Jan 20th, 2014


It’s no secret that Nintendo is going through a transition. While Wii U sales were up during the holidays, they’ve plummeted since. In addition, the company had to lower its sales forecast for the 2013 fiscal year from 9 million to 2.8 million units and its stock price recently fell by 17 percent.

Even though the company is posting its third annual loss in a row, CEO Satoru Iwata says he won’t step down as President. With so much negativity surrounding Nintendo, analysts have speculated that the Wii U might be the company’s last console. There’s even been talk of Nintendo licensing its software, which would bring some of the company’s historic franchises to different platforms.

In spite of all of the hearsay, the Wall Street Journal notes that Nintendo isn’t leaving the console business just yet, so don’t expect to see Mario games on smartphones anytime soon — well, legally that is.

“The spread of smart devices does not spell the end of game consoles,” said Iwata at a news conference last Friday. “The key is to figure out a way to use smartphones to make people aware of Nintendo’s games, and encourage them to try out the console version of the games.”

“It doesn’t mean that we should put Mario on smartphones,” he stressed.

Nintendo has reportedly been beefing up its research and development budget, and Nintendo claims to have surprises in store for the future.

So, it looks like Nintendo and the Wii U will be staying in the console business for the foreseeable future. This is definitely good news for all Nintendo fans, and Wii U owners.

[via WSJ]

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  • FackMaaii

    IF and I say IF Nintendo ever decided to leave the console market and be software only, I’d rather see their franchises on other gaming consoles and PC.. NOT smart devices. But I’m sure when they say that they’re not leaving the console market, they got something special to show (Or at least I hope so)

    • brian0057

      I think I read somewhere that if Nintendo ever goes under, they would rather see theis IP’s burn than port them to other systems (said in a more gentle way). But I can be wrong.

    • Jonathan Dogey

      I would never buy mario on a smartphone because I can’t play mario on those touch screens. I would just keep wishing it was a on a Nintendo handheld.

      • triplegamer3K .

        I can’t up-vote this post enough.
        touch controls are what will always make Nintendo Superior.
        Until i get an iphone with a built in d-pad,it’s no deal.

  • Sdudyoy

    This all comes to no surprise to me.

    • Decker Shado

      Yep. I myself just had a rant on Facebook yesterday when a friend posted an article about how Nintendo will go 3rd party. I’m thinking of making a video for my YouTube channel, because a frightening thought has come to mind…

      Despite it being obvious Nintendo is far, far, FAR from doomed, “nintendo is doomed” articles seem to actually increase. Yes, the Wii U is struggling, but why do the outlets fan the flames of controversy, while ignoring any good points Nintendo has to offer?

      Now I feel like a bona-fide conspiracy theorist…

      What if the best way to keep people from buying a Wii U… is convincing them that they’ll be playing Mario 3D world on PS4 in a year?

      • Erik

        Oh please do so! We need someone to at least speak or have a brain to say that they are far from being out of the game. I for one would NEVER want Nintendo letting it go to mobile or other consoles. I just wish that arm chair analysts can at least shut up and stop talking about money for once and wait. Its already been ONE year and now people are going ape about it saying that its done for or needs to be 3rd party. EVERY single business and others WILL go that same route and is not PERFECT, plus the media should shut up about it too and just learn to be patient and THEN speak up. What has this world come to :/?

      • Random12multi

        Rumor is circulating that Microsoft + Sony have it out for Nintendo atm. Edit: Along with E.A. since they pretty much have both Sony and Microsoft under it’s moneywhore belt

  • Deadpool U

    Of course anyone who thinks Nintendo will stop making consoles anytime soons should

  • dragoon3646

    One way I could see Nintendo going, is to make demo like games for free on smart phones and tablets that promote WiiU/3DS games. Parents will download them because it’s free, children and adults will get a taste of what Nintendo is all about and when it comes Christmas time, as people are shopping they’ll say hey this console has those games their children/family like. It could work, at the end of each smart phone demo it could say “Get lots more fun on WiiU” just to get people more aware

    • Decker Shado

      While that would be pretty awesome, I’m not too optimistic about it.. Not until there are a LOT more demos available on Nintendo’s own eShop.

      • NintendoNoob

        I wish there was a demo for every game, sure it’d take a while but it’d give sooo much more potential to future sales, I’m on the border of buying a couple Wii U games but I cannot find their game booths anywhere and I don’t think it’s the same experience to see other people play it, I want to experience it myself

    • Shota

      eshop app to promote 3ds/wii u. good thinking there

  • Robinson Dantas Camila Oliveir

    It’s easyer SONY TO declines console market and microsoft too.

  • NintendoNoob

    Ps3 sold poorly in the beginning, look at it now
    Xbox 360 sold poorly too, look at that now
    Nintendo 3ds sold poorly, look at that now
    Ps Vita sold poorly, it’s doing a lot better now
    Nintendo will never leave the console space, instead of giving up on a project they work to fix it.

    • dragoon3646

      A lot of video game journalist want Nintendo to fail in hopes that they go 3rd party. But what if instead of going 3rd party they just quit. No more Mario, Zelda, Metroid, or Donkey Kong. Those Journalist would then be crying their eyes out about why Nintendo abandon them, after they threw Nintendo under the bus over the past few years.

      • NintendoNoob

        I honestly think if Nintendo really did have to quit making consoles they would drop the game business and find a new one. They would never, EVER sell their products on another platform. Especially PlayStation since they used to be partners

        • dragoon3646

          Exactly! People need to realize if they don’t support Nintendo as a hardware company then Nintendo may just go out of the gaming industry all together feeling people Don’t want Mario anymore.

        • That guy who hates Spike

          The Japanes market really doesn’t have that much of a disrespect for eachother. Because keep in mind, Nintendo does partner with Sony in little ways.
          For example, Nintendo Video had a partnership with 3net. A channel owned partly by Sony.
          They will do whatever gives them revenue, as Sega did. Nintendo wouldn’t be that stubborn to not go for a platform that is run by a new group of people than the ones that tricked Nintendo in the 90s.
          After all, Sega had no problem, Hudson had no problem, Atari had no problem, why would SEGA do so either?

        • Michael Dierlam

          Nintendo is NEVER going to just let Mario, Zelda, etc. sit around and not make money for their investors, even if that means putting them on other consoles. At the end of the day, investors make big decisions like that. If the CEO wastes a great opportunity to make a return on investment, he will be fired and the board will find someone who will make money with those valuable assets (Mario, Zelda, DK, etc.).

      • That guy who hates Spike

        What citations do you have for such a bold comment?

        • dragoon3646

          Listen to anything Michael Pachter says about nintendo if your looking for citations. lol

          • That guy who hates Spike

            Pachter is one man, not “a lot of journalists”. He doesn’t want Nintendo to fail. He thinks it’s best for Nintendo to leave the first party space, in order to gain more revenue. Pachter is a fan of Nintendo games, and even details it in this article.

            Also, if Nintendo goes 3rd party, keep in mind that is not failure. In my mind Nintendo has succeeded, and continues to succeed. If they drop manufacturing consoles, that is the end of one phase of success and into another, different phase.

          • Alex

            Are you really sure? Watch this first. http://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=g-subs-u&v=61DJlKFZpQE

          • disqus_Dk6KM2972y

            pacther is an idiot.

    • LordiMcKill

      The Vita sold poorly? No change there then.

      • xdrewxnl

        That’s a good point! You don’t hear anyone saying it’s over for Sony. They got a huge success on their hands with PS4, but they are really struggling with the Vita. A slip up and the industry thinks it’s over for them… drives me nuts!

        • LordiMcKill

          And Sony are in much worst financial trouble than Nintendo has ever been but as long as PS4 sales are high no one will think twice that Sony are in trouble with anything else.

          Yet Sony’s proplem is also commitment, i mean when was the last major Vita release that wasn’t a 3rd Party title. It’s becoming to much like the PS Move. Once Sony realised that it was a commercial failure they barely made a move with it (pun intended) and now it’s pretty much dead in the water.

    • Justagamer

      I can agree with all of that except for the Vita..It’s only sold around 6 million 3ds way more but maybe the vita will turn around who knows

    • Rukiafan Rukiachan

      ”’wata reaffirms that Nintendo is not leaving the console space”

      Off course …They’re still make more money than Sony or Xbox division.

    • Super Buu

      That’s the thing. You’d think these analysts who are paid to do their job would do research on Nintendo and realize that they do not have any plans to go third party if they die rather than just wishing their death for a dream that will never come true. I do my best to leave profanity out of my comments but FUCK analysts!

      • Gameonfool

        Well ninty fans sorry but game over

    • Levi Johansen

      It really is ridiculous how they talk about Nintendo.

      Sony has had 10x as big problems and there was no talk of the CEO stepping down then, not as far as I can remember anyway.

      This is just the result of bitter analysts who’ve been wrong so many times that they see it as their mission to make sure Nintendo has a reputation as being a company on the verge of bankruptcy.

      It’s working, but Nintendo will never disappear!

    • Marcus Larsson

      Didn’t the ps3 sell like 10 million consoles in one year?

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Another one of those ridiculous comparisons. A short explanation why its a bad one:

      – PS3 600$ / Wii U 300$
      – technological superior / technological inferior
      – 10 years cycle / 5 years cycle
      – 3rd party support / no support
      – Backed with PS2 (150M) Games still made for PS2 / Backed with nothing (No games is made for Wii anymore)

      Should be enough to cllect some downvotes for being honest.

      • Simon Stevens

        The Wii U has tanked so far due to Nintendo’s outdated ideas first and for most, forcing a big tablet controller on consumers is a terrible idea, almost but not quite as bad as forcing the kinnect on people, Personally, I like the gamepad, but I can understand how it would be off putting for some, and honestly, if they could have given me a keyboard, mouse combo with flash player instead to enjoy web browsing, I would have preferred that and maybe at some point would have bought the gamepad as an accessory.

        I have no problem with the graphics limitations although I can understand why 3rd party developers would, though most 3rd party developers bring it on themselves, EA have to be a prime example, releasing Fifa 12 on a brand new console and branding it as 13 doesn’t exactly set a good trend, they should have launched it without the gamepad as it was and thought long and hard about what they should call their new console, at least it would have had a chance at launching a lot cheaper and being more value for money than it is currently.

        Another reason is all the hate and criticism it gets, some publicity hate is well deserved, most I feel is just out of spite and some kind of vendetta against the company, probably doesn’t help how you don’t have to look for articles anymore, google something and take your pick, can’t help new customers researching into buying it.

        The only reason Iwata won’t walk is due to how well the 3DS is doing currently, if that ever starts drying up, I’d expect swift action against him, I don’t think we will see another dedicated home console again from Nintendo, maybe a handheld and micro console version of the handheld but I can’t see them ever keeping up with everybody else.

        As for the PS3, you’ve made me want to turn mine on again and play through some old PS2 games, one thing I instantly noticed between the 2 was Wii games were touted to look better on the Wii U and to my eyes, it looks worse, but on the PS3, I played through Dragon Quest VIII and the differences were just incredible.

        I would be surprised at this point if the Wii U sold more than the Gamecube, hopefully it’ll still get the support never the less.

      • MrMistermister

        …you are so biased it’s not even funny.

        • Deadpool U

          Yeah by this point we shouldn’t even try with him.

        • Simon Stevens

          Be fair, he’s not wrong, at the time the ps3 came out, it boasted blu ray, it was the cheapest blu ray player on the market, buying the ps3 at that price was a steal because you got a games console and a blu ray player, plus the specs were very high and mighty next to the other guys, ps2 still had games pumping out for it left right and center, there hasn’t been a new Wii game now since the Wii U came out, even then it must have been months since I last saw one, hardly biased, just the facts unfortunately, the Wii U did a lot of things wrong….. the gamepad is great as a an accessory, toilet as a necessity as it stands out like a sore thumb from everything else, I didn’t even want the most powerful system, couldn’t care less about it being the least powerful and not getting huge chunks of asshole third party bs, but what I did want…. was a simple setup of a games console, Nintendo games and one comfy ass gamecube style controller, Nintendo just don’t get it 🙁

      • Rich Garriques

        your pathetic why do you come on a nintendo forum to keep proving to people nintendo is this and that your such a loser. no one cares about your opinion the very fact that you keep making these dumb comments about nintendo shows your just being a troll

    • John Andalora

      Here’s the thing though.

      By this time in the PS3’s life, it sold 10 million units.

      Xbox 360 sold 7.6.

      3DS had 15 million in it’s first year.

      And I think that the PS Vita was on par, and people say that console is a failure too.


      I’m not saying that Wii U sales indicate failure, but this argument of “The old consoles sold worse, but look at them now” doesn’t really work anymore. 3 of the 4 consoles listed did far better in terms of sales, and the 4th people are calling a failure from its first and second years.

      And to anyone who mentions “Well, it was a different time,” I would then ask you why bring this argument up if you only intend to destroy it by showing how comparing the two doesn’t work?

  • Daniel Carvalho

    We all know what Nintendo needs to do right now to revert the Wii U situation. ADVERTISE LIKE CRAZY!

    • victor

      The time to create a commercial hype around the console is gone now. Nintendo needs to do this the hard way and that is by making games people most have. Advertise the games not the console.

      • Daniel Carvalho

        I know, right? Nintendo should be putting Super Mario 3D World commercials in every channel, Bayonetta 2, Assassin’s Creed IV, Ninja Gaiden 3 commercials on 16+ programs like CSI, Law and Order, and so on. Put Wii Sports Club on the morning when children are watching cartoons, and start working with football, basket games to make the Wii U known to those who don’t really care much about video games.

        All they have are infomercials, showing children talking to their parents on about how they need a Wii U to bring the family closer. They never show the console being used or any of its games during those ads! How are people going to decide what games they’re gonna buy or even if it compensates getting a Wii U if they don’t show anything of it?

        I don’t know what kind of reason Nintendo has to advertise poorly like that, but it’s past time they changed that!

  • Brandon

    I really think they should make some sort of attachment to boost the wii u’s power or come out with some software that people really like to see. For me it would be pokemon thats what would make me buy the console again. They also need more 3rd party support.

    • Skelterz

      what are talking about you idiot.

  • Jonathan Dogey

    That’s fine if they don’t leave the console business….just nintendo please don’t make another console to replace wii u. Just commit to it.

  • Shinigami King

    Hopefully by “beefing up its research and development budget” nintendo can brighten its future and find many more consumers for the wii U.

  • LevenThumps

    I never understand the people who want Nintendo to leave the console market and publish their games for other consoles. If you want to play their games so much, you should buy their system.

  • Donaald
    • Mario

      Even if Nintendo is “doomed”, one thing’s for sure, if they’re going down, they’re going down with a fight. Got it people?

      • It’s not going down. Nintendo has hardly ever made loss. They are still the market leader with the 3DS and selling more than the competition. If Wii U is struggling a bit, heck then support it. It’s the biggest Nintendo console yet, so what’s not there to like? It rocks, just buy it already!

        • Mario

          Um… I do have the WiiU. And you’re right. IT ROCKS!!

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Nintendo isnt doomed. Not even close. But the Wii U finds itself in a really thight spot here. But Nintendo will survive that. Dont worry.

    • Deadpool U

      The Docter is always right too bad he has to deal with people like blackb0nd.

      • Rinslowe

        blackbondage = youtube charlatan… you give him too much credit already just mentioning his name…
        Lol, that actually makes two of us!

        • Deadpool U

          Yeah can you actually believe he tried to say that anyone who owns a HDTV but don’t care about graphics are hypocrites?

  • Heaven on Earth

    If nintendo exited the industry gaming would never be the same they are the most creative company that is out hit or miss they always have the best ideas and they truly make great games. Critics always say that Nintendo makes weak consoles with poor technology yet I remember zelda twilight princess and mario galaxy being better than anything the 360 or ps3 made.Wii u is not that bad of a system that critics make it out to be I actually enjoy the gamepad better than the ps4 and xbox one its more convenient with the touchscreen which to me was a brilliant idea regardless of sales as long as they make great games the wii u still will be a good system of choice in my opinion .

    • Mario

      NOTHING would be the same without them. NOTHING!!

      • Heaven on Earth

        I just seen a video clip of mario kart 8 , donkey kong tropical freeze, and smash bros, they are gorgeous in every way imaginable I would not count them out just yet , im looking most forward to zelda wii u.

  • Mario 1983

    Nintendo release a new console that can take on PS4 XBone and the Steam Machines, and learn from the mistakes you have made, and all current Wii U owners should be sent the new console free of charge for their loyalty

    • Impossibru.

    • Kaleb

      But the loyal fans would lose trust in the Nintendo Brand, look what happened to Sega, they lost their fans trust releasing extensions and new systems before the life of their previous system was over. Look where they are now? Nintendo can’t do that if they want to keep their fans and remain in the hardware business.

      • LevenThumps

        Exactly. This is why Nintendo will not drop the WiiU in a few months as some people are speculating. It would hurt them more to drop the WiiU instead of trying to save the system because they would lose the trust of their fans. If Nintendo tries to save the WiiU, they have a chance to save themselves. If Nintendo gives up on the WiiU and releases a new system, they’ve hurt themselves even more.

    • NintendoNoob

      Okay let’s see…
      Wii U owners: 4,000,000
      New Nintendo console: $500-600
      Plus cost of new console development and games: $40,000,000,000
      Loss of sales with the discontinued Wii U and MK8, SSB, Zelda, all those IPs needing to be rerouted for New Nintendo Console: $25,000,000,000
      Total cost: Over $67,000,000,000
      Yeah, Nintendo would have to be run by 5 year olds to do that

    • triplegamer3K .

      What if they bought the console pre-owned?

    • Deadpool U
  • FutureFox

    Not sure who else knows this but I’ll post here anyway, after a little research I just learned Scott Moffitt is the head guy in marketing for NoA. Many people have speculated Nintendo’s marketing of the Wii U was in a word: bad. This guy Moffitt is pretty new to the NoA team and I think that inexperience in this market is part of the problem that harmed the console. The other being slow turn-out of games.

    In contrast, Reggie was the head of marketing for the Wii for NoA. He was also responsible for introducing the Big New Yorker pizza for Pizzahut which was gaming fuel for me.

  • Josie the Sketcher

    AT LAST! Some great news. I think it’s a little too early for Nintendo to release a new console despite all the negative news about the Wii U. If they release a new console then people won’t trust them anymore. They should think of some device integration (similar to the fit meter) like catching new viruses for Dr Luigi for example or chat with other Nintendo fans online etc

    • That was precisely the mistake Sega made back in the 90s, dropping support for the 32x in favor of launching a new system, the Sega Saturn and shortly after that the story repeated again by dropping support for it in favor of the Dreamcast.

      Look where is Sega now people, Nintendo is not stupid and they won’t release another console, get over it!

      They’ll fix this by releasing AWESOME games just like they did with the 3DS.

  • Richard Branches

    I remember that I stopped playing videogames until I saw the Wii commercials back in 2006… That was actually the reason I started playing videogames again, and the reason was the advertisements and not only by the console, because I saw those commercials over and over again in every TV channel I remember… now with the Wii U I haven’t seen anything!! at least not in latinoamerica!!! what’s going on Nintendo???

    • triplegamer3K .

      The Wii…the Least powerful console is some-how the more powerful game system.I suppose you could say your playing with power,again.

  • Superstick98

    I look at it this way. Nintendo makes some of the best games around so everyone will eventually want to get a Wii U and be able to play these games. I know everybody is all hyped up for PS4 and X1 (heck even I am) but we just cannot deny the truth. Sony and Microsoft’s first party don’t even come close to matching the quality of Nintendo’s. The Wii U’s first party alone is more than enough reason to buy one. And we all remember what happened to the 3DS. Look at it now. It’s dominanting! 😀

    • LordiMcKill

      Just this last week, I went and purchased a Zelda Wii U console, why? Because i’m finding that all the games on the Wii U look fantastic both graphically and gameplay wise. As for the PS4 and the Xbone, none of the games exclusives are really interesting me right now. I’ve never played Killzone, not played InFamous beyond the first one. I’ve been there and done that with all the previous Dead Rising games and I’d get bored of the QTE heavy Ryse and this from someone who, for the most part, play games on the 360 for most of last gen.

      But at the moment, i’m having a fantastic time playing ZombiU & Wind Waker because of the different gameplay values each of them have and thats what i mainly look for in games which Nintendo have been the kings of when it comes to there titles.

      I will get a PS4 eventually but only when they bring something new and fresh to the platform which Sony usually do from time to time.

  • Squid

    Why the heck would this mean the end of Wii U in the first place.

  • Spencer Manigat

    Okay, no where in the article the Iwata “reaffirm that Nintendo is not leaving the console space.” I’m not saying they will, but this article is making stuff up to post the same news with a different title. All Iwata says is that there’s no need to put Mario on mobile. He does;t say or imply anywhere in this article that “Nintendo does not plan on leaving the console space.” Which is exactly what anyone who sees the article’s title is expecting to read about. I hate shady journalism like this. “Iwata reaffirms that Mario on mobile will not help to solve Nintendo’s financial woes” is a far more appropriate title.

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Happens often on this site.

  • LordiMcKill

    Nintendo will bounce back, they always do. They just need to market the console to a dedicated audience than just casual families.

    Also, they need to release games that are more tailored to an audience that the Wii U was originally designed for as Reggie once famously quoted ‘It’s a Wii for yoU’.

  • Brandon

    Even with its great titles the wii u still disappoints me for reason being is that now i have a ps4 its just been collecting dust like my 360. To be honest i blame the lack of games that i have for it but when i do play it, its when im playing with my family. As the type of gamer I am the wii u is not for me but its really just for the 1st party games that i would play it. Other then that it just doesnt have what the other two consoles offer.

    • zajac1661

      I was quite happy for Black Flag and Arkham Origins to be released on the WiiU. I disagree that the PS4 should make the WiiU justified to collect dust. If there is a console with a boring game catalogue at this time, it would be the PS4. I dropped the idea of buying a PS4 at this state, because my wii has a bigger game catalogue… with that said, im actually using my PC most, for gaming situations.

  • Jacob ‘Whit’ Whitaker

    They need to put Miyamoto in charge of smartphone development. He’d come up with some brilliant mini-games, which could be based on all sorts of Nintendo’s IP. They’d sell very well, and it’ll be a great carrot to lure people into the full Nintendo experience.

  • Justagamer

    Nintendo will be fine..Sorry haters..Nintendo is not going anywhere

  • William Martinez

    Nintendo games should keep on nintendo consoles to the end of times, i don’t wanna play nintendo games on xbox or ps, let alone on smartphones, Wii U is not the most powerful machine but the experience it offers is amazing, specially 3d world or pikmin 3 those 2 are excellent, btw 2 days ago y played wii sports club with 3 other people and nintendo land with 4, and they didn’t wanna stop playing and leave the house 🙂

    • It’s the most powerful Nintendo console ever made.

      • William Martinez

        that’s true, the wii didn’t really attract me because its library of games was kinda odd, Wii U changed my mind and i love it, also nintendo games in hd is totally awesome.

  • bugart19

    It looks like times have changed a little, all new systems have gone through some sells problems initially, but reputable companies like Nintendo, can rebound quite well as NIntendo has been in the console business for over 30 years now.

  • Rinslowe

    The only places talking about licensing out software is in comment sections of gaming websites like this one. No-one in Nintendo has any intention to do so and neither did they ever have any intention to do so…

    Let us not sensationalise things that were never validated nor that which can never, or never will be validated – due to being totally made up.

  • matt

    WiiU after this year will be in the lead sales wise..in france alone there are 10 million gamers that want Mariokart 8 work it out…..

  • matt

    And when ps4 is lagging way behind sales wise all of a suden sales isn’t everything ????

  • James060394

    It’s sad. The people calling for Nintendo’s first party games to go 3rd party are probably young and think “well Sega did it”. Sega aren’t doing so well financially and when was the last time they made a decent Sonic game? Nintendo has money yes, but they make more money with consoles and the games on their own hardware are nice, plus competitiveness in the market.

    Nintendo just need to get the Wii U marketed much better and iron out the kinks that it falls behind in compared to other consoles such as not having an account system. Heck, maybe in some twisted way they may even be able to put in a small DVR feature. They were the first console to allow screenshots so it wouldn’t surprise me and I wouldn’t count Nintendo out just yet.

    The day Mario, Zelda and Samus are on a PS or Xbox is the day I quit consoles for good.

    • FutureFox

      They need to hire the adverts who do the iPad and Google Play commercials. They speak more about how people use the devices on an emotional level. Nintendo is more about the gaming experience than raw tech specs, so they should echo that sentiment in their ads.

  • nexxus6

    Who actually thought that Nintendo was going to abandon the console business or pull the plug on the WiiU? I guess we live in the times of everyone getting to express their knee-jerk reactions on the internet. Someone needs to get Iwata’s message out to all those on their rooftops getting ready to jump because they are convinced that Nintendo is doomed before it is too late.

  • Aleks

    Glad to hear it Iwata. Im so tired of hearing how Nintendo should put their games on ipads, smartphones and other home consoles. The WiiU is failing where ps4 and even microtransactionsofts machine are succeeding. So, its not a bad thing being a home console. It is, however, bad to have a console NOT cutting edge enough for the tons of third parties that would then develop for your system. Also WiiU is to blame for no robust online connectivity. The problem is not the name or the game pad either. Make another console in less than 3 years AT LEAST on par with ps4 and x1 with heavy online backbone and YOU WILL RISE AGAIN.

    • nexxus6

      Do you really believe that if Nintendo makes a more powerful machine, that 3rd party developers are going to just jump on board Nintendo’s new system? I don’t think it would work quite that easy.

      • Aleks

        Ofcourse not. If it was in the same league as the other two more advanced systems, it would certainly help, i think. Just a part of the solution. Many upcoming games in modern gaming could not even be ported to the WiiU without it being a major step down graphically or at the very least with a gutting of the games online connectivity. That murders Nintendos cool factor, both last gen and now this one. I support their consoles because i want to play their games. I ALSO, though, want to play distant friends online and talk to them while im playing some of the newest sharpest fastest games in the industry (of home consoles). For me this means im always going to have a Nintendo AND another system. Im ok with that, but i would just prefer a Ninty system that covers alllll bases and still has Nintendos unique flair. I would pay $600 for this. It saves me having a second system, so i shell out the same $ with half the wires and junk.

        • oontz

          “For me this means im always going to have a Nintendo AND another system. Im ok with that, but i would just prefer a Ninty system that covers alllll bases and still has Nintendos unique flair.”

          Exactly how I feel… E X A C T L Y!

          Further more this is the main issue because many families can’t afford more than one console. They’re naturally going to gravitate towards a machine that does it all.

        • Leo

          If Nintendo suddenly make a console even more “powerful” than PS4/XBoxOne does it automatically means that third parties should abandon those other two consoles in favor of Nintendo? Does it automatically means that they MUST work on photorealistic graphic experience? Where does this takes the gaming industry? The graphic race should be take with responsability for the sake of the stability of this industry, otherwise this bubble will eventually blow as it is already happening with many companies going bankrupt as they can’t afford AAA titles without making a substantial profit.

          • Aleks

            I get what you’re saying, but there is ZERO reason that Nintendo isn’t at the forefront of online connectivity and graphics capability. They OWN the crown of game development! I still love the WiiU, and i do expect it to blow up (in a good way) starting this spring, but i really, really want them to be a bit more competitive with their next system. I want my next Nintendo whatever its called to be the big boy on my console shelf for once. Not a second class, barren of games, toy next to my more modern connected system. Nintendo CAN do it, but havent wanted to. They could very easily be the Apple of gaming, but thus far, haven’t wanted to be. I hope that changes. They are such a unique and neccesarry company.

  • Random12multi

    Iwata is basically saying fuck you to the haters

    • Joey

      He was not…

  • pedro rosado

    i dont know who said nintendo would abandon wiiu, that would means the end of nintendo not only wiiu but 3ds as well. besides, they could finacialy support the wiiu selling badly for at least 7 years, so i think it doesnt even make sense to talk about abandoning wiiu

  • Sdudyoy

    The gamecube sold 21.74 million units in It’s six year life span, the Wii U has sold 5.5 million units (According to VGchartz, not sure how accurate they are) ever since the Wii U launched, the Wii U might not be as successful as the Wii, we are comparing the Wii U to the Wii’s success, the Wii sold much better than any of Nintendo’s home consoles, the Wii had motion controls, something that was pretty much unused, it attracted casual gamers, alot of the Wii’s are sitting on people’s shelves never being touched, I personally know someone who bought a Wii at launch and has only used it for Netflix and Wii sports, (There dogs even chewed up one of there Wii remotes and they never cared to buy another one) they just play games on Smartphones and tablets now, plus the Wii launched at 250$ while the PS3 was 500$ and the Xbox 360 was 300$ for the cheapest models, the Wii had brand new motion controls aimed for the Casual audience at a price 50$ lower than It’s competitors cheepest price, not to mention you could play classic Nintendo games on it.

    Nintendo’s best selling console other than the Wii is the NES at 61.91 million units, my point is that Nintendo may not be selling the Wii U as well as the PS4 or XB1 but there not really trying to.

    • It’s been out only over a year. Let’s get back to this after 5 years, OK.

  • You should compare Wii U against other Nintendo consoles for what it can offer, rather than comparing it to Sony’s or Microsoft’s “PC-consoles”. It’s a completely different experience and separate worlds. Wii U is the most powerful and versatile _Nintendo console_ yet! What it can offer is completely different and unique from the competition out there. These are the reasons why we should respect and support it.

  • Josie the Sketcher

    If Nintendo leaves, the video game console industry goes with them. “But we have Sony and Microsoft” most console gamers would say – actually, no, those two are trying to make their consoles become PCs and media centres. They left the pure video game console industry after the PS2 ended. Sure I totally love my PS3 but they don’t focus as much on games as the PS2 and Have any of you noticed that there aren’t as many genre games as there used to be?. PS5 and Xbox “two” would probably even be gaming laptops. So really, WE NEED NINTENDO MORE THAN EVER!!!!

    • Leo

      Those people who want Nintendo out of the business have no idea how important the company is for the gaming industry. Videogames are simply divisions for Sony and Microsoft, if things get ugly those companies wouldn’t think twice before jumping out of the train, their main concern rests on the eletronic general divisions which they are fighting a bigger battle against Apple, Samsung and others. Nintendo is the only hardware company solely based on videogames and without Nintendo the gaming industry would be left in the hands of mega corporations who couldn’t care less to ditch this division if needed.

  • Ony

    I always thought that Nintendo have the situation secretly under control, and they are purposely making crap to force the industry to change or shit.
    That would not be the first time where the minority and/or the one that think a different way than the “bigs” managed to change the whole world.

    Peoples are claiming that the world has changed and Nintendo live in the past. But what if the future of Gaming is to return to the root of it?

  • Gam

    Remember (especially those who want Nintendo to go third party), when (or if?)Nintendo goes down, It’s gonna take EVERYTHING it owns with it. That means Pokemon, Mario, TLOZ, Metroid, DK, Pikmin, Kirby, Kid Icarus, Fire Emblem, Star Fox, Smash Bros., and even Animal Crossing would never see the light. FOREVER.

    Retro? That depends if the employees wants to sink with Nintendo rather than join the dark side of MicroBox/MichalBayBox/MicroSoftner/RedXbox (cause look at what they did to Rare and their franchises) or

    EA/EveryArsehole/EnergeticAssholes/EmptyDiscforAwCrapPayUpMoney (those running EA or handling the money just became corrupt and defies the definition of what a game should be. DAMN YOU NEEDFORSPEEDWORLD YOU WERE A BIG PROMISE).

  • Adrian Byrne

    “surprises in store for the future” if its another new playable character in Donkey Kong am really not interested

    • oontz

      Ha ha

  • Umjereni

    Yes, ps3, xbox360, they sold poorly at the beginning. But that doesn’t mean that wii u will necessarily sell better afterwards. Some games from Nintendo (Mariokart, Zelda) will probably help to raise the number, but that are two games. And the wii u already has great games and it still sell poorly. The problem is that the wii u is comparatively very underpowered and the wii u controller will never make it up for this big omission. So, in one year from now the wii u will be old, yesterday technology. That’s simply a fact. And I’m afraid that more and more developer will simply stop developing a special version of their games that are able to run on the wii u hardware. Another thing is that for some reason the big games simply doesn’t sell well on the wii u. A reason more for big third party companies to abandon the wii u. Once when ubisoft jumps of the ship, wii will stay alone.

  • Gameonfool

    Nice to see the captain not abandon his sinking ship

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Will all the morons out there please give at a rest! Wii U may be in a bad way and the company is losing money but they’ve got billions to fall back on, one bad period isn’t enough to kill the company. And if making a loss was that big of a deal then we’d have lost Playstation and XBox years ago. And why should Iwata resign – I understand he’s made mistakes and probably will again but to turn his back when the company needs his leadership the most would not help things.

    Yeah Wii U isn’t doing great but current sales are above PS3 in Japan and if Nintendo can keep the pace of releases then it may hold up against other 8th gen consoles.

  • jhell

    nintendo go back like the snes day

  • Adam Porter

    i think this will mean that you could see wiiU having a 4 year lifespan compared to 6-7, there is no way it will compete in 3 years time. nintendo think that they don’t have to compete but the way things are in the world now how many chances do most people get to throw away 50-60euro on a game? maybe 7-8times average in a year? nintendo have to ocmpete for that and they won’t get it if their console isn’t good enough simple as.

  • xdrewxnl

    After all the success Nintendo had with the Wii and the turn around with 3DS, why do all these industry experts figure its over for Nintendo? Wii U’s problem was a confusing name, poor marketing, and a lack of games in the beginning… And when they started to get their s**t together, the PS4 and Xbox One came out. It’s not OVER, its just been series of slip ups… Some complained about the specs. I don’t think its huge, but I do hate the loading screen between each different app or game. I think they could continue with the Wii U for the next few years and hopefully in the meantime, work on something really innovative. I remember when I bought the Wii and brought it home, and I was so amazed by the controls… Nintendo needs to find that wow factor again. It’s not like they lost it a long long time ago… They screwed up a little, why would they leave the console business this point? I love the Wii U, and I was an early adopter, but I wasn’t like :O 😐 “This is life changing.” I think Nintendo can afford to stick this one out but they better shovel out Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros etc FAST. We need those games like… a year ago. Anyways, I’m hopeful!

  • Guest

    Wii U and nintendo will be all fine

  • devmiles

    holding bananas is not gonna save the wii-u. sadly, nintendo should have realized a few things when developing and releasing the wii-u. there is a lot to say about the whole thing, we all have our thoughts. nintendo is a great company and still i believe we will have some classic epic games coming out on the wii-u, still it will completely be overruled by ps4 and xbox one as these systems are completely up to date including more storage, online options, better stores, developer support etc.., more matured and for a wider audience/hardcore gamers. next time nintendo should come up with something that hardwarewise and technologywise is really next level. the wii-u is a nice console but that should have been the wii..missed chance in a way. they cut on battery life, hd space..all these tiny things. gamers are willing to pay 100 or 200 more for a hitech system. and yes, it’s not about specs but the lack of support is also because developers really want to work with interesting hitech up-to-date hardware too. come on big N, bring us just some epic metroid, zelda and mario adventures. at least we will have mariokart8, donkey kong and smash bros.

  • WhataShame

    Nintendo is fine… and the Wii U will continue to bring us amazing games. This is the reality of the situation. Not the gloom and doom, hyperbolic press stories. Not the ignorance of destroying the value of their IPs by putting them on smart phones.

    Nintendo needs to reevaluate it’s marketing and branding practices going forward. They also need to aggressively evaluate and pursue the best of the Wii U Japanese releases and localize games like Dragon Quest to beef up the library and give it more breadth of choice. If they put together some limited bundles for games like Dragon Quest, I guarantee they will see a bump in sales over last year. Appeal to the niche gamers sitting in the sideline waiting for their favorite series/genre to make an appearance… on the Wii U or any system. If this were the Wii, that wouldn’t make sense. When you’re selling millions of systems, a 5-10 thousand system boost in sales is nothing. When you’re moving as little as the Wii U has been, that’s a welcome bump. They are in the unique position of having nothing much to lose by trying some new approaches and giving the REAL hardcore gamers (not the fauxcore CoD/shooter fans who play only one game or a couple games games in a single genre) what they want: a variety of unique gaming experiences.

    If Nintendo leaves the console arena, everyone loses. Those that do not understand that, don’t understand the big picture. In spite of the revenue that a small percentage of smart phone games bring in, they are by and large dumbed down, singular experiences that mostly are only fit for waiting in lines or moments of extreme boredom.

    To urge Nintendo to throw it’s IPs away on mobile devices with few viable control options is just ridiculous and really would speed Nintendo’s demise. It’s poorly considered folly at best, and a brand/marketing nightmare. If you think the Wii U launch and marketing was confusing, it would pale in comparison to attempting to launch Nintendo properties on devices ill-equiped to handle them and force Nintendo to divide it’s resources to develop for many different devices, operating systems and of course try to find the least common denominator to get product in as many devices as possible. By doing this, they no longer have any control over the end user experience. What might work on one company’s device, may be a broken experience on another with the same operating system. A perfect way to destroy their brand.

  • Mr. Berzerk

    Did he really do a bananna for scale? Really??

  • Ty J Sides

    one word will make things all better. ZELDA!

  • John Kinsley

    Lol no fucking shit sherlock.

  • LordiMcKill

    Even if Nintendo did turn to smart devices, chances are it being a Nintendo branded phone/tablet or OS. Sony and Microsoft have done this already but through their own model phone/tablet and OS with the Xperia and Windows Phone.

    Nintendo wouldn’t just, say for example, throw their entire VC catalogue on Google Play or iOS store, it would be via a Nintendo Phone with an Android OS or a Samsung phone with a Nintendo OS.

    • FutureFox

      But then you’re stuck with the same problem: how do you get people to buy into your Nintendo phone/tablet/phablet ecosystem when its already a crowded market?

  • ShinyLatios

    i would not like nintendo to put there games on mobile BUT…..if they make a cellphone then do it THEN ILL BUY THE PHONE!

  • CCM

    In 2014 Wii U needs:

    (1) More AAA Exclusives – this won’t be a problem with Donkey Kong, Smash Bros, Mario Kart and (hopefully Wii U Zelda) coming out in 2014.

    (2) More advertising – I barely ever see Wii U commercials during the TV shows I watch. Note: I don’t watch Saturday morning cartoons – might be why?

    (3) Better advertising – even leaning on nostalgia. Why not? Nintendo has been in this industry longer than Sony and Microsoft combined!

    Ads could start off with something like: “Remember when videogames were about fun above all else? Remember when multiplayer meant you and your friends battling it out for bragging rights in the same living room? Well at Nintendo we do!”

    They could show footage of people over the years playing the NES, SNES, N64, GameCube etc, then show the Wii U. Tug at the heartstrings of all those PlayStation, Xbox and PC gamers who were most likely Nintendo gamers first!

    Even though I have the PS4 as well as the Wii U, I’m going to support The Big ‘N’ as much as possible in 2014 and fully plan on buying ALL of the games I mentioned and more. I just hope millions more people around the world do the same. This industry NEEDS Nintendo in it. And the more I’ve thought about it, their games just wouldn’t be the same on other platforms as their games and systems are so closely tied together and designed for each other.

  • capitalism1023

    Damn right Iwata, I’m so sick of the bastards who keep calling for Nintendo to drop out of the console business. People seem forget that Nintendo dominated the market last gen with the Wii and the 3DS was the best selling console of 2013. Stick to your guns, don’t listen to the douche bags who talk shit simply because they want your games on their console and if you want to turn Wii U around it’s simple: fire the head marketing guy at NOA.

  • bandwidthsessions

    Don’t panic. All Nintendo need to do is further cut the Wii U’s price to $250 then bundle it with a wii remote, nintendo land and a month’s subscription to Wii Sports Club.

    That will make it more appealing to casuals who need to hear that this is just a Wii with extra features, and to hard core gamers who will pick it up as a second console to play Mario Kart. They might even make that $50 back after users miss their Wii sports club sessions.

    Also, it’s almost exactly what they’ve done in Japan, and look how well it’s doing there.

  • William Cole

    Zelda on Wii U will be glorious. It is what everyone is waiting for and at the same time, what nobody is thinking about. We know that Mario will be great but we want to see Zelda blow like it has never blown before. Hopefully a Galaxy 3 will follow Zelda.

  • Rodger Jamjet

    Hmmm I wonder if the WiiU with get some sort of add-on?