Jun 22nd, 2013

Satoru-Iwata-MiiSatoru Iwata has been very open about the Wii U and its struggles, and he certainly hasn’t shied away from taking responsibility. Iwata recently said that Nintendo is to blame for poor Wii U sales, and added that Nintendo needs third party publishers for the Wii U to succeed.

In a new interview, Iwata does mention the need for third party publishers to get on board with Wii U. But the first priority, he said, was to to “regain momentum of the Wii U”. In an interview with IGN, Iwata said:

“Our focus is, first of all, to regain the momentum of the Wii U towards the end of this year, and then we’ll try to establish successful third-party Wii U software titles”

Iwata added that he and Nintendo understand the importance of third party games on the Wii U, and added this little nugget:

“I believe in the importance of third-party support for Nintendo platforms. I’m very willing to change the current situation.”

Being “very willing to change the current situation” is hopefully an indication that Nintendo is now actually listening to the market, the gamers, and third party publishers.

Hopefully this means that Nintendo has a plan on how to sell more Wii U units — the biggest reason there are (almost) no third party games on the Wii U is that it’s not selling well. And it’s not selling well because Nintendo isn’t promoting the console at all.

Come this Fall, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will bring even more competition in the marketplace. However, the Wii U will be by far the cheapest of the three next gen consoles, and Nintendo has a shot of winning over some new gamers if they play their cards right.

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  • TheSKipp


  • URTV

    Good luck Iwata!

    • lozman1122

      I believe in him. I think he’s understanding of the struggles that face the wii u and am sure is working his butt off to change things. So good luck indeed. On another note, didn’t Iwata or Reggie mention some other third parties that are developing games that just haven’t come out yet? If I’m right, any ideas on what those games are?

    • RockieOllie

      They can start with Smash Bros. Starfox & F-Zero.

      • sdmac200600

        Miyamoto said there are no plans for an F-Zero or Starfox.

        • RockieOllie

          Yeah I know that’s why i brought up those 2 titles in particular. xD

    • Gabrielsen

      Remember the release of the 3ds? Lack of games and 3rd party support. Look at the library now, i think the same thing will happen to the Wii U, it might just take a bit longer.

      • Sqarticus

        Exactly what I was thinking. I’m actually glad the terrible 3DS launch happened only because it proved that nintendo knows how to handle this kind of situation. 3DS sells like hot cakes now…

        • that guy

          think about when X &Y hit the shelves if it is already selling. 0_0

      • JuleyJules

        It seems people conveniently forget the lauch of the PS3/360! From comments you’d think they were fantastic with tons of games and huge sales. However, we know that’s not the case. People also think the PS4/Xbone launches are going to be fantastic and without issues. When Wii U launched and had a day one update we heard all kinds of negativity towards Nintendo for releasing a new system that couldn’t be used before updating it. We’ll see if that negativity moves to Xbone on day one with their day one update OR will that be okay because it’s MS and their more powerful Xbone? We’ll be playing all kinds of great games while Xbone fans are bitching and complaining – or kissing MS’s ass for giving them a fabulous update.

    • bizzy gie

      Leave luck to heaven.

      • JG

        I wonder how many people here actually know what this means.

        • Thomas Vienna

          Lots of people on Miiverse do, from my experience.

        • gamesplayswill

          Nintendo in English! / U /

      • Super Buu

        My favorite console is the Leave Luck To Heaven GameCube

        • bizzy gie

          I actually owned the Super Leave Luck To Heaven Entertainment System. That’s my favorite.

    • EASeniorEngineerFKAPachterJr

      good luck regaining what you never had

      • Relick

        I dunno, 3.5 million units in the first 2 months sounds like momentum to me.

  • Antar Rodríguez

    great, i wish nintendo good luck :), in other topic, a software update is scheduled for this summer right?

    • Shawn Spitler

      Late Summer early Fall I believe.

      Has anyone else had trouble with their Wii U freezing a LOT?
      Usually when starting up software.

      • Antar Rodríguez

        uhmm not really, mine only freezes with the call of Duty game, but when i play any other game or start any other software it never freezes

        • Shawn Spitler

          Argh… That’s what I was afraid of.

  • John Andalora

    I want to know how.
    How is Iwata going to gain momentum for the Wii U to get more games, when most people are concerned about the lack of games, which is why people aren’t purchasing the console?

    • TheSKipp

      Nintendo is focusing on the first party games now, this means that many more will buy the wii u beacause of the games (pikmin 3, zelda WW, donkey kong, mario 3d world) then when wii u sells good 3rd parties will make games for wii u :))

      • The problem with that is that those games are only partially viable to increase sales, so far WWHD has got lot of positive feedback, until the announcement that it will not contain the removed dungeons and the very limited improvements after that the reactions changed more to “a plain simple hd remake(a good one at that graphically at least) but the lack of extra content will only make real fans get it and not even all of them”. It doesn’t offer enough as it is so far. The 3d Mario game haven’t heard or seen loads of positive comments on that one. DKCtf has also received a lot of negative feedback so far by dissapointed people who expected something “new” or Metroid/Starfox instead of DKCtf.

        Only pikmin receives a shietload of positive feedback but even that game is not for everyone.

        This is based on the general articles, video’s and reactions on these titles over the whole net and gaming magazines. Most positive reactions I heard/read on these games are here on WiiU daily, but the reactions outside of WiiU daily are pretty far from positive on these games 🙁

        So will it be enough? I hope so but my personal faith in it isn’t very high, I want to believe, but having a hard time so far.

        • Lord Carlisle

          You fail to mention MK8, SSBU, and Monolith Soft’s game. All of which got a ton of positive feedback.

          • John Andalora

            Iwata said he wants to get Wii U’s momentum up by the end of the year.
            How will he do that with games coming out sometime in 2014?

          • Lord Carlisle

            Well, advertising the crap out of the 2013 games could actually help move quite a few consoles. Or, just advertising in general that it’s a new system, since many are still unaware of that.

          • John Andalora

            I’ve heard so many people here say that advertising this console would be a bad idea because of the lack of games.
            I mean, don’t get me wrong, i still think they should do something, but i think they should try to advertise games above console, and simply show people in advertisements that it’s different by saying something like “also compatibile with Nintendo Wii games” and showing price with a picture.

          • Shawn Spitler

            I concur, that would be a very smart move.

            Personally I also think they should start leaking concept artwork from other games like Zelda (and Metroid if they’re working on it).

            Get people drooling a little bit.

          • Lord Carlisle

            But there ARE games coming out! Pikmin 3 comes out in August, SM3DW, WWHD, and DKCTF all follow it in the coming months. I truly believe that once fall hits, we’ll stsrt to see more Wii U advertisements.

            If I’m wrong, then I’d say Nintendo has bigger marketing issues than I thought.

          • I did not fail to mention them I’m referring to 2013 releases, Bayonetta 2, X, MK8 and ssb are all 2014 release. 2014 is a good year but for the momentum it would have been much better if Bayonetta 2 and MK8 would be also 2013, as now a lot of very good games are all released a year to late for the momentum. The releases for this year including Pikmin 3 is hyped a lot but it’s not a game for everyone, same for Zelda wwhd as it offers nothing new to those who played it, well okay very little and just the hd won’t pull it, not for me and many others so I hear.

            I for one am looking forward to finally make a WiiU worth it’s money in 2014. I’m looking forward most to X, then to Bayonetta 2 and finally to ssb, the other games will be great but no must have for me except then “new” Zelda, but somehow I have a feeling it won’t come before 2015 even though it has been said 2014…

          • Lord Carlisle

            Alright, but you didn’t mention that before.

            At any rate, I personally will get some use out of my system this year. Pikmin 3 and WWHD are must-have, day-ones for me, and I’ll probably end up getting SM3DW and DKCTF when they come out as well.

            I couldn’t agree with you more on the new Zelda. I’d say there’s no way it’s coming out until 2015. Luckily, WW is one of the few Zelda games I haven’t played, so that’ll hold me over.

          • Yes, I should have specified that I was referring to 2013 release so on that I did fail 😉 In your case if you haven’t played WW before it’s definitely worth it.

      • John Andalora

        How do they expect to get an increased audience when all of their games only appeal to core Nintendo fans, and some of their games either have received disappointed stares?

        Iwata stated that one of the problems with Wii U is that Nintendo hasn’t made a game that gets people saying “Oh, this is really different!”
        How are they going to solve that making sequels and remakes?

        • that guy

          you act like a mario game is copy and paste like CoD. they usually take the gameplay and go in a completely new direction. (is galaxy the same as 64?)

          • greengecko007

            Yes, yes it its. 3D platforming to collect stars in various worlds to ultimately have enough stars to reach and defeat Bowser. Not that it’s a bad thing. Going with a winning formula is to be expected. Why change what isn’t broken, and is making you a lot of money?

          • John Andalora

            How did galaxy go in a completely different direction? A game where Peach is taken away only for Mario to collect a certain amount of stars from various worlds to gain a certain power to be able to beat Bowser and save the day can only go so far on changing the environments.

            Which, frankly, isn’t as exciting or new as the first installment of the series ever was.

            And, again, games like Galaxy 2, 3D mario world, Wind Waker HD, Donkey Kong 2, etc. is typically only hyped up by those who are already fans of the series. What good will games like that do to get more people interested in the Wii U?

          • BLACKendTiamat

            they need to bring back Smithy lol.

            i agree that its getting tiring seeing bowser and his children raise hell in the majority of games.

            i still love the super mario though. a franchise i never want to see die.

          • John Andalora

            I’ll be honest, i liked Super Mario 64 and Sunshine.
            Galaxy, not so much.

            I just think they need to try something a little different with Mario, like maybe have a game where Mario is actually ordered by Peach to attack Bowser because she thinks that Bowser will strike again. So you head off to Bowsers castle, and you start to fight some of the “enemies,” who initially don’t think that you are a threat. Some may come up and insult Mario, some may just not talk to Mario, but have a set-up where the player thinks they’re doing good. The environment would be rather happy and well colored, like the typical Mario game. Maybe have a few houses in the area that show toads or koopas or others living there. The worlds would also be connected by simply moving between them, so people could go in and out as the please. However, as the game progresses, Bowser ups security and sends more troops out to try and stop you. You’ll see notes of how Mario attacked people, how “Mario must pay,” giving the player a mixed emotion of how thought they were doing good, but didn’t. As Mario continues, the worlds all feel fresh and new, like the first ones. But, after Mario passes through each world, the environments start to go grey and start to have more and more problems because more of Bowsers troops are in the area. But, Mario “can’t be concerned about that,” as he presses onward and continues his fight against Bowser. So the game continues further with more and more dark deeds, and soon Bowser and his troops gain support for more people to attack Mario, like toads, koopas, penguins, and other people of the Mushroom Kingdom because you have set the world like this. The player won’t understand why they are being attacked until they finally meet Bowser. You’d meet Bowser at the top of his tower, where he would ask you “Why? Why have you done this? I called a treaty with Peach a year ago. I’ve changed. But it appears you haven’t.” Bowser tells you that you’ve been hurting his people for no reason, and that he only wanted to protect them. As things worsened, he hoped more and more people would stop you to end the chaos and strife between the kingdoms. Mario tells him that Peach told him to do this, and Boswer sends Mario back to her to try and convince her this is a bad idea.
            Once returned, you notice that, while other worlds have gone to shambles, the castle is well maintained and perfect, attempting to color how Peach hasn’t actually experienced problems, and wouldn’t truly know what’s going on in the workd. Peach would be rather angry that Mario didn’t stomp out Bowser when he had the chance. When hearing of the problems, Peach dismisses them, stating that only Bowsers kingdom is causing all the problems, and that Bowser would’ve turned to evil anyways, whether or not you intruded, so it doesn’t matter that you did anything. You preemptively striked to reduce the chaos. So, she tells you again to stop Bowser’s men from causing chaos once more. So, now you have to go through the worlds again, only this time the world is blackened and nearly destroyed. In the Mushroom Kingdom, You’ll find that toads and koopas are being harassed, attacked, their homes burnt, and their lives emptied. Their world, once happy and prosperous, has been reduced to rubble and ash. When you go near the Bowser Kingdom side, however, you see the exact opposite. Angered toads and Koopas destroy and harass the goombas and Bob-ombs, damaging their lived in the same way some of them damaged the lives of others. There would even be a curscene where a Goomba father is trying to defend his goomba son, saying that “we didn’t do anything to harm you!” And the toads attacking them would say “You would’ve if you had the chance. You’re evil, and nothing will change that!”
            With both worlds in shambles, you finally return to Bowser’s Castle and tell him the bad news. He understands, and reluctantly states that there’s only one way to end this: by defeating Bowser, Peach might stop the hostilities, and the troops would retreat back to the Bowser Kingdom. So, You fight Bowser in an epic final battle “to convince people that you actually fought,” and defeat Bowser.
            At the end of the game, Peach throws a party for you with numerous subjects, who all hate and resent Mario for being the one to spread the chaos. People will ask him if he “feels good about what he’s done” and say “Thanks, hero.” And in the end, after the kiss from Peach and the commencement for being a hero, Mario would look over the crowd of people who hate him and say that he caused more problems than end, and says he will hang up his hat and never endanger the lives of people again.
            For the best way he can help them is by not helping them at all.

            Maybe i’m just a really dark person, but that’s the kind of game I’d want. For any game to go so bold and give cognitive dissonance to so many people, I think that would really br a fresh game that changes how people think.
            And, if Nintendo really wants to revive Mario after that, just have a completely new enemy initiating the harm, show how even a corrupt society still needs a ruler to survive, and have Mario race to try and stop the harm he didn’t start this time.

          • BLACKendTiamat

            the world of super mario needs to be more immerse.

            they can make a great game if they incorporate a mechanic like that of OoT’s hyrule. except of course it would be a mario world.

            imagine it… a mario world game thats ACTUALLY has an explorable world that has secrets and what not everywhere, and you can walk anywhere. explore mushroom kingdom like never before!

            instead of the old over world “select level” maps they always have… :/

            we can dream lol. and us being the gamer can only sit back and watch. i trust nintendo. their ip’s have so much room to evolve and expand. every single one of them. nintendo just needs to play it a little on the dangerous side is all. ;D

          • John Andalora

            So, like Banjo Kazooie?

          • BLACKendTiamat

            not necessarily. of course itd have the mario feel and what not in the game. again this is all just imagination at work lol.

            Banjo Kazooie was a great game. you explored a castle or seemingly endless tower the whole game though. not saying that was bad, it had its charm. i enjoyed it a lot!

            this would be mushroom kingdom im talking about. and not saying you have to go out and find 150 stars or whatever. it could be a completely new story. like you said.

            villages to explore… deserts to cross, snow mountains to climb and mine caves and caverns to get lost in as you try to make it through to the other side.

            again, 100% fantasizing right now lol.

          • John Andalora

            Question now would be if Ninte do would even do something like that.

            Considering the games list coming out now, it would take something big to get them to create something new again.

  • Johny

    i really hope that that “try to establish successfull 3rd party support” won’t be like 3rd party promises at the e3 wii u reveal.
    I have really big faith in nintendo 🙂 good luck. im loving wii u so far. love the games, REALLY looking forward to future announced games, and i want more people to enjoy it too. and that obviously means… advertisement, decent game release shedule, 3rd party support.
    good luck !

  • Jim Wanstall

    The wii u has been aimed mainly at the American Market , and this is another problem they need to solve and understand that there is a big wide world out side of America , take Europe for instance , its now nearly nine months since the wii u release and still no Nintendo TV , I get the feeling that Nintendo don’t care about Europe only the US Market , did Europe or the rest of the world other than the US get to play or demo the e3 games that Americans were privy to , simple answer is no we didn’t , maybe if Nintendo were to take the rest of the world serious then they might just sell more Wii U
    and being a European I’m only giving my opinion on how Nintendo come across .

    • FlyingBoat

      Exactly the same in Australia. And I was surprised to see ads on tv for luigis mansion (not many, mind) but so far still none for the Wii u

      • Lord Carlisle

        I see ads for the 3DS quite often. Nintendo isn’t struggling to market THAT. They really need to give the same attention to the Wii U.

    • GariNGB

      Nintendo do hate Europe and always have had a problem with us across the pond for some reason.

    • As fellow European I agree 150% with your statements, and where the Hell is Scribblenauts Unlimited for Europe.

      On a side not besides regaining momentum 1st, 3rd party support secondly also make sure people know it’s a NEXT GEN SYSTEM Nintendo failed so much on that, just now I watched a tv show about games they litteraly stated the following: “The new generation consoles PS4 and Xbox One have excellent support, as do most last gen consoles PS3 as well as Xbox 360 but WiiU was hardly noticed at E3”.

      See what the gaming program does? Clearly states PS4 and Xbox One as next gen and simply place WiiU under last gen systems, they even clearly stated that PS4 is the cheapest next gen console as in their eyes WiiU counts as last gen. So fix it Iwata and N it seems like only the “fans” know WiiU is next gen and the cheapest one at it (though expensive compared to PS4 and that is not good)

      I’m so tired of it. I have faith in Iwata, but it’s diminishing pretty fast lately, no complains on 3DS as it rocks and has games, but WiiU… I still don’t have it as I’m simply not convinced it’s worth it with the lack of support from third party, and the lack of support for the system in Europe and Australia. At this rate it becomes more and more likely I’ll get a PS4 long before a WiiU. I’m so dissapointed in N and WiiU at this time.

      Sorry for the rant, just had to get it of of my chest.

      • BLACKendTiamat

        hopefully they come out with a Metroid Prime Hunters 2 for wiiu with a deep online MP experience

    • Brandon Gardner

      You aren’t missing out on anything Nintendo TV…. I barely use it and forget sometimes that I even have it…. But I totally agree they need to up their marketing

    • Lee

      It’s not that, they have a specific system in place and offices based around America so it makes perfect sense.

      You have to realise that the US and Europe get advantages and disadvantages each. For example:

      In the past there has been a fair few games that have been released in Europe and not America or have been released in America at a much MUCH later date.

      Also its much more expensive and difficult to distribute their product in Europe than America, especially in Australia and Britain. Its one of those “take the good with the bad” kinda things. It may seem one sided but its really not.

      • Jim Wanstall

        I take it you live in America then , trust me when I say , hardly anyone over here knows what a Wii U is , the system was developed and aimed specifically at Americans , you say Nintendo don’t make much money in Europe , well they charge more over here for everything, the Delux Wii U we had to pay $90 dollars more , we get charged more on everything .including Virtual console games , unfortunetely Nintendo have put all their eggs in one basket and its back firing on them

        • Lee

          No actually I live in the UK lol.

          I never said once Nintendo didn’t make much money in Europe, what I said is at the release of their new console it makes perfect sense to market on familiar turf such as America where they have the market already in-place.

          Britain have the likes of VAT and import tax on electrical goods, then having to sell a specific amount of consoles to each retailer who then have to pay their staff to distribute the product such as Gamestation, Game, Asda etc… America actually have it pretty good when it comes to buying certain products compared to the UK, but that’s besides the point and totally off the comment I originally posted.

          Alls I was getting at was each country has their good points and their bad points. Nintendo just need to enhance their market strategies in Europe more-so than other places.

    • Thomas Vienna

      You didn’t miss out by not going to the Best Buy Nintendo Experience, either. I drove 3 hours round trip and stood in line for 4 hours just to play ONE game for 2 minutes. They ran out of the free stuff they were giving away, too.

  • kevin nun—-

    Dang it Iwata! Partner up with Retro and Monolith Soft and build an awesome, expasive FPS Metroid with an amazing online and advertise the hell out of it on Youtube, Facebook, all over the internet. Do something, stop with the small talks.

    • Frankie

      That would take 2-3 years and by then the Wii U will be steady selling. Nintendo has projects lined up for the next couple of years.

  • discuss

    Less talking more action please.

    edit: seems like 1 person likes more talking less action 😛

  • Joey Perez

    the wii u is amazing… its only criticized by those who do not have one…. and younger generations who only first person shooter games… but just like all my sons friends they will change their minds once they play with it for a good 72 hours… even my son is asking for his own now.. but he is 16 and grew up with 360 consider it came out 7 yrs ago and high school kids now were barely getting into middle school… and because its fps market and wii was more of a platformer 3d adventure or shovel ware magnet they think the graphics are sooooo inferior… and because highschool kids talk about tech as if they actually know something they spread out dumb and ignorant rumors like ” its only as good as a ps3″ ha ha ha 🙂 they will see once mario kart is out.. and a descent metroid is out. the graphics are amazing …. not ps4 or one… but just barely under it…. barely … plus all and most graphic engines are scalable now.. kids dont understand that tablets can and are just as efficent at running games as their ps3 or xbox currently are… its really nintendos fault for not being annoying with advertising like their old “wii would like to play campaign” it was on like every hour !! it was great too … word of mouth the fastest news…. and the scary thing is bad rumors can hurt nintendo and nintendo needs to make a game that oooohs and awes those who do not consider it a harcore console… i mean lets be honest if a polished metroid looked just as good or better than halo currently is … it will make people pee their pants … 🙂 nintendo will be fine… just wait and see when the half a grand consoles arent flying off the shelves … what will people say then ? that games are dead? lol nope its just they way new consoles start off … and gloom n doom media sales… 🙂 even this site posts 90% percent gloom n doom except for their e3 coverage.. which was actaully a fresh n optimistic suprise …

    www. wix.com/joey-perez11/my-website

    • John Andalora

      I own a Wii U and have complaints about it.

      Look, i don’t care for graphics. I care for games.
      But, the majority of games coming out are just sequels and remakes of games that really don’t interest me.
      And a new Metroid game wouldn’t impress me.

      Nintendo needs to try and make something different. They can make really cool new games. They’ve done it before. Even meh new nintendo games are awesome in comparison to the normal games launch.

      But the sequels and remakes aren’t doing anything for them.

      • discuss

        I agree that Nintendo is playing it to safe.

        • BLACKendTiamat

          they are. but im also sure they have a few tricks up their sleeves as well.

      • Joey Perez

        I’m not saying they couldn’t use a fresh ip…. But do u realize they have many ips… And they do them well ..yoU don’t hear people complain that infinity wars only does call of duty …. … Becaue its expected … And a great amazing metroid game would be amazing …

        • greengecko007

          “yoU don’t hear people complain that infinity wars only does call of duty”

          Because they don’t make consoles.

          • John Raybell

            Um yeah we hear that allot, and have for years, tons of people want those assholes to try something new as well, dont understand you point your trying to make

          • greengecko007

            My point was, Infinity Ward develops games for Activision. They don’t make consoles. They aren’t a big company like Nintendo, who makes consoles and has the power to make whatever games they want, and prioritize what they want. Infinity Ward is doing only what they get paid to do. Make a Call of Duty game every other year.

            Complaining that they should make something new is like complaining that Game Freak only makes Pokemon for Nintendo.

          • BLACKendTiamat

            very good comparison.

            But with they way pokemon is going, they have a lot of expansive opportunities. X and Y are perfect examples.

            theres only so much more cod can do. im sure Treyarch is planning to have a combat ninja cat in there next cod installment.

          • greengecko007

            Sure. Fantasy RPGs are a lot more open ended then war themed games. Game Freak does a good job taking pokemon to the next level most with each game most of the time, and I also feel that Infinity Ward does the best with what they can with the CoD games. Although I honestly feel that the Treyarch games are the more innovative CoD games.

        • John Andalora

          Nintendo has nice IP, but doing the same thing with it as other games (Wind Waker HD, NSLU, 3D Mario World) isn’t helping.
          Also, after a while of doing the same IP over and over, Nintendo eventually runs out of good ideas and the new game is just meh.
          Like the Paper Mario series.

          Also, yes, i hear a lot of complaints that Infinity Ward only does COD.

      • Jon

        making a new IP is now that easy to do that is a good IP. it takes a lot of time, a lot of work to make something good. People like a lot of the games such as DK, Pikmin, Mario Kart, etc. They make the games good and do a good job, however making something new takes A LOT more time than creating something that is current and “squeals” to IPs they already have. We will probably see some stuff new but with the market the Wii U is, they kind of need these and I just hope they are working on stuff they have not mentions.

        • John Andalora

          I’m going to use a current example of games to show why Nintendo needs to try something different instead of just making sequels that people bought before.
          The Nee Super Mario Bros series gained a rather impressive following when it was first released because the last time we’d seen that kind of 2D platformer was on the SNES. So, older fans with nostalgia and newer fans who’d never seen it before had something to play that really stuck to them. The Wii version added something new with 4 player co-op. Both the DS and Wii game sold over 27 million copies.
          However, their sequels, with very little to offer and people considering them to be too easy, have sold far less. NSMB2 for 3DS has only sold 6 million, while NSMBU sold 2.15 million.
          I’m not saying that old IP can’t attract people, but when they repeat it so quickly and add little to it, it will only attract a certain crowd of core gamers who really loved it, while most other people will just pass it by.
          New IP takes some time, but not as much as you’d think. With games like Watch Dogs, Knack, The Evil Within, Wonderful 101, I’m sure more people would buy those because it is unlike what they’ve seen before.
          Nintendo can do it. They just have to try.

      • BLACKendTiamat

        the only way metroid will impress me and make me shit happiness is coming out with a Metroid Prime Hunters 2.

        • John Andalora

          I’m just not a fan of the Metroid series.

      • Andreas Sunde

        You have a different mindset than Nintendo.
        When they develop a game, they start with a new gameplay feature. Then they see what franchise/carachter that gameplay fits. If they feel it doesn’t fit any of their existing franchises, they make a new one. But usually they put it in one they already have.

        • John Andalora

          Then make more games with new gameplay features.
          But Wind Waker HD, NSMBU, Mario Kart 8, and Donkey Kong 2 aren’t doing it.

  • Thomas Vienna

    Am I the only one who read this article and realized that nothing new was mentioned? Everything in this article was already mentioned in previous Wii U Daily articles, the ones that he gave links to. Why did you even write this? I want news, not reiterations.

    • John Raybell

      Hell its filler, which is the only crap we have gotten since the last direct, it sucks.

      Really thought there was going to be another one right after that first one, i feel like we aren’t being shown jack shit, Nintendo being secretive is really getting fucking old these days!

      • Thomas Vienna

        Oh, I’m not mad at Nintendo. The less they give out, the more surprises there are once we actually give them our money. =D
        I’m a little angry at this post, because I get excited when there IS Nintendo news, and this was very misleading, because it didn’t turn out to be news.

    • Clel

      Kinsley has a tendency to write articles that have already been written.

  • Lee

    “very willing to change the current situation”…

    Very good indication that Nintendo may change their policy’s on how third party publishers can push their software onto a Nintendo system.

    I’ve read more-than-enough articles on Nintendo’s restrictions when publishing on a Nintendo console, but from what I can gather, they’ve already started to change how they work with Indie Developers, which is good because now they may change how they work with big publishers.

    Even though I’m a PC gamer, I really do hope the Wii U does extremely, well as I want to get one at some point. Their first party games are just seriously amazing and should stay on a Nintendo console only.

  • Tyranno

    If the Wii U was getting buried before. it’s going to get put under another 100 feet when the PS4 and Xbox One comes out, especially since the PS4 is 50$ more then the Wii U, so I wouldn’t say that the Wii U will be the cheapest system “by far”.
    And I had high hopes for the Wii U -.- Can’t believe it took this this long to announce that they will be trying to make the Wii U better…

    • Lord Carlisle

      It’s not over yet. The Wii U’s life span has barely even started. Just wait until this fall, when they finally get the first party titles rolling.

    • Nolan ArchLord

      As much as don’t want the Wii U to get buried, I fear it may in fact happen. The price needs to drop at least $50 AND include a pack-in-game whether Basic or Deluxe version.

      What was Nintendo doing this whole time? I agree, announcing this now is very late.

  • Starfoxguy

    I believe in U Nintendo.

  • Bob Charlie

    A new Punch-Out!! by the end of 2013 might help!
    In this game, you punch out game developers who won’t touch the Wii U due to incompetence and/or laziness.
    A man can dream though…a man can dream…

    • Nintedward

      lol. Cliff Blezinski just got knocked the fuck out!

      • Bob Charlie

        “Bob steps back for his patented Shuck and Jive.”
        “He connects! And down Goes Gabby EA!”

  • unamed

    I think the original discussion also included how nintendo cant do everything itsself. It needs third party help during quiet periods as well

  • Joseph Parsons

    to me third party publishers r just dicks looking to make wii u look bad may be pay off by sony or microsoft i just dont no butt i do no third party publishers have ben dicks in 2013 on all that thay have done to ther games using online pass and bugs ing ther games on day one wan ther put out to play to dlc pre order games

    • oontz

      Go back to school.

  • Joseph Parsons

    to me not all third party games r good and not all third party publishers r good at ther job i dont need more fps ther all the same to me

    • BLACKendTiamat

      the fps genre has definitely been over-saturated.

  • Joseph Parsons

    not all third party publishers r bad just the big third party publishers out ther the ones that make bad aaa games

  • bizzy gie
    • Joseph Parsons

      cool video thx

    • John Raybell

      Yeah thats not hard to do, not brag worthy 🙂

      • bizzy gie

        I know. I sent a tip that Rayman Legends was also being ported to Vita several weeks ago. Ashley said an opinions article was going soon…


        No article to be found.

        • Joyous Killer

          she be a busy girl man

          • bizzy gie

            and I be a bizzy gie

    • Bob Charlie

      More of this!
      Look at Reggie emphasise that brand new console smell, and in HD mind you!

    • oontz

      too bad it only got 5 out of 10

  • Michael Jurado

    Guys there is nothing too fear, mega man is coming back to a home console 🙂 and not just any console a Nintendo console now for the worst part the wait before the storm xD

    • Nolan ArchLord

      How? He’s coming back on Smash Bros. and VC titles? If it was a new Mega Man game that I missed, PLEASE enlighten me.

      • Michael Jurado

        Well they haven’t announced anything yet but, capcom cancelled 3 mega man games that were in production (basically done) they also said they want to bring us another 25 years of mega man while nintendo is all simplicity is key and we beed more 3rd party support and well seeing mega man on smash only leads me to believe they are teaming up with nintendo especially because after the x series all mega man games have basically been on Nintendo handhelds we are talking 10~15 games in the past 10 years all on handhelds and only too them so it only makes sense that they’ll be teaming up to bring mega man back if I dig up any facts ill be sure too keep you posted but as of right now I’m just a hopeful mega man fan XD

      • Michael Jurado

        While I haven’t found any fact my intuition predicts a team up, for the sole reason that capcom and nintendo have a solid alliance (unlike with EA) the proof being monster hunter. Nintendo as a company says they need 3rd party support and games that basically go back too what made them fun. With capcom canceling 3 mega man games and then stating they’ll bring us 25 more years of mega man. Could only mean that they’ve teamed up with a company that produces quality over quantity and are willing to help.Basically if Nintendo is actually very willing to change their situations they’ll listen too us the gamers and the market and 3rd party publishers. Gamers; we want mega man, Market; no mega man games 3rd party publishers in this case capcom … Well we have mega man and seeing as Nintendo has saved consoles in the past from what was “imminent doom” (seriously I’ve been hearing statements like “Nintendo is doomed” since 1991) I won’t be at all shocked if they pull this move out of no where and team up with capcom to bring us good mega man games especially because mega man has been selling pretty well on VC clearly Nintendo fans want more

  • claudio garcia

    When is the summer update coming?

    • iceazeama

      free cake!!! free cake!!!!

  • JG

    I love my Wii U (I got it on launch day), but for people who don’t yet own one I’m not sure if there are massive incentives to get them to want one at the moment.

    • sd

      Definitely agree. Its a great console and those that label it a gimmick have never really tried it, the gamepad is awesome. But at the same time I really want to spend my money on something, but until 101 is released they have no more games for me.So those that don’t own one have no incentive until later this year.
      We will certainly find out by the end of the year or the start of next year whether the Wii U has a lasting future. Its certainly too soon to say it has failed now, but in another 8-9 months we will know for sure.

  • Oblivion

    So they want to push for 3rd party support at the end of the year…great, it will be 2 more years before someone has a game ready.

  • Kenshin0011

    Nintendo is playing it too safe right now for my taste…

    Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3D World, Super Smash Bros, DK Tropical Freeze, Pikmin 3, Windwaker HD were Nintendo’s first party games that headlined their E3….What do they have in common? They are all sequels and remakes that take heavily from their previous entries.

    I’m not saying they’re going to be bad, in fact I’m very GLAD they’re coming and they will be fun! But Nintendo needs to understand that they can’t only play it safe, it’s long overdue for a new IP. Nintendo is amazing and I know they can create an fantastic one.

    • Tyler Hilton

      hasnt miyamoto got a new ip in development?

      • Kenshin0011

        He mentioned it over a year ago BEFORE E3 2012. We’ve heard nothing since, so who knows where it’s at

  • Daniel Carvalho

    We can help Nintendo with that. Recently, Tales of Symphonia and it’s continuation Dawn of the New World have been announced to have a remake, Tales of Symphonia Unisonant Pack/Chronicles. The problem is that it has only been announced for the rival PS3. If we show how much it means to us gamers that this game come to Wii U as well, more third parties will see that it is worth developing for the console, and soon we’ll have more and more games on the newest Nintendo console! Sign this petition to bring Tales of Symphonia Unisonant Pack to Wii U, and more games might be available for us in the near future!


    • Andreas Sunde

      Send this to Nintendo Enthusiast, they have an article they update regularily about fan petitions, they will probably put yours there too.

      • Daniel Carvalho

        Thanks for the hint! I’ll do so!

  • Felix

    its just me or everyday there is a news about iwata saying priorities?

  • Tyler Hilton

    i know this is a stupid reason but the reason i dont buy what third party games on wii u there are is because i like achievements/trophys and without them id rather get the game for my other consoles , i think nintendo should add an optional rewards system for the gamers so those who want it can and those who dont wont

    • BLACKendTiamat

      they already allow the 3rd party devs to have accomplishments in game. grant it, i like to be able to flaunt what ive done in a game to everyone.

      so far the only noticeable achievement i made was 5-starring NSMBU. and that only amounted to a simple post on the NSMBU miiverse page :/.

      would be awesome if they had some sort of sticker collection or something. and you can post your “Top 3 Sticker” or “medals” right there at the front of you miiverse profile.

      i ramble… so id just say they can go “stickers” for not so awesome achievements and “medals” for doing some crazy shit in game.

      like a medal would be awarded for beating zombiu on survivor difficulty.

      end of ramble. lol

      • Tyler Hilton

        i know developers have been given the option but unlike the xbox or playstation there is not a single place for all of them to be stored – they would be shown in game only and so i dont think developers can be bothered (i probably made no sense at all)

        • Minz1

          So? Who needs them anyway?

          • Tyler Hilton

            well quite a few gamers enjoy them me included , i like to compete against my friends and i only try to get themm all in a game if i want to , but whether you like them or not , most gaming devices have them , it just feels that nintendo needs to do something about it even if its a small feature

  • Leon Tizzano

    Elder scrolls Online, Kingdom hearts 3, Fnal Fantasy. C’mon Nintendo. You NEED these titles.

    • BLACKendTiamat

      or something like ES;O.

      the only reason my wife allowed me to preorder a ps4 was because i showed her the KH3 trailer lol ;D.

      as long as they announce KH3 coming to wii u AFTER 2013. im good 😛

      • Andreas Sunde

        Pokemon MMO. Make that, and WiiU will outsell the others combined.

        • BLACKendTiamat

          game freaks makes that and they can detach from nintendo if they wanted to lol. they can easily become their own powerhouse. like blizzard was back in the day.

  • Steven Molina

    Its not only about promoting the Wii U, but most consumers know its under-powered compared to the XBOX ONE and PS4. And the majority of 1st party titles are due out in 2014. I want Nintendo to succeed, but maybe its time they bite the bullet and re-issue a more competitive console, that can compete with the next Gen consoles. The new console could play all current and future Wii U titles. Any consumer, who purchased a Wii U, can return, there old system for an upgrade?

    • sd

      I disagree. So much fixation with power. I have just pre-ordered an xbox one, hopefully it will be good, but I am sure keeping the Wii U. Gameplay and graphics are not the same thing. Sure it has less power, but it can still sell if they release enough good games. I would use the Vita-3DS as an example. The vita is miles more powerful than the 3DS, but it sucked which is why I sold mine.
      My assumption is that the xbox one will be alot more powerful,but it doesn’t mean the new Wii U games wont look great and play even better.

      The real issue is simply that they need to get their arse into gear and release lots of games fast. They also need to keep the games coming out early into 2014.

      • Andreas Sunde

        You preordered the Xbone? You trust MS after what they tried to pull off?

        Keep in mind, this is the company that lets Government Agencies listen to your skype conversations. And they tried to put an always-online camera/microphone in your house.

        It’s your choice, of course, but if you didn’t pre-order before now because of the bullshit, but did it now, you sound like Rihanna after Chris Brown says he’s sorry.

        • sd

          Yes I preordered the Xbone. Nearly didnt until their reversal. For me unfortunately my relatives the other side of the world are stringent X box fans. So I bought it to game against my young nephews and brother etc (if they had only liked the PS4, dammit). Plus it will be a good console and will compliment my Wii U.
          As far as spying, I dont care. The government have always spied, who cares. They don’t have the resources to look into everyone and use keywords and programs to highlight conversations. Growing up in the UK 30 years ago I was always aware that the government monitored telephone calls for key words etc. Has your life ever been directly impacted…No,. I don’t do anything illegal, so I have nothing to hide and I see it as the smallest inconvenience. Its not like they are going to bust you for smoking pot while gaming or jerking off to the latest high res final fantasy character (Not my thing, but Im sure some people have a passion for that stuff) Lets face it if there were a terrorist attack everyone would want to know how to prevent them. Doing this sort of thing might help, so I am all for it. Its nothing new. They can listen to my skype calls, how exciting for them….. Plus if your on facebook they already know everything about you simply by using the information to create a pyschological profile of you.

          Using Chris brown as an example is sad, microsoft didn’t beat up a women. They made a business decision to try and make them richer, they screwed up, but they are a large company so why wouldn’t they try to gain control of a market. It was a fail. So long as they don’t change their mind I wont change mine.

    • BLACKendTiamat

      when i seen Mario Kart 8 i was blown away. and this is just the beginning of the consoles life span :D.

      • oontz

        mario kart 8 comes out in 2014, almost 1.5 years after its launch. Makes me wish I waited till next year to pick up a wiiu at a massive discount! Some great deals on ebay right now. Lots of people jumping ship

  • Wanderlei

    Once the xbox/ps4 sell terribly and have even higher game development costs than previous gen, the WiiU wont look so bad the 3rd parties.

    • theblackfrog

      lol ps4 will never sell terribly…..the most ppl even dont know there is a new “HD” Nintendo console.

      • Wanderlei

        PS4 will be another Vita style blunder.

        The ps1 and ps2 had many 3rd party exclusives that were not available on any other platform. Sony have no significant 3 rd party exclusive left

        The other thing previous platstations had was a new media format such as DVD to push. This time Sony doesn’t have that either.

        On top of Sony’s massive financial problems.

        • BLACKendTiamat

          the DVD player feature for the ps2 made that console sell like hotcakes lol. as for the next 2 that are coming in nov, im going ps4. got tired of “dudebro shooting” 5 years ago after halo 3 and Gears1.

          • Wanderlei

            Yes, being the cheapest blu-ray player on the market at the time helped the ps2 grow its userbase immensely..

          • oontz

            PS2 had a blu-ray player!! From the future???

          • Wanderlei

            DVD you dunce and cheapest on the market.

          • oontz

            How am I the Dunce, when YOU wrote it? Your name should be wankerlei.

        • Aamir Islam

          Infamous Second SOn

          • Wanderlei

            A mid tier game with little pull outside of existing playstation fanbase. Hardly replaces exclusive games like Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, Devil May, Cry.

          • greengecko007

            When I beat Infamous for the first time, I just sat back and was like, “Damn, that was a great game”. The only other video game series that has made such a lasting impression on me is the Zelda series. Both of those games are absolute masterpieces with thoughtful stories that really grab the player.

          • oontz

            Looks amazing!!! Def a SONY exclusive system seller!

        • greengecko007

          I doubt it. Unlike the Vita, the PS4 is priced very reasonably, and already has a list of games that people actually care about.

          • Wanderlei

            Not particularly cheap nor does it have any significant titles that are not on 3 or 4 other platforms.

          • greengecko007

            Not particularly cheap? It’s only $50 more than a Wii U (using the deluxe price because that is what actually sells) and $100 cheaper than the new xbox. The PS4 also has an internal 500gb hard drive, comes with a headset, and has better hardware than both the Wii U and XboxOne. I would call that pretty cheap.

            Significant games? There are already several AAA first party titles announced for it. Whether or not you like them is your opinion, but your opinion alone doesn’t dictate whether something is significant.

          • Wanderlei

            Its not particular cheap at $399 when people can buy ps3 and xbox 360 at half the price with a massive established library. Not to mention most big titles will cross generational so people wont need to upgrade.

            Theres your problem, you assume all sony 1st party games are great, which are not and most of the time just praised by the fanboys to make their console look good.

            Sony still can’t make a Halo killer and now have more FPS franchises than Microsoft does, I got myself a PS3 for the niche jrpgs and thats been fine for me, though those are not for everybody and the AAA PS3 exclusives are mostly just OK, except for the uncharted series which already suffering sequel fatigue, cause Killzone, Resistance, Heavenly Sword, MAG, Infamous, Playstation all stars were just ok games and not great tier.

          • greengecko007

            So it’s not cheap because a last generation PS3 with more games is less expensive? By that logic, you must think the Wii U is ungodfully expensive, considering you can get a Wii for less than a hundred dollars (a third of the least expensive Wii U model) , and the Wii has more first party titles out than the Wii U currently does.

            Most big titles will not be cross generational. The AAA first party titles will only be on the PS4. Infamous, Killzone and Knack will not be on the PS3. Elder Scrolls Online, Watch Dogs, and The Witcher 3 are not coming to PS3. Stop kidding yourself.

            “Theres your problem, you assume all sony 1st party games are great, which are not and most of the time just praised by the fanboys to make their console look good.”

            It is perfectly fine for you to not like the first party titles Sony puts out. But just because you don’t like them, doesn’t mean a lot of other people don’t.

            “Sony still can’t make a Halo killer and now have more FPS franchises than Microsoft does,”

            You do realize that the popular FPS games like CoD, Battlefield, Medal of Honor, Crysis, etc are all 3rd party games right? Neither Microsoft nor Sony owns them.

          • Wanderlei

            Sony counting on infamous and killzone? How is that not a blunder in the making? Like I original said and proved you yourself. All sony systems significant games are 3rd party, which these days are all multiplat. Third party exclusives have died and so are sony along side it.

            Analysts at Forbes and Time are already predicting that next-gen consoles – even ‘successful’ ones – will have the slowest adoption rate in history:


            More than HALF of all current PS3s were sold within the last two years. Process that. Do you honestly believe those people, having JUST bought the PS3, are going to want to buy the follow-up less than 2 years later? And, further, do you believe that Sony can make due with less than 50% of their current sales? Because that begins to look an awful lot like the same mistake they made with the Playstation 3.

            Even if PS4 does EVERYTHING RIGHT… there’s no way they can make enough money to offset what they’ve lost on the previous 2 consoles (Yes, Sony even managed to ultimately lose money on the massively successful PS2) and last three handhelds (PSP, PSP Go, PS Vita).

            Sony turning their first profit in 5 years is a deceptive story. Sony had to sell real estate, cut tens of thousands of jobs, and close studios in order to make that happen:

            Sony are effectively selling blood to pay the light bill!

            Sony are in MASSIVE trouble.

          • greengecko007

            Please continue to downvote all of my replies to you, I’m sure you feel that it proves your point in some way.

            Explain how a company riding on it’s first party exclusive titles to sell it’s system is a blunder, considering it is those very titles that sell systems.

            I really hate to pull this card, but you obviously don’t even know what you are citing, and are just throwing in whatever random websites you could find as links to try and support your claim.

            The first two sources you cited are outdated by over 3 months. If you are going to qoute analysts’ work and judge how successful consoles will be, you go by recent reports. How much more information do we have about the PS4 and XboxOne now compared to March? Tons more. Analysts flip and flop.

            You keep talking about Sony taking losses. But that is the company as a whole, which I agree is important. Your latter three sources only go on about how Sony is losing money in electronics in areas such as TVs and speakers, not video games (how is that relevant to the PS4 again?). However, Sony did make a profit from the PS2. That profit was later used to sell the PS3 at a loss initially. Then when Sony released newer and less expensive (for them) PS3 models, the PS3 also turned profit.

            I’m not in any way trying to convince you to get a PS4. I’m only explaining to you that you have no idea what you are talking about.

          • Wanderlei

            Sony systems have never and never will sell from 1st party games. The only successful Sony consoles relied on having big third party franchises as exclusive. Now all big third party games are multi plat and Sony has lost all its system seller games, Metal Gear is gone, Final Fantasy is gone, Devil May Cry is gone etc etc etc

            PlayStation division has lost over $8 billion since PS3 launched in November 2006.

            The facts:
            >FY 2007: $1,970,000,000 LOSS
            >FY 2008: $1,079,000,000 LOSS
            >FY 2009: $577,000,000 LOSS
            >FY 2010: $889,000,000 LOSS
            >FY 2011: $2,800,000,000 LOSS
            >FY 2012: $1,100,000,000 LOSS

            Total loss: $8,415,000,000

            All figures come from Sony’s investor relations page – http://www.sony.net/SonyInfo/IR/index.html

          • greengecko007

            Once again, the link you provided is absolutely useless, and shows nothing that you just posted. Try again.

            Here are some “facts” for you. PS3 has been profitable for years.




            In other news, you’re full of BS.

          • Wanderlei

            HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Edge magazine vs Sony’s own financial statements.

            Sony games division overall has been bleeding money for years. Making the tiniest profit on hardware alone will never make up for the BILLIONS and BILLIONS sony lost.

            Sony Has Lost More on the PS3 Than it Made on PS2

            Sony: ‘PS3 will never make us a profit

          • Wanderlei

            HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Edge magazine and such vs Sony’s own financial statements.

            Sony were never profitable 2010, covering cost of hardware alone =/= profitable, you fucking dunce.

            They sold at a MASSIVE lose for years and years, they will never make that money back. The PS3 will always be billion dollar loser.

            Sony Has Lost More on the PS3 Than it Made on PS2

            Sony: ‘PS3 will never make us a profit’

          • greengecko007

            D-d-d-double post.

            I’m now going to disregard you as a troll, because surely nobody is that stupid.

            Look at the date on that link saying Sony lost more on the PS3. It’s from 2008… Sony lost A LOT of money due to high production costs of the PS3. But when they were able to release the PS3 slim, and lower cuts dramatically, they started turning profit, in 2010.

            “Sony were never profitable 2010, covering cost of hardware alone =/= profitable, you fucking dunce.”

            Sony making a profit off the PS3 =/= the entire company making a profit, you “dunce”. Sony has been struggling in other areas of electronics. You are incorrect to assume that Sony didn’t make any money off their last 2 consoles just because the company as a whole has reported losses the last couple of years.

          • Wanderlei


            The GAMES DIVISION still made NO overall profit since the ps3 has launched.

            They lost the entire ps1/2 generations profits ($2 billion) in the first 6 months of the ps3. They have since then lost another $8 billion.

            Just because they are tanking in every other consumer electronics market dosnt mean they are not tanking in the console market too. If you read Sony’s own financial statements you will see they losing money there too.

            Dont worry Loeb is coming to save Sony. He wants to cut off the only Sony’s lucrative entertainment arm.


            They’ll restructure down to a core entertainment/movies company, which is what investors want them to do.

            Gut playstation division and get rid of it. Not profitable or needed.

            Or – perhaps more frightening – push Playstation Mobile to the forefront and have the company focus on smartphones, tablets, f2p, paid subscriptions, and micro-transactions.

            It’s not pretty.

          • oontz

            Sony is a massive electronics company. Their gaming division can show profits while the other divisons can show loses. Just like MS.

          • Wanderlei

            Show me the profits in the gaming division kiddo?

            PlayStation division has lost over $8 billion since PS3 launched in November 2006.

            The facts:
            >FY 2007: $1,970,000,000 LOSS
            >FY 2008: $1,079,000,000 LOSS
            >FY 2009: $577,000,000 LOSS
            >FY 2010: $889,000,000 LOSS
            >FY 2011: $2,800,000,000 LOSS
            >FY 2012: $1,100,000,000 LOSS

            Total loss: $8,415,000,000

            All figures come from Sony’s investor relations page – http://www.sony.net/SonyInfo/IR/index.html

          • Wanderlei

            Sony’s Market Cap Value on September 2000: $100 billion (Source: Bloomberg)

            Sony’s Market Cap Value on December 2007: $54 billion (Source: ycharts.com)

            Sony’s Market Cap Value on December 12, 2011: $18 billion (Source: Bloomberg)

            Now lets skip to the most recent day that the stock market opened on.

            Sony’s Market Cap Value on September 7th, 2012: $11.69 billion (Marketwatch/Wall Street Journal)

            Electronic Arts Total Liabilities: $2.27 Billion
            Google’s Total Liabilities: $21.33 Billion
            Apple’s Total Liabilities: $51.15 Billion
            Microsoft’s Total Liabilities: $54.91 Billion
            Sony’s Total Liabilities: $135.61 Billion

            Google’s Total Assets: $86.05 Billion
            Apple’s Total Assets: $162.90 Billion
            Microsoft’s Total Assets: $121.27 Billion
            Sony’s Total Assets: $166.22 Billion

            Sony would have to sell over 80 percent of their total assets (Total Assets = Every single thing Sony owns including cash) just to pay off their total liabilities.

          • Wanderlei

            Sony stock used to be worth over $200 at it’s peak.

            At it’s most recent low it was worth just over $12, which is junk status. Today it closed at $16.

          • oontz

            couldn’t disagree more. I lOVE sony exclusives just as much as I LOVE Nintendo exclusives. and as of right now sony has 30 exclusives in development. http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/06/24/20-games-12-new-franchises-coming-to-playstation-4-in-year-one

          • oontz

            some people are just blind to the truth.

          • oontz

            Sony doesn’t need to have a Halo killer, Bungie made that for them with “Destiny” which you can add to the list of games not coming to wiiu!

          • Wanderlei

            MULTI PLATS will save sony HAHAHAHAHAHA!

          • oontz

            You really are stupid aren’t you? Destiny will be bigger than Halo and now it’s on a SONY console… sorry it seems Bungie doesn’t feel like the wiiu is even last gen. Since it’s coming out on Ps3 and 360 also but not the wiiu.

          • Wanderlei

            HAHAHAHAHA It will be on PC Xbox and PS.

            Nintendo are profitable no matter their market
            share something sony has never managed. Its why Nintendo will be around for the next 50 years and the vita will be sony’s last portable and the ps4 their last home console.

            Nintendo are the most profitable console manufacturer.

            Nintendo have 812.8 billion Yen (£6.7/$10.5 billion) in the bank

            Enough cash to lose $257 million every year until 2052.

            Then there’s almost 469 billion Yen (£3.8/$6.0 billion) held in premises, equipment and investments.

            When that runs out,we’re in the year 2075 by this point

            They’ve got some of the most valuable intellectual property in gaming to sell off before the company goes out of business.

            Nintendo are not going 3rd party or bankrupt in our life time.

            Sony have posted eight consecutive quarterly loses.

            Sony have lost 90% of their value since 1999, $100 billion to just $10 billion company.

            They had to sell their US and Japanese headquarters to raise money.

            Sony still has 87 cents in liabilities for every dollar in assets

            Sony stocks and credit rating still at junk status.

            Hasn’t seen a profit since 2007.

            TV division hasn’t turned a profit in eight years and they’ve conceded drastic smartphone share

            Firing people at a rate of 10 000 people per year for the past 5 years.

            Sony stocks took a nose dive after the PS4 reveal.

            Vita unprofitable failure.

            PS3 a billion dollar failure.

            Vita has no developer support.

            PS4 losing developer support before its even launched

            Sony had systems packed with 3rd party system sellers exclusives with the ps1/2. Now they have none. Most people bought the ps3 off the back that. People wont be buying the ps4 on the back of the no gaems blu ray player.

            Sony system without 3rd party exclusives = DEATH


            PS2 market share = 80%
            PS3 market share = 30%

            PSP market share = 33%
            Vita market share = 14%

            On top of no profit since before the ps3 launched,
            Sony will be the next big entertainment empire that will go bankrupt due to inability to adapt to a changing market.
            They aren’t the first or the last, but hopefully other companies will learn from sony’s mistakes.

          • oontz

            already 30 exclusive ps4 titles in development with 20 coming in the first year! That is why SONY is smart they have 13 first party studies that ONLY develop games for their system. Add that to all the 3rd party software and it’s a gamers dream! http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/06/24/20-games-12-new-franchises-coming-to-playstation-4-in-year-one

          • oontz
          • Andreas Sunde

            Also, no overprised proprietary memory cards.

        • oontz

          ha ha this is what will sell PS4’s. Already 30 EXCLUSIVE games in development with 20 dropping within the first year of the PS4’s life. Add that to the HUGE roster of 3rd party content that isn’t coming to the wiiu and the PS4 already looks like a monster platform for any gamer!! http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/06/24/20-games-12-new-franchises-coming-to-playstation-4-in-year-one

  • Ducked

    I still don’t get why Square Enix ignores Nintendo so much.

    • Luffy

      because they have become graphic whore, and they always want to be on the strongest console when it comes to the numbered final fantasy.
      maybe we could get kingdom hearts 3 thou…. sure hope so!

      • Ducked

        I sure hope so too, if we don’t then I’d be forced to buy a PS4

      • oontz

        strongest console doesn’t equal graphics whore… bigger game worlds that are alive, no load times, amazing AI of all the enemies and NPCs. Stronger consoles equal a lot more for a developer than just pretty graphics.

  • Aamir Islam

    Maybe he can talk his way into getting Final Fantasy on the Wii U huh?

  • $41809923


    • Luffy

      the game that blew me away when i played a best buy was mario 3D world

  • sdmac200600

    Well 50 bucks between the Deluxe Wii U and the PS4 isn’t really “by far” cheaper….

    Anyways, it’s good to see that Nintendo understands the importance of third party and are working on getting the Wii U install base up so the console can look more inticing to third party.

  • Ice Climbers

    This is great, but I fear that 3rd parties still won’t develop for the Wii U simply because its a Nintendo system. Look at the 3DS. Its outselling the Vita 10 to 1, yet western 3rd parties STILL won’t support it and would rather support the Vita, which is failing in western territories. Why? Simply because its a Nintendo system. I have a nasty feeling that 3rd parties will just pull the usual excuse of “not being able to compete with Nintendo games like Mario and Zelda” once the Wii U actually regains momentum. I’d love to be proven wrong though.

  • Nintendofreak

    hey this is completely out of context..but well im looking for a good f2p mmorpg something not so new since my computer sucks….swtor, wow, and i already tried them so they dont count

    • Andrew Chambers

      D&D online is F2P, and I’ve heard Mabinogi is pretty good. You could just type in f2p mmorpg into google there are actually sites that have info on all of them in one place.

      • Nintendofreak

        yeah but most i have tried basically i want something that is like more arts way that rpg….mabinogi…..hmmm will try it ty

        • Andrew Chambers

          Hmm, maybe TERA Online?

          • Nintendofreak

            my computer graphics sucks but well mabinogi isnt that bad ty anyway

  • DragonSilths

    Starting with Pikmin 3 momentum will pick up. But Nintendo systems are like a train. HUGE HEAVY BEASTS that start off slow then pick up speed gradually then are an unstoppable object.

  • Veries Seals

    I am so pissed off that Microsoft was able to get on of Nintendo’s major franchises. Killer Instinct! I still cant fathom Why Nintendo sold rare to Microsoft long time ago. The funny part is Microsoft is only using Rare for petty projects and they did not make the new killer instinct.

  • Guest

    I love ya’, Iwata, but…it’s about time, man!

  • First priority: New solid games.
    Second priority: Price cut on Wii U by at least $50.

    Seriously, Nintendo, it’s not about how much $350 is a justifiable price for Wii U Deluxe set–it’s about how much PS4 at $399 is reeeeeally going to rob you of a lot of thunder, even when you do eventually bring more games. The games we really care about most on Wii U won’t be coming until next year…meanwhile, a $399 PS$ will be on the market by holidays 2013. A price cut is mandatory now, and the longer you wait, the worse,

    I say, eliminate the Wii U Basic set, offer the Deluxe set in white along side the black color Wii U, and then drop the Deluxe set’s price by at least $50, $100 is more strongly appeal to hesitant buyers interested in Wii U, price-conscious parents and everyone willing to buy a Wii U along side a PS4 all shopping this holidays.

    I’ve heard plenty of people say they’d pick up a Wii U along side PS4 if it had more solid games and a lower price. I’d get right on this if I were you, Mr. Iwata.

    • Third priority: A WaveBird-like controller for SSB for Wii U.

      Wii U Pro controller is fair, but it feels a bit too plasticky and lightweight and it needs the right thumbstick below the face buttons, not above them. The GameCube controller got it right. That’s why many core SSB gamers still prefer it, even after all these years.

    • Shaise Mughal

      Wii U doesnt need a price cut because it has a suitable price compared to the others

      • oontz

        how is a $50 dollar price difference suitable, when the PS4 hardware is years ahead of the wiiu’s?

  • Randall Hellmer

    Good for him. The first step is realizing you have a problem.

    I will say this, though. If Nintendo ISN’T at least 3 million units short of their Wii U sales estimates, I’ll eat my keyboard.

  • Lev M

    Wii U needs some games or else when those new consoles come out everybody is moving on

  • oontz

    GAMES!!! this is why sony will win in the next generation 30 PS4 exclusives in development and 20 coming within the first year of the PS4 life!! http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/06/24/20-games-12-new-franchises-coming-to-playstation-4-in-year-one

  • John Stockwell

    The game pad is like a boat anchor. It would be great if it was an “option” in some games but not a requirement in most.


    There is no momentum to regain, they just have to GAIN (without the re-) momentum. I know the Wii U will deliver FOR ME, but I’m not sure if it’s going to be successful. Besides Pikmin 3, the Nintendo games coming out this year are on the safe side and honestly won’t be selling enough systems. Then they have Smash Bros and Mario Kart 8 coming NEXT year. Smash Bros. coming out next year is fine, but they should’ve tried to get Mario Kart 8 now not next year. The Wii U needs that title THIS year.