Jul 16th, 2014


Yokai Watch has been big in Japan ever since it released last year and the arrival of Yokai Watch 2 to the Japanese market is no different. Last week marks the first week of availability for Japan, where the sequel to the popular ghost-hunting RPG managed to sell 1.3 million copies in its first week available on the market. Yokai Watch is still not available outside of Japan, though Level 5 did register for a trademark for the name in the United States in January of this year.

If that’s anything to go by, it could be another year before we see a Yokai Watch game available to the rest of the world, as Level 5 registered a trademark for Fantasy Life in April of last year and it won’t be hitting the United States until October of this year.

As for the Wii U it continues to maintain a steady sales rate at 8k moved this week, while Mario Kart 8 has slipped to fourth position with 15k sold. Watch Dogs is still selling decently on both the PS3 and the PS4, with the PS3 version of the game hitting 6th place, while the PS4 version managed to claim 10th place. Either way, It’s obvious Japan is still crazy about the Nintendo 3DS, as Yokai Watch still sits in 3rd place above Mario Kart 8 despite its sequel releasing last week.

Software Sales

  1. [3DS] Yokai Watch 2: Ganso / Honke (Level-5, 07/10/14) – 1,316,707 (New)
  2. [PSV] Freedom Wars (SCEJ, 06/26/14) – 20,617 (252,665)
  3. [3DS] Yokai Watch (Level-5, 07/11/13) – 19,153 (1,195,287)
  4. [Wii U] Mario Kart 8 (Nintendo, 05/29/14) – 15,143 (527,366)
  5. [3DS] Taiko Drum Master: Don and Katsu’s Space-Time Great Adventure (Bandai Namco, 06/26/14) – 14,713 (92,220)
  6. [PS3] Watch Dogs (Ubisoft, 06/26/14) – 10,273 (53,957)
  7. [3DS] Pokemon Art Academy (Nintendo, 06/19/14) – 7,465 (63,922)
  8. [PS3] Grand Theft Auto V Low Price Version (06/26/14) – 6,121 (18,570)
  9. [PS4] Watch Dogs (Ubisoft, 06/26/14) – 6,000 (82,378)
  10. [3DS] Pokemon X / Y (Pokemon, 10/12/13) – 4,738 (4,101,986)

Hardware Sales

  1. 3DS LL – 55,531 (21,914)
  2. PlayStation Vita – 38,907 (18,438)
  3. Wii U – 8,658 (9,961)
  4. PlayStation 3 – 7,763 (7,511)
  5. PlayStation 4 – 7,150 (7,876)
  6. 3DS – 6,425 (5,424)
  7. PlayStation Vita TV – 1,803 (2,217)
  8. PSP – 779 (1,579)
  9. Xbox 360 – 140 (180)
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  • matthew garcia

    Consoles are dead in Japan. Xbox one will launch with a grand total of 5 sales.

    • Merry_Blind

      Microsoft shouldn’t even bother releasing the X1 in Japan.

      • matthew garcia

        They really shouldn’t. America is always trying to take something over lol. Xbox one will lose that battle pretty badly

        • To be honest it’s losing the battle everywhere but the United States. It’s not really surprising though, given that all the TV stuff is tailored to Americans.

          Now the Kinect isn’t even part of the package anymore. Makes Microsoft more than ever appear that they don’t know what the hell they’re doing. Imagine if Nintendo released an SKU in which the GamePad is optional.

          • matthew garcia

            Your absolutely right. Microsoft has everyone confused on the direction they wanna take. If Nintendo made the gamepad optional now, yes it would definitely not help. Nintendo would have to have made the controller optional from the very beginning. Nintendo did the right thing in not trying to change

          • greengecko007

            I think Microsoft made the right call, but that’s because the Xbox One is still fairly new. You’re right about Nintendo though. At this point in the game, it’s best to just ride it out and hope that after people have gotten their PS4 or Xbox One, they will see what the Wii U offers. Ditching the gamepad now would betray a lot of fans.

          • matthew garcia

            They definitely made the right call on drm. I believe that dropping more then one thing is bad though. I agree having Kinect optional is the right idea but they should have done it from the very beginning. Dropping something once is kinda fine cuz hopefully people will later on forget but when you drop 2 things that looks horrible on your image. Since the Kinect is dropped though I’m fine with it

          • Rinslowe

            Ditching the gamepad would betray their entire design philosophy. They’re the same thing almost.
            Same could be said for Kinect as well. But Kinect really does have that invasive stigma attached to it.
            For the gamepad people are just polarised on whether it’s an innovative controller or just a gimmick. Not quite as damaging.

          • oontz

            “Ditching the gamepad would betray their entire design philosophy.”

            But wouldn’t it be the same as ditching the 3d on the 2ds? Or in the case was the 3d really just a gimmick?

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Good point, and well said.

          • Rinslowe


          • Rinslowe

            Neither of those things proves the other. Firstly the 2DS is not a 3DS it’s a 2DS…
            So calling the 2DS a gimmick “possibly” is your prerogative lol. But I wouldn’t know anything about that…
            3DS still exists so how does that work in your little mock example?

          • oontz

            “calling the 3DS “potentially” a gimmick is your prerogative lol”

            I never called the 3ds a gimmick, I ASKED if the 3d function was a gimmick.

            “2DS is also a cheaper option. Both valid points of differentiation I thought… no?It would stand to “reason” that the 2DS exists simply to occupy a part of the market that 3DS cannot reach”

            And so would a wiiu packaged without a gamepad. It would be a cheaper option and occupy a part of the market that the deluxe wiiu (with gamepad) cannot reach.

            “As the Wii U’s core OS/ Miiverse and Eshop is built around the gamepad. Wouldn’t Nintendo have to re-design each of those key area’s for the gamepad to be optional?”

            That would be a simple firmware update to allow that functionality to be controlled by a pro-controller and displayed on the tv.

            “And at a cheaper price, being more compelling to those that do not “personally” need the 3D feature to enjoy the games offered…”

            Exactly the same point if they offered a wiiu without a gamepad. As many people do not “personally” need the gamepad feature to enjoy the games offered.

          • Rinslowe

            Funny how you continually lose all the valid information and retain only what you “believe” furthers your point. Lol

            Argumentative just for the sake of it.

            Again, the 2DS is a 2DS not a 3DS. The Wii U without a gamepad is still a Wii U. And you’re underestimating the effort involved in changing the OS/ Miiverse and E-shop to be usable without the Gamepad. Whatever you do, don’t mistake that for impossible as I wouldn’t put it past you at this point to try and accuse me of claiming that based on what I’ve just written, lol.

            Also, why on earth would you “choose” to defend a comment when I had obviously mentioned the following covering it quite clearly!?!
            “Even if you’re just asking the question, how did you get to thinking along those lines?”

            Face it. It’s a weak example at best and you still haven’t acknowledged the other fact; “3D has been found to not be suitable for Children’s developing eyes up to age 6.”, nor how your replies relate to my original comment.

          • oontz

            “Again, the 2DS is a 2DS not a 3DS. The Wii U without a gamepad is still a Wii U.”

            The 2ds is a 3ds without the 3d. It plays the same games and provides the same gaming experience without the 3d. Just like a wiiu would without the gamepad.

            “you’re underestimating the effort involved in changing the OS/ Miiverse and E-shop to be usable without the Gamepad.”

            I am not underestimating anything, I used the term simple in the sense that it would be accomplished on the back end and not effect the end user. Firmware updates both minor and major are implemented all the time.

            “Face it. It’s a weak example at best”

            It’s not a weak example.

            “you still haven’t acknowledged the other fact; “3D has been found to not be suitable for Children’s developing eyes up to age 6.”

            Just as holding a digital device at arms length while viewing a screen for long periods of time is not suitable for children with developing eyes.

            “Which aptly answers even “your” rhetorical question as to why a 2DS is not just simply a 3DS without the 3D…”

            But it is just a 3ds without the 3d, that’s even how Nintendo chose to spin the product when they launched it as they found many users didn’t even use the 3d feature.

            “Neither have you mentioned how any of this relates to my original comment.”

            You said…
            “”Ditching the gamepad would betray their entire design philosophy.”
            It directly relates as Nintendo’s design philosophy with the 3ds was portable glass less 3d gaming. A philosophy they ditched with the release of the 2ds.

            “You never really asked any questions, truth be told you simply insinuated that is the 3D in the 3DS a gimmick?”

            I didn’t insinuate anything I was asking you. Further more I now own a 3ds xl and the 3d is one of my favorite features, I personally don’t think it was or is a gimmick.

            “Remind me again how that “insinuation” and my comment are even remotely related?”

            It’s directly related to your comment I quoted about how Nintendo ditching the gamepad would betray their entire design philosophy. Which is exactly what they did by releasing the 2ds.

            “no-one is arguing whether or not a gamepad-less Wii U could exist or whether it would be cheaper. Where did these arguments come from?”

            They aren’t arguments, just pointing out that using your same logic as to why the 2ds works and is marketable can apply directly to a wiiu sku without the gamepad.

            Cheers indeed.

          • Rinslowe

            I respect your right to an opinion, put it that way.
            The only thing I really need to address then is the following;

            “It’s directly related to your comment I quoted about how Nintendo ditching the gamepad would betray their entire design philosophy. Which is exactly what they did by releasing the 2ds.”
            If after providing two valid reasons as to why the 2DS is not “simply” just a 3DS without the 3D as it is essentially that in the literal sense. You still cling to that having anything to do with my singular comment out of context? Then where to really take this discussion from here? I don’t know.
            It isn’t directly related to my comment as it is not directly related to either of the core reasons for the existence of the 2DS to begin with. Also, the comment that Wii U is defined by the gamepad existing by design is just that. And it is a literal fact. It does not imply that it would not be possible to make a gamepad-less SKU (as I have already linked to you proof of my opinion on that point) or that Wii U would then be cheaper – two points brought up by you alone. Neither does that validate your rhetorical question of “based on my” comment does that then assume the 3D in 3DS a gimmick. My comment does not imply that at all.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Exactly. It isn’t needed to enjoy games that Nintendo releases, or even third parties alike. If it was an option from the start, it would have probably been better off, seeing as everyone just thought it was a Wii accessory. Calling it the “Wii U” didn’t help matters much.

          • Rinslowe

            “Exactly. It isn’t needed to enjoy games that Nintendo releases, or even third parties alike.”
            Really? How would you know? This is not a reply in regards to my comments to oontz, as this discussion and my original comment have nothing in common with the point now being made. But you don’t own a Wii U to say for certain that your comment here has any truth to it. Or am I missing something there? How much time have you spent using the gamepad?

            So is the “gamepad” not a defining feature for the “Wii U versions” of Need for Speed Most Wanted?, Deus Ex Human Evolution Directors Cut?, Wonderful 101?, Rayman Legends?, Wii Party U?, Zombie U?, Nintendo Land?. Not to mention the OS, Miiverse and the E-shop. All worthy inclusions to the topic.

            I mean, I respect your right to an opinion. But have you played any of those games up there? Are you really the right guy to make that assumption? Probably not.
            Still, your opinion is your own to do with what you will…

          • Ducked

            Nintendo came out with the 2DS last year didn’t they. Making the 3D not even required with the system. Wouldn’t surprise me if Nintendo gave the Wii U that treatment with the Gamepad. There’s no game on the Wii U that I feel absolutely needs it.

          • matthew garcia

            There really isn’t to many games that absolutely need it. Doesn’t the Console need it to absolutely function though

          • Ducked

            Just for the start up, and eShop. I’m sure with an update they could change that.

          • matthew garcia

            That’s true.

          • oontz


          • Daniel Gonzalez

            The gamepad should have been optional rather than the focus. We all saw how well that’s worked out thus far. 2DS was a good move by Nintendo. The same treatment used on the Wii U couldn’t hurt.

          • Ducked

            I think it be a smart move. Taking out the Gamepad could chop the price down to $250 or $200. That would definitely boost sales. Some people don’t want to pay $300 just to play Zelda and Smash lol.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I’m one of those people. Lol. Since Mario Kart 8 and Smash are about the only must haves for me, I see no reason to buy a Wii U. If it was $200, I’d go for it.

          • Ducked


          • greengecko007

            I’d argue that ditching the Kinect and lowering the price shows that Microsoft is listening to fans and critics and responding correctly. Microsoft had their chance to show how the Kinect could be a valuable part of a gaming console with the 360 already, and after improving the product, had another chance to show how useful it could be on the Xbox One. They failed both times. Games on the Xbox One aren’t vastly improved by the Kinect, so why should everyone be forced into paying for it?

            Nintendo has been under the same criticisms for even longer. To this day, games that make great use of the gamepad are few and far between. Off TV play is no more a selling point than TV snap on the Xbox One.

          • Sorry, as a father of 2 kids my television/gaming time would be next to nothing without off screen play.
            It is now essential to my gaming routine!
            The best selling point for any parent.

            BTW, since MS ditched Kinect, shouldn’t the Kinectless version be called Xbox Zero point five.

          • Rinslowe

            Off TV play is great. I play Kart quite often with off TV play – the aspect ratio works well on a smaller screen as well, surprisingly. It allows me to be in the same room, as part of the family dynamic while still doing my own thing. It’s great to have that “option”.
            Some nights my Wife just wants to watch her own stuff, my son is happy playing on his own. When that dynamic is in play, I’ll break out the gamepad and game off screen, without being disconnected to all of that. Again, it’s pretty neat in that respect.
            If you don’t have a family of your own i.e; wife n kids. Or you are the younger member. Maybe off tv play is not so important… maybe.. as you can game in your own space. Privacy being a part of that demographic…

          • Gabe Hoffman

            Really I am surprised X1 is failing so badly here in America which is usually considered Xbox’s main territory.

          • oontz

            “Imagine if Nintendo released an SKU in which the GamePad is optional.”

            People would buy it.

          • D.M.T

            No they won’t. The Gamepad is what makes the Wii U unique.

          • oontz

            There are a lot of wiiu owners that use only the pro controller. Further more the wiiu doesn’t need to be unique, it only needs to play Nintendo first party games, which it does.

          • Daniel Gonzalez


          • Rinslowe

            The system would need to be re-designed on the software side.
            Miiverse requires the gamepad, system settings and the E-shop.
            Xbox One on the other hand was designed with the controller in mind just as much as Kinect.
            That’s not to say it wouldn’t be possible to make those changes. Absolutely it would be possible. But it still stands that as it is today, the gamepad is integral to the Wii U experience by design.
            That of course is not to imply that if changes were made people wouldn’t want to buy a gamepad-less Wii U. I’m sure some people would…

          • InterTreble

            Remember… oontze-patoonte and gonssssalessss: 😉


          • Rinslowe

            “There are a lot of wiiu owners that use only the pro controller.”
            How many exactly? And do they clearly outnumber the ones that use primarily the Gamepad? Would they be even in the same ballpark? I ask because it looks as though you have that answer…

            I’m certain some people would end up buying it. But without conducting proper research into it. How to know if worthwhile or not? Again, unless you’ve already undertaken said research yourself, I would take your comment with a pinch of salt either way.

            This is also not a show of support for DMT’s comment. I think the gamepad does indeed help define to Wii U’s uniqueness. But that has nothing to do directly with sales of SKU’s without Wii U’s…

          • oontz

            First off why do you always feel the need to single out my posts and attempt to pick them apart piece by piece? I would hope that it was due to a shared mutual respect you have towards me on this site but judging by your condescending tone it would seem not. You come across as having an axe to grind with me for reasons unknown. If it makes you feel better about yourself or a bigger person, then grind on.

            “How many exactly?”

            Talk about a loaded question. Obviously it would be impossible for me to produce an exact number. I am only speaking in reference to what I have seen posted by users on gaming sites and on game media websites with reference to the gamepad. People even on wiiudaily have voiced that they use other control methods and not the gamepad whilst gaming.

            “do they clearly outnumber the ones that use primarily the Gamepad?”

            Again impossible to answer but I would bet that no, the majority of wiiu users still use the gamepad for gaming.

            “I ask because it looks as though you have that answer…”

            Again if it looks to you that I have that answer then you are reading far to into what I wrote.

            “I would take your comment with a pinch of salt either way.”

            If that was the case then why the need for such a drawn out response? You must really enjoy picking apart everything I post because while you do it with others sometimes, you always do it with me.

            Sometimes you come across like a nothing more than a bully. I say sometimes because usually we agree and get along well on here. Maybe you’re having a bad day. Just not sure why you always want to dissect every last word I post.

          • Rinslowe

            It is a loaded question. One I am certain you do not have the answer to. So to answer your question of why do I pick through your comments. Well there’s your answer Oontz. Because you simply cannot substantiate the majority of the things you argue with others over on even the most basic levels. Instead you’d rather accuse me of having an axe to grind with you. But that’s really quite funny considering this;


            Pretty much defines every accusation you’ve made in my direction just now. Oh the hypocrisy! Lol. Would that not be considered a loaded question? It’s really just a loaded insinuation. Totally unsubstantiated on it’s own let alone having any connection to my reply to @greengecko007:disqus…

            For for thought there slugger…
            Calling out a posters drawn out response while replying with a “drawn” out response makes the accusation somewhat redundant no?

          • oontz

            Not sure what comment you’re trying to link to, but if its about 3d being a gimmick I was only trying to have a realistic discussion with you about that. I wasn’t attacking you or being condescending or trying to pick apart your words. Maybe you had your guard up and took it as such, but that wasn’t the intention of my post by any means.

            I also wasn’t making up some mumbo jumbo argument. Just pointing out that the reasons you gave for the 2ds being viable could also be applied to a wiiu sku without the gamepad.

            I mentioned the drawn out post because usually when I post a sentence or two on here, I can usually (not always) find a couple paragraphs from you right below. So in this context, no it’s not redundant.

            In the future I’ll just stick to the discussion at hand and not attempt to segway into something else.


          • Rinslowe

            I don’t know anything about having a “guard up”. I simply replied to your comment.

            Ok so about this…
            “I also wasn’t making up some mumbo jumbo argument. Just pointing out that the reasons you gave for the 2ds being viable could also be applied to a wiiu sku without the gamepad.”

            Really… So the fact that 3D images are not suitable for children 6 and under is also a relevant point for a gamepad less SKU? Lol okay…

            Again, as in your mention of a supposed genuine question – which was more a rhetorical remark – it makes no sense to compare. The only thing that would relate is in price saving.

            But as I pointed out in another reply to you – and for the last time on this subject – taking the 3D out of 3DS and a design change would have been a relatively trivial matter in the practical sense. But the reasons for doing so were not trivial.

            To save typing it out again;

            “The gamepad is at the core of the Wii U experience. And at the focus of Nintendo’s design differentiation. In addition to those facts they have stated openly their support of the gamepad as such. And apart from the deep OS integration + Miiverse and E-shop functionality, they have titles in development and on the market currently also from third parties which further the existence of said “design” philosophy. All facts. For the last time, how is that remotely related to either of your points? 2DS is a betrayal of 3DS design philosophy or that 3D could be even considered a gimmick?

            Have a good one…

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            “Sometimes you come across like a nothing more than a bully.”

            He does that quite a bit. Naturally of course, he’ll try to talk his way out of it, which I don’t even bother to reply back these days. Denial I suppose is in his nature. Basically, he’s overly argumentative and feels that he knows more than most, which shows by using the term, “basic levels.” In his opinion I guess, but from what I read here, he’s full of himself. Even to the point of coming off as narcissistic. There’s a reason for ignoring his post and other posts like it. Can’t win with these types of people.

            “If it makes you feel better about yourself or a bigger person, then grind on.”

            That’s probably what’s actually going on. It’s quite sad. I don’t see your opinion as right or wrong, because you’re entitled to it and there’s probably truth to it, in which I believe there is. If people are going out of their way to rip apart your posts on a normal basis, then you did something right. The most honest opinion, is usually not the most popular. That certainly is the norm on here for sure. Have a good one dude.

          • Rinslowe

            The hypocrisy from two guys that continually act like the anti Wii U Daily goon squad. Lol. It’s truly hilarious, reading your delusional double standard psychobabble
            Did I hit a nerve? Or what’s the problem here? Lol…

          • D.M.T

            No it doesn’t. Many Wii U owners also bought it because of the Gamepad. I’m one of those who bought it because of the Gamepad. Why do people like you have something against innovation? What’s wrong with a controller having a touchscreen on it? The answer is nothing wrong with that. You people need to understand that change is good sometimes.

          • TheyCallHimBigAl

            Microsoft never wanted the Xbox platform to be a pure gaming console, which is why they’re having problems. Introducing the original Xbox was meant to bring a multimedia/set top box into homes as ubiquitously as Microsoft PCs are. The gaming console direction was the easiest way in since they already had development studios and a game publishing wing. With the relative success the 360, Microsoft wanted to really push the set top box to pressure companies like Roku and Amazon who were entering that market.

            But ask anybody who has a 360 or a XB1 and they’ll tell you they got it as a games console and not a set top box. By spinning XB1 off to Microsoft Game Studios they’re trying to make up for all the lost dev time on set top features for the games and gaming fans bought the console for in the first place.

          • Yousif Alromaithi

            I disagree Ashley Microsoft does well in Europe because it is matching their peference perfectl. So when FIFA launches in Europe I am sure it will sell well. Reason it fails because Microsoft is widely misunderstood. Like Nintendo. I think Nintendo is on right track now. Once the big games launch consoles will start flying out of the shelves.

      • Nintendoro

        not until they have something exclusive to offer for Japanese gamers anyway.

        • Merry_Blind

          Indeed. Scalebound might do the trick…

          • matthew garcia

            360 had that game lost odyessy which was a great jrpg. Maybe they should bring that back

          • Merry_Blind

            Bring back? You mean like, the same game? A “remaster”?

            I’ve always been intrigued by this game btw, never got to play it as I don’t have a 360, but it sure looked interesting.

          • matthew garcia

            Lost odyssey is what final fantasy 13 should have been. I mean bring it back in a series like final fantasy. I wouldn’t be upset if they remastered the original though. You should really give it a try if you ever have a 360

          • Merry_Blind

            Yeah I read Lost Odyssey is one of the best JRPGs of the last generation, while FF13 is one of the worst XD.

    • companyoflosers

      wii u seems to hold its own in japan. ps4 seems not to be doing well beyond its sales early on. there seems to be a mild interest in xb1 in japan according to polls. even japanese gamers recognize that even with sony being a native company, xb1 still has more to offer than ps4 does. wii u is king there though in terms of consoles.

    • Yousif Alromaithi

      I definitely agree Mathew. Reason it is not doing well is because that Xbox is misunderstood. I think people like Nintendo and Sony with exception of Nintendo handhelds is because those companies are really popular across the people of Japan. It easily matches their tastes and quite possible their culture. American consoles are different.

  • Justin Rowan

    The club nintendo rewards have even revealed. This site should mention that

  • Ducked

    Huge spark in handhelds! 3DS and Vita are selling great. I wonder if Wii U and PS4 will be able to be system sellers in Japan. Xenoblade and FFXV should sell some consoles, but this looks to be a handheld race.

    • matthew garcia

      Yup console race in the west and a handheld race in the east

  • Shota

    YOKAI WATCH!!!! My favorite is jibanyan

  • greengecko007

    It’s good to see a new release see success, but as a 3DS game this isn’t too surprising. Even less so when you consider that it’s a JRPG. They should definitely localize it though.

  • gerb1977

    Wii U really needs Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta to release in Japan to help maintain the momentum…..we are almost back to pre MK8 levels

    • Jon Turner

      HYRULE WARRIORS will definitely help out, as it appeals to WARRIORS fan base in Japan.

  • Gizmo

    Dang, the second Yokai Watch has sold more then the original, and it’s only been out for a week! And the original has been out for months!

  • bistricky

    So for 3 straight weeks, only the PS3 has increased console sales week over week in Japan ….. }:

  • Epicstuf

    What the hell? How? Never mind.

  • allvalve

    I don’t think the Wii U figure is surprising. The important thing here is it stays ahead of the PS4, which it is still doing.
    The Japanese market is on a downward trend currently for home consoles, so we can only really compare the 2 current gen machines to get an accurate view of popularity.
    I would like Nintendo to seize the initiative and launch a Wii U “lite” for Christmas, with a new slimline controller, slight sharpening up of the case for the console, and bundle it with MK8 and Smash Bros, SSD for OS and downloads, and maybe blu ray play back.
    Kind of like a modern day Panasonic Q.

    • Jon Turner

      That would be GREAT for Japan if they do that.

    • oontz

      “we can only really compare the 2 current gen machines to get an accurate view of popularity.”

      Or you can look at the amount of market share being gained by each company as a whole and not only one of their individual product lines. Case in point, sony must be popular in japan as it’s selling 5 different pieces of hardware, week after week.

      • ben

        Are you really counting the psp and vita tv numbers? The PS3 has good legs in Japan. The VITA was just on a special with 6 free games 6!
        Sony is not supporting the VITA anymore (all the games are third party). Sony is not supporting PS4 in Japan. It is such bad business. I just cant understand it. American devs are obsessed with FPS games.. THe PS4 is a huge mess right now, if anyone says otherwise they are suffering from serious denial. May as well call the PS4 the Ubisoft station.

        • oontz

          “Are you really counting the psp and vita tv numbers?”

          I am not counting any numbers, only the actual hardware being sold. Obviously the playstation brand and sony are still popular in Japan, or their 5 different hardware platforms wouldn’t be selling. The original poster said “we can only really compare the 2 current gen machines to get an accurate view of popularity.” Which just isn’t true.

          “THe PS4 is a huge mess right now, if anyone says otherwise they are suffering from serious denial.”

          If you replace ps4 with wiiu, then you are correct. The ps4 is sitting at around 9 million units, in less than a year on the market. In no way is that considered a huge mess when compared to the current competiton or previous generations’ sales within the same time frame.

          Curious to know if you own a ps4.

          • ben

            I would not own a ps4 if you paid me. I live in Japan.. I would have one game to play.

            The wii U here has an install base of over 2 million in Japan. The PS4 has a little over 600 000.

            Nintendo has the attention of all the Japanese devs.
            The PS4 is at 8.2 million it is a huge mess because they are not making games and the cost/time to develop games for the console is far too high.
            What do you think is going to happen when Nintendo releases Smash with Amiibo… do you really think people will be buying a PS4 for another Asscreed game? your delusional.. Nintendo is killing Sony in Japan. When the PS3 finally dies sony will lose all the Japanese devs.
            PS4 will be left waiting for over bloated, delayed, AAA games that never live up to their hype.

            This is the future. Microsoft is even thinking it can be the second console in Japan. This is how bad sony have f’d up.

      • allvalve

        I’m looking at the home console situation.
        Of the 5 pieces hardware, four of them are either EOL or will be shortly. The PS4 is the only piece of hardware that has any future for Sony.

  • HydePark1980

    Gotta admit it’s nice to go weeks on end without some site throwing Nintendo under the bus.

  • Rinslowe

    Ahead one third aye.

  • james

    I love Japan.

  • allvalve

    Days have passed and still no news story here about AMD suggesting that they will be involved in the successor to 3DS?
    WiiUdaily, you need to keep up.

    For what it’s worth, I’ve been saying since the launch of the Wii U that the 3DS successor will more or less share hardware with Wii U, as the GPU was specifically designed with low power in mind, and Nintendo will need to hit the ground running in the next handheld generation, coupled in with the fact that the handheld and home divisions have been unified.
    Mariokart 8 on the go? Could be a day one launch, along with any other Wii U game.
    Wii U successor will use a vastly more powerful GPU, but will still be based on the same architecture meaning you can play Pikmin 4 on the train to work, and then play it on the TV when you get home.