Aug 8th, 2013


Iwata has stated that by trying to please both investors and their fans, expectations on both sides for Nintendo as a company keep rising. Despite these expectations, Iwata says this is nothing the company has not faced before as they work to bring innovative experiences to consumers.

“I would say that the people’s expectations about what will come next from Nintendo is becoming higher and higher. So we are facing more challenges than ever – that’s true. But it’s nothing new for Nintendo. Nintendo is a company that has never stopped progressing, and when it comes to the fan-base, of course, we have to sustain that, but we are always trying to expand that.”

It’s nice to see that Iwata acknowledges that consumer expectations are rising, but whether Nintendo will rise to meet these expectations remains to be seen.

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  • I agree. People end up expecting so much of them, they dont realize how awesome the things they’re doing are. They praise them at first, then when the stuff finally comes out, people are all like “oh that’s cool, but we want something different now. Hey why dont you do this?”

    People complain about not getting a new zelda
    Zelda comes out that people have been begging for
    People: Where the hell is metroid?
    New metroid comes out
    Why havent we had a new zelda in like forever?

    People just seem to think nintendo is supposed to just spit out games like a machine. They could do that, but if they did, they’d lose what makes them Nintendo, and my favorite company not just in gaming.

    • everyone

      Like Mario 3D World.

      • I dont follow…

        • everyone

          People wanted a 3d Mario and when they announced one they complained.

          • jay

            happens all the time.

          • yup

          • Mochlum

            They just wanted a different type of one. Instead of doing a 64 style one, they did a more linear one, and some people got angry. Makes sense to me…

    • jay

      hat pisses me off is Nintendo being shitted on because they make “baby games” or say they’re lazy.

      WHAT OTHER DEVELOPER can Release Wii Fit, Mario and Metroid under the same umbrella?

      What other game developer develops Game HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE together? (Sega)

      TODAY? (No one)

      What other company besides Apple has to create its own innovations to realise their creativity?

      Who else has created the standard for video games today? standard in the making since the 1980’s?

      WHO ELSE?

      • NintenDOES

      • bizzy gie

        Apple has no innovation.

        No creativity.

        They just release phones with outdated hardware that run a boring, limited OS.

        You should’ve stated a company like Samsung.

        They add features like smart pause, smart scroll, smart stay, two apps on one screen, etc. and get very much flack for making gimmicks too.

        • Clel

          Apple hater?

          • I confess, I kinda am too

          • Magnus Eriksson


          • bizzy gie

            Don’t get me wrong. iProducts are good for what they are. I just hate that phones like HTC One and the GS4 are extremely superior the iPhone 5 yet both all three cost the same price.
            The Nexus 10 now has the world’s best tablet resolution yet the previous holder (iPad 4th generation) still costs $500.
            Apple needs to step up their game or step down their prices.

          • Truthteller

            As long as people are buying, they can keep the pricing.

          • jay

            That’s like saying “My PC can outperform an iMac” and then running Windows ๐Ÿ™

            Or saying the Move is superior to the Wii Remote.

        • Mr. J

          I agree the last few events went like this. Behold the new mac pro its faster and we made it look like a cylinder wooooow! behold the new iphone 5 it has a bigger screen wooooow! Behold ios7 it looks different and has new features that samsung already made and that no one cares aboot woooooow! that makes people who follow microsoft look like geniuses

          • Truthteller

            It’s called – effective marketing! The others may have the same or better features, but they don’t have it like Apple does! You can get a V8 Caddy, but you would kind of prefer to have a V8 Ferrari instead not wouldn’t you? People’s head don’t turn for the Caddy, but they will turn for the Ferrari!
            Plus, Ferrari owners get the privilege of going to special dealers and treated like kings. They feel like they are apart of an elite club and only those members know what fine living is all about. The products are scant, the prices high, the hype higher, but the social benefits and self-perception are worth the price of admission to most!

          • Nintendofreak

            well go for ur v8 mac, ill get a v8 alienware

          • bizzy gie


          • jay

            But what happens when they reveal something new? Remember all the iPad haters saying it was gonna fail?

        • Rugmouse

          To be fair, Steve Jobs was a visionary and really shaped some of the technology landscape we use in our day-to-day lives. This is coming from a Galaxy S3 owner, that doesn’t care for Apple products.

          There’s a reason the company has begun to falter after his passing…

        • Truthteller

          Their hardware is not outdated and look how many years it took other phone manufacturers to even come close to catching with their iPhone in style, form and features? Yeah, other phones have more features, but are they features that people want or more features just to say they have more features?
          Apple are geniuses because they only have about ten products, which are derived from three products, yet they make so much money. Nintendo followed that model with the Wii and it’s design and it worked. Not so much for the Wii U. Apple knows how to roll things out while Nintendo has not mastered that yet.

          • bizzy gie

            Nintendo has past mastered it. They’re just having current trouble. They just don’t screw us out of money by releasing the same thing every year with a new name.

          • Derk

            All companies have the same tactics. Same product with a couple added features.

          • bizzy gie

            Look at the difference from S2 to S3 and from S3 to S4. Look at HTC One X to HTC One.

            Only Apple does this in the smartphone world.

          • jay

            All iPhoneys do this. Samsung etc. So why leave them out?

          • Truthteller

            If Nintendo has mastered it, how come it only worked once? Nintendo crewed people out of money selling a GameCube as a Wii! Wind Walker “HD…”

        • jay

          you remind me of the Ninty haters. “Hurr Nintendo not innovation company”.

          Remember CD Players and flip phones?

          • bizzy gie

            Just because something was first doesn’t make it better.

            Android devices are still superior regardless.

            Apple has kept the same OS since 2007 (they just now changed the cosmetics) and the same hardware for three years.

            Anything an iDevice can do, and Android device can do in better fashion.

            The last picture means nothing.

            PC was first and it’s what inspired Jobs to make a competitor.

            I bet that Envy costs anywhere from $600-$800 and is twice as powerful as that Mac which probably costs $1,300-$2,000.

          • Nintendofreak

            i thought apple was first then windows….unless this is a alternative dimension…titutitutitu

          • bizzy gie

            There are many computers that came before Apple. I’m not talking about Windows. Here’s a list of all the technical computers before Apple:

          • Truthteller

            Not that I am an Apple fan. but Windows is basically the same OS since at least 98, if not forever, with a new face. The iPhone will go down in the hall of fame of marvelous devices! Again, they did not even make phones and made the best one out the gate! It took YEARS for others to even come close to matching the tech. They failed to realize that it was not just that it was a touch screen, but the OS and graphics looked nice too.

          • bizzy gie

            It’s been the same to a certain, but with additions and modernized graphics updates in the OS.

            If you look at Windows 8, that’s how you redesign an OS.

            XMB to Orbis is an OS update.

            All Apple did was add backgrounds. Until iOS 7, almost nothing had changed.

          • Truthteller

            True – except for the iPad, which was not that innovative at all and is just a large iPhone. The main thing I marvel with Apple is how they manage to make their products so thin, powerful and strong. They must have some secret since others cannot seem to do it. It reminds me of the old cordless house phones. Siemens was the only company that had no antenna visible and it looked like a cell phone in your house! This was in the 90’s. It took years before others could even get in the range of that.

          • Ice Climbers

            “…so thin, powerful and strong.” Except for that glass. iProducts break so darn easily.

      • Jack5221

        Not only that, but Sony and Microsoft both tried and failed to copy Nintendo. Sony came out with those weird “move” remotes and camera. Failed. Microsoft came out with the Kinect failed. And to top it off, it spies on you. Not only that, but Sony copied Nintendo with Brawl, expect theirs is called PS All-Stars. Tried it, and its awful. Now Sony is trying to copy Nintendo with the whole off t.v screen play thing with their Vita, but its not really working out.

        Im not hating on Sony, as I have PS1, PS2, PS3, and a PS4 pre-ordered, but the copying Nintendo and doing a sucky job at it is lame. Kind of nice to see that they just made PS4 a powerful gaming machine, rather than an overpowered, overpriced, Wii U rip off. I am hating on Microsoft though. 0 originality and nothing but first person shooters that aren’t even good for exclusives.

        • greengecko007

          I love Nintendo, but let’s be honest.

          Playstation had remote play long before the Wii U was made, even if it wasn’t used much.

          How is the Xbox Kinect a copy of anything made by Nintendo?

          Playstation All Stars is a crossover fighting game, which has been a genre since long before the first Super Smash Bros. game. What makes Super Smash Bros. so unique is the plethora of items, and the unique percentage based knock-your-opponent-off-the-stage combat, which is nothing like Playstation All Stars.

          • Yousif Alromaithi

            I don’t think smash bros existed after PlayStation Battle Royale. Smash Bros came out first and that is a fact. Although I agree about move that did not copy Nintendo Innovation because they came with it first which is called Eye Toy at least not fully but partially. Out of respect for Sony, truth is both copied from each other. But Sony did copy more from Nintendo like the Golf game from Mario, Litte Big Planet Cart and so on. Also the Eye Toy it did not have the remote similar to the Wii. So Sony PlayStation Move controller is a rip off of the Wii Remote.

          • greengecko007

            And other crossover fighting games were out before Super Smash Bros. was, and that’s a fact. What I meant is that what Nintendo did to innovate the genre, by changing how the game was played through new battle mechanics and gameplay, is not present in Playstation All Stars. Sony did not copy Nintendo when they made PS All Stars, because what make Super Smash Bros. unique from other fighting games is the percentage based gameplay and massive amount of items. Playstation All Stars wasn’t played that way.

          • Yousif Alromaithi

            What game Sony game out first that had a similar form just like Nintendo famous IP’s. None. Although I agree sony had cross over fighting games in the past so is dream cast. But none featured exclusives characters similar to what Nintendo’s Smash Bros. Smash Bros was unique but Sony did not improve PS All Stars because Smash Bros was perfection and the next one would be better than brawl even though they will change the formula. Smash Bros is taking a different step from past games similar to what Melee was different than brawl and the original.

          • greengecko007

            Crossover fighting games were very popular starting in the 90s. Games like X-men vs Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom, etc, all were around long before Super Smash Bros. Nintendo, like any successful company, took this concept, improved it, created a new play style, and Super Smash Bros was born.

            Sony, being the successful company that they are, decided it was time for them to create a crossover fighting game to compete. They went through the development process like Nintendo. They took the core idea of a crossover fighting game, improved it, created a different play style, and Playstation All Stars was born.

            At first glance, Super Smash Bros. and PS All Stars do look similar. But considering that you play them completely differently, you can’t really say that All Stars is a copy of Super Smash Bros. If it was a copy, it would at least have to be as good as SSB. And even though I’m defending Sony on this, I can honestly say I did not enjoy PS All Stars.

          • Yousif Alromaithi

            Agreed but who came with their own IP that is what I am saying. So who would have thought an innovation like that. I am not saying Nintendo came up with cross over fighting games. I am saying Nintendo created a collaboration by uniting it’s own IP and making it an exclusive. So the praise does not go to Sony but the second party like Capcom and SNK. Ever heard of SNK vs Capcom on Dream Cast that is one my favorites. If you are defending Sony than you are fan boy. Who cares I am too. No judgment here but I am saying a fact that Nintendo created a special fighting game before Sony and Sony failed to perfect it. If Sony wanted to make a better fighting game than it should start adding challenges and unlocking characters. The moves were awesome I enjoyed All Stars but it is no way near Smash Bro. A sequel will help a lot.

          • greengecko007

            I agree. Playstation All Stars wasn’t a bad game, but it could have been a lot better. I’d say it is about the same quality as the first Super Smash Bros. in terms of roster size, and game modes. It’s not a bad game, but considering Super Smash Bros. was already on it’s 3rd game in the series at the time, I felt it more enjoyable to play a more perfected game. I agree that Sony could improve All Stars with a sequel, but it will be hard to compete with Smash Bros. since it is more established.

            By the way, a fanboy is typically a negative term reserved for people blindly following a fandom. I’m not a Sony fanboy, and I don’t think you seem like one either.

          • Yousif Alromaithi

            Yeah. I know. You are right so am I.

          • Zorlac79

            Eye toy was simply the same as the XBOX vision, an nothing more. Nothing at all like the move, and in no way a competitor to the Wiimote, and was not before the Wiimote either. The move came later, long after the Eye toy, which happens to have the exact same set up as the Wiimote.

          • Yousif Alromaithi

            Because Wii Mote perfected it while Sony did not so say that to the one I replayed. That is the truth.

          • jay

            You’re kidding yourself if you think sony isn’t following Nintendo’s innovations.

            Kinect WAS NOT made by MS how many more damn years am I gotta have to hear this BS! It was made by a 3rd party as an add on to the Wii. They demonstrated the zCam to Nintendo and Nintendo rejected the idea for 2 reasons:

            1. They do not like to take ideas from 3rd parties.
            2. They felt the camera was too in accurate.

            ms then bought the device to compete directly with the thriving Wii’s market and showed it off with a fake demo named “Milo” as “Project Natal” then rebranding it as “Kinect”.

            PS Battle Royale? EVEN the developers said sony wanted a smash bros clone. And did you know the launch trailer had “Smash Bros” as a tag on their youtube video?

            I have the screen cap here below.

            Oh and if you really wanna go back in time the Gamecube inspired the Wii U’s gameplay.

          • greengecko007

            Never stated Microsoft made the Kinect. They hardly ever make anything themselves. They always acquire what somebody else started, i.e. Halo from Bungie.

            PS All Stars developers said they wanted something to compete with Super Smash Bros. Tags in a youtube video? Do you know what tags even do? They draw in viewers for similar tags. It was used to draw attention from people watching Super Smash Bros. videos. which I will admit was kind of a dirty trick, but that’s marketing for you.

            Why did you post a picture of the gamecube to gameboy advance cable?

          • randy191993

            Actually the Wiimote was Third party too. And it was offered to Sony and Microsoft first. But they were rude while Nintendo liked the uniqueness so they got it. And after tehy were sucessfull with it Microsoft and Sony quickly got something move-based as well.

          • Jack5221

            Motion controls started with the Wii. Not the Wii U, the regular Wii. It came out first, Nintendo hit an untapped gold mine, soon afterwards Sony came out with their version of the motion controllers. Then Microsoft came out with theirs, except theirs was a camera. Not really a controller, but you have to move around for it to work – in other words motion control.

            Super Smash Bros is really the first cross over fighting game. Street fighter, Punch Out, Tekkan or Mortal Kombat are not cross overs, as all their characters are exclusive to that one game. And while playstation all stars game play is extremely different than that of smash bros, its basically the same thing. A cross over of a bunch of different characters from different games fighting. In other words, they copied Nintendo.

          • greengecko007

            Motion control technology has been around for over 40 years. Nintendo did not invent motion control technology, they innovated gaming by incorporating it into video games.

            The Xbox Kinect is another form of motion control being adopted into gaming. It is not a copy of anything Nintendo made, because once again, Nintendo didn’t invent motion controls.

            Marvel vs Capcom, X-men vs Capcom, Aggressors of Dark Kombat are all crossover fighting games before Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. is not the first crossover fighting game.

            “all stars game play is extremely different than that of smash bros, its basically the same thing.”

            By definition, it can’t be the same thing if it’s extremely different. I’ve already explained it. What makes Super Smash Bros. different from the other crossover fighting games was the percentage system and the knock-your-opponent-off-the-stage gameplay. PS All Stars does not use this gameplay. They didn’t copy what Nintendo. They made a game to compete with Nintendo.

          • readypembroke

            Kirby Tilt n Tumble used motion controls.

        • Truthteller

          If Sony is copying Nintendo – it must have worked better than what Nintendo had planned as all of their PS system FAR outsold Nintendo’s! You attack Sony because they are in control and Nintendo is jealous. It was their arrogance that got Sony in the game in the first place. Sony’s success could have been Nintendo’s and Nintendo would still be in control to this day, not on the brink of bowing out.

          • Yousif Alromaithi

            Look you are wrong. Nintendo did not copy Sony. Sony Move is a rip off of Wii Remote. That’s the truth so is Hot Shot and Little Big Planet Kart. PlayStation Battle Royale is a rip off of Smash Bros.

          • greengecko007

            I would hesitate to use the word “copy” at all. Every company that is successful takes ideas and adds onto them and improves them. That is how progress is made. One company alone is never the sole drive for innovation. I would say that Sony probably borrows ideas and responds to Nintendo’s successes more than Nintendo does to Sony, but both companies definitely use each other’s ideas, and respond to competition. That is undeniable.

          • Yousif Alromaithi

            True. But Truth Teller does not get it.

          • greengecko007

            Well, he’s a troll, which I thought all of you knew already. Don’t know why you all keep responding to him every time.

          • Yousif Alromaithi

            He needs correction if a troll trolls then it will spread. Then people will believe what he says much like Michael Pachter said about Wii U.

          • greengecko007

            The only people on this website are Nintendo fans and a few trolls, which I would even go as far to say are possible closet Nintendo fans. The thing about trolling is, you are trying to piss people off, you don’t necessarily believe what you are posting. But the point is, there aren’t people regularly coming to this site researching whether or not they should buy a Wii U. This is a fansite. Shoppers are more likely to go to retailer websites, or a company’s official web domain, like for more information.

          • Yousif Alromaithi

            I am not trying to piss people but Michael Pachter does.

          • greengecko007

            LOL no, I didn’t mean you are trying to piss people off. Trolls are trying to piss people off. But the same people keep falling for it every time.

          • Yousif Alromaithi

            So you think Michael Pachter is right he was the down fall of the Wii U and 3DS. One person rights something bad everybody follows his example.

          • greengecko007

            Analysts flip flop all the time, so you have to take what they say with a grain of salt. Before the Wii U launched, Pachter said it would be sold out until Spring 2013. Analysts can’t do much outside of make predictions, and he doesn’t have a track record for being right, if you know what I mean.

          • jay

            1. Sony is NOT in control right now.

            2. Not all sony consoles outsold Nintendo.

            3. Sony used gimmicks which turned into HUGE sales. DVD Player/Blu Ray etc.

          • Truthteller

            Lol!! A storage medium is a gimmick? So, the Wiimote and this tablet controller are not gimmicks? I know – they are ‘new ways to play.’

          • Ice Climbers

            The storage medium isn’t the gimmick. The gimmick is that the PS1 doubles as a CD Player, PS2 doubles as a DVD player, and PS3 doubles as a Blu Ray player. Those three systems wouldn’t have sold anywhere near as much if they hadn’t advertised it as the main selling point. With PS4 they don’t have that same gimmick. Yes, the Wiimote was a gimmick. A very successful gimmick.

          • Truthteller

            Those players are the storage mediums and they are not gimmicks, they just happen to play films too. If Nintendo would not have resisted making them for their systems, they too may have sold more. You people are something else. You call a piece of the technology a gimmick. I guess when you don’t have much else to put them down for, come up with some BS.

          • Ice Climbers

            “They just happen to play films too.” That’s the gimmick right there. Sony used it as a gimmick. They aren’t gimmicks anymore, but they were when they were first introduced. No other game console at the time could play DVD movies, so Sony used that as a gimmick to sell the PS2. Blu Ray was a new technology when PS3 was introduced. The PS3’s ability to play Blu Ray movies was an attractive feature at the time because it was cheaper than having to buy a game console and a Blu Ray player separately. Sony used that as their gimmick.

          • Zorlac79

            You are so lame! LOL Did Nintendo tell you they are jealous??

            Oh, they didn’t? Then shut up! Don’t speak for them and they won’t speak for you!

            Learn some simple math, tard. How long has every PS system been on the market? Now, how about the Wii U?

            Of course they have outsold the Wii U.

            Oh, unless you are talking about the Wii, then you are so far off, cuz then it outsold the PS3 by 25 million units.

            Learn some facts before you speak, cuz your breath smells like s@#t.


          • Satoru Iwata

            Actually, it was Sony who wanted us to sign a contract that allowed them control of any game that was on the SNES Playstation add on. It is best to do research before making such claims my friend. Please understand, that your “truth” can use some tweaking.
            We at Nintendo, did what was best for our company and not give in to Sony’s obvious arrogance in thinking they can control our IP.

            Thank you for supporting Nintendo and it’s products.

          • greengecko007

            That’s a somewhat different version of the heavily cited story presented at Wikipedia.

            “However, the two companies conflicted over control of the licensing. Under their agreement, Sony would develop and retain control over the SNES-CD disc format, effectively ceding a large amount of control over software licensing to Sony. To counter this, Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi sent Nintendo of America president Minoru Arakawa and executive Howard Lincoln to Europe to negotiate a more favorable deal with Philips, Sony’s industry rival. At the June 1991 Consumer Electronics Show, Sony announced its SNES-compatible cartridge/CD console, the “Play Station”. The next day, Nintendo revealed its partnership with Philips via a surprise announcement at the show.[2]”


            Sony made the Playstation for Nintendo, but they wanted to retain the licensing rights to their add on for the SNES. So Nintendo went behind Sony’s back and had Philips take a shot at making a CD-ROM add on for the SNES. Nintendo was double dealing to the lowest bidder. Eventually though Nintendo bitch slapped both companies by not striking a deal with either of them. Nintendo knows how to play dirty too.

          • Satoru Iwata

            Wikipedia isn’t a trusted source as it get’s changed often, and also by anyone who isn’t a member of the site. We admit that it was wrong to double cross, but Sony had taken it a step far when they tried to control our IP and the Playstaton add on whether it was ours or Sony’s has nothing to do with the matter since it was never resolved.

            Please understand, that Nintendo is no longer the company it was almost 2 decades ago. Thank you for your time and keep on supporting Nintendo.

          • greengecko007

            Please understand, a heavily cited Wikipedia source is always better than no source at all. In this case, it’s an obvious Nintendo fanboy using Iwata as a persona (kinda creepy) against somebody who actually took the time to get a source.

            If you do’t believe Wikipedia to be telling the whole truth, and still need more information, go back to the Wikipedia link I posted, and follow the sources from there. Doing research is such an easy concept, but I suppose you’d rather just have confirmation bias say it’s not reliable.

            Sony did not want control over your IPs, that’s BS. It’s right there in the source I posted. They wanted to “develop and retain” licensing over the SNES-CD add on they were making. They wanted an actual business partnership with Nintendo. Nintendo just wanted to pay Sony a one time fee to make a product. Nintendo went behind Sony’s back and got another company to make the same product for them for a more favorable deal. Nintendo led both companies to believe that they would be using their product for the SNES, and Nintendo eventually turned down both companies.

          • Satoru Iwata

            Sounds like we have a Sony fanboy on our hands. Silly of you calling me, Iwata an Nintendo fanboy. Hahaha. Can’t call someone who runs the company a fanboy. Off the record, anyone knows that Sony tried to control anything that was on their Playstation add on. Why try to cover up a lie? That sounds quite silly.

            To make up for your mistake, please play Super Mario 3D World and all will be forgiven. Thank you for supporting Nintendo.

          • greengecko007

            The joke was funny for a while, in fact I supported you guys probably longer than most people. But actually saying you’re the person who runs the company? Come on now…

            You can believe what you want. I have great respect for Nintendo, and bought a Wii U at launch. Even so, I am a fanboy to no particular fandom. I don’t owe loyalty to any company.

            What you said about Sony wanting control over Nintendo IPs simply isn’t true. Sony wanted to retain control over the SNES-CD format for the add on they were making for Nintendo. This would have created a partnership between the two companies. Nintendo just wanted Sony to make them a product, and pay them a one time fee. There is nothing wrong with either side here. What is wrong, is that you let your loyalty to Nintendo control you to the point of slandering another company with lies.

            You wouldn’t like it if I said lies about Nintendo, and you don’t like the trolls running rampant on this site. But stating blatant lies about a company makes your behavior exactly like people like Knowledgeiswhat’sup.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Problem is, it’s also said that Sony would have had control over Nintendo games as well, so there’s that in those “rumors” as well. This one can go either way, there’s no real right or wrong on it. One of you could be right, or completely wrong.

            Personally, I’m glad Sony got turned down. Now we have a great company in the console market.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Did Sony themselves ever say so? That’s the real source, other wise, any source you see on the net claiming both ways aren’t true. So both of you lose this discussion until Nintendo and Sony reveal what actually happened behind closed doors. Let’s not act like we’re more knowledgable than the next. All I see on these sites are rumors.

            It was almost 2 decades ago, who cares now? Past is past. Lol. Regardless, they’re both here to stay.

          • greengecko007

            Again, you can believe what you want. Will you take the word over some random person on the internet impersonating Iwata (shows you right there which side they have bias towards), or the word of several people on a well cited web page? Confirmation bias is when you believe only what proves your point, but discount anything to the contrary. If you actually care about what happened, you are welcome to go to the source I took the time to post, follow the links in the citations, and get more information and determine for yourself if you believe it. It’s not hard to do.

            You’re right, it is in the past. The point is that this person is blatantly lying and slandering Sony. People get upset for Nintendo bashing, but it’s alright to lie about other companies? Fanboyism plain and simple.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I’m not taking his word. So don’t assume. I’m going by what I believe, and that is there’s no real story on this other than rumors. Unless Sony and Nintendo have confirmed any of these claims, then all they are is that.

            You both have your beliefs on what went on years ago, but neither are true until proven a fact. I believe what is the truth, which is no one knows what really happened and you two can continue to believe what you like, you’re entitled to it, but don’t call it a fact, cause we all know it never will be until it’s proven to be so.

            Either way, I don’t think Nintendo or Sony will reveal what happened, as it’s just past now, and they’ve both moved on from it and both have benefited from it. My opinion, if either is true or not, I’m glad Nintendo turned them down, otherwise, you may have never gotten a Playstation to begin with.

          • greengecko007

            I didn’t say you were taking his word. I asked would you take a side of a story with no attempt at proof whatsoever clearly showing bias over a side that provided and cited a source. Not taking either side’s word is fine too though.

          • Truthteller

            IF that was the case, then I could understand that given that they wanted to be partners, not simply a manufacturer. Well, what Nintendo thought was best for them turned out to be even better for Sony!

          • Jack5221

            You’re an idiot. You’re seriously an idiot. Get your facts straight, the Wii outsold 360 and PS3 by OVER 10 million units each. Google it. Im not attacking Sony, I’m simply stating the obvious. Sony has copied Nintendo multiple times. Maybe not with PS1 or PS2 but definitely with PS3. Little Big Planet racing game, ripped off Mario Kart. Playstation All-Stars, rip off of Smash Bros. Not gameplay wise, but concept wise. Those Playstation move remotes, rip off of Wii remote. The whole off screen play thing with the PS vita, Rip off Wii U. I think thats enough out of me, not sure how much more stupid I can make you look.

          • Yousif Alromaithi

            Someone needs to learn the hard way.

          • greengecko007

            I know it may be hard to accept. But just because another company makes a game in the same genre of another company doesn’t make it a “copy” or a “rip off” like people keep saying.

            If that were true, I’d love to hear about what you think the Metroid Prime series is. The first Halo game came out in 2001 and had massive success. Then Metroid Prime, a series that was originally a platformer and hadn’t seen a game in 8 years, suddenly is a fps game in 2002?

            And again, seriously? Remote play is on the PS3, clearly before the Wii U.

          • Jack5221

            Metroid and Halo are nothing a like. Yeah, they’re both Sci-Fi FPS, but nothing really alike. And if you watch videos on youtube from a channel called “DYKG” (Did you know gaming) They were planning an FPS shooter of Metorid on the N64, but due to delays and time restrictions they moved it to Gamecube to show off the graphic capabilities of it. Besides… The Metroid series has been around much longer than Halo, and is much better.

            Also… Im talking about the Wii, the one that came out 8 years ago, NOT the Wii U. The original non HD Wii was the first of any console to have motion controls. PS3 did not get their remotes until much later, so yes Sony did copy Nintendo on that.

          • greengecko007

            You’re right, Halo is nothing like Metroid. Just like how Super Smash Bros is completely different than PS All Stars, how Mario Kart is different from Little Big Planet Karting, etc. The only similarity these games have is that they share a game genre. My point was to show that saying all these games are “copies” or “ripoffs” of each other isn’t true. There is nothing wrong with a company creating a product to compete with another company in a given area. It’s in most school textbooks, that competition drives progress. If companies never responded to other ideas and improved on them, where would Mario be? Mario isn’t the first platformer. But Nintendo had it’s own idea for a character, and it’s own world, so they created the game to compete (and ultimately save) a dying video game industry.

            I knew you were talking about the Wii. I stated that Nintendo did not invent motion controls. They “innovated” gaming by incorporating the technology into games. But you can’t say that other companies copied their idea, because it wasn’t Nintendo’s idea in the first place.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Are you saying that Metroid is copying off Halo? If so, then where are these sources that say so? You’re sounding like a Sony fanboy, yet, you’re going around calling someone else a Nintendo fanboy? Lol. Yeah, makes total sense.

          • greengecko007

            I see you completely missed the point, so I’ll frame it another way.

            Metroid Prime is not a copy of Halo, that’s stupid to say. My point was, Nintendo DID see the success of Halo and create a product to compete with it. Just like every other company does. Sony’s Little Big Planet is not a copy of Mario, is a competitor. Sony’s Playstation All Stars is not a copy of Super Smash Bros. it is a competitor.

            What I did is called “playing devil’s advocate”. Since so many people seem to think everyone “copies” Nintendo ideas, I turned it around and said, “if you think that’s true, look at this example”.

            By the way, Halo is a Microsoft acquired IP, yet I’m a Sony fanboy? Come on now… I’m an open minded person who holds no loyalty to any company. But I will admit one of my pet peeves is people stating blatant lies.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Uhm…..they created a product to compete with it? Is there a source that proves that it is true? All I see is that you’re making up theories and nothing more. No offense, but just because they went fps with Metroid, doesn’t mean they were trying to compete with Halo. That’s quite a bold claim to make. Maybe you’re right, but then again, you’ll never know.

            I’m open-minded as well, but saying Metroid Prime was created for the purpose to compete with Halo is a bit out there.

          • greengecko007

            The facts.

            Nintendo hadn’t made a Metroid game in 8 years.

            They outsourced the game to Retro Studios, an American developing team, because they couldn’t come up with any concrete ideas for the series.

            Under Retro, Metroid went from being a platformer, to a fps game.

            Metroid Prime sold very similarly to Halo, (factoring in that the gamecube didn’t sell as well as the xbox) selling very well in NA and European regions, but failed to sell well in Japan.

            Both games are critically acclaimed.




            Using these facts, I don’t think it’s too far-fetched to say that Metroid Prime was made as a response to Halo.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Nah. It was created because Miyamoto visted their studios during his visit to Texas and was impressed with their one game in development that had a female protagonist and it happened to be an fps game. Which is why Metroid Prime was an fps. It’s just a coincidence at best. This has been old news for a while so don’t know how you missed that.


            Go down to where it talks about Cancelled projects and read the action adventure game. This action adventure game was certainly already an fps game and it impressed Miyamoto enough to hand them the license for it . It’s not too far-fetched, but unlikely. This game they were working on was probably already in the works before the announcement of Halo.

          • greengecko007

            “This action adventure game was certainly already an fps game and it impressed Miyamoto enough to hand them the license for it.”

            That’s not what the source says. It clearly says that Miyamoto was not impressed with their games. But he saw that they had a prototype for an engine (an engine, not a game, and not even a finished engine), so he literally had them drop everything and made them work 80-100 weeks to make Metroid Prime.

            “This game they were working on was probably already in the works before the announcement of Halo.”

            Halo revealed in 1999, and Metroid Prime was outsourced to Retro in 2000.

            From the source you provided.

            “In 2000, producer Shigeru Miyamoto visited the studio, and did not like the games being developed, but suggested that Retro could develop a new title in the Metroid series, considering that the studio could deal well with the license after seeing the prototype of a first-person shooter engine they created.[5]”

            “In February 2001, over 100 employees were laid off as two games, a football simulator and a vehicular combat game, were cancelled.[7] In July 2001, an RPG called Raven Blade was also terminated, so that Metroid Prime would be the only game in development.”

            “During the last nine months of Metroid Prime’s development, Retro’s staff worked 80 to 100-hour weeks to reach the deadline imposed by Nintendo.”

            Nintendo responding to Bungie’s Halo is quite believable. Why else would Nintendo outsource a series that had been dead for 8 years, have an American company make it into a fps game, and have that company drop everything they were originally doing in order to get that game out on the market?

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Then you’re obviously not reading what is sourced, lol. Sorry, but even I see that it states that it was a fps prototype. I don’t know where you get your sources from, but it states it as being an fps. You obviously missed the cancelled projects section of the source, not surprised.

            he four initial GameCube projects Retro had before the development of Metroid Prime were cancelled:

            “An action-adventure game
            with the working title “Action-Adventure”. It was mostly concept
            artwork and a mock up first-person engine before cancellation, but
            allegedly inspired Shigeru Miyamoto to hand Retro the Metroid license. The development team moved onto production of Metroid Prime.[3] ”

            It states it right there on Retro Studio’s page crystal clear. Don’t know how that was missed by you. That means that the fps formula was well before Metroid was even licensed to them. It’s possible but doubtful that it was created in reaction to Halo.

            You’re in your rights to believe what you like, but the evidence has proven otherwise. Has Nintendo said themselves that they made Metroid an fps to compete with Halo? Unless they say so themselves, it’s doubtful. More of a coincidence.

          • greengecko007

            No offense, but I don’t think you understand what you are reading and citing, because it goes against what you are trying to say…

            What you cited to somehow disprove what I said,

            “An action-adventure game
            with the working title “Action-Adventure”. It was mostly concept
            artwork and a mock up first-person engine before cancellation, but
            allegedly inspired Shigeru Miyamoto to hand Retro the Metroid license. The development team moved onto production of Metroid Prime.[3] ”

            Is pretty much what I stated earlier.

            “It clearly says that Miyamoto was not impressed with their games. But he saw that they had a prototype for an engine (an engine, not a game, and not even a finished engine), so he literally had them drop everything and made them work 80-100 weeks to make Metroid Prime.”

            You don’t know where I’m getting my source from?

            I’m going off your own link. I stated “From the source you provided.”

            Miyamoto was not impressed with Retro’s games. But he saw that they had a prototype engine. A engine is not a game. It is a small part of a game, like Frostbite engine. And it was in the prototype stage. Miyamoto saw this engine, and gave the licensing of the Metroid series to Retro, to make it an fps game.

            Also, I’m fine with both us choosing what to believe. Personally, I believe the source you posted to be true. After all, it’s well cited and makes perfect sense. There is also the fact that it supports what I already said, adding further credibility to my own claims.

            But you are a complete hypocrite if you say that you won’t believe anything that isn’t straight from Nintendo’s mouth, yet try to use a source that isn’t from Nintendo to prove your point. So I hope that isn’t what you are trying to imply…

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I understand quite well, just didn’t see where you mentioned what I sourced. There is no real quote that says so, so neither of us are right 100%. We’re all going by sources and claims. Nothing more.

            As I said, you’re entitled to believe what you like, but I don’t see how them creating Metroid Prime as an fps game to compete with Halo when Retro has already been working on an fps prototype game to begin with. I would say that Miyamoto was impressed with it and thought Metroid would be a good fit as an fps game and it took off from there.

            Whether it was made in reaction to Halo will remain a mystery until Nintendo comes out and confirms it. Until then, it’s all just theory. Halo isn’t the only sci-fi game that was around in the early 2000’s, there was a good handful, so Nintendo having it’s own doesn’t mean it was competing directly with Halo. Besides, if anything, Metroid in my opinion was more or less meant to be an fps and I think it works better than a 2D side scroller.

          • greengecko007

            I can understand what you’re saying. There is nothing wrong with a skeptic. I’d think you were a fool for believing just anything you read on the internet.

            Believe what you want, as we have both already agreed to. But my “theory” as you put it, isn’t quite so incredulous as you stated earlier.

            Oh, and Metroid is definitely better as a fps game. Nintendo has enough platformers…

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            True. We can go all day and night on what is fact and what is fiction. We’d get nowhere. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what the truth is, all that matters is you have a quality game in Metroid and Halo I suppose is a decent fps game, just not to me. I loved that Nintendo went with fps on Metroid and I think it suits it fine. Hopefully the next series will continue the fps formula.

        • Zorlac79

          That is funny as they just announced a few days ago they are going to shut down the servers for battle royale, lol.

          Shows it was a FAIL.

          • Nintendofreak

            feel like chat on a game in league of legends…………lmfao

          • Zorlac79

            What is league of legends? I don’t understand your comment.

            I was just trolling the troll. I don’t stand up for Nintendo or any other really, just get irritated at ignorance as it flows freely here with the mass of trolls that are always here.

        • randy191993

          In the last decade Video Games have been following the same route:
          – Nintendo invents something revolutionary.
          – Microsoft and Sony quickly do a cheap copy and make it have better graphic
          – They quickly put a new Call of Duty out with even better graphics than before but even less gameplay
          – Meanwhile Nintendo is discarding the graphics for innovative gameplay, new features and new ideas.
          – Repeat

          End is: Nintendo games have the best gameplay, the most new things, the most interesting story. Microsoft and Playstation games have nothing of that but the best graphic.

          Sadly nowadays many people set graphics over everything. If it isn’t in Ultra-HD it’s for children.

          SInce the first time sony and microsoft released consoles, Nintendo has been the first to do something in almost all cases. There are only like 3 or 4 things they did not have first.

    • therealruben1

      If they want a company that spits out the same game every year,then they should just look at EA and Activision

    • Jack5221

      I feel like most people who do / say that are just trolls. Either way, I normally just ignore them. And I for one am glad that Nintendo does not just spit games out like EA, that requires DLC to fully enjoy. It really sucks that Wonderful 101 and Pikmin 3 got heavily delayed, but on the bright side Pikmin 3 is amazing and Im sure Wonderful 101 will be too.

    • Derk

      You are being too easy on Nintendo. There are a lot of old expectations that Nintendo failed to meet or could have done better. I’m expecting a lot of down votes for this type of criticism but here’s my top 5.

      1) Mario Party should have been online compatible with the Wii during the internet age, and it has yet to have internet compatibility. That goes for a lot of games even now I cant play Nintendo Land online. We know that they can do it, so why haven’t they?

      2) Pokรฉmon stadium allowed complete compatibility between the N64 and the GBC that you could play GBC on screen with that revolutionary rumble pack device. Pokรฉmon battle revolution for the Wii lacked the kind of compatibility. Instead you get this terrible transfer system. Why?

      3) DK64 went from being a stunning 3rd person adventure, back to the old 2d side scrolling games for the SNES but on the Wii. They still haven’t released any type of sequel or anything nearly as creative as DK64 involving donkey Kong even though they have the system power.

      4) The 3ds could have eliminated 3d play and been cheaper for me at launch. Even the surveys on Club Nintendo have this question that says, “How often do you use the 3d setting?”, on which I always say “Never”.

      5) Nintendo did not keep up with graphics so games that had multiple consoles weren’t typically as desirable on Wii as they were on other consoles. I guess this is partly why Nintendo upgraded to HD recently. I know the graphics don’t make the game, but it certainly helps.

      • Andreas Sunde

        1. Four people getting drunk and playing Mario Party? Awesome. Four people getting drunk and playing Mario Party, each in a separate room? Just sad.
        Nintendo Land is heavily focused on local, assymetrical multiplayer. Online play would defeat the purpose. Although online leaderboards would be cool.

        3. Retro wanted to make a sidescrolling DKC platformer. That’s why.

        4. The 3D is amazing.

        5. Graphics fade with time, gameply is forever.
        But I agree. They should have gone HD last gen, and done their own special thing this gen. But it made them shitloads of money, so I guess they don’t care that much.

        • Derk

          1) The only sad thing about that sentence is drinking alone…. Playing Mario party alone isn’t sad…. Besides, why can’t you play with your friends online from the same console? Mario sports mix allowed 2 players to cooperatively play online and so can Mario Party… So why haven’t they? Slackers.

          2) You skipped 2

          3) Nintendo got lazy and reproduced a game that was already created because they didn’t have the talent/resources to produce another world like Dk64. How long would it take you to duplicate a 2d game? How long would it take you to create a unique 3d game?

          4) Pitiful argument.
          5) Graphics AND gameplay fade.

    • Steven_Segal

      Wii U supports used games from the beginning… PS4 supports used games and…

      • Seriously, Nintendo does something awesome, no one cares, sony does the same thing, people flip tits :3

        • Mochlum

          We already knew that the Wii U had DRM since it was out. BUt since Xbone did it, everybody was worried Sony would follow their steps, so they were happy when they didn’t. Makes sense to me…

  • Sulama Traorรฉ

    Nintendo can bounce back. Right now they are in a slump. The Wii U console is not bad at all, all it needs is games and ads, and Nintendo is now starting to give those big games. However, advertising is something they are doing an abysmal job of and to this day there are still people who don’t know what the hell is a Wii U. Idk, maybe the fact that there were basically no games was why they didn’t market aggressively. Hopefully that changes.

    • Wayne Beck

      The Advertising will not Pick up til October. They need to get four or five Solid Titles out before they do the ramp up. If they Start pushing the Console before they have a solid set of games, they will just see the same backlash they got at Launch. “There’s no games!”

    • Linskarmo

      I agree with every word. Well said.

    • ItzameyaToad

      They have actually decorated the L train in Chicago for one day with New Luigi U advertisement inside the train and outside the train and got a deal with the train company to have Kiosk’s at the train-station so people would get a chance to play New Super Luigi U and meet Luigi(mascot). If you ask me they should do more advertisement like this more often as it is great advertisement especially in a train centered city like Chicago.

      • Truthteller

        I guess they took the cheap way out by doing it in Chicago and not NYC.

        • ItzameyaToad

          Yeah well I mean im sure they have more advertisement oppertunities in NYC since they have there store there and it probably would cost an arm and a leg to do the same thing in NYC haha

        • peter griffin

          I find your comments shallow and pedantic.

      • Martijn Plasmans

        Thats’s nice, but thats only reaching a small audience.

        There is the huge United States, the very big Europe and off course Japan.

        Also there are the South America’s, Africa’s etc.

        • ItzameyaToad

          Its still a great start for advertising and them doing so in a big US city with a large amount of people using the train every day is good advertisement.Nintendo needs to advertise in places like this and allow hands on and doing so in the Big US citys then branching out will help sales.

          I do agree that they need to also focus advertising in other regions like Africa, South America etc. But the focus should really be pushed in the biggest gaming sectors North American market, Japanese Market and the European Market then the other Markets.

          I believe a much bigger advertising push is coming with the release of there big 1st party titles.

    • kevin nun—-

      Hey, Nintendo made a Wii U UK Ad! It went awesome, they even said that their gamepad is not a necessary accessory for great games, it’s just a cherry on an ice cream :D! Fudge, that was a horrible ad.

      • Nintendofreak

        i thought it was nice

      • Saul Strange

        lol Yeah, it was pretty bad. Aside from a little blue label at the end of the ad saying the the Wii U was a new console, the whole thing was about the gamepad! Plus, they didn’t actually show much interaction with it, rather, just showed how menus currently work on other consoles with very little comparison. Weird.

        Such mixed messaging.

        Here’s an idea for a 40 second ad, one so simple it cannot be misunderstood.

        Open with bold text saying ‘The new generation of Nintendo home consoles is here!’ Then cut to just the Wii U system without the gamepad. Big writing above the console says ‘Wii 2’ then the ‘2’ morphs into the blue ‘U’ as the voice over says ‘The Nintendo Wii U’ Next up it says ‘Featuring cutting edge HD graphics capabilities’ accompanied by a sizzle real. While game footage is running it mentions that Wii U is the only place to play Nintendo games in HD, then lists the biggest currently announced / available games while ‘Only On Wii U’ is in the corner; Mario 3D World, Pikmin 3, NSMBU, Sonic Lost World, Wind Waker HD, Donkey Kong, Mario Kart 8, Lego City, Smash Bros, etc. Then cut to ‘The Wii U also features a revolutionary new controller, not available on any other system!’ and show it being used, especially highlighting off-screen play. Lastly ‘Wii 2’ is displayed in big writing as it ends with a cheesy slogan to stick in peoples minds, something like ‘The Wii 2 is the future for U’ as the ‘2’ morphs into the blue ‘U’ again.

        There, it’s stupidly basic and the slogan is cheesy as hell (I’m sure someone else can come up with something much better), but who’s not going to understand it?

        • TheGamerGeek128

          How bout this:
          Fade into a black and white shot of NYC on a stormy night, streetlights showing only a few people hurrying home to get out of the rain. Cut to the mafia gathering at a long table, you can hear some the members whispering to one another, speculating that their boss might have a plan to put the rival gangs back ‘into their places’ as one put it. Suddenly the room is silenced by the loud sound of their boss clearing his throat. After a few second of silence it cuts to a silhouette of their boss, who takes a look around him and says ‘gentlemen… the Wii U’ and the boss then holds up the console in all its glory when suddenly one of them shouts ‘yeah, what’s so special ’bout it’ in a stereotypical mobster voice. The boss just laughs and then it cuts to a reel of all the upcoming exclusives for this year. Now it cuts back to the long table where everyone rejoices. Finally it ends on a shot of the boss, who is now revealed to be wearing Mario cap, before fading out.

          Granted, it wouldn’t teach people ANYTHING whatsoever, but it’d certainly get their attention.

          • Saul Strange

            To be honest, your ad idea sounds way better than mine! lol Good job, sir! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • greengecko007

            They both sound quite awesome actually, and better than how Nintendo is currently advertising.

    • SkyStormXD

      Agree. Wii U needs more third-party games, its still got some features, like the touchscreen, TV remote feature, Off-TV Play, free multiplayer, all this for only $300, maybe as seventh-generation,
      Good Nintendo, They always makes things cheap, the Wii is cheaper than the 3DS,

      • randy191993

        Naturally. The 3DS is almost on par with the Wii Hardware wise. Plus all the sensors and connections. Streetpass, Spotpass, etc etc. Plus the 3D technologie which i’m sure isn’t quiet cheap either. It’s not the size that matters in the price but the stuff inside, and the 3DS has better stuff inside than the Wii had, so naturally it’s more expensive.

        But yeah nintendo manages to keep a lot of progress and be the pioners in most technologies and still retain quality and a low price. They’re like the exact opposite of apple!

      • dark501

        Pff, the only reason why I buy a nintendo console is for 1st party games.
        3rd party on pc.

  • rcprieto06

    I think it’s funny how some xbone fanboys I know think the wii u is gonna fail. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them with a wii u in the near future

    • jay

      The Wii U is doing better than 360/ps3 did at launch.

      What makes these fanboys think next gen will be any better for them??

    • Jon

      honestly, I expect a similar thing to happen to the next consoles as it did with the Wii U, Sell a ton at launch and then taper off for a it until the system actually gets settled into.

      • Truthteller

        The difference is, they will sell a TON (many millions more) than the Wii U! They have 3rd party support so the sales will keep coming.

        • Jon

          but here is the thing, you don’t really know that. Everyone I hear that is getting an Xbox or PS4 already has it pre-ordered or is on a waiting list because the pre-orders have sold. Now once those. Now, what about those that are not like that? You don’t know how many people there are that are on the fence, wondering if they should buy or how many plan to buy 1-6 months after release or later. Most things to do sell millions and then keep selling like that, they will tapper off and then slowly build back up once it settles in. Making an assumption that it will sell like hot cakes forever is setting yourself up to look like an idiot….but you should be used to that by now. Sure the Xone and the PS4 may outsell the Wii U, I was more simply imply that the trend that the Wii U had will probably be see on the Xone and PS4 as does 95% of new electronics released.

          P.S – it is interesting to see that all your comments have at least one upvote…by a guest vote, pretty funny because it is probably you voting yourself up. lol

        • Yoboyjohn

          Hate to break it to ya but the ps4 is in for an awful many ps4 launch games are just ports of current gen games? And how many other games are just generic first-third person shooters?and how many games are announced to come out after launch? Haha

          • Truthteller

            Wishing bad for others won’t help the Wii U.

          • Yoboyjohn

            Oh my f*cking god are you serious right now? You bash Nintendo in every damn article and you have the audacity to say that to me?and no it’s not bashing when its the damn truth

        • Ice Climbers

          Keep in mind that not even all of the Nintendo loyalists have bought the Wii U yet. PS4 and Xbox One will sell well because of loyalists to those companies. After the initial launch they will probably sell like crap because there aren’t enough reasons to pick them up when half the games are available on 360/PS3. I’d love to get a PS4 just for Octodad and Star Wars Battlefront, but I can’t afford to buy one right now.

      • jay

        Problem is most of these mature gamers are very young. They don’t remember system launches because they weren’t there.

        Wii U is doing okay and will do even better as soon as people realize it’s a new console.

  • CEObrainz

    My expectations of them have hardly changed over the years, every Zelda I’ve played has been amazing and captivating. I’ve also enjoyed every Mario Kart, Smash Bros and Mario game I’ve played. Then they also release the Fire Emblem series which I love them for.

    So in all, I’ve always expected great things from Nintendo, so far I haven’t really disappointed.

  • sdmac200600

    I had someone tell me that every ND, they have to announce new games. Plain retarded…

  • John Andalora

    Wow. I am actually insulted right now. More insulted than Don Mattrick’s “Buy an Xbox 360” statement.
    Nintendo, my expectations have always been “play great and new games.” You’ve always been able to work your magic and create so many wonderful worlds that shaped how I perceive good and bad games. You could make a game all about gameplay, or have some with amazing stories that go straight to my heart.

    But recently, it just doesn’t seem like you’re trying. Nothing you are doing right now indicates that you are trying. Oh sure, you say “guys, we messed up” and “we’ll do better,” but are you? What have we got to look forward to for Christmas? Playing Wind Waker again with “better graphics?” A reboot of DK and Super 3D Mario? Maybe I’m just the only guy who thinks this, but if I seriously wanted to play any of those, I’d just play the originals and pretend it’s different. And oh sure, maybe you got Wonderful 101 coming out for your console by September, but is that really all we’re going to get?

    You don’t seem to be actually changing anything around, Nintendo. You keep saying there were problems, but you don’t seem to be changing them or sorting them out. You seem to keep letting them ride and hoping it’ll all sort itself out in the end.

    See, I thought maybe I was expecting too much from Nintendo originally. I thought that I was simply being too hard on them. But then I tried something I didn’t think I would: I started playing indie games. One in particular that blew me away was Thomas was Alone. Loved the story, loved the gameplay, loved the challenges, loved everything. And then I realized: I’ve had more fun with this one game than I had with any Wii U game I’ve played thus far. A $15 Indie game has been more entertaining to me than this whole new consoles set of games.

    Don’t think of yourself as the high and mighty rulers of gaming, Nintendo. You may have made games that were amazing, but you don’t blame your lack of success or hype on the idea that people expected you to not be like the competition and shove any crap on the market expecting the low brows to like it instantly. You wanna keep that fancy crown you made, well you better freaking work for it, because I hold no more obligations to you, and I will happily find another console to play on.

    • Rugmouse

      I understand your frustration, as I’m sure a lot of early Wii U adopters have had these sorts of feelings at one point or another.

      Truth be told, I too have felt that some of the offerings haven’t left me with a, ‘holy moly, I need this game’ type of feeling. Donkey Kong, while a beloved series that I played a great deal of in the SNES and N64 days, feels like a bit of ‘more of the same’ to me. 2D platformers in general are beginning to wear on me (much like turn-based combat RPGs – lookin’ at you Pokemon). Windwaker is a game that I fully expect to play (as a non-adopter of the Gamecube), but I can see your view that this is a hurry up and release something sort of move.

      To be fair to Nintendo, I believe they have had a difficult time adopting HD technology. This is something that was confirmed by the company in several press discussions. Some of the content coming out I believe reflects the trouble they’ve had getting a feel for the technology…they are, in a sense, playing it ‘safe’ and protecting their fresh ideas until they deem their product ready.

      The release of Pikmin 3 feels like the turn-around for Nintendo. The game looks and feels great, and is the quality I’ve come to expect from Nintendo. I feel like the early struggles have pushed back the entire release line (Pikmin 3 was supposed to be a release title), and ‘filler’ games were added to tide people over. 2014 I believe we will see some of their highest quality content.

      And of course The Wonderful 101

      • C4

        “I understand your frustration”

        Me too, but the Wii U line up within 12 – 13 months after launch seems to look very very solid, compared to all previous Nintendo consoles within the same time. Bought a Wii U last month and now almost every month has a “major” (yes I see Wind Waker and the J&Rs like DKCR and Mario 3D as such, not to mention Pikmin which is one of Nintendos best franchises) release. I can’t complain…

        Not forget that 3DS saw games like Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem, 4 “Mario” (if you count Luigi) games within the last year or the upcoming Zelda – ressources that Nintendo can’t use for developing Wii U Software.

      • Ice Climbers

        Go look at Serebii for the new Pokemon X/Y news. They’re finally trying something bold this time around.

        • Rugmouse

          Oh really? I’ll have to take a look. To be honest the only info I’ve seen about the game is that you get Rollerblades instead of a Bicycle, and pokemon can Mega-Evolve…Riveting (lol)

          But I’ll check it out, thanks.

          • Ice Climbers

            The news was that Pokemon can Mega-Evolve actually. Oh and when riding on a Pokemon you can jump up ledges. They broke boundaries right there ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Lately I think they aren’t trying hard enough to meet people’s expectations. The company is still set in it’s ways and does what it wants regardless of what the fans may want. So naturally expectations are going to rise when they’ve yet to offer stuff that has been sought after for a decade. Give people what they want and they won’t expect so much.

  • greengecko007

    Nintendo saved the video game industry years ago. Nintendo has been making games longer than Sony or Microsoft. Nintendo has given me masterpiece games before. Nintendo consoles prior to the Wii U established Nintendo products as having quality day one. So forgive me, Iwata, if I hold Nintendo to higher standards.

  • Will.F. Martinez

    I’m a gamer that plays all types a games and own most consoles. but i still enjoy my Nintendo console and its always my primary console for that gen. this coming gen its a wiiU. i’m not looking for graphics or a bunch of shoot-em up games if that’s the definition of a true gamer then i guess i’m not one of those. i’m still looking for good game-play and ways to play and Nintendo keeps delivering on that. I’ll stick with Nintendo all the way they deliver when it comes to the things i’m looking for. i think Nintendo fans are more of gamer then most hard core gamer (i cant say all) since most hard core gamer are just looking for those nice graphic vs Nintendo fan and other hardcore gamer who are just looking for a good gaming experiences. if you don’t like the wiiu because of its lacks of games its understandable but because that graphic ain’t up to standards that’s bs of an answer

  • RoboticLink

    My expectations never lowered for Nintendo, but since the Wii U has better graphics, more people will start to think: “hey, Nintendo has all of my favorite shooters like CoD, plus the best selection of exclusives”, so they will surely gain more rep (not that they lost that much with the Wii) with the Wii U

  • Ony

    I wont say “Sony fans, Xbox fans, deal with it”, cause I really don’t care about gen wunners or console war and shit (I have a console of each and I don’t care, they ALL have their qualities and weaknesses).

    But I’ll say that to the World: seriously, you really THINK Nintendo will drown? Come ON. You just want to see it burn because you can’t handle the fact that they will resist EVERY SINGLE shit that could happen. Deal. With. It.

    Nintendo will live as long as they decide, stop being jealous. You ARE, deep in your heart. Just open your eyes, Nintendo will not fail, that’s ALL.

    And for the trolls: I REALLY want to see Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo live and continue what they do for the world. They all have different path (even if Sony and Microsoft have a similar one), but c’mon, all three brings innovations and qualities for the Video Game Industry.

    Since when VIDEO GAMES, that art that brings all of us on the same level, we all were talking about GAMES, about how awesome it is! And look at you now, just shitting with your mouth, crying for the death of this or that company you don’t like cause you’re a wunner?

    I’m really sorry about that ^ but I just can’t understand how peoples could become these whimpering arses, crying for the death of this and the win of that. We are, before all this, lovers of VIDEO GAMES. At least I am.

    Sorry :3

    • Ony

      (I feel the wrath of trolls and haters. Please, be gentle)

    • Erik

      I actually feel the same way for you and totally agree with you. Its just that the fact that the other trolls and so on will just want to jack off to eye candy graphics and just going at each others throats for all we care about. Nintendo wont go down and will not until they say so. Nintendo stated that they don’t want to become part of this war and go their own way and I felt it’s the right way for them to do so. Just leave the Shitbox and PS go up and at it and each others throats and money and seeing who has the better graphics and specs they can dish out while Nintendo will go with their own ways for the past 30+ years of making good quality games and always hear our feedback. Cheers.

      • Quicksilver88

        I think it is a mistake for them both to launch in same window. They will get all the same multiplats and Sony will have far more exclusives because of their many great dev teams and many good JAP relations. I think MS will suffer unless cosnumers but into this set top box concept. Nintendo will be fine because once the games start rolling like this month they won’t stop and we will get 1-2 quality exclusives a month plus lots of Indies and VC oldies. What I really want is N64 and GC VC….can’t wait to play those offTV and also they need to do more cross play with 3DS like MHU does…..imagine fire emblem or pokemon with WiiU/3DS cross over…..this angle would really encourage the 30+ mil 3DS owners to buy a WiiU.

        • Erik

          I would generally say that MS just totally blew themselves up. Whats the point of making the deal with the NFL for a console or even then making another glorified cable box? Just get DirecTV and buy Sunday Ticket during the season and its set, you know? Just be patient about N64 and Gamecube VC, im pretty sure they are very busy with all the things that been going on since after the big earthquake of 2011 and they even told us that in a previous article. Id say if you give them enough time developing games and telling us info then im for sure that maybe next year we would expect an update to get those type of games coming to the Wii U.

          • Quicksilver88

            After selling like less than a few million Xbox and X360 in Japan over the last dozen years I think M$ pretty much knows they can’t compete in that market. Sony and Nintendo both kicked their ass in the UK and EU so M$ is pretty much become a USA only console. Still so many people really could care less about TV features especially when most newer TVs or cable boxes are already ‘smart’. I love one article that was saying why is it so much better to tell kinnect what to do than just hitting a button on a damned remote…..kinnect on x360 already did much of what they were showing off in the way of media control and talk about a gimmick. It is cool for a few minutes or to show someone, but ultimately just pushing a button on a remote is a lot easier/faster. What it really comes down to that most people just don’t get is that the new systems are not going to be as awesome graphically as everyone assumes….M$ has a terrible record with exclusives….they are doing same thing as last gen and just buying some early exclusives and then later will depend on the FPS and Sports games to carry them. They do not have nearly the number of dev teams or IPs that both Sony and Nintendo do. Last point….Nintendo built a large new facility in Japan focused on housing devs. They have expanded the size of many teams including Retro in the US. Recently Iwata said he will not trim labor just to return to profitability. I can’t believe all these devs are just sitting on their hands doing nothing so yes I think we are going to see a lot of titles coming in the months and years ahead and by next fall the WiiU will easily have more exclusives than any other system.

          • Erik

            Exactly. I generally believe Sports games (not including Nintendo made like Wii Sports, etc.) Such as FIFA, Maddenm, NCAA, etc are just updated teams and rosters and that’s pretty much it.. no innovation or actually ZERO things that are barely changed in it (other than minor tweaks). FPS games might generally die out sooner or late but who am i to guess. It would be great if Sony and Nintendo join forces.

            EDIT: Id like the idea of off TV play… makes it a WHOLE lot better in case those mom’s out there wanting their daily dose of soap operas and such.

          • Quicksilver88

            Yeah it would be cool if Nintendo and Sony would join forces but not sure if they could ever bury the hatchet after the debacle that was to be the CD drive for the N64. Imagine if they collaborated and Sony made the console and Nintendo the handhelds and then all their IPs came out on both systems. It would be scary because it would be a gaming monopoly but M$ would surely parish under the pressure. OffTV is awesome and seems underrated accept by those that really like it (like me). The gamepads screen is really quite sharp given that it is only 480p.

          • Erik

            I mean who ever thought of the idea of it, is who I REALLY need to meet in person. Just let M$ parish, money wont get them anywhere this time even if they still have only few loyal customers or kids just screaming and whining about the $hitboxone for Christmas.

        • Erik

          MS is just another big company that doesn’t really care about their customers and only care for the big money for CEO’s and other high up people working for them. Nintendo realize their mistakes and it was told in an article a few weeks back that it was the earthquake of 2011 that halted games and development. We all need to just calm down and not hit the panic button yet or even at all. If everyone gives them more time and space, then im pretty sure that by the next major update it will include both N64 and Gamecube VC and maybe a possible crossover for the 3DS.

          • Quicksilver88

            Let’s hope on the GC VC….early on they talked like it was a for sure thing then went silent. There are maybe 25 great titles on GC but they are some of the best titles of that generation and rather than have them spending a year (like with WW) remaking them I would just as soon have the emulated on VC. I have actually been playing some of the old library on the Wii because it supports progressive scan on GC titles that support it and they look pretty damned good on my 50″ LCD. I recently found Baten Katos used (after looking for it for years) and that game honestly takes 80+ hours to complete. I was going to replay ED and Zelda TWP (I actually preferred the GC version over the Wii) but am too busy with new stuff now so will wait and see if they deliver them on the WiiU. I hope Nintendo delivers more cross play because beyond gaming both portable and console I think it would help as a marketing tool. Imagine a Monster Hunter Pro Bundle (like japan got) but they also put in a code to download it for 3DS. These type bundles would encourage 3DS gamers to buy a WiiU. I am not counting Nintendo out by any stretch and I am sure after XMAS we will get to see more of the ‘secret’ things they are working on……I just know Retro is already underway on something else so once DKTR gets out I am sure another Metroid or Star Fox game is going to be announced.

    • greengecko007

      Genwunners? I haven’t seen that word outside of Pokemon dedicated websites, which by the way, who is talking about Pokemon?

      • Ony

        They brag about PS4XBone are REAL next-gen and Wii U last-gen so I think genwunner fit correctly :3

        • greengecko007

          That’s the complete opposite of a genwunner…

          Genwunners are people who only like the first generation of a fandom. The most common example being the Pokemon series, in which genwunners only accept the original 151 Pokemon as canon. A genwunner for video game consoles would be saying stuff like “Wii U and PS4 suck! I’m just gonna keep playing my NES and PS1! 90s kidz rule!”.

  • Ashley Manning

    Advertising has started in the uk I’ve seen a lot of adverts for pikmin 3 and even advertising on! The wii u is a great console with such a high potential with the games they can release. Graphically pikmin 3 is gorgeous can’t wait to see future releases

    • boynhisblobs

      Same here in the States, a lot of ads for Pikmin 3.

  • jay

    Where were you during the 360/ps3 launch?

    • Truthteller

      I was on the fence with the 360 until Dead Rising came out and showed me something that was not possible on the PS2. Before DR, there was Madden and Fight Night 4 (I think that came out after) that made me a believer. The games like Perfect Dark did not blow my mind, but I still saw potential. In the Wii U’s case, I don’t see potential because I am not seeing games that separate themselves from what is out. Even the best that they have coming, I don’t see it.

      • Decker Shado

        Man, you are reeeeeeally going to hate this upcoming generation….

      • Sonic

        Flag and move on.

      • Zorlac79

        Wow, it was those crap games that made you a believer!?!?!?

        Well, i guess you just showed your worth…
        Then the Wii U is definitely not for you, darn, guess it is time for you to move on then.
        That’s too bad, we’ll miss you….

      • NintendoNoob

        go suck a dick

    • Martijn Plasmans

      Only reason i needed to buy a Xbox 360 was Oblivion. And that game was delayed 1 or 2 months. So i buyed it with Call of Duty 2 and project Gotham Racing. Also they had Perfect Dark and Kameo. Not the best games ever, but big names from big studio’s and exclusive. (Oblivion and Call of Duty 2 only release on console for 360). When you have exclusives you can advertise.

      • readypembroke

        CoD 2 isnt 360 console exclusive, Wii has it and so does the ps3

  • Shagrath1983

    To me Nintendo has and always will be my family game night AT HOME! I have friends and family over, just last night I played 5 player, Nintendoland, Game and Wario, as well as Bingo Battle on pikmin 3 and topped it off with some smash melee! Nintendo is a breath of fresh air and to me i could care less about zelda as long as I got my Nintendo party games, what other company makes family/drunk night games with such caliber?

    • sd

      Just dance can be fun, buts thats about it from other companies for family game nights I think.

  • Sora Morp

    sonic lost world, wind waker hd, bayonetta, mario 3d world, mk8, smash bros 4, zelda hd.. etc you weere saying?

    • randy191993

      The problem is that most of these games are not out yet. They will be awesome games, but right now Wii u really has barely any really good games. Once these good games come out, i am very sure the Wii U will take up the sucess it deserves.

  • that guy

    I haven’t been raising my expectations it’s just that i have always held nintendo to a higher standard than most developers because of their consistency in the past with developing stellar content. so they will always have to put out a great game or it will be seen as a mediocre game by my standards of them where if anybody else put that game out i would see it as a good game.

  • Rman94

    It seems like every post you just come here to tick people off, if you don’t like the wii u so much then why are you even here being a troll?

    • Ace J

      he likes the wii u. i honestly dont know why else he would come here everyday

      • randy191993

        To annoy people. He’s prolly a Mircosoft fan and mad at how badly they fucked up the Xbox One

    • randy191993

      Because he’s a Microsoft Fanboy and mad at how badly they fucked up with Xbox One? It’s a typical preschool behaviour. If someone else does something better than you, you go insult them. Since Nintendo is much better than Microsoft, Microsoft Fans come here.

  • Josh

    Yeah, my expectations for a price drop keeps increasing. I won’t be very happy if I have to buy this console for $350 come time for my WW preorder to arrive. IMHO this console is only worth $250 max when the PS4 is $399 and is going to be stacked with titles, including the ones from the developers that have announced that they won’t be supporting the WiiU.

    • Quicksilver88

      You really need to go look at IGN release list…stacked with titles???? Most of which are TBA 2014 or are titles also coming to current gen and PC. Look I like Sony too and plan to buy a PS4 sometime in 2014 but the next year there will be far more exclusives on WiiU coming out than on ps4. Even though i bought at launch I too hope for a price drop by xmas. Rumor has it their will be a WW bundle which would be great. That with a $300 price tag and lots of other good stuff to play like Pikmin, W101, DK, Mario, Ubi’s games, CoD ghosts and lots of eShop Indies would make it an attractive system. The gamepad is the ‘expensive’ part of the system and if you haven’t spent a few days with it and played something on it, you won’t undsand its value. I am playing ME3 right now about 1/2 the time offTV and I love it. It really comes down to prefrence….homestly how many people buy multiple new systems at once? Who has the time and money? Just don’tcome crying when mid 2014 their is little to be exited after launch on ps4…..look at Vita and 3DS it took them more than 18 months to build decent libraries and all past systems have been the same.

      • Elem187

        he’s throwing around numbers, but he omits the fact the PS4 doesn’t come with a game. its a barebones system for $399.

        • Quicksilver88

          Exactly and even though I am a fan of PSN+ and already subscribe many people do not and so you are looking at $400 + $60 for a game + $50 for a PSN+ card to be able to play online. So now you are over $500. I am also a little miffed about the digital stuff. $ony is not saying specifically what the streaming will cost or what/when content will be available. Many of us have purchased a lot of psn/ps1/ps2 content and being able to play that from day one would be nice and somewhat soften the blow of no ps3 backwards compatibility. Also there is still a lot of really good content coming to PS3 in the coming months so that is why between that and WiiU I will hold off on PS4 until sometime in 2014 when all the launch kinks are worked out and a number of worthy titles exist.

    • Elem187

      Dude, the PS4 only has 3 exclusives its launching with.
      You are also forgetting that $400 USD doesn’t include a game.

  • Satoru Iwata

    I do acknowledge our mistakes and we will work continuously around the clock until our consumers and investors are satisfied.

  • Dez

    Considering how long it took Sony to turn things around, Nintendo is moving at blazing speed. They are adapting to making titles in HD super fast and they’re pumping out titles for the latter half of the year. The lack of games for 6 months or so was brutal, but I still have to commend them for their swift action especially considering how much software they are publicly working on and what they have in reserve.

    Zelda U is going to blow our minds. Biggest Zelda game ever, rumored to have dungeons so large they need to be broken up in wings, each dungeon is also rumored to be roughly the size of Hyrule Field, and the most expensive Nintendo game to date. Moreover, the fact they were convincing developers to work on Wii U titles by showing off Zelda U, it must be impressive. /drooling

    • oontz

      “but I still have to commend them for their swift action especially considering how much software they are publicly working on and what they have in reserve.”

      Sony has 30 First party PS4 exclusives in development, 20 releasing in the first 12 months of the PS4’s life and 12 of which are new IPs. This doesnt even include ALL the 3rd party content being developed that wont come to Wiiu.

      Nintendo should have been MUCH better prepared for this console’s first year.

      • Elem187

        Citation… I only saw a handful of exclusives in development by Sony… Did they show these at E3? Because I didn’t see no 30 titles in development.
        Sounds like you are blowing smoke about Sony… the Wii U will have the most exclusives by the end of this year and through the first half of next year as well….

        But its a moot point, 99% of all Sony games are shooting games.. Are you people not getting bored with that tired, worn out gameplay mechanic? We’ve been doing shooters for well over 20 years.

        • greengecko007

          “We’ve been doing shooters for well over 20 years.”

          You mean, just like…


          Racing games?


          Puzzle games?

          basically every genre of game?

          Joking aside, I haven’t seen anything Sony having 30 first party titles in development, and certainly not 20 in the first year. I have however, heard that Sony managed to grab several exclusive indie games.

  • Pikachief

    If other companies raise the bar, I expect Nintendo to raise the bar to equal or greater value. I’ve always seen them as one of the best software and hardware developers for video games and so I’ve always had high expectations for them. But! If other companies raise the bar, I expect them to also, which is why my expectations keep getting raised for Nintendo. Duh.

    I expect progression in technology and quality in your products after years have passed ๐Ÿ˜›

  • sd

    I just expected them to release at least some of the games announced in the first 6 months of the consoles life. I dont think that is high expectations, just get the games out and keep them coming. People didnt have high expectations, it was that Nintendo announced a heap of things and didnt deliver on any of them. Everything was delayed.

    Dont get me wrong, I think my Wii U is great, but dont give us nonsense about expectations being higher.

    • oontz

      Exactly I wish I would have waited… cause I’ve owned my wiiu since launch and I’m still waiting for that MUST HAVE game experience.

      • sd

        Pikmin 3 surprised me by being amazing, but the only other game since launch that I have really enjoyed was RE revelations. I think finally the wait is almost over but we still need more games. Pikmin 3 is definitely worth a purchase, I never played Pikmin before but really enjoyed it.

  • Skunk

    The only expectations I can think of are having good games and maybe more online multiplayer…

  • Mochlum

    I agree and I disagree. I think people were expecting some perfect 64-2 or something, so when they saw that Nintendo was doing 3D World, they thought it was a rehash (no more rehash-y then a 64 2, Sunshine 2, or Galaxy 3 would’ve been…), same with Retro and Donkey Kong. So yes, some people overyhype themselves and get very annoyed when they don’t get what they want. But also, there wasn’t much of a demand for those games either. I mean, I think DKC:TF looks amazing and I barely understand why people are complaining about more Donkey Kong Country (seriously, we haven’t gotten one since 2010…), but more people wanted a Metroid or Starfox. I have really mixed feelings on this…

    • oontz

      Donkey Kong for 3ds was just released in may 2013.

      • Mochlum

        That was a port of a Wii game. Ports don’t count as official games in franchises. ๐Ÿ˜›

        • Michael Jurado

          I was looking forward too a Star Fox game my self but, i’m happy with DKC ๐Ÿ˜€

          • Mochlum

            Yeah, a new Starfox would be nice, but the DKC platformers are the best platformers ever in my opinion, so I’m happy.

          • Michael Jurado

            heck yeah man and i’m glad they gave us a new DK game because the last DKC game was on the N64 then we got the bongo game then in late 2010 we got DKC so personally I’ve felt bad that DK has been kept under a rock for such a long time

    • ICHI

      DK looks good though Mario, FZero, Metroid, Starfox and Zelda are what I think of when I think of great Nintendo games and as I didn’t bother buying DK64 or DKC returns so I’m not as hyped for another one. Galaxy 3 would have been bad for me too, I always felt that Nintendo did something new with each consoles Mario game and I got a sequel anyway. I will buy one of them but I don’t always want platformers and if retros New game was star Fox or metroid then I would be buying 2 Nintendo games at Christmas

  • Squid

    You can do it Iwata.
    I’m still excited for Yoshi’s Epic Yarn

  • Shelim Uddin

    I think when super mario 3d world releases you will start to see Wii U ads

  • domahman

    I’m sure they are thinking hard about the next console. Next time, bring some A list to go along with the hardware. hand helds are now almost as powerful as the ps3 and running on battery.

  • zajac1661

    The competition will be hard as ever before, after this christmas. But Nintendo has the power to release some heavy titles. Owning some of the best videogame brands in the world is a good card.
    I drool about the thought of a completely new Zelda game.

  • A SNES Day Off

    A-ha, Iwata’s back with his rifle. This guy means business!

  • JBeauregard

    If you believe your consumer base has high expectations, that’s fantastic. It shows you care… unlike EA, et al.

  • david jarman

    I expect to have fun. Mission accomplished.

  • Michael Rowlands

    I have a wii u and love it put I feel that when the ps4 and xb one come at the wii u will be doomed……and I don’t think you can blame Nintendo….I went into blockbuster today and all the games they have are Nintendoland zomieu all the new games that are out for the wii u and blockbuster in the uk are not selling them……how can they get people to buy the wii u when they only see some games for it…….

  • Ganjabriel Del Campo

    Yes ! I grew up with Nintendo but I stopped playing video games for a while. In 2011 I did come back playing video games but this time with the ps 3 for the only reason that ps3 has online multiplayer. Onestly I already got bored of the ps3 and I waste a lot of money buying controllers because it seems play station make their controllers easy to break. ๐Ÿ™ last mont I saw the Nintendo 3 ds and I liked. I didn’t now that Nintendo has already online multiplayer and I can’t stop playing Mario kart 7. I would like to say that is 1000 times better than play station. I loved it and now I bought the wii U and Its awesome ! I sold my ps3 and I’m very happy for returning to Nintendo and I love it as I’m having lots of flash backs from my childhood. I’ll never leave Nintendo again.

  • Chris
  • Will.F. Martinez
  • Joel Lopezz

    They are doing a much better job promoting now. If anyone in the industry has proven its worth, and strength to remain, its Nintendo.

  • randy191993

    I agree with Nintendo. They are always making progress, way before the other companies steal… ahem “invent” it too. The Wii U is a great console. Sadly the games have been misisng yet. Once they start releasing some games that are asked for a lot like the new Super Smash brothers, a new Zelda etc etc i am sure they will be back to sucess in no time.

  • Stephen Davis

    Iwata please sign this petiton and please ask others who picked up the WIIU to do so as well. Reggie said “Good chance we will see GTAV come to WIIU” Thanks ๐Ÿ˜›