Oct 31st, 2013


During yesterday’s financial call to investors, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has admitted that two titles the company previously expected to sell well have not met the success that the company hoped. Both Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101 under-performed in terms of sales, which didn’t lead the charge of Wii U adoption like the company hoped.

“With respect to Wii U, on the other hand, I remarked at the Financial Results Briefing held back in April that we would carefully work on its market penetration, but its sales have not yet picked up significantly since the summer launches of some key first-party titles.”

“There have been large intervals between the releases of key first-party titles, and given that there is little seasonable demand at the moment, we are not in a position where we can change the fate of the system with just one title.”

Iwata finally admits that hopes of pinning a single release title for turning around the fate of the Wii U is not a viable strategy, but still it’s interesting to see the brass at Nintendo acknowledge that two previous titles they believed would be successful in turning around the fortunes of the Wii U have not done so. What do you think Nintendo should do to increase market penetration of the Wii U? Remember, they’ve already announced they are ceasing production of the original Wii.

  • Gameonfool

    And so it begins, but not how you hoped

    • Nintendoplaystation

      And so it begins, the trolls have come out to play.

  • larz_1234

    They need to ramp up the marketing campaign. I want to see wii u adds everywhere i go. Tell the people about all the good things the wii u offers. Give them no reason to be confused between wii and wii u. The last thing is that there will be a couple of heavy hitters such as Super Mario 3D world coming soon. The holiday season should defiantly boost sales.

    • Gameonfool

      And when it doesn’t it’ll be we’ll mario kart will

      • larz_1234

        yes mario kart and super smash bros are the answer. I wish we knew more regarding the release dates for those two.

        • Truthteller

          Smash Brothers will come on the Wii U. Mario Kart could get pushed back to Nintendo’s next system and Zelda will most certainly not arrive until the next system.

          • jjbredesen

            The next zelda is almost done or atleast ready to be shown and has been made for the wii u’ gamepad so it would be stupid for it not to come to the wii u. Nintendo needs the new zelda to get sales going, so it’s just stupid to asume that they would, put the projekt on hold for 7-8years? + The zelda game is currently being given most resources, when it comes to deveolpment. They have the largest ever team nintendo has ever had in the projekt.

          • Truthteller

            If Zelda were coming, it would have been shown already. Without a Zelda out for the holidays, we can forget it that game moving systems. You don’t have to wait 7 years for a new system, they scrap the Wii U, then come out with one late next yer or Spring of 2015. It would be wise of them to come out with a new system QUICKLY while the other two are hot, then they could outdo them on the specs.

          • Shaise

            Umm…… If you check afew articles back on this website, you’ll see that Auonuma said he’ll say more E3 2014 plus, he even comfirmed it in a Nintendo Direct at beginning of this year. ”we’ll hope you look forward to our wind waker remake & our upcoming zelda title”. There are also articles about Nintendo assembling the biggest team to make this game. Seriously?

          • Truthteller

            By then it will be too late and they also claimed it would be shown at the last one, but did it arrive?

          • ENDOT123

            lmao are you actually serious? you seem so dumb.

          • audi lover

            They have already stated there will be details on Zelda very soon

          • jjbredesen

            It takes ages to make a zelda game and nintendo never shows games before they are “good enough” or near complete. Yes it would be awesome to have zelda for xmas but that would be a half finished game. I would rather have a “proper” zelda game, than something rushed. And the Wii U wil not get scrapped because that would cause even more confusion and consumer distrust. Fans that have bought the system have invested there “hard eart” money on the Wii U. Just think about the amount of bs nintendo would get if they did it. Everyone would say. Nintendo failed and you should not trust them bla.bla.bla

            So it would be a bad move. But they could change the name to somehing like Wii 2 or a new original name.

          • Truthteller

            It takes ages to make a Zelda game, yet COD, GTA and even Final Fantasy games seem to take a lot less time, yet they keep coming. That Zelda game won’t make it to the Wii U.

          • Truthteller

            Nintendo announced and showed Zelda before the Wii U came out, so a game should be finished. It is not coming to the Wii U. They will hold it over until the next system like they did the wiimote from the GameCube. The GC sold way more than the Wii U and they saw that as a failure to the point that they had to create a new system out of it in order to not waste money.

          • darkcreap

            Obvious troll is obvious. Do not waste your time with this troll. It is so obvious that it is not even funny as a joke. By answering him you are just feeding it. What he does is plain and simple provocation.

            At least, critical people in this forum give a different point of view and make this a healthy community. What does an idiot like that do?

            Funny trolls have my sympathy, but this…?

          • greengecko007

            The next Zelda title is not even close to being finished. Have you not seen all the articles where Anouma is still deciding on an art style, what items to use, how to design the dungeons, what gameplay he wants to emphasize?

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Sounds to me it’s still in pre-production.

          • greengecko007

            I wish Zelda U were almost done. I wish that Zelda would be fully revealed at E3 next year and then release a couple months afterward, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

            I think many fanboys are going to be disappointed next summer if they are expecting to see a nearly complete Zelda.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I think most of them are, it’s just their fandom can’t come to terms with reality. This is why fans should take things with a grain of salt and not fully believe what a developer says. Their stories change often.

          • oman

            i wish you would act like sheep and flock off !

        • FoxMulder900

          April 25th for Mario Kart πŸ˜€

    • Petri

      What drove me out from Wii, was their marketing campaign.
      Only ads I saw was of party games and fit games.
      They need to keep in mind with their marketing that they have other kind of games as well.

      • Merrfn

        When I saw a Wii Fit ad I cried πŸ™

        • Gregg

          I can’t imagine why. Wii Fit was a MASSIVE success.

          • Merrfn

            Success or no success it scared me.

      • Elem187

        Marketing to players who check the Internet for game updates on a weekly or daily basis is a complete waste of money. … People like us already know what games are out and what games are coming. Marketing only pulls in people who don’t follow the news.

        So if marketing only pulls in people who don’t follow news, then shouldn’t they target their ads towards those people, like families, who don’t go to Nintendo websites for their news?

        • Petri

          Not every person who has taste for certain kind of games cruise around the internet looking up on games.
          I do not require their marketing at all.
          But if they had shown me some of those other games 7-8(?) years ago, I might have never felt the need to switch platforms.
          They should also try to woo in people who aren’t Nintendo gamers.

          I think gamers like us, is minority anyways.

    • wiiucompl

      Wii U needs a very VERY strong title – but not for children – to show the maximum possible hardware power (3D, fullHD, not port) , unique GamePad options. Then N. have to advertise it. The only such game for me so far has been ZombiU – a unique, but not perfect and not the best. But other than the games offered on other platforms.

      My kids don’t like Pikmin 3. They prefer Pikmin Adventure in NintendoLand. Why? It’s faster to play one level on Pikmin Adventure than on Pikmin 3. And Pikmin 3 is more complicated for 5-years old children.

      … and eShop prices – lower than box versions of games please… Like today – Assasins creed III – 21 USD (in Poland)

      • Merrfn

        My little sister loves Pikmin in Nintendoland. I have not brought Pikmin for her, because I feel it may be too challenging and complicated.

        • Wren Justin Umlauf

          I wouldnt let that stop you from buying it. If it’s too challenging than you can play it. It gets harder at a pretty gradual pace so I think she could pick it up pretty fast if she likes the Nintendoland version.

          • Merrfn

            I will be getting it soon- probably at christmas. But for now I am just saving for new Wii U games, and a PS4.

        • Razo_E

          It’s definitely not a kids’ game in terms of puzzles and strategies.

          • Merrfn

            Yeah, but Nintendoland Pikmin is.

          • wiiucompl

            And more… NintendoLand Pikmin is family game.

          • Merrfn

            My point is that she could play it solo, but from the gameplay I have seen- actual Pikmin? Not so sure.

        • Gregg

          My girls love the Pikimin games. Play by there side and coach.

          • Merrfn

            Yeah, but she is very independent so she would probably get annoyed, and because she feels we are treating her like a “baby”.

      • Inkeyis

        I agree with you in the sense that they need more than just kids games. And thats what they went for, games that were meant for everyone, not just one group. The two games mentioned in the article (pikmin 3 and wonderful 101) are both meant for everyone. Both games look family friendly enough to appeal to kids, yet both are very subtle and complex in their own way, enough to be enjoyable for adults and teens. Wonderful 101 may look childish, but it is rated T for a reason.

        Their strategy would have worked, but the problem was their marketing campaign, because although Pikmin 3 and wonderful 101 are games for everyone, there were not enough ads to demonstrate this.

        They have another opportunity to repeat this method and fix the wiiu’s status with mario 3d world and wii fit u, but they really need to step up their marketing campaign.

      • DragonSilths

        What you described was Bayonetta 2 and Monolith Softs X game. Also Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei.

      • The Wii U doesn’t need a “killer app.” People just need to know the system exists.

        • wiiucompl

          Maybe. But “killer game” can dramatically accelerates sales and further development platform that without such games is growing much more slowly.

          Wii U needs its “WiiU Sports”, “WiiU MarioKart” or “WiiU Sport Resort”.Sport and family games is one direction but for young generation brought up with Wii – it should be the other direction for the Wii U. So strong titles FPS, RPG would be appropriate.

          Wii U is strong enough to play on it any kind of game.

    • Majora’s Mask

      what you say is correct but the thing they have to do is ripp the consoles page and forget about the wii u its a bad idea poorly excecuted i have a wii u since launch and in fact i am writing on the gamepad now but no title has me convinced that the gamepad is a good controller in fact the more i have it the more i hate its appealing to very few games and any casual gamer wont buy a wii u cause its just a better wii the wii u though has a casual controller i like nintendo but when they throw garbage at us we cant and we mustnt like it nintendo needs its hardcore audience and its AAA titles back with a console that can be competitious with the new consoles i would suggest they already start a new console and release it along with the ps5 so it will be more advanced and meanwhille release some titles for the wii u to have some profit the wii u isnt next gen people its current gen and very soon last gen its minor and with an expensive price tag its going to fail

      • Adam Porter

        it’s not the controller though, it’s the lack of everything else, i find the controller acceptable, it’s extremely handy for web browsing, watching youtube videos, off tv-play etc etc. but it is not good enough to have been focused on soooo much, the console needed great games and lets be honest with ourselves if the wiiU had have come out with amazing graphics that just blew you the fuck away we would be grinning form ear to ear. my point is the controller grows on most people but nintendo made to much of a big deal about it.

  • Jacob D. Taylor

    Yeah I have to say the advertising campaign is the answer. The system is fine, imo. It just needs to reach more ears.

    • MujuraNoKamen

      Exactly, early this year we all said that the ad campaign will launch in full force when the releases have picked up so as customers get the best deal (the lower price would help) now that the release are really picking up and and the cost has been cut, where are the ads? Nintendo have already let themselves down enough but now its just ridiculous, I could easily make a Wii U ad clearing up the confusion and showing off the games, the features and all that stuff but a year in and Nintendo is still sitting on its ass convinced things will just get better, they wont.

      • Jacob D. Taylor

        That’s what I’m confused about as well. The Wii U is in my opinion very easy to advertize. You pick up where the Wii left off with grandma and dad walking in and picking up a controller but then you throw in a kid with the gamepad pitching a baseball. See what I’m saying? Highlight the ease of use, functionabilty and obviously highlight the kicker being the 3 or 4 vs 1 gameplay and off tv mode

        • MujuraNoKamen

          Yep, and a quick hype reel showing off the game library would work wonders for gamers outside the family/party demographic. Showing that Wii U can get Watch Dogs and AC and COD for $100 less than a PS4 in addition to a deluge of awesome exclusives (Mario 3D, Kart, Bayo 2, X, DK etc) would make Wii U the ideal Christmas present. If they did a commercial like this highlighting the Gamepad use in games like ZombiU (inventory), Mario Bros (Off TV Play) and Nintendoland (multiplayer) then you’ve nailed 3 demographics, the mature, the young, and casuals. How much is Iwata paying people to sit on the backsides? I’d do it for a lot less and I’d actually come up with an idea, hell I think we already have!

          • Jacob D. Taylor

            Damn straight, haha. I really don’t understand where their advertizing campaign is. I see tons of Xbox One and PS4 ads. on TV, in movie trailers, on the interent. Where’s teh Wii U stuff? The only people who know where to ifnd their ads are the Nintendo fans who already have one!!

  • Jacob D. Taylor

    It is also of note that reviewers are stupid and the W101 suffered at that but is also a new IP on a limited install base platform. I didn’t really expect W101 to sell systems. I don’t commonly run out the door to buy a $350 ( at the time) system for a new series no one’s ever experimented with. As for Pikmin 3, I am a very long advocate of the Pikmin series. Pikmin 1 has been on my top 10 games list since it was released more or less. It is however a very niche game. I’ve never really seen Pikmin as a game changer. It’s great within its sphere but not much outside it.

  • Zuxs13

    These are two first/second party Nintendo games I didn’t buy. I really didn’t have any interest in them. Not to say i don’t think they are great games, because they sure look like it, but they don’t appeal to me.

    I think they didn’t sell as well because there were too few consoles out there for these more Niche games. If they had come out in summer 2014 after a WW, mario, mario kart, SSB games were released then they probably would have sold twice as much.

    I will probably pick up Wii Fit U and Wii Sports Club but that will probably be it for First party on the Wii U until something good comes out next year, like Mario Kart or X.

  • Wren Justin Umlauf

    Nintendo, I love you, but your marketing sucks. It’s plain and simple. Nearly everyone that has bought a Wii U, myself included, love the console, but majority of people dont know what it is. And the holiday season is not going to sell much more. There is nothing being released that is grabbing the American market. What we need is, Metroid, Starfox, F-Zero, and a dark Zelda

    • Truthteller

      Has it ever occurred to you that many people know what it is, but they are just no interested in it?

      • Nintendoplaystation

        Many people know who you are but are not interested.

      • Wren Justin Umlauf

        No because everyone I talk to thinks its just a Wii with a new controller, or just a new handheld.

      • Yobrolo

        Fore hardcore gamers this is true. But I dont know how many casuals and kids know about it.

      • Adam Porter

        i agree with you in part, the people who know about it don’t seem to care but there are alot of people still out there who don’t know what a wiiU is really. anyways all i think is that all nintendo had to do was beast mode the hell out of this thing, slap a €5-600 price tag on it, be first on the market, and have on killer game for launch, imo it would have been better for nintendo to focus development for a new zelda for wiiU and skip skyward sword.

    • Shaise

      They need to have frequent advertisments like the Wii.

    • wiiucompl

      “What we need is, Metroid, Starfox, F-Zero, and a dark Zelda”

      WE don’t need it. We already have Wii U. Think what need others who still might buy a Wii U.

      1. They must know this system – powerfull, 8gen, uniques features of GamePad or Off-TV, free network play or wii mode

      2. They must see the system and games in smart advertising. Not from time to time. Nintendo should be more aggressive and just visible.

      3. They must need to understand – yes, there is no all games on the Wii U, but those that are are worth selecting Wii U.

      • Wren Justin Umlauf

        I agree completely. But by “We”, I mean everyone. The Wii U community might not “need” it, but I sure as hell want it.
        …Ok I might need Metroid =P

    • Jacob D. Taylor

      Props for the Dark Zelda my friend. I agree

    • readypembroke

      Even a Metroid Prime Trilogy HD collection would sell Wii Us!

  • CaesarGood

    I’m surprised at Pikim then, even though I don’t play that kind of game I thought it would do pretty well.

  • Truthteller

    All they are doing is publicly acknowledging what I have been saying from the start. In 2014, you will hear the announcement that the Wii U will cease production. I am shocked that Nintendo thought that one of those titles would move systems. None of their games will move systems because all Nintendo games are nothing more than rehashes of the same old games on a newer system with NOTHING new. No, a cat suit is nothing new or special. Nintendo needs a new direction and I am available for the job.

    • If you want to be taken seriously, at least provide sound, logical feedback. Saying things like the Wii U ceasing production next year isn’t helping your case.

      • Truthteller

        This article does not give you a clue to logical feedback that it will cease production?

        • Of course not.

          “…given that there is little seasonable demand at the moment, we are not in a position where we can change the fate of the system with just one title.”

          After The Last Of Us, nothing else was going to steal the attention of gamers this last season except GTA V. The audience for Pikmin and TW101 doesn’t compare to GTA. Furthermore, if you factor in the titles that were received well before and around the time-frame of GTAV’s release, like Puppeteer, Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends, and Splinter Cell: Blacklist, those sale numbers are low, despite good reception.

          Furthermore, it’s laughable to assume that Nintendo would cease Wii U production when 1) we don’t know how well Wii U, PS4, and XBone will do this holiday season, and 2) games will be coming throughout 2014 for the Wii U. Scrapping the Wii U kills consumer and developer confidence and those invested in the company.

          • Truthteller

            The Wii U is not selling, so it is not laughable that they will cease production. We already have a good idea how the X1 and PS4 will sell with their pre-orders, which have already outdone total Wii U sales. As far as games go, you can only count Wii U games coming in time for the holidays through January. After that, it’s over. There is nothing coming for the Wii U that will make anyone pick the Wii U. WHen Black Friday comes, do you really think that people will be looking for a Wii U? At the last one, I saw plenty of Wii U’s available.

          • Pre-order numbers aren’t sure signs that a console will preform well, as we saw with the Wii U, which had high pre-orders before tapering off. Also, you are counting TOTAL X1 and PS4 sales, not individual sales, which I don’t see outselling total Wii U sales. I don’t doubt that it will sell well, but for both individually, when the better games are coming out early 2014 and more expensive than the Wii U? Highly unlikely.

            Also, going by your logic of counting games only coming through the holidays through January, that is discounting a number a quality titles that aren’t arriving by then as well as titles coming afterwards, such as DKCTF, Titanfall, Infamous, and Watchdogs, which is multiplatform. You really think most people in and outside the gaming scene will find Knack, Dead Rising, and Killzone more recognizable than Mario? Not likely. Think Nintendo will cancel a console with games still in development? No, no, and no.

            Furthermore, Wii U was new last year. 2 established platforms with a bigger library of games is much more appealing than a new console, which the majority of related Black Friday sales concerning software more than hardware.

          • Truthteller

            Pre-order numbers for SONY and MS are signs of how they will do, but for Nintendo it is different because people cannot trust Nintendo to deliver. We know that Sony and MS are all-in to deliver what we expect and maybe more. Nintendo does not get up to standards.

            I know it will hurt you to see the reality of the situation when each of those (mainly the PS4) reaches at least total Wii U sales by February which will demonstrate without doubt the failure that is the Wii U, but you are going to have to accept it sooner or later. We don’t know if DK is quality. I don’t think that anyone is waiting for a game that looks like it’s from the 90’s 2D era. I doubt and never heard of Titanfall coming for the Wii U. Watchdogs is not coming until around June and by then they may cancel it for the Wii U.

            Knack (I don’t like the name) is you usual, original universal appeal title. Dead Rising IS more attention getting than Mario, it made me buy the 360. Killzone, for those who like those games will buy it before Mario. You forgot about Ryse and The Order. Those look better than Mario. This is not the 80’s. Mario is not that dude anymore, it is looked upon as old school and Nintendo has made sure that they made their name and brand reflect old school, not current.

            Wii U was new, which is why it should have sold. I am looking for a non-bundle PS4 and I can’t find one, but at Black Friday last year, if I wanted a Wii U, they were all over the place. That lead me to believe that the Wii U was not happening. Nothing has changed either. Nintendo think by removing Wiis from stores that people will notice the Wii U, but people will still see it as a Wii. They should never have named it that, let alone give it practically the same log and colors. How dumb can you be? MS practically did the same with the X1, but they promoted it enough to distinguish it from the 360, but the 360 had everything going for it. Now the PS4 has everything going for it.

          • “Pre-order numbers for SONY and MS are signs of how they will do, but for Nintendo it is different…”

            No it isn’t.

            “I doubt and never heard of Titanfall coming for the Wii U.”

            Never said it was. I said that titles like Titanfall and Infamous are coming after the holiday season. So, to count the Wii U ceasing production at the beginning of the year , and the rest of their games, means you also count out the idea of future PS4/X1 titles delivering.

            “You forgot about Ryse and The Order. Those look better than Mario.”

            The Order comes out either late 2014 or 2015, and Ryse has not been getting glowing impressions. Don’t kid yourself.

            You have proven to be a waste of time. Good day.

          • Truthteller

            You made the inference that Titanfall was coming to the Wii U. Just because it is delayed does not mean a thing. People know that system launches never have all games at once. Besides, only paid entities are hyping up the game. Ryse is not getting hype but it looks good to me and it looks next-gen.

      • Adam Porter

        okay, every single game being released on wiiU is not meeting sales expectations, you can only do this for so long before you have to give up, the ps4 and xboxone are coming out in a few days after that wiiU doesn’t even have the pitch to itself anymore, think about it they have had an open net and still haven’t scored what chances will they have later on. sales will look even worse and there is only sooo long that can keep going on too before people start getting fired. come april heads will roll at nintendo.

    • SonicLucario

      Call of Duty, Assassins Creed, Battlefield, Halo….Yea there not rehashes at all….. cmon dude you really have to have a better foundation for your trolling or its just gonna crumble beneath you

      • Truthteller

        Stop calling views that don’t agree with yours trolling. Those titles listed are clearly coming too fast and will eventually play themselves out. The difference between those and Nintendo games is that they look modern and have modern game themes, not those from 30 years ago.

        • SonicLucario

          But who are you to say that these games are not gonna be doing this for the next 15 years? You say that Nintendo adds NOTHING new to each of their games and thats really not true at all, your better off calling all sequels of any game rehashes then.

          • oontz

            “But who are you to say that these games are not gonna be doing this for the next 15 years?”

            did you even read his post? He clearly says “Those titles listed are clearly coming too fast and will eventually play themselves out.”

            Man at least read posts before blindly replying.

          • SonicLucario

            I did read his post, and I saw that. Your thinking to literal my friend because as long as there are sales with those games there gonna keep making those games, so “soon” and “eventually” can be anytime at this point, if I were to reply to that post blindly i would have just called him a troll and that he knows nothing.

          • oontz

            “so “soon” and “eventually” can be anytime at this point”

            Yeah but not 15 years like you’re stating.

          • SonicLucario

            *sigh* Once again your being to literal…

          • oontz

            Your statements are literal you idiot. I am reading it as you write it. If you don’t actually mean what you’re typing then don’t type it that way.

          • SonicLucario

            How are my statements literal? How am I right? I was using an example you moron. “If you don’t actually mean what you’re typing then don’t type it that way”. There are better people to say that to then to me my friend.

    • Adam Porter

      people he is 100% correct here, catsuits won’t sell consoles. i know i’m not buying the new mario and i have a wiiU. nintendo have gotten away with this crap tactic for the last 4-5 years but we must say no more.

  • Platinum games never sell high numbers anyway, but Pikmin 3 wasn’t really the key game the Wii U needed for a reasonable jump in sales. Pikmin isn’t a major Nintendo franchise like Mario, Metroid, and Zelda are. Still, it is a shame The Wonderful 101 underperformed, probably under Platinum Games standards by the sound of the financial briefing. I personally think TW01 is the best Wii U game so far.

    It seems that Nintendo is marketing to the family audience with the Wii U this holiday season (Wii Sports Club, Wii Party U, Fit U, SM3DW, etc), and then next year focus on the “advanced” player (DKCTF, MK8, SSB, X,). It makes sense why the 3DS was advertised as heavily as it is this year, with great games like AC:NL, FE: A, Pokemon X/Y, Zelda: ALBW. Looking at the 3DS next year, with the number of announced titles or projects in the works, it seems to be taking a step back. As such, Nintendo needs to ramp up the marketing for Wii U, scale back on 3DS and 2DS.

    Overall, I think the best thing for Nintendo to do is not just improve marketing, but also provide equal advertising between the two Nintendo platforms. There are other smaller steps Nintendo needs to take, but this is the biggest item that needs to be met first before the other steps are realized in my opinion.

  • Andrew Gonzalez

    Realeasing W101 next to GTA was a huge mistake.

    • Nintendoplaystation

      They are nothing alike. You can have more than one major game release at a time, it’s called satisfying different tastes.

      • TheAquacharger

        Yeah, but a lot of gamers typically buy one or two games in a time frame. Most were saving their money for GTAV and AssCreedIV. Sure you can satisfy different tastes, but majority of tastes were just drooling over those two a long with the new Batman game.

      • oontz

        Ummm no, not when the majority of wiiu owners also own a ps3 or 360. All factors need to be taken into account. I enjoy both pikmin and gta, which one do you think I bought?

        • Nintendoplaystation

          i brought both.

          • oontz

            The majority of gamers don’t have a disposable income like some of us.

    • After The Last Of Us, nothing else was going to sell incredibly well leading up to GTA, regardless if you had a breakout title or not (Rayman Legends, Splinter Cell: Blacklist).

    • tom

      Yeah that was video game suicide!

  • Ashley, did anyone every make you a cake when you broke a 1000 articles? πŸ™‚

    • Nintendofreak

      like 20 people

    • Yes, several people congratulated me. It was nice. πŸ™‚

  • iamserious

    I still plan on buying both of these games. Barely got the Wii U last month.

  • I can’t yet speak for how good Wonderful 101 is, but Pikmin3 is amazing and needed to have advertising plastered all over the place. Even my family and non-gaming friends enjoyed watching me show it off to them.

    • SleepySkullhead

      The co-op mode and Bingo Battle is extremely fun! My friend and I keep playing that every time he is over.

      • Wren Justin Umlauf

        I had friends that would be like, what the heck are you playin?! This looks stupid… But after like 10 minutes, they would be like, Ok this looks awesome.

        • SleepySkullhead

          My friend was unsure if he would like the Wii U, let alone Nintendo Land. So we played Nintendo Land and he wanted a Wii U.

  • Ony

    Why on earth Pikmin 3 didn’t sold well ?

    • darkcreap

      I have the game. And I love it. But the problem is that the mechanics are not straightforward for some people. Furthermore, It seems that Pikmin has been always a little bit of a niche title. It hasn’t got the massive appeal that Mario has, unfortunately.

      It seems it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

      • Michael Hancock

        And it has always been like that. I don’t know why Nintendo thought it be any different with Pikmin 3. Go figure.

        • darkcreap

          Actually, now that you mention it, I didn’t know that Pikmin existed and was a Nintendo franchise despite being an all-life Nintendo fan. I missed the N64, Gamecube and most of the Wii generations. I had an N64 and a Wii at the end of their cycles. Only had one game for the N64 and some for the Wii.

          I only knew anything about Pikmin when they talked about Pikmin 3 for the WiiU. Yes, you are right. It was realistic to expect to have some good sales, but It was completely unrealistic for them to think it was going to be a system seller after two previous installments with not very high sales (even if they were technically successful).

          Regarding TW101, I think it was reasonable to expect something better from a new franchise. It was unlikely that it sold like hotcakes, but being something new it could have worked, who knows?. I guess this happens all the time in the industry: you think something is gonna be a success, then it fails. You think something will fail, it becomes a revolution.

          • oontz

            “despite being an all-life Nintendo fan. I missed the N64, Gamecube and most of the Wii generations”

            Does not compute, you’ve been an all-life fan but didn’t own 3 of their home consoles?

          • darkcreap

            My parents couldn’t afford them. I played to the other at a friend’s house. They gave me a clear choice: either a PC or a console. There was not money for both. I had to choose the PC because it was a tool for school.

          • darkcreap

            My parents could not afford to buy an N64 or a Gamecube. I got a PC for school and my mother said that they couldn’t spend more on consoles.

            Nevertheless, a friend of mine was as much a Nintendo fan as I was, so I played the N64 with him from time to time. As for the Gamecube, I never owned it or played it at anyone’s house.

            I got a Wii at the end of the cycle. They bought me a DS because I was interested two years before and then they gave me a Wii. I played the Wii also at some other friends’ house.

            Then with the WiiU and the 3DS I am fully coming back (this time with my own money). And, believe it or not, despite the time I didn’t play a lot of great Nintendo games, my love for it didn’t fade. When I came back it was like the old times. Of course, Nintendo is different now, but they are still great in the same way. It is difficult to explain.

        • greengecko007

          Pikmin 2 sold quite well on the gamecube. That being said the gamecube didn’t sell well, and it’s Nintendo’s hope that the Wii U sells better.

  • Orange Lada

    Wii Fit U – brings back the casual gamers for the cost of a fit meter – if they get the word out.

    There were 22 million purchasers of Wii Fit …. and if only 25% of them re-up that is a lot of console sales.

    • Michael DeVore

      True, and they need to advertise this one a lot more, and differently. My Mother In Law just bought a WiiU because I told her about WiiFitU and made sure my wife sent her a link to the WiiFitU Direct. She had no idea that it was coming out because she’s not a hard core gamer. You’d have a better chance informer her by having an ad on the Food Network.

    • Fred

      Everyone forgets that after Wii Fit sold 22 Million Wii Fit Plus sold 21 million. In other words there are TONS of people that could potentially buy a Wii U IF (and that’s a big IF) they know that Wii Fit U will be available tomorrow for $20.

  • kgdja

    SMASH BROS… Sakurai is gay

  • trashdinner

    They Should assign teams that are developing 3ds games on the Wii U … there have been so many amazing titles for 3ds and I feel like 2 big nintendo title per year is not enough on the Wii U :S They need a Metroid Prime and to bring back Paper Mario to home console (Mario and Luigi is on the 3ds so) Also, make another games with Mistwalker (the last story 2 or something else) πŸ˜€

  • Link64

    They need to CHANGE THE NAME

  • AAAkabob

    Just release Smash bros and advertise like hell.

  • crocodileman94

    People complain about the lack of non-Mario titles, and yet they refuse to acknowledge when they release a non-Mario title.

    • Fred

      Yea, how in the world did Wonderful 101 not sell like crazy??? That game ROCKS!

      • AsterDW

        Yep, it’s an awesome game, but there was no big marketing push behind it, and for a new IP on an as of yet little purchased console that killed it. That makes me sad, I swear Nintendo no longer knows how to build hype and that makes me sad for gems like TW101.

    • The True Gamer

      Mostly everyone outside of Nintendo bubbles really isn’t excited for x or the wonderful 101 or a Wii sports remake.

  • Michael DeVore

    Hate to say this, but….

    Update the firmware to remove the tablet requirement. Then release a version for 150$ less with no tablet. I’d hate to see it go, but if this holiday season doesn’t show some improvement then they’ll have to do something.

    • Fragmentation is a bad thing. Getting rid of the gamepad won’t happen.

  • trashdinner

    The Wii U also need a great RPG from Square Enix (not a crappy adventure game like the crystal chronicles) and a partnership with Capcom like in the Gamecube days where the Resident Evil were coming out on Gamecube before and the remakes were all on the Gamecube πŸ˜€

    • Fred

      They’ll get a GREAT JRPG when X comes out!

    • The True Gamer

      I don’t think a jrpg will move sales for Wii u at all

  • W101 is a ton of fun once you get used to the controls. I enjoyed it immensely!

    • Fred

      How do we help everyone understand that?

  • farrellbr

    I still like the games. I have both

  • But the fact that they’re slowly building a library, while the Xbone and PS4’s is slowly deteriorating, since games are getting delayed, they’re building a better library than the others

  • audi lover

    Simple actually release games people want to play wether it be on vc or maybe they should have been working on new ips with a more mature content that dosent have to be killing people, but cutie graphics only sell games to a minority of adults, and adults are the ones with spending power not children


    Bringing Google play or Apple store to the Gamepad certainly wouldn’t hurt imo. Good Wii U games, decent price point and plenty of apps might be enough to get alot more people thinking of owning one.

  • RockieOllie

    “but still it’s interesting to see the brass at Nintendo acknowledge that two previous titles they believed would be successful in turning around the fortunes of the Wii U have not done so. ”
    It’s not interesting, not is it new. This hasn’t been the first time Iwata has came out and apologized to the fans. I wish they would just re brand the Wii U and do a better job marketing.

    • Yes, but f you take a look at Ashley’s posts, RockieOllie, and I mean she has reached 1000 posts here, she ALWAYS ends her news posts with ‘It’s interesting this’ and ‘It’s interesting that’. It’s been conditioned into her that everything is ‘interesting’.

  • au8277

    Nintendo has put itself in this situation by being bull-headed about its philosophy on game development. Frankly, what incentive do kids (8-15 years), who may have never grown up with a Nintendo system in their household (seems sacrilegious, but that’s the reality of the present day) have to beg their parents for a Wii U? Half of them were born into (insert “hardcore” mega franchise, rawr!) on their older sibling’s or parent’s Xbox or PS.

    Yes, I know that’s not Nintendo’s bag, but they need to adjust closer to center once in awhile, or face eventual irrelevancy at worst or static “niche” status at best.

    I’m not suggesting a wholesale change in philosophy. Nintendo’s dedication to family fun is a good thing; it’s practically the Disney of gaming, but jeez even Disney has Miramax. Where’s Nintendo’s Pulp Fiction? Where’s its City of God; its There Will Be Blood?

    At this point in the so-called console wars, Nintendo is the quirky alternative to its two more conventional rivals…think Dr. Pepper compared to Pepsi and Coke. The first rule of mass media is give the people what they want, and Nintendo has been a bit stubborn about this for some time as far as game development.

    I admire that they stick to their guns, but they need to realize that Western tastes are driving software sales. Kitschy, cute, weird, avant garde, whatever you chose to call it, is great. Different is good. But it doesn’t placate the (not always enlightened) masses.

    And those masses…containing many who crave amazing graphics (oh the shame!)…that want huge, multiplayer screaming matches…that love (good) voice acting…that dream of owning a chainsaw machine gun, or maybe venturing on rock’ em sock’ em, Indy-style adventures with anatomically perfect hotties…are their dollars not fit for Nintendo’s coffers? Just food for thought.

  • Mj78

    They can no longer do anything, the damage is done. Even games can’t save wii u now and this is just further proof. Nintendo got it badly wrong this time, and its time to move on and just focus on handheld production.

  • Well, out of the three markets, the one that is sagging the most is Europe. I’m sure Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. Wii U will help move consoles. But for Europe, if Nintendo wants it to happen, they need a good soccer game. And do not forget that the japanese market is also sagging… I don’t understand why Nintendo hasn’t announced an Animal Crossing game for Wii U yet. After Mario and Zelda, Animal Crossing is THE franchise that sells the best. It quickly became the 3rd pillar, especially in Japan where it sells 4-5 million units alone.

  • Veries Seals

    Easy, TV commercials during prime time hours and in movie theaters like they use to do will pick up the sales now. They need to have a commercial on every time there is a commercial brake. it will cost money but internet advertisement alone is not working well. Oh and fire the President of Marketing and his whole team. They also need to parachute nintendo troops on the big sites like IGN and other big media and make their presence and games known. Bang on pots and pans outside there offices and brake the unfair Sony heavy attention at those offices. They really should just change IGN to SGN because it is the Sony gaming network now a days.


    The problem is still the lack of knowledge the general public has about the Wii U. What is it? A gamepad for the Wii?

  • Tim van Broekhoven

    The only thing Nintendo needs is good marketing… I live in Holland and with the holiday season coming there are loads of Nintendo ads on tv πŸ™‚ But… all of them are 3DS related! I have never ever seen a Wii U game advertisement on tv! Even MK7 gets one but none of the Wii U games did. Tnat’s just horrible Nintendo… The 3DS already sells well…

  • Adam Porter

    new console, more power, better graphics, get the everyone on board like you said you would 3 years ago.

  • Makakilo_Man

    Pikmin 3 and Wonderful 101 are good games, but they aren’t “console-sellers”. Mario titles, Zelda titles, Smash bros, even Wii Sports-type games are console selling games.

    It probably would have been best to sell a console selling game before these games came out. I’m not going to buy a wii u for these games, but if I already have a Wii U I’ll strongly consider buying these games.

  • au8277

    This is NOT rocket science. Make games that people want…and not just the same played-out franchises. Step your development game up Nintendo EAD and breath life into your dusty bullpen.

    When’s there going to be a new F-Zero? Where’s Metroid Dread? StarFox? Icarus (continuation from the “Kid” version)?, Golden Sun HD?

    Why not reimagine Kung Fu for the 21st century in 3D, Enter the Dragon-style glory?
    Why not make a nation-hopping (a la the Cruisin’ franchise), graphically awesome Excitebike with wickedly high jumps, airtight physics and an option for precise motion control using the gamepad?

    Wave Race? 1080? Punch Out!? Do they hire automatons over at Nintendo R&D? Why is this so difficult for them to grasp?

    • oontz

      They just don’t have enough first party studios. After the success of the wii they should have taken a couple of billion and bought a ton of studios to make games just for them.

  • Mario


  • MujuraNoKamen

    Dang, that’s a shame, but I’m sure the next part of the financial year, things will pick up thanks to WW HD , the price-cut and the other titles coming.
    I thought Pikmin 3 did pretty well, it had a strong debut in Japan and reached number 2 in the UK charts. I wonder if this is because they actually advertised it. I saw no W101 ads and apparently that hasn’t fared so well, whereas Pikmin did OK (even if it fell short) same as WW HD. These are the only Wii U games that have been shown on TV and they’ve both done well, surely this means Nintendo should go on neglecting its games and its console. heaven forbid they actually make an ad for it, clearing up the confusion and showing the benefits of the console and the games library.

  • Michael Hancock

    I don’t think they should increase market penetration for the Wii U. Let them continue to make masterpieces sporadically and allow me to enjoy them as if it were a secret boon. “The rare for the rare”. The problem with making games with the sole intention of generating profit is a drop in the quality of ART. They seem to be making enough revenue with the 3DS to fund the development of masterpieces on the Wii U. Once “X” is released, the Wii U will go down as a paragon. You might as well glue your Wii U shut after insertion. I’ll take that ONE game over 100 XBOX games. Your argument is invalid.

    • Kenshin0011

      I agree! I am more hyped for “X” than I have for any other game ever!

      • 2Макс2

        we heard the same words about pikmin.

    • darkcreap

      I don’t think that is healthy for the WiiU either. No sales, less third party support. I love Nintendo first party games, but I also need third party games in it. Variety is everything to me.

      Regarding art, I know about a certain country where there is no film industry (comparable to Hollywood). Because of it, the government decided to subsidise national productions, give advantages by law to national cinema to compete with movies from the USA (forcing theaters to exhibit some national movies even if it was not profitable).

      What happened? Producers got more money from subsidised production than actual profit from people going to the cinema. Even some movies were unreleased to the public. Directors could make movies just “for the sake of art”, ignoring the criteria of the industry. What happened next? Loads and loads of movies that no one wanted to watch because only the people who made them liked it. Getting money from the government was good enough. Believe it or not, but trying to seek profit is also compatible with making a great game. Making a game just for the sake of art can lead you to make something that nobody likes.

      Being purely commercial is not good, because it leads you to play safe all the time and to no innovation, in that I agree with you. But ignoring completely what people might like is just as bad.

    • Michael Clanton

      he does not understand business, which is why the wii u 3rd party support is crap….games dont sell well, console sells like crap…the wii u isnt selling with with current gen systems, it will easily be forgotten when the next gen systems come out..with the exception of a new zelda or mario.

      • Michael Hancock

        Indie developers love the Wii U. There are plenty of indie titles available and plenty in development. Two Brothers, Shovel Knight, Cloudberry Kingdom, Trine 2, Runner 2. With that said, who needs your third parties? Nintendo is about rare artistic experiences. Oh no! EA Games no longer supports Wii U. Fuck EA Games. NINTENDO POWER!

        • The True Gamer

          Last time I checked new super Mario bros. 2 was a cash grab and Mario kart games were….well let’s say their not quite art, more of well, a cash grab! Hey, I’m starting to see a pattern!

          • Michael Hancock

            I think your talking about New Super Mario Bros. U. I suppose it was not an inspired piece of art. What it was the formula from the very best Mario ever (Super Mario Bros. 1)-fully realized and evolved.

          • The True Gamer

            I’m talking about new super Mario bros. 2 for 3ds, which was cheezy, pointless, and the moment I started hating Nintendo for ruining classic video game series. It’s terrible game, and this is coming from somebody who loved every Mario game before it.

          • Michael Hancock

            Huh. Never played it because I don’t own a 3DS. That blockhead Mario looked rad though. The concept of focusing on coin collecting sounds interesting too. I’ve never heard a Mario game described as pointless. Say it ain’t so.

          • The True Gamer

            I loved every other Mario (except I never played Mario Wii u), but that one….there was no challenge, nearly no chance of game over, and no innovation.

          • beerkin

            Whats wrong w it? its not great but its a solid portable super mario game.

    • Rinslowe

      ” Once “X” is released, the Wii U will go down as a paragon.”

    • Adam Porter

      so screw nintendo and their profits aslong as they make one last great stand and make games that you will enjoy but won’t sell enough to make enough money to fund more games and consoles, yea real smart business plan there. it’s not the games that people aren’t enjoying it the console. it lacks edge, and it has to be said that while it really has no image right now the only image nintendo are giving for the wiiU is that it’s for kids and families with young kids. i’m sorry but console gamers are teenagers, handhelds are historically for the younger audience.
      now i’m not saying that the games are immature or kiddy but the image for the console certainly is that way.

  • beerkin

    I got news for you people. the ps4 ande xboxone will have as bad or worse numbers as the wii u in their first year on the market.

    • Linksawakeningisazeldagame

      That’s a prediction.

    • Mj78

      I really doubt that….the pre orders for ps4 alone are already better than
      Wii u sales in one year you muppett

      • Nothing5555

        Just curious what are the pre-order numbers?

      • ItzameyaToad

        The PS4’s pre-orders are 4 million?! Wowza! That’s funny I thought they where something like 1 almost 2 million.

      • Enigma


        The PS4 and Xbox One will completely over take it.

        • Michael Clanton

          which is easily gonna happen… wii u isnt even considered a next gen system, nobody really cares about it to be honest and the monthly sales show that.

    • darkcreap

      We don’t know yet. It could perfectly be radically different. Or not. If predicting the future was so easy, there wouldn’t be analysts. And analysts make a lot of mistakes.

    • The True Gamer

      Keep thinking that. Few people know the Wii u exists, and even fewer want to buy it. Super Mario 3d world isn’t some savior to the system. Most people excited for the game are the biggest Nintendo fans, who already own the system. SMash bros. Could have been a system seller, but Nintendo is putting it on 3ds. Most people are going to want to get a 3ds with pokemon and smash bros. Instead of a Wii u with….well….just about nothing to excite non nintendo fans.

  • JeanPaul

    ****ING ADVERTISE!!!!

    • Parish Gilliam


  • Mj78

    The Wii u just isn’t good enough. End of debate.

    • Will (ishigum)

      If you hate the Wii U so much then why are you on a Wii U news site?

      • Michael Clanton

        why is his opinion wrong? it isnt good enough at this point, we all have opinions but the sales tell the story.

  • Metroid-Fan1995

    Its amazing when something isn’t advertised doesn’t sell well.

  • Mipaol80

    It’s too bad Pikmin 3 hasn’t done as well as Nintendo hoped, I know it’s on my Christmas list.

  • TheWichi

    Give us free games like you did with the 3DS Nintendo that went very well right

  • TehPostman

    i think the time for people flooding in during the 1st year of a consoles life is over, look at 3DS, i bet the PS4 and Xbox One with all the hype won’t sell as good as most of us currently think, it’ll be Vita Hype all over again, once Smash comes out, i already know many people who are waiting for this, smash hits, they buy a wii u and a ton of games that have been put on sale.

    • Michael Clanton

      really….not sell good… they will easily overtake the wii u marketshare. From pre orders alone they will already be about 20-30% of where the wii u is now… and if they sell like the ps3 and xbox360…they will beat the wii u every month and easily pass it.

    • oontz

      “i bet the PS4 and Xbox One with all the hype won’t sell as good as most of us currently think, it’ll be Vita Hype all over again”

      I think you are so wrong. so, so very wrong and the numbers show this.

    • The True Gamer

      Xbox 360 and ps3 hype died out a few months ago. NIntendo stopped making almost all Wii games over 3 years ago. Which one will have more hype? The systems that actually support more games longer. Nintendo just takes the easy way out and tried to get as many sales in a year or two, then stops making games. It’s happened so often before, and will continue.

      • TehPostman

        Except there was still wii games released after the wii u launch, while the original xbox stopped producing games months before 360 launch, so you have no clue what you are talking about.

        • The True Gamer

          Wii games! Ha! Like that’s even a system. It was terrible, and a joke. You Nintendo fanboys are clueless, and barely gamers at all. What games were there after the Wii u launch? One? Get out of your fanboy bubble

          • TehPostman

            I didn’t own a wii…i didn’t like the wii, i also didn’t own the original DS…i did own a gamecube and super nintendo and Nes though GBC, GBA and Virtual Boy…aswell as sega genesis, dreamcast, saturn, ps1, ps2, ps3, psp, ps vita, xbox, xbox 360 and gaming PC’s…i like the Wii-U and 3DS though…why do you come here again? you arn’t a true gamer, you stick to a niche which is consider’d by casuals to be hardcore gaming but probably play a select few titles that have a large fan base and you are probably 16 or 17 because no adult would waste as much time as you posting this and is so ill-knowledge’d as you, if you are an Adult, you are a sad one at that.

          • The True Gamer

            Wait a second….your defending the Wii….which you never actually had. And you say I’m sad…

          • The True Gamer

            I don’t have a Wii u, but I have a Wii, 3ds, and others by all manufactures. I don’t like where Nintendo is heading, which is attempting to mimic the success of the Wii with another gimmick, and appeal to casual gamers with the 3ds. I was wrong to call you a fanboy, but I bought a 3ds in day one and pokemon was the only game that justified my purchase.

          • TehPostman

            I wasn’t defending the wii, i was just stating what you were saying was wrong…i got the 3DS on launch and enjoy it, Resident Evil Revelations was probably the First purchase where i felt there was a New Tittle that made the 3DS worth it, and then it did so well that they ported it, the Wii-U i am having a blast with, i have PS4 Pre-Order’d, i just don’t see how insulting a console or what someone likes makes you more of a gamer and less them, i can see how many casuals appeal towards nintendo more, but nintendo has some good tittles that are fun for everyone, i will play on everything, except smart phones…not that i have anything against people that do just, not for me.

          • The True Gamer

            Sorry about my previous remarks. I was angry at some Xbox fanboys I’ve been arguing with, and I’m still angry at some mistakes Nintendo has made recently, and they combined to create my comments. My personal life influences my ideas of Nintendo. I want the Wii u to be cheap, so I can afford one. I want Nintendo to continue creating games after the period of time they release all their games, like what happened with DS . Their are exceptions, and I just hope Nintendo can either stay in the console market or move to Sony exclusives, but I never want them to go to mobile gaming,

          • TehPostman

            Well there is a few more Wii games still being pushed out, nothing interesting really since its been a year for wii-u, just they wont be selling Wii Consoles anymore, Wii-u is backwards compatible so it shouldn’t be a problem, i bought a few tittles i missed on the Wii now that i have a Wii-U to play them, Xenoblade, Last story, Rampage, Nights journey of dreams, sonic colors to name a few, i feel Nintendo if they arn’t going to go into the power hardware competition they need to use Gimmicks to be different, i like the pad personally and many games you don’t even need it, if Nintendo released a hardware powerhouse to compete with Sony and Microsoft, what would be the real incentive to buy Nintendo over the others? Exclusives right? well if that’s the case i’de rather have Nintendo be Different, its cheaper to purchase, many games are lower priced and it has something different to offer, if i want Graphics i have a Gaming PC which i can just play games on Max settings with and i can connect a controller, joystick, racing wheel to, i play SF4 on PC i got a fight stick for it, if you don’t like where Nintendo is heading, that’s fine, but i just don’t think attacking people who support Nintendo is beneficial to you or anyone.

  • Rinslowe

    Yeah, although the 87% increase in unit sales of Q3 over Q2 shows a positive move in the right direction. The “amount” of sales itself wouldn’t have been an exciting topic during an investor meeting…

    But the fact still remains, Wii U is improving it’s position slowly by literal terms, but looking at it quarter by quarter it’s still quite a decent turnaround.

    With any luck these new bundles and SM3DW will further that improvement. Followed in quick succession by Donkey Kong TF, Smash, Kart and Bayo 2 and they should be looking more in the game…

    On a side note, we need more info on Monolith Soft’s title X…

  • spigzone

    Planet delusional.

    The WiiU in May-June sold 160,000 consoles. WORLDWIDE. OVER THREE MONTHS. Yeah, sales ‘doubled’ the following quarter with some new game releases, but the writing is on the wall.

    A rational objective look at the situation will conclude the WiiU is a dead console walking.

    • gtosheex

      how is that rational? first off – you are using statistics from a 3 month period to call a console dead. and second – sales actually did double however little that may be. if it was cut in half then yeah i might agree with you but is that really all your reasoning? c’monnnnn maaaan

      • spigzone


        A new ‘next gen’ console posting those kind of numbers AT ALL when it’s next gen competition is still months away from launch is beyond disastrous. Less than 800,000 worldwide combined sales over the last 9 months for a new Nintendo console with no next gen competition is insane. It’s abysmal.

        Yeah, there’ll be a Christmas pick up, but what happen after Xmas, when the PS4 and Xbox One utterly dominate the conversation.

        How many teens and tweens are out there right now emphasizing over and over to their parent and grand parents regarding Xmas – NO Wii U, NO Wii U, NO Wii U, NO Wii U.

        I’m really not seeing the Wii U hitting 15 million units sold in it’s lifetime.

        It is what it is. I’m objective reality based. It’s core deep in my nature.

        I’m just not seeing the Wii U being successful, what I see is a dead console walking.

        ps: It’s so bad that on a Twit show a few days ago the Wii U came up and Leo LaPorte, the ‘tech guy’ thought it was a peripheral for the Wii, he didn’t even know it was a new console.

        • Michael Clanton

          bad 3rd pary support, 1st party games are to far and few between releases, console selling horrible already, no big 3rd party games like destiny or metal gear….. so many things going against the wii u its crazy. Sure you will get hard core nintendo fans hoping, but its likely the ps4 will be number 1 and x1 number 2.

          • oontz

            looking very likely.

          • spigzone

            True. There was no part of the Wii U that wasn’t a clusterf*ck. the controller, the last gen processor performance, the rollout (epic clusterf*ck), games availability, online component, price, marketing … they had YEARS to prepare, how many more millions of consoles would Nintendo have sold if it had a brand new Zelda game to bundle with the console?

            I would say it’s a dead certainty the Wii U will be a very very distant third.

        • gtosheex

          context huh? so you expect someone to infer all of that info from your first simple message? i’m not disagreeing with all of your arguments, you just conveyed your first message rather poorly.

          if you are the “objective realist” you say you are then you should be able to say that nintendo’s big hitters will increase sales – what facts do you have to say it wont? just seems like you only have faith that nintendo will fail which is not objective reality based at all.

          and the fact the ps3 and xbone pricing so high “may” not bring it’s sales to what people think. you seem to be just focused on the negatives of nintendo here and disregarding a lot of other factors. it is your opinion of course if the console will fail but to me you aren’t being totally “objective reality based” like you say you are. (and i’m not saying i am at all) i just don’t like when people try to really prove things using only one side of the info – especially things i like =]

          • spigzone

            Besides the obvious, higher profile games are coming, there is no ‘other’ side of the info. Hardcore games have no use for the Wii U, the casual crowd has moved on, mothers with young children adore Kinect (nothing to break, get stepped on, thrown about, fought over, lost or clutter up the place) … what’s left besides hardcore Nintendo fans? And even that base is diminishing as the Nintendo 64, Wii and DS demographic leaves gaming behind or moves up to the PS, Xbox or PC gaming.

            Nintendo has no presence at all where the real younger demographic gaming action is happening, tablets.

            Against the mobile juggernaut and two highly anticipated new consoles arriving the next year, to really be successful with the Wii U Nintendo needed to do everything right, at lest one super high profile system seller game day one, a flawless launch, a competitive online experience, an excellent game line-up arriving in a timely manner and a great marketing campaign that CLARIFIED the Wii U to the public.

            Nintendo did NONE of these. Now the PS4 and Xbox One are HERE and Nintendo is STILL deep in the hole on marketing and system seller game availability.

            One bright spot, Nintendo will pick up some sales from clueless grand parents and parents who go to the store and see the console their child WANTED is out of stock but hey, there’s a ‘gaming console’ with a name they recognize, and wow, it’s even a little cheaper, so they buy that and the parents wake up Christmas morning to the sound of anguished howls.

            So it goes.

          • gtosheex

            i agree with nintendo not doing the best job at launch – you have to admit though, a year from now will be the real story of the wii u. slow and steady “can” win the race =P

          • spigzone

            Makes no sense. A year from now will be no different. You seem to think there is some huge pool of Wii U fence sitters out there just waiting for ‘killer’ games. There isn’t. There’s a SMALL pool out there waiting for those games before they buy.

            The Wii U HAD to make an excellent impression and have a line-up of TRUE system seller games at launch to drive people waiting for the PS4 and Xbox one to buy a Wii U in the meantime to be successful against the PS4 and Xbox One’s massive performance and developer support advantages.

            One moth after launch there were piles of Wii Us available and gathering dust in retail stores.

            Can you imagine that being that case with the PS4 and Xbox One?

          • gtosheex

            yeah i can actually, you talk about a small pool of people. well people that “actually play video games” is a pretty small pool of people as well. and now those people will be split evenly to choose which system to buy.

            probably the main reason the wii was so successful is that it appealed to people that DIDN’T play video games – most likely due to a fair price and unique experience. i dont see xbone and ps4 achieving either. wii u on the other hand still has the chance honestly because it is a more fair price and it is a unique experience – whether it will catch on like the wii is unlikely, but that’s ok that was a phenomenon

            i’m not sure why you think the wii u HAD to have such an amazing start – look at some other system’s with bad starts – i believe both xbox systems didn’t have the best starts though i could be wrong, ps3’s ridiculous price certainly didn’t help, even the 3ds – those systems turned out “fine” per say.

            it also sounds like you seem to be pulling these “facts” out of your ass – small pools for wii u games, wii u’s collecting dust, a year from now will be no different – those are just opinionated statements unless… you must be the all knowing being??? nah – you just sound like a know it all.

          • spigzone

            a) split evenly between the PS4 and Xbox One.
            b) all those casual and newbie gamers are long gone never to return. You do realize the Wii U is the opposite of the Wii, expensive and hard to learn vs cheap and pick up and play?
            c) the PS4 intro price is the same as the Wii U’s intro price and is 8 time more powerful and has vast third party developer support. In technology more than anywhere the past does not predict the future.
            d) tis true, I am wicked smart.

          • gtosheex

            if past does not predict the future then why do you linger on the start of the console?

            we’ve seen from the last generation that power and third party doesn’t always mean you win.
            and if you think the wii u is hard to learn then i truly feel sorry for you.

          • spigzone

            I appreciate your pity.

        • sd

          The Wii U is great, but I already feel bad for those kids pleading for a PS4 or X-1 and knowing that if they selll out their parents might just get them a Wii U instead.

    • sd

      Sales doubled and then tripled to 66,000 a week after zleda ww. It might fail, but its not quite that clear yet.

  • DragonSilths

    I could have sworn Pikmin 3 sold very well?

    • sd

      The game did sell well, but it didnt lift the number of console sales by more than a few thousand. That was the point of the article, they wanted it to sell systems, not games.

      • oontz

        It hasn’t even broken 500,000 units globally since release. That’s horrible for a first party Nintendo exclusive.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        It sold okay, but it has to sell more than it has to sell systems. More games sold, the better chance of selling consoles. It failed to do enough.

  • juan

    They need to have more Wii u commercials showing off games like zombi u or sonic. Like the ps4.and Xbox one commercials.

  • henrik

    If Wii Fit U doesn’t turn things around then I cant see the Wii U getting the sales numbers it needs to succeed. The GameCube had Mario Kart, Smash and Zelda as well as better 3rd party support but that wasn’t much help, the GameCube on the other hand did look like lunch box.

  • jrob23

    I honestly think Wii Sports Club U is going to be system seller. When they start pushing this hard people will remember playing this on their Wii. When they see the updated graphics, the way you put the gamepad on the ground to simulate the ball, the ability to play online, and the bundle opportunities, it will move consoles. Yes I realize that like WWHD it is just a remake of sorts, but people’s best memories of the wii and pretty much the reason it gained such popularity was wii sports. Don’t underestimate how appealing this will be. Also, Mario 3d and the ability for families to play together, young and old will be a system seller too. I really think this holiday season, if Nintendo advertises right, can be very good. All I am really hoping for is for it to be successful enough to allow a slew of first party games to come out like Mario Galaxy, Zelda U, Metroid, Star Fox, Kirby and at least one new IP.. That should totally justify the Wii U purchase for me.

    • oontz

      “When they start pushing this hard people will remember playing this on their Wii.”

      And then people will remember the sour taste the wii left in their mouth, with only a handful of AAA titles to enjoy and mountains of shovel ware.

      • jrob23

        except this HD version with new capabilities won’t leave a sour taste. But nice try

        • oontz

          “except this HD version with new capabilities won’t leave a sour taste.”

          The sour taste is already there, from the wii. Millions of people had buyer remorse for the wii because for the majority of wii owners the system started collecting dust after the fad wore off. THAT’s the sour taste I am talking about. That’s one of the many reasons why the wiiu isn’t a major success like its little brother.

  • oontz

    The reason the wiiu is doing so poorly is because there is no draw for people to buy one. Let me use my house as an example. Currently we have a wiiu and a ps3… for the entire year there has been a lot more reasons to game on the ps3 then the wiiu, A LOT MORE. That’s not to say that when I play the wiiu I don’t enjoy it. I just don’t play it often at all because of the time I’ve spent playing games that aren’t even available for it but are available for ps3. From an outsider looking in it’s lacking even when compared to an 8 year old system. This isn’t good.

    And it’s not going to get better. Sony has 180 PS4 games in development, 33 will be out before the end of 2013. That year head start nintendo had was completely wasted. They have totally fumbled what could have been an amazing transition to HD for them.

    Shame really.

  • alex toschi

    As a retail game associate, who is constantly trying to sell the Wii U to people, O am getting tired of explaining to people that this is not a Wii add-on. Nintendo’s marketing department is either lacking in people with the basic knowledge of how to promote a wonderful console, or Iwata is trying to bring down Nintendo’s home console with his poor video game business acumen. It makes me so frustrated I have not seen one commercial on TV for the Wii U.

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Nintendo needs new leadership to me.

      • sd

        Unfortunately you might be right. I kept thinking they had a secret plan. I kept waiting for their big announcement. Seriously I thought with their experience that they were up to something. But now I just realise they have become too self obsessed. They think the good time will just keep happening. The Wii U will be lucky to emulate the poor sales of the game cube at this rate. I still say give the Wii U 12 more months. If nothing happens then in 2-3 years they need a new system. Any new system needs to be a powerhouse, they once led in this area and should regain this crown. Oh and if they release a new system bring out all of the big names in the first 6-12 months. So Zelda, mario, SSB, Pikmin, Starfox, metroid etc all in one go. Plus pay for some new games. Then you will see success.

        • alex toschi

          I agree with what you have said actually, but I still picked up my Wii U bundle today with the mario and luigi game. It was a great deal, 80 dollars worth of gaming and it finally gave me a reason to get it for a decent price. I still will support this company, they’re are great games to come for this system. They just need to wake up, and this will happen with or without Iwata.

          • sd

            I have a Wii U and think it is a great system, which is partly why I am so frustrated with Nintendo. They are screwing up the best system they have had in years, which is a shame.

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          Exactly. The video game market has changed. and Nintendo needs to get with the times before they fall even more behind then they are now. I truly believe Iwata should go back to Hal Labs and let someone new take over who is more in touch with today’s market. I’m not sure about Reggie….but I honestly don’t like him much. He comes off as a guy who is all talk but no action.

  • WellWisher

    They could spend some of those billions they made from the Wii. Seriously spend $500 million on 5 epic in house games and 5 key third party exclusives at $50 million each. I reckon that would start a turn around.

  • Suraj Alexander
  • The True Gamer

    Change the name, get rid of the manditory gamepad, and drop the price to $199-$149. Then, make sure to keep adding games to the system, as opposed to releasing all the games within a year and waiting until the next gen to start making games

    • sd

      They delayed Donkey Kong because the market was over saturated with new games……

      Not sure they understand that it should have still been released just before christmas to boost sales. You cant over saturate a market that has only seen 12 new games in the last 6 months.

  • Mj78

    Wii u is current gen. It is a good idea but from 2011 E3, it has failed to get even close to its potential. The name is awful, the third party games Have not sold, the first party games have been done before. The game pad is, in essence a good idea, but with tablets and mobile phones now so readily available, the game pad seems out dated. It is a shame, but wii u has failed to offer anything new and if you look at the games now coming out that iwata thinks will save the system, they are simply Wii games with better graphics and that is just not good enough. Nintendo Have always done progress well, but this time, they gave got everything wrong at every turn.
    People point to the 3 DS turnaround, but that just isn’t going to happen with wii u as the alternatives are just so much better. Nintendo could have been advertising wii u now, before the next gens are released but they just do not seem bothered.
    The simple question is, What makes wii u worth owning and the simple and obvious answer is, that there is very little. Even at 250 pounds, the price is still too high for what it offers. If you want a nintendo system, buy a wii for thirty quid and be happy with that.
    Wii u needs a miracle now, and for once, that miracle is not Mario.

    • sd

      The one thing to take into account with the 3Ds is its competition. The vita was much more powerful, but there were no games for it. So people looking at a portable system had a choice of either a vita with no games or the 3DS. The same wont happen with the Wii U because of the X-1 and PS4.

      Its kind of sad because I have been a supporter of the Wii U since it was first released. But to be honest I am getting tired with Nintendo and their attitude. Their support in Australia is almost non existent. They are ignoring this region, maybe because of its size, but its not good enough.

  • Igor

    Come again with another console, and this time, an actual new gen console. Not the same thing sony and ms came up with almost a decade ago. Graphics ain’t all of it, of course, but it’s a must as well as gameplay (talking about new games to be released yet). Wasn’t for the poor graphics they’d have so many more companies interested in their system…

  • iLoveXojo

    I have not seen a SINGLE Wii U related ad on any of “top” stations (Syfy, AMC, etc) on DirecTv where I live. There were also no ads on Time Warner I used to have. (Syy, AMC, etc). If this was the Wii, there would be ads every commercial break on nearly every “top” station.

    Nintendo, you want more Wii U sales? Then spend money to make money! Why do you think that even Apple advertises it’s new products? Because word of mouth isn’t enough.

  • Gregg

    I think Pikinim is awesome, but, not the kind of title that a casual non-veteran gamer knows well enough to appreciate. I am certain, it would have done far better, if released when WiiU has a bigger install base. A game like MARIO 3D LAND, is a totally different story…

  • Link Slayer

    I told a person at work that I had a Wii U and he said o the new handheld. I cant believe people dont know the difference

    • sd

      After a year its pretty bad. Nintendo are acting like they don’t know what they are doing. Maybe in the past their products have advertised themselves, but you would think by now they would have gotten the idea.

  • Solaris Time Eater

    Do you know why they didn’t sell as well as he hoped. Cos there were no ads for them nobody who isn’t active on the online gaming community would’ve know about them

    • sd


  • Hezkore

    Pikmin 3 is cool and all, but why does it look like a GameCube or PS2 games?

    The lack of proper coop (through an entire story) is the reason I haven’t bought Pikmin 3 or The Wonderful 101.

    • Quicksilver88

      Feature wise Pikman may be like a GC game but visually it is stunning and looks way better than anything ps2/gc could do….same with W101..I admit Nintendo really is dropping the ball with online multiplayer as both Pikman3 and Mario World would be far more appealing with online multiplayer. Hopefully they are wising up as Pokemon X/Y has major online and pokecloud features and MK8 and SSB will both have online with MK8 introducing video clip uploads to MiiVerse…..

      • Hezkore

        The textures in Pikmin 3 have a very low resolution and the terrain is very blocky, a lot of enemies and such have a low polygon count as well.
        The shaders they’ve implemented are nice though, like the adaptive tessellation and real-time global illumination.

        But if you look at screenshots like this: http://gamerliving.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Pikmin-3-24.jpg

        I don’t think anyone in their right mind can say that those bees have a high polygon count and that those ground textures have a high resolution.

        I’m all for Nintendo and Wii U though! It’s the only console I play on these days.
        But I don’t think Pikmin 3 looks as good as it could have.

  • Agent721

    One is a new franchise with no established fanbase, the other is a very Nintendo-esque strategy game, that only appeals to hardcore Nintendo fans. Theyre not Mariokart or Smash bros. Bottom line is Nintendo needs to put out way more games than normal to counter the lack odf third party games & the best theyve done is simply not good enough. My own faith is starting to wane, not because the Wii U is a bad console, but because Nintendos business plan in launching the console simply has been a failure.

  • Andrew Longo

    it’s a shame because W101 was brilliant, especially the final chapter, absolute insanity

  • sd

    Its not rocket science. it will take a heap of games to consistently shift the system. Not just a few. Also the price was too high and is still too high in many countries. Why no Australian price drop. Seriously $430 for a Wii U is too much here. The X-1 is $598 to put it into perspective.

    Nintendo need to keep the games coming, they need to be releasing a great every month throughout the next 12 months. i am somewhat concerned sales will plummet after christmas as they have nothing coming out until Mario kart, donkey Kong and ssb, which I believe will all be released from March. If they done release any games in January or Feb then sales will once again fall. Also what are the releasing after these games, they need to start showing their hand.

    • Quicksilver88

      Well actually DKCTR is a Feb release atm…..Remember after E3 Nintendo said they had ‘secret’ other projects/developments that they weren’t announcing. I think they will have a strong year next year with DK, MK8, Bay2, X, smt x fe, Yarn Yoshi, SSBM and then plenty of eShop and these ‘secret’ titles…I worry more about 3rd party totally evaporating as Ubi has given us 2 great games in Rayman and AC4 and the sales are likely to still be weak….Activision brings swapforce and ghosts and sales will likely be weak….Warner brought Injustice and Batman AO and sales will be weak……I just hope Ubi doesn’t cancel WD as AC4 is brilliantly ported on WiiU and I have hopes WD could be great as well. WiiU got better 3rd party support this xmas than it deserved and many of the games are well done yet still WiiU owners bitch and moan and don’t support the good games that are out there……its our own fault that no 3rd party will want to publish on WiiU in the future.

  • stevieMHz

    Not to try bastardize a series, but a 1st person shooter, action, adventure like a Metriod Prime w/ online multiplayer, DLC. Graphics cranked to the max w/ unique ways to use gamepad etc would help bring gamers to Nintendo in a more serious light, and attract more gamers. Especially western gamers. People buy consoles that have games they want. Not that I agree or like all of them, but there are trends in gaming right now. With that being said most of your COD/Battlefield fanbase are not going to log off drop $350 to give Pikmin a try. Nintendo needs to appeal to the current consumer interest 1st then use venues to pull them to other experiences, not the other way around. Side note I hate that COD/Madden worshipers now call themselves gamers and quick to voice what console they support or what the next step in gaming should be. The request is always the same more guts/graphics.

  • Fuzunga

    Both fantastic games, but both very niche games. I honestly don’t know why they expected either of those to be system sellers. If anything, it’s Super Mario 3D World that’s going to do that.

  • C.S. Bailey

    Delays killed any momentum they had going for them.

  • Rinslowe

    I’ve read a lot of posts on this topic and one thing is certain, the perception of Wii U’s future in the eye’s of regular posters and non regular posters alike here at Wii U Daily is definitely a polarised one!
    Me though, I got my bets placed squarely on Nintendo making Wii U a stable platform by this time next year.
    This isn’t fanboyism or positive affirmations this is looking at the facts that so many so called neutral posters hide behind to obscure their attempts at being fanboys themselves.
    For example; one poster say’s that the Wii U should have been more powerful, with a greater price tag, a killer app and all would have been different… Well I got one word for that; Idiot!
    If there is one thing learnt from every generation since Atari, that is the most powerful/ expensive consoles “do not” automatically translate to commercial success. Looking closer to the present day and what do we see? Two HD consoles that are still on the market solely because the manufacturers pushed for an artificially extended lifespan, in light of a huge amount of developer pressure to end it, all because they finally began after more than 4 years on the market to break even, followed by a chance to make a profit. Both MS and Sony literally bled profits for years before they started to bring a return. And those of you out there who don’t know the difference this is not good business practice. It just isn’t.
    How have these two behemoth corporations learn’t from this mistake? Well one of them decided to sell their system at a premium to ensure money back up front, even though COD and BF4 has brought the public perception of Xbox one to an all time low, boosting support for a competitor who has more power and a lower price tag.
    But don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this is an ace in the hole for PS4, because what did Sony learn last gen after losing more money on PS3 than they’ll ever make back? Nothing, nada, not a damn thing… They are going back into this new generation looking to make the same damn mistakes they did before. It will literally be years before they break even on PS4, years… And any one who hasn’t taken the time to factor that in or process those facts has been in denial since Sony made their strategy public knowledge. So fanboys please. If you think PS4 and Xbox 1 are coming to the market guns blazing with 10 m sales in the first 12 months need to go back to school, I swear to god that is just ridiculous. Even +5 million is a stretch…

    Then there are a no’ of individuals who would like to claim Nintendo are under the wrong leadership… That they need to clean house so to speak and start anew.
    I got one thing to say to you lovely peeps as well… “WTF”!!!
    There are no situations where changing the seat of power in the middle of a campaign for some poor schmuck to pick up the pieces is a sound logical business decision. It just isn’t! Again this is no flowery fanboy prose. Look at what you are implying first before mouthing what equates to a circle jerking vote fest…
    You’re implying the guy who ran Nintendo as CEO/ President through the most commercially and financially successful Nintendo console and the most successful handheld system, simply step down because the Wii U is having teething problems? Piss off, you can’t be serious. He’s not universally liked, so what. He’s the man for the job, that much is obvious beyond the allure of saying otherwise for the sake of fitting in.

    I’m not usually defensive, but I have my moments. If you don’t agree fine. I could care less about that.

    • Captain Falcon

      I agree with almost all of what you had to say. I’ve a question for you, and I hope it doesn’t come off as snarky. What would you do differently, what ideas do you think would’ve prevented the situation they’re in with the Wii U? Or better yet, what do you think will help them turn things around?

      Personally I feel as though that sticking with the Wii “brand” wasn’t a good move. I’ve heard arguments that “Playstation kept the same name for four consoles now and they haven’t had any problems with people knowing that they have a new system.” I don’t believe that, that argument applies to the Wii U because, 1, 2, 3, 4 is a natural progression, its clear to the consumer that its the “Sequel” system if you will.
      Also focusing only on the controller and letting the system have a similar design as the original Wii didn’t help anything either.

      I kind of liked the look of these fan mock ups of the Project Cafe system

      • Rinslowe

        Nintendo’s mistakes were actually rather simple. And don’t get me wrong, Iwata doesn’t get off with a get out of jail free card… But the man should be given a moment of grace due to previous successes. And given a chance to redeem himself.

        Where did Nintendo go wrong? They released the Wii U at E3 2011 without focusing on the Console. The reason was simple, they had a no’ of concepts but nothing of note in tangible experiences. So they chose to focus on the controller instead. And it failed to excite general interest, instead allowing a degree an ambiguity. Afterwards, instead of rectifying the issue they chose to ignore it. This was surprising, but fixable at the time.

        Their second mistake was releasing the console without addressing the above situation and without a single flagship title. The OS was not ready either. In short, they smelt the winds of change and decided to beat their competitors to the punch. Releasing prematurely to gain a timed advantage. It was a gamble. And one that was more than a little bit modeled after the success of the 3DS…
        This whole rhetoric of not being in competition with the competition is a half truth only. As it is true in respects to the way in which they approach the market overall, but is somewhat misleading when considering the level of risk taken in Wii U’s early release and how financials and perception of the Wii U are directly connected to their competitors. Of course they know this and hence Wii U was launched early to gain an advantage. In a way, it paid off to the extent where there are 3.9+ m units in the wild, but ultimately this strategy has caused more hurdles for them to overcome. In the end whether they see it as an acceptable risk will depend entirely on how Wii U performs in the following 12 months.
        To summarise on this point, Wii U was brought to the public in an incomplete form and without any flagship titles to carry it over.

        The third mistake, also very simple. Lack of advertising. Having a conventional campaign is not only in their financial ability but should have been a priority…
        Although looking at Wii U’s list of problems to date, it is understandable why they would not commit. Nintendo themselves were well aware of their situation. They knew Wii U operating system was not where it needed to be. They knew their development teams were not ready to provide that flagship experience and they took a risk getting Wii U to market before the competition hoping it would afford them time rectify their shortcomings. I doubt they anticipated how much the media would use this against them due to massive popularity on anything Wii U related be it good or bad in nature.
        In short, lack of advertising continued their mixed messages about Wii U and failed to make it common knowledge Wii U was the successor to Wii to the general public. However again, it is easy enough to understand how they dug themselves into that particular hole in the first place.

        To Nintendo’s credit, the sheer strength of their IP’s and the quality of their finished software is such that even tier 2 games/ or secondary titles like Pikmin 3 (arguably a niche product) and WW HD can generate upward momentum in sales…
        After the release of SM3DW, lets hope they have the task at hand clearly defined, because it would be crucial to continue releasing such titles every two months to maintain that upward trend.
        And now Wii U is more of a finished product overall, a little advertising wouldn’t hurt.

        The name of the system would be the least of their issues, I think.

        Edit: If I didn’t mention the Wii, I’d be providing a partial opinion only. IMO, Wii also had an impact on the timing of Wii U’s release due to it’s fall in popularity roughly 24 months before Wii U’s release. This perception almost certainly carried over to the Wii U, amplified by Nintendo’s risky decisions and lack of action during it’s launch…
        To cap that off, Wii U inherited some of the perceived negativity of it’s predecessor and until recently failed to prove itself a worthy successor.

  • oman

    somebody needs to come to australia and make heads roll @ ninty of australia ! they are not doing the job required to promote the wii u down under, hell they dont even wanna talk to a customer when they have an issue ! piss poor effort if you ask me !

  • oman

    contact high voltage software and re-visit the conduit, from scratch with improvements to on and off line play, multiplayer game play and least important, visuals !

  • discuss

    Bad games sell bad.

  • farrellbr

    They will sell when people get wii u

  • farrellbr

    These are good games

  • ejownz6

    They need to put games on sale. Not forever, just for a day. Get more copies of the game out there and people will see more games and want more games.

    I don’t know anyone with Pikmin 3 and have never played it. I’m skeptical to spend $60 bucks on it.