonishing tales from inside Japan’s gaming industry. The story first appeared on NintendoLife and reveals that a Japanese developer speaking under a pseudonym had some terrible things happen to him while in the industry.

Hideo Nanashi says the Yakuza are closely tied to Japan’s entertainment industry because it’s regulated in the same way the adult industry is because of perceptions in the Japanese business world. According to him, leisure time and “play time” is considered bad compared to hard work, so these regulations leave room for criminal elements to operate.

In Japan, you have these evil companies that always crop up, and unlike the West, in Japan there’s a perception that “play” is bad, the opposite of hard work. So amusement-oriented industries inevitably become infested with evil companies and ties to the underworld.

Take arcades, for example. In legal terms, they’re covered under laws regarding the entertainment and amusement trades. So they’re managed under the same laws that regulate the adult, or “pink”, industry. Because of that, the underworld gets involved. The only companies that have been able to do business while staying clean are probably Nintendo and Namco.

Speaking of Nintendo, Nanashi says a gaming company he won’t name hired Yakuza to kidnap his sister so he wouldn’t cooperate with Nintendo on a new project.

My younger sister was kidnapped. [REDACTED] hired some gangsters to do it. They did it to make me stop cooperating with Nintendo.

This is some pretty scary stuff, but Nanashi goes into fuller detail about the kidnapping and his response to it in author John Szczepaniak’s book, which is where the excerpted story comes from.

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