Jul 27th, 2015


Famitsu held a short survey on their website earlier this month that asked a series of questions about Splatoon. Nearly 4,000 responses were received and the most interesting piece of information gleaned from the questions is that Japan overwhelmingly prefers to play as the Inkling Girl, rather than the Boy.

The other more interesting tid-bit gleaned from this survey is that when asked if they usually play first-person shooter games, 71% of gamers who responded said no. That means Nintendo has a huge adoption rate of gamers who don’t normally play Splatoon’s genre, but were attracted to it because of the gameplay and visuals.

Those stats are reflected in the type of weapons that players prefer, with Shooters winning the overwhelming majority at 71%, followed by rollers at 20%, while chargers made up only 9% of the responses. Considering the charger is basically the sniper rifle of the game, it’s not surprising to see players who aren’t comfortable with precision aiming don’t really go for the precise weapon.

With a new Splatoon update on the way in August, it will be interesting to see how those stats change after the new weapon types are introduced.

What about you? Do you prefer to play as the boy or girl in Splatoon?

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