Jun 27th, 2014


A few days ago we reported that president Satoru Iwata would miss his annual shareholders meeting with Nintendo because of recovery from a surgery for a growth on his bile duct. Despite being absent from that meeting, Nintendo’s board of directors have re-elected Iwata as their president for another year.

The approval rating at which Iwata was ushered into another year at the company’s head hasn’t been released yet, but Nintendo’s strong showing at E3 and the impending release of Super Smash Bros. on both Nintendo 3DS and Wii U probably has shareholders at ease for now, since Iwata’s long-term plan for the Wii U is finally unfolding.

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  • smash420

    mother fu…………. hfaha

  • TheBrainJemin

    I put all my fate in Iwata. I know he won’t let us down!

    • jjbredesen

      Yeah, he has shown that he can do a good job, and he has really been trying lately to turn the situation around, so for now i say he can keep his job, and i trust that he will do a good job!

    • Marioman21

      I am also happy he is back. Under him Nintendo has had 3 of it’s most successful devices in the ds, Wii, and 3ds. I remember in 2009 one of the business magazines rated him as the world’s 4th best CEO.

  • ScorpFrix

    Heck yeah. Iwata Is the best!

  • Ony

    This is for you Iwata haters <3

  • jjbredesen
    • Juan Benitez


    • Peter Lythaby

      Lol. Good one

    • MerryBlind .

      Yeah he’s got plenty of bananas for both of them!

    • Rinslowe

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          At least he’s kind enough to allow for preparation… I guess?

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      Donkey Kong approves …… ROFLOL

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  • Yousif Alromaithi

    Great thing Mr Iwata. I never doubted your leadership but please give Reggie the American headquarters back. Please add him in smash also to make it better. Put you and him together to see who is better once and for all.

    • MerryBlind .

      Both Reggie and Iwata are already confirmed to be playable in Smash since you can play as Miis just like they did at e3. All you need is their Mii avatars.

      • Yousif Alromaithi

        Awesome. Looks like I am downloading their mii avatars.

      • Can’t play Mii’s online though thank god.

        • MerryBlind .

          Really? Are you sure about that? I know you can’t with custom movesets online, but I didn’t know Miis couldn’t be played online either….

          • Yes I am sure about that. Sakurai said so in the Round Table at E3 that wasn’t streamed. They cant be used in the “With Anyone” Online mode. Against friends online you can use them but not against random people. thank god cause Mii’s don’t fucking belong in Smash Bros and if they were allowed online everyone would be using damn Mii’s.


            “Like other customizable fighters, Mii fighters cannot be used in “With Anyone” online modes, but are usable offline and in online friend matches – citing “bullying issues” as the
            reason for this change.”

          • MerryBlind .

            Yeah I verified after reading your comment, you’re right. Oh well… I don’t really care since I probably won’t be playing as them much.

          • Mhm. I’m almost always right.

    • Reggie is still COO of Nintendo Of America…Sure Iwata is “above his position” but Reggie is still in command basically.

      • Yousif Alromaithi

        That is what i want to hear but people say Reggie should be the CEO of Nintendo. Where this makes me wonder why. Since Nintendo is basically a Japanese company.

        • Reggie wouldn’t be the global president. It would be some other Japanese guy.

  • Juan Benitez

    Iwata for President FTW!!!!!!!!

  • Sdudyoy

    Phew, I really like Iwata, and even though there are a lot of people that want him to step down, I’m really glad he is still president!

  • Mike

    *Internally screaming in joy*

  • majora :D

    Well if this guy didn’t kick him last year, it would be incredibly stupid to kick him now. GG Iwata, kick some hater’s ass

    • Rinslowe

      That’s cool. But what do the bananas have to do with anything?

    • Zanzama

      “The approval rating at which Iwata was ushered into another year at the company’s head hasn’t been released yet” for a good reason

  • uPadWatcher

    Hail to the Chief, HATERS!!!!!!


    So much for the “Fire Iwata” smear campaign….

  • Thedude

    What the fuck. How? Will someone assassinate him already?

    • MerryBlind .

      Iwata sure isn’t perfect, but he has done more good than bad to the company.

      • Thedude

        How come there’s no nintendo games on ps4 then?

        • MerryBlind .

          Because that wouldn’t be good for the company.

        • Daniel Carvalho

          Alright, let’s see how your logic would benefit Nintendo.

          Q.1.) Why do consumers get Nintendo home consoles?
          A: For Nintendo 1st and 2nd parties, exclusive titles!

          Q.2.) What would happen if Nintendo’s exclusive titles went for PS4?
          A: Those who buy a Nintendo home console for the exclusives and a Sony or Microsoft for the 3rd party titles wouldn’t even bother spending US$300 on a Nintendo console if they can get the same “exclusives” on the console they already have.

          Q.3.) Wouldn’t that bring more money to Nintendo?
          A: The Nintendo magic revolves around doing more with a different hardware they themselves create. If they were to be forced to work on a hardware they haven’t built, and that is basically just the same as every other hardware out there, their games would fall on stagnation and lose their relevance on the market. That would be Nintendo’s true doom!

          Q.4) But fans want it!
          A: No, haters want it. Those who don’t want to get a Nintendo console afraid their friends will think they’re “children”, yet keep complaining their PS4’s and Xbone’s can’t run Mario, those are the ones who want play Nintendo games the most. If they want it so bad, then they should just get a Wii U!

        • Because the number 4 hasn’t turned blue yet. I thought you knew that, dude.

    • Yes.. Murder… That’s the answer.

  • Daniel Carvalho

    Glad to see he’ll be in command for one more year. His strategy for the following year has proven to be well received by both consumers and investors, it would be really stupid not having him as president after that.

    I know a lot of people think it’s time Nintendo switched presidents, but all those people have been looking at is his latest failures. Iwata has proven to be the best Nintendo has to offer with the success the DS, Wii and 3DS have been, it would be no different with the Wii U – as long as he understood what had been keeping it from selling, which, after seeing this year’s E3, seems like he fully understands!

    Looking forward for what Iwata can do this year to the Wii U, now that he’ll be in charge for a little longer. Waiting for the next Nintendo Direct!

  • HydePark1980

    I guess the board realized what any person with common sense would realize…….ousting Iwata would just magically spike Wii U sales.

    • Gameonfool

      Exactly, also Nintendo had one of their most successful generations under his watch DS/Wii now they struggle slightly everyone say he should leave. I think he could turn it around.

    • abe

      and any new guy who isn’t Miyamoto/Reggie would be under such pressure to make a profit would do something silly like sell IP/ Multiformat/ mobile

  • Ducked

    I know some people were hoping for Reggie to become president of Nintendo, but the guy isn’t ready yet. Please understand.

    • RyuNoHadouken

      They will never have an American president

    • Yousif Alromaithi

      Reggie is American who is actually Japanese. But still they can have him as president. I wish they do.

      • Since when has Reggie Fils-Aime ever been actually Japanese? He’s of Haitian descent, born in New York.

        • Rinslowe

          Yeah that was pretty um… hmmm….

  • J_Joestar

    They must have seen what Mario did to Reggie in Smash during the digital event and realized it wouldn’t be a good idea to knock Iwata out.

  • TheAnimal Fleming

    He still president get over it

  • David


  • Shagrath1983

    A shame Reggie and Satoru were banned from the Wii U daily comments I would have liked to hear from them first hand 🙂

    • Rinslowe


  • Roadkill409

    Good, he is doing just fine.

  • Joe

    Delighted for him.. He will eventually get quicker at turning things around I think people are too harsh on him it can’t be easy to make everyone happy especially with how different japan, Europe and US are.

  • Rinslowe

    There was no way he was getting the chop at this stage. A lot of people want him to step down. But just as many people don’t. And that’s just public perception.
    I’m on the fence right now really. I think it would be premature to ask for new leadership at this point…

    • C4

      I feel like they need new leadership while at the same time Iwata stays CEO. Iwata leaving will cause new problems in public perception. They need good people next to him who can have a say in things.

      • Rinslowe

        Not to mention, making their current issues someone else’s problem to fix really bad timing, lol. It would make things a lot worse, I’d wager. As they’ve already committed to recent strategies. No time to waste really. If new leadership kept to those commitments then it would make the act of replacing Iwata redundant. If they introduced new strategies, they’d be 12 or more months too late.
        I say it’s a safe bet. Iwata is here to stay until the next generation at least.

      • Joey Hurwitz

        they NEED something i gotta say I LOVE NINTENDO so many great memories in gaming for me.That being said i was listening to IGN’s Nintendo Voice Chat and i was kinda sad and disappointed basically all we have this year is on Wiiu is Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Brothers thats it and Heaven help Wiiu if Zelda slips out of 2015 nothing else big was announced Zelda looks amazing an open world Zelda game sounds amazing and splatoon sounds like fun too and on 3ds all we have left this year is Super Smash Brothers and FIFA 15 which shocked me but Nintendo needs to start working on getting more games out its crazy Zelda will sell but in 2015 you cant go against PS4 and its uncharted 4 that will be another masterpiece and all their first party games with just 1 big game in 2015 Nintendo would get killed im scared going forward in 2015 it might be as bare as it is this year PS4 will release like 50 games to Wiiu maybe 15 games its not even close MK8 sold so well cause Nintendo fans are dying for games on the system yes its a great game but come on Nintendo we want games this system has been out for almost 2 years lets get going

  • Shaise

    NOOOOO!!!! NO NO NO! Unhappy.


    I’m very happy to hear this! The same guy who made the Wii and DS super successful, the one who made a massive turn around with the 3DS, the guy behind the idea of having Nintendo Directs, the guy behind the idea of fusing their handheld and console teams (both on hardware and software) for the future in order to minimize game gaps……………. will still be president of Nintendo.

    THANK YOU!!!

  • Nintendo Of North Korea

    Congratulations, Iwata! Glad to see you back!

  • jhell


  • Ace

    Ooooh god. -_- This just made my day.

  • Zanzama
    • linkzero65

      Iwata: You’re next…:)

  • DavidMCano1

    Despite being absent from that meeting, Nintendo’s board of directors have re-elected Iwata as their president for another year. http://to.ly/zX0T

    • Thedude

      No shit? That’s what the article said.

  • Wildman

    I believe he does way more good things than bad for Nintendo. Expanding the company into more blue oceans.

  • Petri

    They didn’t announce how many Wii U’s they sold?

  • Obviously the shareholders decided he has earned a 2nd chance due to his E3 plan. It seems Iwata has changed for the most part for the better, though the question is can he stay on the right track now? As long as he focuses on the core fans and not on trying to gain casual kids he should be alright.

  • AM Real

    This is great news…screw all the haters who wanted to oust him…

  • KH

    Great! After this E3 he truly showed that he truly knows how to turn the Wii U around, and that Nintendo had a bright future ahead of it, with both of their consoles, and the Amiibos. It is truly good to know that all of that payed off, and that he is there for another year, another year for Iwata, and another year we will not have to worry about Nintendo doing games for smartphones, instead they will do something to bring people to the consoles with the complimentary apps.

    But sure, lets just hope that now that he is safe till next year, he doesn’t turns off from Wii/DS Beast Mode, in which he is, and the company returns to the era of no advertizement.

    So congrats, Iwata-sama, and I send directly to you my best wishes for your fast recovery *does “directly to you” hand gesture*

  • anthony optimo

    I beat Earthbound today and saw that Iwata was programmer and co-producer.

  • Gudleifson

    I actually like Satoru, i think the is a fitting president for nintendo!

  • Makes sense. They wouldn’t let him go in the start of a new initiative. Besides, he’s goofed on the Wii U. But he still brought the company success with Wii, DS, and 3DS. And like it or not, Nintendo keeps their leadership positions pretty internally. They’re not going to ever have someone who hasn’t worked with the company in Japan for a long time lead the helm. His position is quite safe. I just hope his newer initiative proves better for the Wii U.

    • Though, if things came to it, I’d say any next president potential would be Eiji Aonuma. He’s the closest to someone like Iwata, in that he started with the company and has become a trusted veteran. And even if Iwata someday lost the president position, I don’t think Nintendo would get rid of him. He’d probably serve as a supervisor or something.

  • Joey Hurwitz

    Iwata is the one holding back Nintendo this is great news for a company like Sony dont get me wrong i love Nintendo too i play my PS4 the most but i also have a 3dsxl and a WiiU but i doubt that Sony is shaking in its boots afterall look at sales it took Sony around 5 months to get sales on its PS4 that it took WiiU around 18 months to get and this is with the PS4 being in limited supplies and not alot of games for the PS4 Nintendo is now stuck with a so called next gen console that nobody wants to make games for and EVERYONE is going over to Sony and Microsoft to put their games on PS4 and Xbox One Nintendo NEEDS to stop being so cheap and skimping on features just to keep the price where they want it the WiiU is barely more powerful then a Xbox 360 it cant compete with a PS4 I love the gameplay of Nintendo franchise games like Mario,Mario Kart,Metroid,Zelda,Super Smash Brothers,etc but i want more i want new ip’s i want a better Nintendo Network i want Nintendo to work on bringing games such as GTA 5,COD,Battlefield,etc to WiiU I mean the Wiiu is basically dead MK8 and Super Smash Brothers wont save WiiU in 2014 they will still be in last place with Sony leading by a country mile if this continues 32GB is so silly for a next gen console Sony and Microsoft would get killed if they ever tried that Nintendo needs to bring out a new system by E3 2016 or they may end up like Sega just making games cause right now the WiiU is DEAD

    • great deku tree

      Well I wouldn’t blame the poor sales of wii us on things like the power of the wii u or the graphics because most gamers don’t really care a lot about graphics as long as the games are great. the wii is a good example since it sold more than any of the other last gen consoles.

      personally, I’d say it was due to poor marketing and releasing the console a year early. When the wii u first released no one knew what on earth it was. in fact even now in the UK loads of people had no idea what it is due to rubbish marketing. people assume the gamepad is simply another controller for the wii. Also, if Nintendo had waited until the same release date as the other consoles then they would have had WAY MORE games available to buy on launch than the PS4/xbone as well as the fact that people who were taking interest in the next gen consoles would have seen the wii u alongside the others.

      Also, when you say that the wii u is just more powerful than the last gen consoles, you’re talking about the best looking games ever made for those consoles at the end of their lifespan which is when they’re at their best. take a look at the first of the ps3 games such as assassins creed 1 and you’ll see there’s a big difference compared to now.

      3rd party developers aren’t dodging the wii u because it’s not powerful enough for their games, otherwise they wouldn’t be making the same games for the ps3/xb360. the problem is that there isn’t a large enough install base so they’re losing money porting games to the wii u.

  • David Trail

    Eat dirt haters!

  • Iflywright

    Shareholders are pleased in understanding.

  • Aspettandogears

    nice job !

    • blarf

      console games that will be better on pc*

      • David Trail

        You are retarded. Why miss so many of the good exclusives coming out for Wii U?

        • blarf

          Then that makes you twice as retarded. I wasnt talking about the wiiU games 😛

        • blarf

          Guess that makes you twice as retarded then. I wasnt talking about WiiU games 😛

    • Shrish Kumar

      Where are these in your list, may I ask????

      • Aspettandogears

        zelda not for 2015

        • Shrish Kumar

          It is there in the trailer, and you are saying it is not for 2015.
          I mean, it is understandable if you missed it the first time but you couldn’t even do a quick google before replying.

  • Jonathan Robitaille

    I personally think he needs to go. I know that is shocking coming from a supposed ‘fanboy’. I feel he was ill prepared for the 3ds. He made the same mistakes with the Wii U. He said no to Skylanders, has failed to get Minecraft, didn’t put a blu ray player with Wii U, Wii Mini, no dual accounts, pathetic VC, Wii U name, loss of pretty much all 3rd party, HD somehow took them by surprise, their online has been abysmal and the stock price has plummeted. All that adds up to a job NOT well done. He had his day and he got pretty lucky with the wii fad. But Wii U should have dropped a year earlier with a different name and there should have been more games especially considering the exact same thing happened with the 3ds launch. I can almost guarantee that if the Wii U fails to sell much better he will not be around next year. No way will they allow him to spearhead the next console/handheld generation.

  • john

    It’s rare to find a head honcho in a big company willing to take a 50% pay cut when things aren’t going well. That counts for something to me. And whatever he’s doing now, I like it, because I have a lot of games to play and I’ll have a lot more to play in the future.

  • Elitepwnsface


    -I expect more of this to happen. I sure hope i don’t have to wipe the dust of my console to many times before Zelda U comes out.

  • Dylan Groot

    Why are people excited that Iwata is president again? He’s slowly but surely running the company into the ground. How about some fresh blood huh?

    • Decker Shado

      Personally, I’m happy to see Iwata back simply because the hundreds of people I’ve seen call for him to be fired, have no plan whatsoever as to whom they think should replace him. “Fresh blood” is not a plan. You’ll be surprised how quickly fresh blood can run a company into the ground.

  • Epicstuf

    I bet they just re elected him to feel sorry for him during the surgury.