Feb 17th, 2014


Chalk this up to another great thing that Japan is getting in terms of the Wii U. The recently announced NES Remix 2 will be combined with NES Remix 1 into a neat boxed set with the art you see above. Of course, the bundle is titled Famicom Remix 1+2, since that was the name of the NES in Japan. This bundle is scheduled to launch on April 24, 2014.

If you’re curious about what kind of games are contained in NES Remix 2, you can check out the details revealed during last week’s Nintendo Direct over here. It’s arguably going to be more popular than NES Remix 1 simply because it contains more titles people will instantly recognize, as well as a full version of Super Luigi Bros. that was introduced in the original NES Remix last year.

It’s doubtful this compilation will see a Western release, which is a shame.

[via Destructoid]

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  • Michael Pullar

    I like the look of this!

  • Rogelio


    • Derek

      I know, Japan always gets the best things. The disc version would be the only version I would buy.

  • Sam

    Release it in the US and you just might have yourself a buyer Nintendo.

  • WiiUPS4

    Don’t hold your breath..The people in japan always get the better stuff

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Dunno why this should really be mentioned to be honest. It’s nice to know what Japan gets, but at the same time, just creates disappointment among the community in the West. While I wouldn’t buy it myself, Westerners do get left holding the bag quite often.

      • tronic307

        At least we don’t have to wait up to a year for Japanese games and consoles anymore. THEY waited for PS4.

  • nappyp

    That’s annoying. Id like a disc copy of it, too. Years from now when I loose or break my Wii U and get one off eBay, I’d like to just pop the disc in instead of jumping trough hoops to get my account back and hope the servers are still up for downloads.

    Who do I email, tweet, facebook, postage, smoke signal, or call to get Nintendo of America on this?

    • You could try alerting the various social media accounts of Nintendo of America. If they think enough people are interested in a physical copy they might bring it over. I haven’t known the many petitions created to work, however.

      • nappyp

        It was more rhetorical, but Id love to get my hands on this. It doesnt seem too unreasonable. Duck Tales is on disc, and that didnt have the juggernaut like reputation that nintendo’s software has.

  • CEObrainz

    This would be a great reward for Club Nintendo, although it would likely cost a fair bit…

  • Donaald

    They should change the color of the case to match the one from the original famicom.

  • Mr Ninty

    we should occupy miiverse and demand that such thing must also be released outside the ninty kingdom, and of course that they will make everything else we demanded for the last 10years

    • Squid

      Let’s do what we did for earthbound.

  • Adam Fox

    pretty god price…$28.03 USD…seems like a little discount (considering its $14.99 per release)

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    So pretty much the same games? It is a nice nostalgia feel, but I’ll pass. My NES games of old suit me fine.

  • Mario

    Why do Japaneses always get best games first?

  • Leo

    Great idea Nintendo!

  • Rinslowe

    This generations collector edition “Famicom Remix”. Nice touch IMO.

  • GregoryTheRainMaker

    Good for them.

  • Sdudyoy

    As someone who hasn’t gotten the original, I would buy this if it ever comes to where I live.

  • i’m ogre

    Is this going to be region locked like other physical retail games? I’d like to pick up the phyical copy of this, but if it has region locking no thank you.

    • tronic307

      They’ll still charge $200 on Amazon for it. Heck, I’ll charge $200!

  • Andre R

    why not make a new zelda 2 a real one direct sequel to the first zelda with same graphics. i whould have bought that,

  • Andre R

    it always bugged me that , why dont the developer do older types of games like mario 1 or zelda 1 with similar graphics, or a new ip with same graphics. its not the graphics that makes the game good, its the game. it should take them no time to make those type of games. or at least graphics like snes..

  • AndyVGR

    I want to buy one too! I don’t mind digital downloads but I love the look of the cases on my shelf, and just knowing the fact I can put the disc in and play is awesome!

  • tronic307

    I like the name Famicom. Nintendo should have kept going with it: Ultra Famicom, Hyper Famicom, Famicom5, and Giga Famicom! XD

  • verymetal

    Maybe 30 years from now in the year 2044 they will release Super Mario 3d world/Pikmin 3/Nintendo-Land remixes! Yay!

  • palomino blue

    This platform of game is perfect for digital download. I don’t want to get off my couch to play through a couple remixes. I usually play it most after a session with a more in depth game. However, if the v1+2 disk came out in the states I would probably purchase it instead of downloading the second one.