Jul 30th, 2014

Wii U sales

This week in Japan remains constant aside from a few new releases. Yoshi’s New Island finally hit Japan with a respectable 60k sold during its first week, though Yokai Watch 2 continues to dominate the top spot of the charts with 180k sold, bringing the grand total to 1.8 million since release.

Mario Kart 8 maintains its spot in the third position with 18k sold this week, bringing the grand total for Japan only up to 560k. Other new titles this week include Corpse Party: Blood Drive for PS Vita, Tokyo New World Record: Operation Abyss for PS Vita, and Under Nigh In-Birth Exe:Late for PS3. Not a single PS4 game managed to make it into the top ten this week, with the only PS4 game making it into the top 20 being FIFA 14. Home consoles continue to struggle in Japan, but the Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita are thriving.

Software Sales

  1. [3DS] Yokai Watch 2: Ganso / Honke (Level-5, 07/10/14) – 180,880 (1,829,533)
  2. [3DS] Yoshi’s New Island (Nintendo, 07/24/14) – 58,285 (New)
  3. [Wii U] Mario Kart 8 (Nintendo, 05/29/14) – 18,129 (560,487)
  4. [PSV] Oreshika: Tainted Bloodblines (SCEJ, 07/17/14) – 17,690 (111,465)
  5. [PSV] Tokyo New World Record: Operation Abyss (5pb., 07/24/14) – 15,242 (New)
  6. [PSV] Corpse Party: Blood Drive (5pb., 07/24/14) – 13,688 (New)
  7. [3DS] Yokai Watch (Level-5, 07/11/13) – 10,620 (1,218,698)
  8. [PS3] Under Nigh In-Birth Exe:Late (Arc System Works, 07/24/14) – 9,171 (New)
  9. [3DS] Taiko Drum Master: Don and Katsu’s Space-Time Great Adventure (Bandai Namco, 06/26/14) – 9,080 (110,558)
  10. [PS3] Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea (Gust, 07/17/14) – 7,432 (51,177)

Hardware Sales

  1. 3DS XL – 31,789 (31,192)
  2. PlayStation Vita – 21,875 (27,352)
  3. Wii U – 9,429 (8,209)
  4. PlayStation 3 – 7,175 (7,389)
  5. 3DS – 6,656 (6,185)
  6. PlayStation 4 – 5,581 (6,456)
  7. PlayStation Vita TV – 1,767 (2,249)
  8. PSP – 489 (556)
  9. Xbox 360 – 122 (129)
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  • 504HotBoy

    With Hyrule Warriors being the 4th most wanted game in Japan. I’m sure Wii U sales will increase more, when it gets released on August 14. Sony needs some titles to cater to the Japanese market badly for the PS4. Sales will continue to decrease other wise.

    • Yes, I’m actually eager to see these charts once Hyrule Warriors is released. Nintendo and Koei Tecmo have been doing an excellent job hyping it up even outside of Japan, so I know Japanese gamers are really looking forward to its August release.

      • Zach

        Hey, Ashley King. Is there anyway I can get in contact with you or someone at Wii U Daily?

        • bistricky

          Click on ‘more’ ….. then ‘contact’ ,,,,

          • Zach

            Thank you! I have done that before but, I have never gotten a reply back.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Yeah, I don’t think they respond that often.

          • Zach

            Do you know of any other way to get in touch with them?

          • Darius

            say something extremely offensive about one of them and don’t hold back!

            you’re welcome 😉

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Not to my knowledge, no.

          • Ghost8484

            What happen to the gaming industry? Is it about the money or is it about us?

        • Mr Ninty

          owww someone is fishing for a date :p

          • Zach

            Hahaha, yeah. JK I have gotten in contact with someone else.

      • gerb1977

        I’m very interested in the numbers the Wii U will pull when Hyrule Warriors hits as well. I think Bayonetta 2 might do well too. Xenoblade was suppose to hit Japan in 2014 as well. If that is the case then Japan may go nuts with Wii U purchases before the end of 2014

        • 504HotBoy

          Xenoblade Chronicles X isn’t coming out in Japan in 2014. It’s coming out in 2015 as well. Smash Bros & Bayonetta 2 should do well as they’re number 9 & 11 on Japan’s most wanted games list. Fatal Frame comes out a week after Bayonetta 2. So that should also help with sales.

          • gerb1977

            Ok……I hadn’t seen an update on X in a while. a direct at one point this year for Japan showed 2014.

          • Ghost8484

            I think the numbers will go up once the release dates get closer.

      • Ghost8484

        I agree

  • Dimitri Soto

    WOW playstation 3 beat out PS4?!!? that’s not good

    • Shouldn’t be surprising though when you look at the release schedule.

    • 504HotBoy

      Playstation 3 has more and better games that appeal to the market than PS4. People keep blaiming low console sales in Japan, on that Japanese gamers are more into handhelds than consoles. But that’s bulls***. There are people in the industry who are aware of this, as well as my inner circle of gamers who discuss this on a daily basis. The problem is ever since the 7th gen, the console industry have become more western dominated. Even Japanese developers have been making western influenced games for consoles or getting western developers to do it for them. That’s where the problem in sales lies. Japanese gamers are not going to want to buy those type of games and the Japanese developed AAA titles are all going mostly to handheld. That’s why handhelds are doing better than consoles in Japan. I guarantee if things go back to the way it was during the 3rd to 6th gen. When Japanese developers dominated the home console scene and their games were every where and were best sellers, etc. Consoles would be flying off the shelf in Japan. It’s the state of the western domination since 7th gen. That sales are low there. Look back on the 6th gen and before, you’ll notice the difference.

      • Rinslowe

        Actually if someone was living in a gaming bubble last 6 or so years. And asked me should they get a PS4 or PS3 right now. I’d still definitely steer them in PS3’s direction. It is without a doubt the better platform in terms of content and price point. Two very important aspects.
        PS4 is a great system in it’s own right. And there are already titles out now and on the way that provide and will likely provide decent experiences. But it won’t be coming into it’s own for another 12 – 24 months as an absolute must own platform. By that time, such a person would be able to trade up while enjoying both beneficial aspects currently afforded by a PS3 purchase…

        • 504HotBoy

          Yeah I still have my PS3. Have a PS4 as well. I totally agree, based on what’s currently available, I would do the same. Steer them into getting a PS3 over a PS4. But by this time next year, I may see things differently and say a PS4 is the better choice. But anyway as I was saying the software is what’s selling the systems in Japan. Since majority of the software nowadays on handhelds are dominated by Japanese games. They’re buying handhelds more. Consoles are being dominated by mostly western developed games. Which those games don’t sell quite well in Japan.

          • Ghost8484

            Quick question…why isn’t the ps3 and the ps4 connect together digitally? I understand the physical part but why not link the digital part together instead of ps now?

          • Petri

            No, Sony just can’t afford being generous.

            But now that they have moved to x86, we can expect 100% backwards compatibility from future consoles.
            But don’t hold your breath for it.

        • greengecko007

          That’s good advice for anyone that didn’t experience last generation on a PS3 or 360. People like that aren’t concerned with having the latest tech, so getting an older (but equally new to them) machine that costs less and has more games is the obvious choice.

      • Ghost8484

        Hey man wats your psn name and wii u

        • 504HotBoy

          My PSN name is Nola504Hottest. My Nintendo Network ID name is 504NolaBoy.

          • Ghost8484

            4sho I sent request. Mine is babyboy71 for psn and moonmilk84 Nintendo id

          • 504HotBoy

            I got it. I was playing The Last Of Us Remastered and my wife started annoying me. Before I cut my PS4 off, I accepted your friend request. Will go on my Wii U later on or tomorrow and accept your request as well.

      • FlashFan207

        Yeah, but they STILL didn’t make Arkham Knights for this system that, along with the Xbox 360, is still enjoying sales and had a HUGE install base. Serious profits missed. Many gamers missed.

  • bistricky

    Wii U ….. the only console in Japan to increase in week over week sales …… YEAH!

    • Helbert Pina

      I was definitely born in the wrong country! Go, Japan! 😀

    • Rabbi Bongstien

      That look is priceless

    • MetroidZero

      Ah, my reaction when my first survivor died in ZomibiU.

  • Jon Turner

    Good. VERY good. And MK8 is still on the top 10. Not even SM3DW lasted THIS long.

  • Jake

    Wii U will sell the most in Japan. Hyrule Warriors is enough to sell more Wii U’s than PS4 and XB1 combined (which will sell a few hundreds). In my opinion, Nintendo has Japan, Sony Has EU, and XB1 will eventually get NA.

    • Jon Turner

      I dunno about XB1 getting America, but I do agree about WiiU in Japan.

      • 504HotBoy

        Yeah Sony has America on lock.

        • Jon Turner

          Although I wonder for how much longer.

          • Ghost8484

            I think the only way each system triumph each other is by releasing great games in shorter spams. No gimmicks no tricks just games that as a whole. To me it really need to be about the games. Back in the day when games was flooding the market I just had that feeling of excitement that just was unexplainable. Now with everybody kinda copying each other all the way around the board weather it’s the software or hardware it’s hard to trust the industry as a whole. Console wars are up. Delays are up. Industry are losing money. Everybody make it more about stuff other than the games

        • Ghost8484

          I agree. They done that with very little first party titles and they making noise with remastered games from they previous systems. That’s crazy.

    • TehEngineer

      Isn’t that how it normally works?

  • Donaald

    Dem ps4 sales tho

  • Mr Ninty

    can i get a ‘whoooo ps4 is doomed’

    i think the PS4 is done for in japan, but xbox will always do worse

    • 00EpicGamer00

      I wouldn’t be so quick to judge if I were you. The only reason the PS4 isn’t doing, well….fantastic is because there’s no games on the system that appeal to the Japanese market. I’m pretty sure Sony is working on games that do just that. They’d be pretty stupid to not, lol. I 100% agree though, that Xbox will ALWAYS do horrible in Japan. I think that’s a fact at this point.

  • ActivesiN

    Japan is keeping the vita on life support, they are doing more for the Vita then Sony is lol

  • FlashFan207

    It is very nice to see the Wii U as the highest-selling home console.

  • mac

    Wii U – 9,429

    PlayStation 4 – 5,581 LOLOLOL

    • 504HotBoy

      Matthew Garcia is going to have a word with you about that. Lol… I’m surprise he haven’t posted in here yet.

  • Korv13

    Wow! Strong performance by Nintendo in Japan. All hardware sales are up!!!

    When I saw Hyrule Warriors for the first time, I was thinking that this will be a pleasant addition to the Wii U catalog but nothing more. However, as time passes, this game is looking like it might be an unexpected console seller in Japan.

  • Rabbi Bongstien

    That XBox360 just keeps on chugging along.

  • Rabbi Bongstien

    Does anyone know/think Onox will be in Hyrule Warriors?

  • LordiMcKill

    It still baffles me how the PS4 is being outsold week in and week out by its predecessor?

    • Jon Turner

      Hmm… maybe it’s because there are NO compelling games that appeal to Japanese gamers? And where is FINAL FANTASY XV? When is THAT even coming out? At this point it seems like probably not until 2016 at most. By then it will be WAAAY too late for PS4 in Japan.

  • Mitch Hall

    It’s easy to see why the PS4 is being outsold by the Wii U in Japan. Aside from Yakuza Ishin, it really doesn’t have any games that appeal to the Japanese market. All of the big JRPGs this year are coming out for either the 3DS or PS3.

  • InterTreble

    PS4 is dead in Japan. No games, no sales. Perhaps they don’t like ads and sweet words, as they do in other markets… 😉

  • Agent721

    Those PS4 sales…yikes!