Jul 21st, 2012

Wii U consoleThe Wii U will be launching later this year as Nintendo’s most innovative console to date. Not only has the new console the motion controls of the Wii, it also sports the revolutionary GamePad touchscreen controller. And Nintendo knows the Wii U is a big deal — president Satoru Iwata flat out said that the Wii U is going to be important to the world. Iwata told Gamasutra in a recent interview:

“One of the reasons we believe this is the time for Nintendo to launch the Wii U is it’s going to be important for the world”

Iwata added that the Wii U will fit well in the living room because people are already familiar with tablets like the iPad which are often used as a secondary screen. While the Wii U will be important to the world, Iwata said yesterday that Nintendo isn’t worried about being first on the market with the console. What’s much more important to them is the Wii U price at launch. The company isn’t concerned about the rival consoles either, with Iwata recently saying “we don’t care how powerful the Xbox 720 and PS4 are”.

After a strong start, the Wii has been struggling lately, with gamers preferring the alternative consoles because of a better game library. Nintendo is set to change that with the Wii U later this year, which will launch with key Nintendo titles such as Pikmin 3 and New Super Mario Bros U. Third parties will also bring plenty of games to the launch, including Ubisoft’s ZombiU, EA’s Mass Effect 3, and Activision’s Call of Duty Black Ops 2.

There has been a lot of debate lately about the Wii U and how it’ll do with the current market conditions. While third party developers are supportive of the system, game analyst Michael Pachter recently said that the Wii U “won’t work”. But Pacther has often been proven wrong…

Via Gamasutra

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  • Ledreppe

    Pachter can go and stick his head in his crystal ball, for all I care about him.

    • Wii U 4 U

      What crystal ball? Patcher finds the answers up his ass.

      With all these perks, and then some I’m sold. I want my Wii U. XD

      Sony and Microsoft can compete with each other for the next ‘1337 consoles with 1337 graphx’, meanwhile Ninty drowns in cash and everyone is happy. Aside from rabid fanboys.

    • Gene

      Good luck attracting moms and grandpas AGAIN.

      • Marmor

        Nah, they are busy playing Kinect and Move…

        • Lixdy

          Whats the release date and price pls tell me someone im goin to buy it

  • Maverick-Hunter

    Personally I feel like another super nintendo era is on the way 🙂 I’m extremely excited about the wii u and can’t wait for it’s release.

    It’s giving me all I want out of a game system I don’t Understand why people can’t see this.

    • Nick

      Every thing you just stated is 100% correct! Nintendo knows what to do, and they do it right.

    • Chupa Chup

      SNES era? I am foaming at the mouth for the Wii U and desperately need my pikmin 3 fix. But that is a tall order and N has said that they don’t think that the Wii U will sell as much as the Wii. Just be a little more realistic 😀

  • ed

    Nintendo should do a test price with game journalists, and see how they react. If favorable, release the price to the world. If not, then go back to the drawning board. It seems like Nintendo is building hype(or concern) about the Wii U’s price. If they would just let the people know what price they are going for, the people will let Nintendo know if it is the sweet spot, or over priced.

    As long as it is not 599 Us dollars, I am sure to get one!

    • Ben

      Or they could spread “rumours” and see what people wanna pay for it, if someone from Nintendo spread something like that it will be everywhere so good numbers.
      Or they could go for the Wii price of 250 because look at it, millions of people wanted to pay 250 for that console.
      Or they should go for zero profit at the beginning to keep the price low but still not a loss.

      • Ben is cute

        Oh really?

  • Solphins

    I use to run a magazine for 50 plus years of age. You should have seen how much the Wii changed the way retirement homes were ran. Every one of them had Wii sports and Just Dance, and would use it as rehabilitation. A lot of them were starting to use the iPad because it had games that could help with stroke victims getting back to where they were before the stroke. Also, because of the price being low, it allows rehab centers and retirement homes to be able to buy this.

    The Wii U is innovative and can not only help children in writing and coordination, but help the elderly in rehabilitation. For the rest of us, it’s just fun.

    • rafael

      I love those videos on youtube of people of all ages playing, little babies and grandmothers.

      The wii is a beautyfull product, too bad those silly ”hardcore” players arent mature enough to realize it :/

      • pach

        Today hardcore players: 14yo kids bitching about graphics.

      • T13char

        Correct, if they are “hardcore” players then they should be mature. Yet they somehow don’t see it’s not just about power?

  • Special ed

    WOO BLOPS 2!!! So excited, I hope it has a great resolution on the wii-u, Nintendo is delivering. WINNING.

    • not.tendo

      It’s activision the native resolution (608p) won’t change

      • AwayToHit

        576p to be exact :\

        • Wii Uoops sucks

          560p to be more exact 🙁

  • hur hur

    Wii U is important to my entertainment level. 😀

  • Non-Specific Action Figure

    Good thinkin Nintendo!

  • Paul

    no nintendo should say to us gamers

    how much would you pay 4 this console

    • Matthewmc685

      And I would say: “Take my soul Nintendo! I would give anything!”

  • joe

    Nintendo just seems to do it right. I was/am a Sega fanboy, that back in the day wanted Nintendo to collapse harder than, than, than, well, you know what I mean. BUT, early on only Sega and Nintendo, and even Atari belonged in the arena. Not Micro$oft, Not Sony. Sega and Nintendo are the stars from the 8 bit era on. They were supposed to be slugging it out today. So with that said, Sega is gone…and now there is only one TRUE videogame company out there, it is Nintendo. So I hope Nintendo rocks the house and shoves it’s tablet up the “leather cheerio” of Sony and Microsoft.

    • Paul

      sega are still around and wouldnt put anything pass then in the future as playstation might go bust

      • Matthewmc685

        I know what you mean, even know you always hear people say companies are going under with no evidence it is looking bad for Sony. Nintendo is doing fine because even know there making a loss this year they have not done that in around 25 years! Microsoft will push a lot of effort in to their console because it’s next to impossible for them to go under with how Bill Gates is said to make more money than gravity. Even when the Play Station and PS2 was the most popular console they were still making a loss and they are still today and when was the last time you saw a Sony product that’s not a console?

        • joe

          Not to mention Sega and Nintendo units, (not including original NES) were rock solid as far as reliability, It’s absolutley no secret that the Playsation units, especially playstation 2 were complete junk, and xbox units are no better. Sega and Nintendo are videogame makers. They have arcade heritage. They deserve to bring the arcade experience home. Playing video games on a Sony or Microsoft product is like driving a car made by Snickers, it just doesn’t feel right…it doesn’t belong. Now, if Sega USA and Sega Japan could have agreed on certain big issues in the 90’s Sega could still be a hardware player…but they truly have a killer franchise catalog and really should bring it back. Not sure how management is now at Sega since the Sammy takeover……

        • Paul

          thats true but if sony dont upgrade the playstation network it could be doomed as its a pain in the backside waiting upto 5 hours for a game to download then install then install more patches lol

          wii u all the way for me im afraid

  • The Beeshnu

    This gives me the feling that nintendo is gonna take over the world

    • joe

      If people truly recognize what Nintendo is trying to do with the tablet, they will.

  • Megaman

    How about Iwata stops being greedy and price the Wii U at the lowest price possible that will still give them a profit and maintain Nintendo? Or better yet, $250, which will undoubtedly be enough for Nintendo and will actually get people to buy the system (based on historical figures). Ever think of that Iwata, you greedy hog?!

    • Matthewmc685

      For a start they are trying to price it as best as possible, you clearly don’t know how much all the tech and soft where costs in the console so it’s not you’re place to judge! Iwata is not the person that says the price, they have a big team of professionals that know what they are doing unlike you and they keep saying they are trying to get the right price! (Even in this article it says “What’s much more important to them is the Wii U price at launch.”)

      • Paul

        would of liked a hard drive included with the console

    • Wii Uoops sucks

      Your greedy for wanting such an awesome console for a low price…

  • kingtendo

    Not a big wii fan I hated waiving that wand around but I am stoker about the wii u because now I can play nintendo the way I started playing it back in 1989. With a controller that has a touch screen is amazing,it like nintendo has been reborn agin.

    • Paul

      dont forget the pro controller if the tablet is to big for your hands

  • joe

    Yah, I am tired of motion control too. I would like to buy “Last Story” for wii, but I need to see if I need to waive the remote around first, if it’s a waggle fest, i’m out.

    • ninjabake

      You can use the classic pro controller I believe. Same with Monster Hunter 3 and most JRPGS on wii.

  • Jonas

    the only reason other companies say “mines better than yours” is because they are shitting their pants and dont want to loose consumers with the wiiU.