Nov 27th, 2012

While Wii U owners in North America will have to wait until December for Nintendo TVii, and Europeans will have to wait until sometime in 2013, Japan will be getting the new Nintendo TVii service at launch. Nintendo TVii is a new service exclusive to the Wii U, and allows users to watch TV, stream movies and other content, control their DVRs, and more.

The Wii U launches in Japan on December 8 and will be priced a bit higher than in North America and Europe. The Basic model will retail for about $335, while the Deluxe model will cost just over $400. Unlike in other territories, Japanese gamers will be able to purchase an extra GamePad, which will cost $170.

The Japanese version of Nintendo TVii will be powered by IPG, and users will be able to purchase a 100-yen ($1.25 USD) “unlock” to change channels. This is likely a “parental protection” thing just like Nintendo charged 50 cents when the Wii U is used by a minor.

Nintendo TVii


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  • Leeroy

    Does this mean we get it the 8th in us?

  • tooby77

    Fck happend to this site?
    When the site is loaded almost 90% of the screen is white. Like a layer above everything. This layer is this layer where we type.

    • Leeroy

      I’ve been wondering that all day. Hope its fixed soon

      • wiiudaily

        Can you guys send a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

        • Leeroy

          I’m typing this from an iPad so I don’t know how sorry

          • wiiudaily

            On iPad and iOS: just hold the power button while pressing the Home button. It’ll take a screenshot and save it in your photos folder 🙂

          •  same problem on my S2, this new comment section covers the article with white space.
            My workaround is to hit the stop loading button within the ~2 seconds frame between article showing and loading the commentsection.

          • megumbaepicface

            Has it been fixed now it is fine for me??

          • For me the same thing happens, posted it on another thread yesterday. It only occurs when I’m looking at the website from my Windows Phone (Lumia 710) It’s normal on my pc. I can also post a screenshot of what I see but it happens only when I have opened an article.

            Seems like the Disqus screen where we post our comments is expanded over 90% of the screen, like a “layer” you can see partial of the page with the article on the right handed side of the webpage. I’ll make a screenshot with my old cellphone of what I see and will attach it in this comment.

          • Here are some screenshots, took them with my old mobile on my new mobile, I think this is the same for other phones (ios, Android) aswel as for tablets, hope this helps.

          • Leeroy

            I have the screenshot in my photos app but how do I post it here? I only know how to email it. Is there a way I can get this sites email?

  • drew42o

    I may have to actually watch stuff on tv again.. *Shakes fist towards Nintendo*

  • Michael Wakeman

    Wow! its really cool what they did to the comment system, so sleek and white now

  • Nintedward-3DS-WiiU

    Yeh , this comment section is messed up. I can’t link my gravatar profile to this . But I guess I will just stick with this faceless image. 

    • Zeldatrek

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  • Nintedward-3DS-WiiU

    Wiiu mad ?

  • I was watching Hetalia and guess what the advertisement before it started was…. WII U!!!!

  • Dominic Coradazzi

    Even though the US got the Wii U first, Japan still gets the cool stuff first perspectively

  • The comment about being able to buy extra game pads is not factually correct. Nintendo lists the game pad as an accessory that will be available “as soon as games that utilize two are released” which won’t be until at least next year. You’d have to read Japanese to catch that, but luckily living in Japan, I do.

  • Takarashi282

    Good for Japan.  Anyway, nice touch with the new Disqus system.  The system is simpler.

  • nashbored1231


  • nashbored1231


  • Actually you were wrong you guys, the price of the Japanese unit is cheaper than the English unit, in England we are paying £250 pounds alone for the Basic set and £309 for the deluxe set, the price in Japan is ¥31,500 which is £240, so Japan got a better deal than the UK, just like every other country, infact Japan got a better deal than people who have to pay in Euros, It’s America who got the best price deal on the Wii U. :v

    31500 Japanese yen = €297

    So yeah the Japanese unit is only priced higher than the America Unit, not the European Units.

  • prettypinkpanacea

    As much as I appreciate learning about the Japanese, North American and European TVii status and release probabilities and possibilities, I would also like at least a mention about Australia or the APAC region. It would be nice to know if Nintendo are, at the very least, considering the TVii feature for Australia. I know I would certainly be interested in using it.

  • Dáibhí wotshissurname

    Gets me wondering why the west gets Wii U before Japan who seemingly gets it last.

  • Jonas

    Nintendo Tvii is cool, but im not sure if its gonna release in my country.
    Im wondering about those gamepads, do the japanese have some extra stuff for 2 gamepads already, or is it just to sell them?

  • Linskarmo

    Good for them. I probably won’t be using TVii, but I hope it turn out great!