Dec 6th, 2012

The Japanese Wii U launch is less than 24 hours away, and already several exclusive Wii U apps have been revealed. Besides streaming apps such as YouTube and Hulu, there will be some Japan-specific services on the Wii U console.

One of those is “YNN”, which is a Netflix-like service that streams movies, TV shows, sports, and more. Another service is Demae-Can, which is a Japanese national food delivery service. Wii U gamers will be able to order food such as Pizza with their GamePad controller. The third Japan-exclusive Wii U app is Nico Nico, which is a TV-watching app for the Wii U, where users will be able to browse and watch television shows.

Wii U apps

While Westerners won’t be getting these apps, it means that the possibility is open for all sorts of apps to be available on the Wii U. Google recently announced that a Google Maps app will arrive on the console next year.

Source (Nintendo)

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  • Martin Kearney

    Where are the U.S.A.s’ and Europeans’ new apps? Sure we’ll have Nintendo TV soon, but I want Apps like these.

    • All of the pizza!

      • AkaLink77

        I’m pretty sure those apps would be the same as the US or EU apps, except they’d be in Japanese.

  • Give us a GrubHub app!

  • TheUNation

    I have two words for Nintendo of AmericaР Pizza Hut!!!!!!

  • Kirbyomega


    sent from my wii u

  • Translation of the descriptions about each services especially for YNN and Niconico is not correct.
    YNN is the service to provide various movies, Niconico is the similar site of YouTube.

  • no doubt theres going to be apps like these soon in usa and uk and europe dominos pizza app in coming KFC marryland chicken bring it on il order and wait or order and go get it

    google maps app will allow real time street view with the game pad acting as a paramadic view 

  • Johny

    nico nico !!! i want that :O

  • Considering the WiiU is a touted as a Multi Media device I find it strange it doesn’t even have a designated Facebook app, I would of thought that would been pretty simple. The eShop is vastly under developed although it’s still early days yet. I hope Nintendo and 3rd Party Developers pull there fingers out soon and bring some much needed expansion in the form of apps and downloadable games for the eShop…