Jun 23rd, 2013

Iwata social media

We haven’t been huge fans of Nintendo el Presidente Satoru Iwata over the past year. The Wii U has been struggling and Iwata is not without fault. But that’s not to say that we don’t respect the man — we certainly do.

And we respect him even more now after his quote / stance on social media and gaming integration. Nintendo famously didn’t get too much into social media with the Wii U, opting to create its own network, Miiverse.

And now we understand why. According to Iwata, Nintendo believes that there isn’t much need to integrate gaming consoles into social media like Twitter and Facebook. While next gen systems from Sony and Microsoft will focus heavily on social media (especially the PS4), Iwata believes this is wrong. He puts it frankly in an interview:

“The primary use of Twitter and Facebook is not gaming, but a means of communication. Although I don’t use either of them, if I did, I imagine I’d use it to talk about my outings and vacations to people who aren’t exactly video game enthusiasts. I don’t think my former classmates would care to hear about my new Mario Kart record and so on.”

Iwata added some more comments about the Wii U social network, Miiverse, which will soon expand to the 3DS. Iwata said that when it hits the 3DS, “Miiverse will explode”.

We definitely agree with Iwata when it comes to social media and gaming. How many of your Facebook friends care that you just beat a level or earned a new achievement? About as many as care about your new Farmville pig…

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  • tooby77

    Gamers like to communicate, thats it

  • tooby77

    1 hour ago
    Nintendo@E3 2013 Community

    Yes xb1and ps4 have better hardware and so on, but look at miiverse, gamepad and wii u in the whole.
    1 hour ago
    We are the winners anyway. Yes i will own all 3, but wii u will win my heart anyway

  • Johny

    it would be like sharing your stupid score in angry birds or some other crappy 99 cent app on your smart phone everytime… just retarded

  • Nintedward

    Oh absolutely! Like , I have a lot of people on my Facebook and use it regularly and that does indeed include a large number of the opposite sex! (who I’m always trying to hit on via the instant messaging feature) (I bet you do that to right ? what else is it for ? …)

    So I definitely don’t want to be exposing my nerdy love affair with Nintendo all over my Facebook! Miiverse however is like a Nintendo fans paradise and is perfect.

    If Sony and MS knew what was good for them , they would indeed make their own integrated social networks. But whatever…

    • iceazeama

      you dont get away with anything im miiverse though!!!! the only thing i got away with was in luigi bros. it was this, sorry marrio…… hose over bros!!!!! this time i get the princess!!!!! im surprissed they didnt take that down…….

      • Superstick98


        • Guest


      • Nintedward


      • Arthur Jarret

        Only because you spelled hoes wrong…

        although I made a pic implying princess toadstool has a yeast infection and got away with it (due to the subtlety)…

        • iceazeama

          thats the point…. you cant just spell hoes or else it will get taken down but everybody actually knows what it means.

      • Nintendofreak

        haha hose over bros…………..lmfao

    • Ony

      I have some contacts in facebook that just hate Nintendo, it would be so annoying if I get their “lol shitty nintendo it’s crap lololol” (like we have some here… poke Knowledgeiswhatsup) everytime I would post somethink via Wii U or 3DS.

      Miiverse is the best choice for a Nintendo console :]

      • Nintedward

        Definitely. about 1/4 of the 427 people I have on Facebook have an appreciation for Nintendo , the rest don’t give a crap…

  • I agree with this completely. Amazing.

  • I say I have to agree. When it comes to sharing your experiences in gaming it is best to keep it in its own network where other people that share the interest can read and respond to it.

    • wiiudaily

      Hence: Miiverse 🙂

      • I am also a member of raptr.com for the same reasons. There I connect my XB Live and Steam accounts and I can interact with my gaming friends and the community.

    • lonewolf88

      omg the site just talked to you holy crap!

    • TULFich

      I agree with Master Iwata….Like…who gives a fuck about my achievements sharing in fb?

      • val berger

        the question is, why should social media integration only be something about achievements? miiverse isn’t overrun with achievemnt-posts either, so this wouldn’t be the case. when integrating services like facebook and twitter, the developers doesn’t necessarily have to be confined to just the most annoying and negative aspects of social media, but use their creativity to push the whole medium forward. facebook as well as twitter would be extremely powerful channels to go viral with the system while miiverse is just a service for people who already know the system.

        • TULFich

          Miiverses is a tottally different gaming social media, unlike XLive were u don´t actually interact that much with people is why they use fb and twitter, but nobody actually gives a Fuck about it, that is why Miiverse is perfectly fine!! I prefer spending lots of time commenting about games on that nintendo´s service than chatting with “friends” in LIVE…..but Nintendo actually need an achievement and gamerscore thing, that would give a SHIT-TON of replay value (more than the one they already have on their games) and make a more competitive platform!! 😀

    • Michael DeVore

      You do know it’s a bit more “sinister”. By keeping it all on the miiverse they can do what they can’t do if it was all with Twitter. All those MiiVerse posts on Mario and Luigi about levels gives Nintendo valuable feedback. I bet they took the posts for MarioU that showed the most difficulty and frustration for players and used that to tailor LuigiU to be more difficult. Developers get all their eyes on public data on their network without all the legal nonsense trying to scrape Twitter, and Facebook would cause. It’s clear from Nintendo’s Surveys on Club Nintendo, and on the eShops rating system that they want this data. They want to know what makes a game good for Hardcore Gamers and what makes a game good for Casual Gamers. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like other developers on the WiiU have caught on to how they can use it for development. ZombiU tried to utilize the system but clearly failed, and others have just ignored it’s potential use.

      Heck, I bet they’re even looking at the Virtual Console posts and images to see what parts work the best.

      It’s like a focus group of your entire user base.

      • DWraySweZ

        this is why miiverse makes a difference.

  • bizzy gie

    “We haven’t been huge fans of Nintendo el Presidente Satoru Iwata over the past year.”

    Sure he’s made his mistakes, but I’m still as much a fan as ever.

    • Clel

      Kinsley also has a tendency to assume our stances on certain subjects. Kind of annoying, but he can write good articles so I guess it’s okay 🙂

      • Magnus Eriksson

        I think he have good points and holds a critical stance towards what he writes about. Thats always good. I rather read what he has to say than read commercial propaganda.

        • wiiudaily

          Yep. Wii U daily has never been a “fan site” that blindly just supports Nintendo. We call it as it is, and all writers are free to speak their minds

          • Jamin Daniell

            i’m really glad y’all are that way! i hate biased opinions, even when i’m in favor of them. just because somebody thinks something doesn’t mean they have to shove it down other peoples’ throats.

          • Guest

            Wait which writer are you? Ashley has her own account so it can’t be her.

          • Norfair20X5

            It’s the self-aware comment section A.I.!!!

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Well, know that the people you might make unhappy with your articles are the same people that these guys. They will soon be happy again 🙂

      • Andreas Sunde

        Kinsley has a tendency to write on behalf of the whole site, even when other writers disagree with him.

        Or, you know, he has royal blood.

  • LoZ4life98

    Miiverse will be HUGE on the 3DS. Many more people have the 3DS, so it is only logical to think of the possibilities.

  • Joey Perez

    what he says is true.. but the convenience of not having to switch devices just to post something is a nice feature.. thats a big deal to be gaming and then say “hey im gonna see if anyone on facebook wants to join me in a game” yes yes i know you have a friends list and so on and so forth I’m just saying its nice… extra.. to be frank netflix hulu and amazon have nothing to do with gaming either yet nintendo has them… its a convenience and thats a nice thing to have why have a tablet on and your xbox on .. when u can just one device? 🙂 … hes not wrong though no one cares what level you are on … or your score…
    but because i agree with him im not mad at him..
    unfortunately when one console has a nice feature yours doesn’t all be it gaming oriented or social media …. it makes your product less advantageouse to the consumer

    • Joey Perez

      and to clarify miiverse is genius and will only get bigger and better

    • Chris Raybell

      Did you just have an argument with yourself? lol. And I’m not sure if you realized but there is a convenience of not having to switch devices just to post something; for starters you have the Internet Browser on the Wii U that you could use Facebook on, on top of which Miiverse has mobile support and PC web support. So there you have it, you have your convenience. You can still only just use your Wii U if you wanted; or while using Miiverse on the Wii U, perhaps just use Facebook on your mobile device like practically everyone does nowadays. Just figured out your dilemma, kill two birds with one stone. Oh and your comment about it being less advantageous to the consumer, seems a bit misconstrued. For example, why would someone get one console over another? Well, I’ll tell you, because one of the consoles has these really nice features that the others don’t. Most console gamers don’t buy every console, so what are you getting at? Maybe if you were clearer and didn’t write out broken sentences that don’t make complete sense, then perhaps people could better understand what you are even trying to say.

      Back to the beginning of your post – just to make it clear, while you are gaming or even mid game; you can hit that little home button on your gamepad, and go to Internet Browser. From there you can sign into your Facebook account, reach your friends; and get back to gaming. No switching of devices required.

      • Dylan Groot

        Damn you have no clue what Perez is on about. Funny.

        • Chris Raybell

          I’m sorry it isn’t my fault he’s not very clear and concise with his wording. Though I misunderstood some of what was said, he’s got broken sentences that need rewording and finished.

    • Chris Raybell

      Also, why did you compare social media networking sites with applications like Hulu and Netflix? You do realize watching tv shows and movies is different with Social Networking right?

      • Joey Perez

        If u take time to cosider what I was saying you would read that I’m actually saying they are convienence features ….. Quit looking for things troll .

  • AfricanAbraham

    I could not believe the amount of nice and amazing people we have on Miiverse, my friends list on Facebook pales in comparison XD.

    • Nintendofreak

      i already have live 8 more friends on miiverse than facebook …even thought i only had it for like 2 months and my facebook like a year

  • Linskarmo

    Well said.

  • kevin nun—-

    farmville, not that I use it 😛

  • John Andalora

    I hardly use MiiVerse for the same reason.
    If Iwata thinks that my friends don’t care whether or not I completed a level, what exactly makes him think that people I don’t know would care?

    I get sick and tired of seeing this:
    “Is thiz gam good? I wnt to by it!”
    “Woo! I beat my dad!”
    “This game is rally good!”

    Why do I care?

    • Nintedward

      Whilst it was a good effort at generalization on your part , no…. Just no.

      Everbodie on meverse is ”like oooo gayums!”

      Stfu… Most people on Miiverse are (extremely) artistic and creative , funny and helpfull and interesting to talk to regarding info on all things Nintendo gaming. Period.

      And guess what helps ? Having people you know on Miiverse *suprised face*
      Sharing your moments with People you actually know is where it’s at.
      Even if it’s just someone you frequently talk to on a message board like Wiiudaily if not your personal friends who also have a Wiiu…

      • John Andalora

        Haven’t seen any of that.
        The only ones that games like NSMBU, Nintendoland, and Xombi U share are all about “Ooooo yeah i lik ths gme!”
        And I don’t care to see people draw some random picture with a gamepad. If I want to see peoples drawings, I’ll go to a website like Deviantart and see everyones shared artwork there.

        I put one post on MiiVerse, and the only response I got was some kid who said “Can I add you as a friend?” And then asked how to friend people.

        Also, i’m the only person out of my friend circle to actually own a Wii U. None of them even want to get one. So there isn’t anyone I know who I can talk to.
        So I’m stuck with whiny kids and a couple of drawings.

        … Yay….

        • Speaking of whiny kids^^^^

          • John Andalora

            You don’t like talking to me.
            You think I’m dense, and have broken conversation off with me because of that.
            You get annoyed by everything I say because I don’t agree with your views, and you insult me in replies to other people.

            And yet you keep coming back and replying to my statements.

            Do you really have nothing better to do than reply to someone you hate?

        • Samuel Mungy

          Damn, that’s sad. My first post got many people giving me tips on a new game. Very helpful community. I really wouldn’t like to bother my Facebook friends since they have other things to do than see my awesome replay on Mario Kart or here that I’ve completed X.

          I wish Miiverse had more features but ey, it’s just the start. They should try get replays (not the way in Mario Kart) to be posted on Miiverse. Or having to slide down some notification bar on the gamepad to view the latest posts on Miiverse about the current game you’re playing.

          Other than that, Miiverse is great for a gaming social network especially for a major gaming company. Let’s get more Wii U’s in people’s hands so that the community can spread. More games means more communities. Wouldn’t that be great. With millions of users, the community can become something very great. Alas, we live in the present and all we can do is work for the future.

          • Samuel Mungy

            Btw, I know people hate this but… Nintendo Network ID = Sammi3

          • John Andalora

            I’m just not a big fan of MiiVerse.
            I also don’t care to disuss how I beat a level or show off a video of what I did in a game.
            Honestly, when I get my PS4, that share button isn’t going to be touched once.

            I typically use social media on video games to connect to my friends in real life so we can form parties and play a game together. That’s about it.

          • Samuel Mungy

            Now I get what you mean. To quickly link up with other people to join a game yh? Hmm… that’s true. But I guess, different people have different situations. I don’t have gamer friends so I don’t want them knowing about how much I game. Plus, I can quickly get my gamer friends form other countries to get online by whatsapping them in a group. Works about the same and much quicker since people always have their phones.

          • John Andalora

            Makes sense.

        • DWraySweZ

          wow ur really not getting the point of miiverse, sorry bout ur social circle.

          • John Andalora

            What exactly is the “point of MiiVerse?”

      • John Andalora

        And, btw, did I say “everybody?”
        No. I said i see that a lot, and i don’t like it.

    • kenny Johnson

      Because it’s related to the game you’re playing. I find the Miiverse comments during NSMBU to be fun — sometimes even helpful.

      • John Andalora

        Only comments I saw in NSMBU were “Wow! That was really hard!” Or “Found all the coins!”
        And then it asked me if I wanted to post something after beating the level.
        No, I don’t want to post something. I just want to keep playing my game.

        • DWraySweZ

          dont comment just play, it amazing what people find annoying and what others dont

          • John Andalora

            I can play.

            But when it forces me to see others posts and asks me to make one, I get annoyed.

            I’ve tried turning it off, but I can’t figure out which one turns it off without turning off the internet.

    • Tecpedz94

      Your not forced to use it you know. Nobody wants to hear your negative complaints. Just play the games and that sit. Its nor hard….

      • John Andalora

        I try to “just play the games”.
        You’d think it’d be easier than it sounds.
        But when the game forces you to see others posts and asks you if you want to post yourself at the end of every level, I get very annoyed.
        Social Media should be something we go to, not something forced down our throats.

        • Lil J Moore

          You know you can just turn it off right? Sounds like your complaining for nothing

          • John Andalora

            Didn’t know you could.
            I just figured the only way out of it was to disconnect it from the internet.
            I’ll have to make sure to do that the next time I actually play it.

        • DWraySweZ

          well when it comes to nsmbu+nslu, ur either really good or just a terrible player!

          • John Andalora

            Does 5 hours and 70 lives at the end sound like a “bad player” to you?

  • Joel

    Farmville sucks ass, like all false games. Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Candy Crusher…

    • Nintedward

      Facebook poker kicks ass and that’s the only one lol.

    • Andreas Sunde

      They’re still games, even if you don’t like them.

  • uPadWatcher

    Best CEO of Nintendo of America! Like a BOSS!!!!!

    • uPadWatcher

      And whoever thumbed me down isn’t a gamer and a complete reject of the video gaming society.

      • iceazeama


      • Tecpedz94

        I believe you got thumbed down because Iwata is not CEO of America. Iwata is president and CEO of Nintendo Japan. Reggie is president of Nintendo America.

        • WolfgangAmadeusMozart

          Iwata recently became the CEO of Nintendo of America, replacing Tatsumi Kimishima, who was promoted as the Managing Director of Nintendo. Reggie is still the president of NoA, though.

          • Tecpedz94

            AHH YA! Its true i remember reading about that a while back.. Thanks for correcting me and for the info :p

        • discuss

          And one right doesn’t make a 1000 wrongs vanish.

          • Volfos

            But apparently one perceived wrong makes a million proven rights invisible.

          • discuss

            Because the Wii U is a huge succes right? lol

          • Volfos

            Not yet no, but that is just one major mistake of trying to offer greater freedom to third-parties like Sony and Microsoft do, at the start of the console’s life-span.

            The console itself is amazing, and he’s got a very nice list of achievements before that

  • Clel

    This is awesome.

  • uPadWatcher

    Mr. Kinsley… you’ve misspelled “SAID” and “FARMVILLE”.

    • wiiudaily

      Fixed, thanks for the heads up.

  • Samuel Mungy

    None of my friends are real gamers so I don’t want them knowing how many hours I put into games since their guesses are probably much lower than the actual amount.

  • iceazeama

    please undersatnd….. i apologise, please undersatnd. we here at nintendo would like…. to apoligise, please understand. nintendo needs new manegment.

    • John Andalora

      What is this, Domino’s?

    • DWraySweZ

      u get around to all the nintendo sites dont u. its ur mission to piss as many nintendo fans off as u can. wow.

      • iceazeama

        no believe it or not. how can you even call me a troll on this website. im just not a stupid sheep, i like nintendo, people on this site are way more controlled and i like it. im way more controlled on here to, i make some and even stick up for certain things here. you take things to seriously. i like nintendo, its been a part of my childhood and i dont want them to die. they just are kind of bullshit and im not going to mindlessly praise any 3 company over shit. if they could fix their bullshit then that would be the end of me so called hating.

      • iceazeama

        this and mynintendonews is the only website i even comment on. now if i hated nintendo why would i only comment on nintendo websites.

  • Adam Porter

    you see, now it makes a whole lot of sense. I personally love miiverse but until now I didn’t realize it’s advantage over facebook. how many of us get that annoying “such and such has been playing candycrush/Farmville/bullshit game and would like to share a pig with you” coming up in their notifications, if it happened aswell with my mates playing console games i’d never find anything interesting onmy page at all.

    • Andreas Sunde

      Just a heads up, you can actually block them.

  • therealruben1

    Im fine with Miiverse

  • CyanideInsanity

    The only time I think people care about that kind of stuff on your average social media website is when its people who are known for gaming like let’s players or game reviewers.

  • DragonSilths

    Spelling mistake in the article. “sadi” is supposed to be “said”.

    • iceazeama

      only you could have seen that, lets clap for him, (fake claps) just…. just give yourself a pat on the back!!!!!!

    • wiiudaily

      Fixed, thanks.

      • DragonSilths

        You’re welcome.

  • Tecpedz94

    I cant wait for the 3ds to get miiverse. I hope it fixes the friend code thing and adding friends on mii verse will be like on the WiiU cuz friend codes are such a pain!!!

  • Madmagican

    And this is why we have Miiverse, it gives gaming a social aspect without including multiplayer and it’s exclusively dedicated to gaming

  • Luna Moonfang

    Made my day, Mr. Iwata.














    • SuperSmashMan2

      Anybody with the name Dog Fart in all caps are well known for being the wise grandmaster of the bunch

    • discuss

      I’m sorry to inform you that your capslock buttons seems to be broken.

    • Ony

      Dog is that you ?

  • ItzameyaToad

    I love that Nintendo made Miiverse, it was one of those thing’s that was bound to happen but the way it was executed by Nintendo makes it top notch! Yes PS4 will also have a social feature but it seems to not be as engaging as Miiverse, now thats from what I have seen on Sony’s videos showcasing the user interface. I will hold judgement though until the PS4 comes out because its social features look cool as well. But I still feel Miiverse is something unique that adds so much more to gaming!

  • SuperSmashMan2

    “Iwata sadi”




    • SuperSmashMan2

      Makes as much sense if I posted on Twitter that I ‘Just read a page of the Amazing Spiderman’.

  • Inviable Gaming

    I really don’t care about miiverse I only use to show funny glitches I found

  • domahman

    where’s my pillow, I’m yawning…ZzzzzZzz

  • Mr. J

    The most awkward thing happened to me today

  • JB

    I wholeheartedly agree with Iwata on this sentiment! I hate all those notifications on Facebook of people’s high scores on Candy Crush saga and the bazillion requests to play a certain game or. No I’m not going to help you build your stupid barn! I don’t really want to see your distance score on Temple Run flood my twitter feed. I do discuss gaming on those platforms, but it’s only really to start general discussions and I link various articles. (Like this one for instance :-D)

    Regarding Miiverse, it’s hands down the best social platform I’ve been a part of. Everybody is so nice, kind, helpful, funny and artistic. Nintendo really got it right on this one and I’m interested to see what moves Sony and MS make in this space. If there’s one thing I’d like to see, is perhaps some sort of onscreen notification of messages and the like.

    Regarding Miiverse on the 3DS. I can’t wait. It was very smart of them to launch it on the Wii U before expanding… It would be much easier to gauge and iron out the wrinkles of the network on 4 Million U’s than it would be for 32 million 3DS’s. I think the Wii U was the test bed of sorts for Miiverse.

  • Minz1

    Wii U Trolls:
    When Miiverse comes on the 3DS, more people will see my penis drawings!

  • Héctor I. Rivera Negrón

    I have over two thousand friends on Facebook and I believe 50, yeah, 50 of them would care about games and so.

  • Ducked

    I agree with him…

  • discuss

    Iwata is correct however ….
    1 – It’s about time you made something VoiP so I can talk with my friends regardless of what game I am playing or what I am doing on my Wii U.
    2 – Fix the internetbrowser. It´s slow and doesn´t load or movie (controlls).
    3 – Make friend functions work in Wii mode.

    While Xbox and PS4 go to far, Nintendo actually makes it hard to connect with your friends online.

    • That is kind of why I like Raptr… There is a community of gamers that you can talk and share about games on most gaming platforms. I also like MiiVerse with it’s integration into the console. Only a handful of my facebook friends (which are only my family and close friends from real life) can share in my gaming experience.. Not that optional integration with facebook would not be welcome by some but not a necessity.

  • Nookling

    I think only two of my friends even know what most of the games I play are.

  • Numberman

    I have to disagree entirely. Most people may not care about your Mario Kart record (though some will), but being able to share stuff on social media – especially facebook – is basically free advertising for the console. Miiverse is an absolutely brilliant concept, but you’re preaching to the converted there.

  • Samuel Mungy

    I think there’s something that has been overlooked on Miiverse. I don’t think Nintendo even considered it a possibility. Miiverse gives us the chance to hold petitions. The community can give in their signatures as a comment to show support on the petition. If the petition is vastly popular, Nintendo can see it and choose to react upon it. That is pretty neat in my book.

  • Samuel Mungy

    One good things about this decision is that companies wont use your Facebook/Twitter accounts for advertising. I don’t want my girlfriend to be invited to play Assassin’s Creed IV or Batman Arkham Origins or the odd Cooking Mama (She only plays Mario and Zelda games)

  • dirkradke

    Well, I think he missed a step. If you’re primarily a gamer who do you communicate with whether it is by phone, texting, email, IRC, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc? A lot of the time it will be people with similar interests. You’re going to tell how you issued the beat down on your friend who couldn’t pass the level with that high of a score. Personally, I can’t most of the services I just listed, but that doesn’t mean I don’t recognized other people love to use them.

  • heavenshitman1

    Funny thing about Miiverse is, is structurally very limited. They deliberately limit posts to roughly 100 characters etc .. and limit how often you can post to friends. Which to a PC tech head would call that toddlers level of communication. When every other media lets you banter endlessly to anyone on any topic.
    But Miiverses limitation actually serves a purpose. It keeps all communication as game related as possible, as ppl don’t have the available chat capacity to discuss/harass others about phone numbers and getting dates, or over arguing on topics, starting arguments and fights or generally delivering anyone any kind of abuse.
    Quite intelligent on Nintendo’s part, and very Nintendo Centric. Let the PS4 and Xbone populace start wars online all over again.
    PS, I appreciate my ability to have limitless chat on all online media, but do respect Miiverse for it’s focused approach

    • Andreas Sunde

      The only issue I have with Miiverse, is the censorship. Not that it’s there, but the way it’s handled. It’s impossible for me to know what I did wrong if they just give me the standard message “post deleted because bad word”.

      • beerkin

        I get deleted every week. You,can’t a say a game is crap. You can’t cant say god. You can barely argue w someone. Is too limited.

        • heavenshitman1

          Well yeah, that’s probably the kind of simple basic behavior Nintendo is trying to restrict Miiverse from. Purely just a system they can get explicit gaming feedback from. Like me, just do your M15+ ranting on alternate media (like this one)
          I guess in a couple years time we’ll see if Nintendo’s ‘all ages’ rated communication system bolsters the WiiU’s long term success or hinders it

        • DWraySweZ

          u can say god, its just the context u use it in…

  • Wanderlei

    Based Iwata

  • Spike Ashford

    Have to agree. I occasionally do post on Facebook about gaming but very few people really care. And in all honesty having Facebook and Twitter on Wii U would be really out of place, hell I still think having browsers on a console is a weird thing!

    Can’t say Miiverse is much of an improvement though. So many terrible posts and stupid morons who think that it’s a popularity contest! Also, why do people keep posting about PS3 or 360 games on it? It’s fucking Miiverse! This is Nintendo town!

    ….Think that last bit was a little rage-ish. This is why I’m not on Miiverse much…

    • Lord Carlisle

      I’d love to see rants like this on miiverse!

      • ItzameyaToad

        I have never seen PS3/Xbox 360 mentioned in Miiverse….Might be the page/game your on. I do have to agree though it does seem like people think it’s a popularity contest but it’s not too bad IMO.

        • DWraySweZ

          there were quite a few i want a ps4 post i seen

      • Spike Ashford

        You probably would if people could put more than 100 characters into a post…

  • Arthur Zennig

    I agree. PS3 gives the chance to share trophies on facebook and I never used (cared about it).

  • GamerRaf

    I wonder if Platinum members get a Luigi’s hat from the rewards.

  • Guest

    I want the luigi’s hat for this years platinum reward.

  • Ony

    I’ve read his quote in his voice.

    I love his accent :3

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    I couldnt agree more with iwata, i dont say this just because i support him, i also say this because what he says is true, i have never been a big fan of social media like facebook and twitter, though miiverse is a great thing because of all the gamers

  • val berger

    Facebook and Twitter would absolutely make sense, at least as an option. It would help the system go viral and make people taking notice of it. It also depends of what you can share, but if people would be able to upload screenshots of cool gamingscenes on facebook this surely would have a positive effect. maybe you could change your privacy settings so not everyone would be annoyed by your videogame nerdiness, but I personally have some friends, I could show some cool things there. same with twitter.

    • JB

      That makes sense… Though Miiverse does have social media integration of sorts, as from the web app you can post to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Tumblr. Though my problem with it is that it doesn’t really show context of what you’re posting when you use that feature. Integration would be great for brand awareness.

      • val berger

        yeah, I think, with a little bit of creativity, those developers could make something that could work for users as well as the marketingvalue. In my opinion, the greatest thing would be, if Nintendo would manage to let people post videoclips on youtube as many great aspects of WiiU games just can’t be described by text or images. they would just offer a kinda mask of a television and a gamepad (like in some ads) where usercontent could be viewed (or just something like that)
        I think, if such a feature would be properly implemented and used, many people who aren’t into the system would get teased that way.
        but as Nintendo is trying to permit even Let’s Play videos, they’d probably never do something like this…

  • beerkin

    Thank you!!!! I have said this since the beginning. Facebook and twitter integration on a gaming console is idiotic. I don’t want people knowing that I spent 9 hrs grinding in Xenoblade on a Tuesday morning. No thanks!!

  • Heavenly_King

    I think the same. BUT what if your former classmates and your actual friends enjoy playing games; and coincidentally play the games you like. If that is the case I think that there may be a purpose for social media in gaming.

    • boynhisblobs

      Chances are those same former classmates are then playing said games on said consoles. MiiVerse is great because it keeps it confined to only gamers, including your friends. Where as facebook and twitter include everyone else who could care less about the latest achievement unlocked.

  • Elem187

    “I don’t think my former classmates would care to hear about my new Mario Kart record and so on.”’

    thats the first thing I thought of when Sony announced a share button … my first thought was “Man i hate hearing about farmville and mafia wars, and now I’m going to hear about friends bolster how many dudes they killed in the latest bald space marine AAA cinematic adventure”

  • sonyntendo

    yet miiverse is patterned from facebook, yeah right

  • CCM

    Miiverse is really not that much like Facebook. First of all, you have to be a Wii U owner or a registered Nintendo Network user to gain access to it, unlike Facebook which is open to the entire world. Secondly, because it’s a gaming-specific social media app, the discussion is 90% games and gaming. Also, the drawing tool has produced some truly incredible works of art! It’s more of a Twitter/Facebook hybrid, except with gaming as the core topic. I love it.

    • oontz

      anyone can register for a nintendo network id. Just like anyone can register for facebook.

      • CCM

        Wrong. Since April 2013 you can now sign in and access Miiverse in your web browser, but you still can’t actually create a Nintendo Network ID without a Wii U (and soon 3DS as well). So most of the people on Miiverse actually own and play Nintendo consoles, thus fostering a gaming-centric social environment.

  • Denison Guizelini


  • Archiq09

    wii u just need can streaming on twitch tv … cause Im a poor and I have power to make people buy a wii u >:D

  • John Raybell

    So starfox was a rip off. wow. so thats 2 titles so far mario bros 2 and starfox 🙁 why nintendo why lol

  • John Raybell

    Who would be up for a Pilot wings reboot? one that’s more like the snes version much more serious. full 3d new engine, less kiddie, look like humans instead of bird people or midgets with fat heads.

    If your lost, play the snes version and compare with the crap ones they have come out with lately.