May 19th, 2014

Mario Kart 8 currently has three commercials airing in Japan. They’re pretty zany and par for the course as far as Japanese advertising goes, but it’s always interesting to see how Nintendo markets its products between different regions. Hopefully we’ll see similar commercials soon in the United States, as the release date for Mario Kart 8 is only a few days away. My favorite is the second one in this round up. Which is yours?

Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

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  • Josiah Parsons

    Have you seen the American ones on the Nintendo of America Youtube channel?

    • Josiah Parsons
      • ScorpFrix

        best one’s the horn

        • Josiah Parsons

          I liked the Piranha Plant one.

      • The Clockwork Being

        These commercials are really good. Gives me that vibe from the previous Nintendo Eras.

    • darkcreap

      Yes, and I love how they show the game running on the gamepad only with not TV just beside the WiiU, giving a clear differentiation from the Wii. Hope this does it for Nintendo.

    • mjnathans

      Thank You Josiah For Posting These. I feel like they have been up for more than a week though! Wake Up Ashley! If you spent less time re-posting negative rehash Nintendo criticism you would have caught this. Sub-scribe to Nintendo’s YouTube Channel already, like a true Nintendo fan!

      • Alexizzle

        I have actually sent WiiUDaily a email when the first of the american commercials were released with a link to it on youtube. So they knew, but for some readon decided not to post it…..

        • mjnathans

          They haven’t been doing podcast in months, but the last few that were posted were nothing but negative bitching from Ashley regarding Nintendo financial situation. I understand that Nintendo is not doing well in regards to Wii U sales, but she comes across as “overly critical” What happened to her optimism?.I thought this was a fan site. I don’t expect her to sugarcoat plain facts, but a true Nintendo Fan should at least act like they still have high hopes for Wii U. Why rehash financial statistics over and over when we already know things look Grim. All this negative hype does not help the console do any better. Why not write an article addressing how fun the system is, or how everyone(a majority) that actually owns the system, Loves it.

  • SuperUltramagnus

    what a stupid comercial! nintentdo comercial suck!

  • Chase U

    I WISH i could get 11 other of my friends for us all to play online together but that would be a hard feet to accomplish..

  • BIG Franky

    there are three MK8 commercials out now in the states playing on Disney channel(s) and Nick, and Family network, etc…. I also saw all three at different intervals played before the trailers during Godzilla this past weekend…

    • The Clockwork Being

      Well thats good to hear especially if it played before Godzilla. Nintendo seems to be getting with the advertising now.

    • Gabe Hoffman

      Also Cartoon Network from what I have heard

  • Adrian

    Some of the comments the “gamers” made in Japanese are pretty hilarious.

    “It’s like a dream!”

  • Nostalgic_Chaos

    “Mario Kart ‘oh’ eight’oh’.”

    • Adrian

      it would probably be Ka-ru-to e-i-to.

      • crocodileman94

        Close, but it’s Kaa-to.

        • Adrian

          Yeahh, you are right!

  • WiiUisgaming

    They guy from the last minute freak me out, his face was weird.

    • steveb944

      Dude’s crazy with his crazy hair.

  • LukeMM95

    I wish there were subtitles.

  • condor87z

    Ah to be Japanese again.

  • Alexizzle

    I have actually sent WiiUDaily a email when the first of the american commercials were released with a link to it on youtube. But for some readon decided not to post it…..