Jan 31st, 2013

In a rather dire report during Nintendo’s Corporate Management Policy Briefing, CEO Satoru Iwata hinted that he could step down as leader of Nintendo if sales don’t pick up after two consecutive years of loss and financial trouble.

We feel greatly accountable for this severe outlook…we plan to actively release our key titles for Nintendo 3DS which could potentially lead the markets this year.

The new target for Nintendo that Iwata has set for the fiscal year is 100 billion yen ($1.09963 billion) in operating income. Iwata stated that achieving that goal is his commitment for the next year, hinting that should it not be met, the CEO will be stepping down from his position.  Iwata has been president of Nintendo since 2002 and has successfully seen the launch of three of Nintendo’s last consoles.

With Nintendo downgrading their sales expectations for the Wii U, do you think Iwata should be held personally accountable? Keep in mind that the gaming industry has been changing for a while now, something that Iwata hinted at in his Nintendo Direct appearance. He stated because of the way game development has been changing, Nintendo has been  unable to keep up with providing the number of games that consumers expect.

[via nintendo.co.jp]


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  • I hope he doesn’t step down hes done a lot of good for the company. the system has only been out for 2 months people need to relax. there are a lot of haters anyway

  • Haize

    There is no indication in this article that Iwata will be stepping down. If he hinted at it, please provide a quotation from him so that we can all try and see what you see. Otherwise, this is pure speculation created by the website.

    • Justin Shelton

      he thought about stepping down after the 3ds didnt meet sales predictions so he might with the wii u as well he already said they can’t afford a price cut on the wii u because they are already taking a loss

  • Marcell Wade

    I hope he’s just over reacting, would totally miss Iwata Asks.

  • Lev M

    he won’t step down, they editor clearly needed something to talk about, if he would’ve stepped down he would’ve did it when the gamecube flopped right after the weak N64 sales 

  • sonicfan1373

    That would indeed be sad and troubling. I worry because during the Dreamcast days when the old management stepped down Sega became a software company because of the wishes of the then new chairman and CEO. A management change could mean the same thing in Nintendo.

    I really like Iwata, he has kept Nintendo an honest, innovative, company. He has time and time again tried to reach out to the customers and he has been unwilling to scarifice on the qulaity of the games in order to make quick buck (unlike certain other mobile phone makers who do not give a damn about the quality of software on their application store). I just think Iwata should change some of his strategy. I mean he should allow a bit more non-gaming functionality on these devices (why not release a video player or music player for the Wii U that allows users to playback their own content, or a video player and youtube app for 3DS); he should also work harder to reach out to non-Japanese third-parties, individual non-gaming app makers, and more indie companies (although Nintendo is already doing much better in this area). I really hope Iwata stays, because new management has the potential to destory esscence behind Nintendo. 

    • Elem187

      They need to advertise to parents that the Wii U will rescue control of their TV from their kids video games.

      this OFF TV-Play feature might sound nifty from afar, but actually having the ability in your home is priceless. I will never own another console that doesn’t support this ability.

    • Sega stopped producing hardware because they were hemorrhaging money from years of absolutely moronic business decisions. Please don’t compare them to a company with one bad year out of over a 100. Seriously, stop repeating baseless nonsense you hear on the net.

      • Ford Crews

        Not to mention that every print magazine around at the time, was telling everyone don’t buy a sega dreamcast, wait for the ps2 or xbox, kind of like they did with wii, and now the wii u.

      • sonicfan1373

        I think you misunderstood my comment. I did not say that Nintendo should stop making hardware because they are doomed. I think Nintendo has and can remain a hardware company, because they make amazing hardware and they use software to make the hardware shine. I would hate to see Nintendo games on iOS and Android devices especially because most of these devices emphasize quantity over quality and they do nothing to cater to gamers. 

        What I am saying is that Iwata and the current executive team being replaced is going to be dangerous to Nintendo because a new executive team and a new CEO might make the very stupid decision of turning the company into a software company, like you said because of only 1 bad year. I compared the situation to Sega, because Sega could have at that point revived the Dreamcast with more software and features (the Dreamcast was not selling to well but at that point it was not out of the game). However, Sega had a change in management who unlike to old management wanted to stop Dreamcast support all together and turn Sega into a software company. That was a stupid and rash choice brought on by a new management team. If Iwata leaves and a new management team steps in (especially one which purely thinks about profits and is influenced by the media’s constant lies and misrepresentation of the video game market [like how they are saying constantly that everyone is going over to smartphones and how everyone loves gaming on these tiny little phones with no buttons or quality games, which is obviously a lie]) then that could spell trouble for Nintendo and the gaming industry.

        Just to briefly summarize. I believe Nintendo is currently on the right path. Iwata is the right man to lead the company. Nintendo CAN and MUST produce both hardware and software. But a new management (non-Iwata) can make the quick and stupid decision of cutting out the hardware for shotterm gains, which will make the company suffer in the longterm.

  • sonicfan1373

    @Lev M

    Iwata was not the CEO of Nintendo during the N64 days or the developement of the Gamecube. In fact, his actions made the Gamecube a viable third console and established the platform in Japan and gave it more ground in the US.

  • tronic307

    Nintendo has been apologizing for game droughts for longer than I can remember. What good is third party support when third party games barely register with Nintendo fans? I only bought Arkham City and AC3 to test how the Wii U runs those types of games. 
    We need more than just Retro and NST in the west. New development studios worldwide are a MUST if Nintendo is to survive. And would it kill you guys to develop a new IP more than once per decade?

    • Adam Porter

      no be fair, when was the last time microsoft developed a new exclusive IP

      • tronic307

        Agreed, but Microsoft fans love third party games so no need. Nintendo fans however, avoid AAA third party titles like shovelware. This is what scares third parties away, not weak hardware. If your title has oddball, golden age sensibilities that would be right at home in 1980s Japan, you might just have a shot with us Nintendo fans. MIGHT.

  • Adam Porter

    it’s a sad thing that a nintendo biased site would stoop to this level to bring in readers, this is nothing but blind speculation, and it’s this type of news all over the internet that could be the downfall of nintendo. this causes such uncertainty about nintendo that it it will affect stocks, just like half the nonsense pachter comes out with, he creates the uncertainty he doesn’t predict it.
    the wiiU would be alot more successful if they advertised the thing better, there are absolutely no ads for it in the uk or ireland, none, of course they aren’t meeting sales targets because how could it be selling if there are no ads whatsoever

    • Jay

      %100 correct. Negativity and hate affects reality.

    • MujuraNoKamen

       Yeah, I live in the UK and its been weeks since I’ve seen a Wii U ad, and I must only have seen 3 maximum since November! and then the ads themselves, just no! they need improving desperately, and if things continue to go the way the are, then they’ve no one to blame but themselves.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    I reckon sales would be as high as originally predicted if Ninty’s advertising was done right. I hate to keep going on about it, I really do!, but I haven’t seen a Wii U add in weeks, the ones I have seen are bit poor really, they opened by talking about the more gimmicky uses of the gamepad rather than what’s good about the console – Off TV play was shown (good) but no mention of TVii, Netflix and the Internet browser etc. The rich game library wasn’t shown at all, they didn’t show the different controllers to appeal to everyone’s tastes and we didn’t see the graphics (Just a little clip of the 2011 Tech demos would have a lot attention I guarantee it, and they could also have shown Batman, Aliens and Trine.

    • MujuraNoKamen

       Maybe we should all start a petition calling on Nintendo to do it properly, no more dubstep, no more actors just information and quality trailers for the products! Who’s with me? oh no one… OK then…

      Anyway, I hope Iwata doesn’t step down, he’s done a lot of good work for Ninty and the company has really improved a lot thanks to him. If he were to step down, I fail to see how any good would come of it.

  • Moluks

    Existem perspectivas de que a Nintendo será uma nova SEGA, e no futuro, apenas produzirá jogos e abandonará os consoles. Não fico satisfeito com isso, e realmente não gostaria de ver esse futuro na minha existência. Entretanto, os consoles se tornaram uma parte mais ativa da casa das pessoas, do que a 25 anos atrás que eram nichos e poucos obtinham os recursos para ter manter essas maquinas em casa.

    O X-Box 720 vem com promessas de ser uma central de entretenimento caseira, o que justifica para os não gamers obter um para sua casa quando de quebra, sacia a vontade das crianças e adolescentes que querem um console.

    O PS3 teve suas vendas deslanchando depois que se tornou o blue-ray player mais barato do mercado (aqui no Brasil, era mais barato obter um PS3 novo do que qualquer um blue-ray player). Começou com suas vendas por torno de R$2.000,00 ($1000.00)e depois, quando chegou a R$1.000,00 ($500,00) era quase a metade dos players tradicionais de blue-ray. No Brasil, foi quando o PS3 foi pra frente.

    Com isso, quero dizer, a Sony e Microsoft, não estão mirando apenas nos games, fixando em todos os públicos possíveis, e infelizmente, a Nintendo não faz isso com efetividade. Depois a Nintendo foca no publico mais novo, com jogos mais coloridos e “kawais”, enquanto a maior parte da população financeiramente ativa e que possui os meios para comprar é mais velha e busca mais que isso. E claro, a diferença de hardware hoje é algo que fica na cara, já que para um leigo em questão, apenas o hardware é significativo, quando compara as imagens, ele tem a preferencia aos que lhe parecem melhores. É como se a Nintendo estivesse vendendo TV a cores agora, e os concorrentes já estivessem fazendo isso a cinco anos.

    Eu não desejo nunca que a Nintendo acabe por morrer e fechar as portas, acredito que se ela tivesse lançado o WiiU a dois anos atrás, estando em “igualdade” gráfica com os concorrentes, poderia ter uma grande chance de alcançar mais jogadores. E dificultaria mais para os concorrentes ficarem clonando as novas idéias que eles tem para seus consoles.

    • Genesect4ssb4

      English please

      • Moluks

        No thanks. I feel good writing in my language.

    • A Nintendo NÃO vai virar uma Sega. Esse papo de “Nintendo virar uma Sega” é uma das maiores balelas que as pessoas insistem em repetir por aí. Daquelas bobeiras extremamente simplistas que nem levam em conta todos os fatores.
      Por exemplo, primeiro a Sega quando “faliu” vinha de uma série de fracassos e decepções (Sega-CD, 32X, Saturn, etc.), e muitos dos seus fãs já não tinham a mesma fé. A Nintendo, por outro lado, está vindo de grandes sucessos (o extremamente popular Wii que quebrou os dois “pseudo-poderosos” da atualidade, DS que vendeu mais que o PS2-rei-dos-jogos-piratas-que-a-molecada-comprava-por-5-real-na-esquina). Mesmo que a Nintendo fosse extremamente mal com o Wii U, não significaria muita coisa.

      Segundo, a Nintendo não abandona seus consoles. Passou por uma barra MUITO PIOR na época do 64~GameCube, e mesmo assim ficou lá, firme e forte. Se houve uma hora pra “falir” e acabar como fabricante de hardware, a hora era aquela. Mas acabou? Não. Por outro lado, a Sega era conhecida por abandonar precocemente suas invenções pouco tempo depois de anunciá-las como algo maravilhoso, como 32X e Saturn, que foram apressados e depois rapidamente descartados. O Dreamcast foi o mesmo. Foi só ver o PS2 chegando que a Sega desistiu, abandonou o suporte a ele (como tinha acabado de fazer com o Saturn e decepcionado os fãs) e desistiu de vez dos consoles. A Nintendo não desiste. Ela enfrenta. Diga-se de passagem, um dos motivos que fez as pessoas ficarem com a pulga atrás da orelha pra comprar o Dreamcast foi justamente medo dela o abandonar precocemente, assim como fizera com o Saturn pouco antes.

      Terceiro, a Nintendo, historicamente, tem ótimos valores. De inovação, criar algo único, levar DIVERSÃO de verdade para os jogadores. Foi com esse espírito que ela praticamente recriou os videogames depois do crash de 1983, e ela mantém esse lema até hoje, mesmo que a prejudique. A Sega, por outro lado, nunca teve lá muita honra, sempre fez o que fosse preciso pra vender, fosse em marketing criticando a concorrência, lançando videogame um atrás do outro em momentos estranhos, fosse o que fosse preciso.

      Na verdade, a Sega deveria ser justamente o maior exemplo de POR QUE A NINTENDO NÃO FRACASSOU ATÉ HOJE, e não o contrário.

      Verdade seja dita, a Nintendo faz os jogos mais divertidos desde sempre. Há alguns jogos muito bons por aí em outros consoles, mas são minoria. 90% do que é feito, e a garotada adora (talvez o que você chama de “população financeiramente ativa”) é FPS exaustivamente re-re-re-copiado, FIFAs e outros jogos que são relançados TODO ANO com uma risível mudancinha, jogos extremamente pobres em conteúdo mas ricos em “gráficos, sangue e tripas”. 

      A verdade é que a Nintendo sabe muito bem o que faz, e agrada muito seus fãs. A lealdade dos fãs não veio de graça, foi CONQUISTADA, e com muito mérito, por anos e anos de material excelente e jogos com conteúdo, diversão de verdade que não precisa apelar pra sexo, sangue ou morte. Sou grato a Nintendo por isso. É ótimo ter jogos que posso jogar com minha namorada, perto dos meus pais ou avós, e até mesmo dar pros meus filhos um dia, sem me preocupar com me envergonhar quando a tela exibir uma chuva de sangue e sexo.

      Essas produtoras de hoje em dia estão criando verdadeiros “marionetes” que só gostam do que elas dizem que é legal: violência, gráficos excelentes, mundos tristes e cinzas. Se algo é colorido, divertido ou engraçado, OPA, COISA DE CRIANÇA. 

      Talvez você possa pensar que a Nintendo realmente está trazendo a TV colorida agora. A diferença é que enquanto as outras empresas se desesperam pra levar a última novidade caríssima a uma plateia que só quer MAIS MAIS E MAIS do mesmo, a Nintendo traz algo de QUALIDADE, mais barato, e que será sem dúvidas mais bem aproveitado por seus jogos. 

      As pessoas realmente não entendem a Nintendo. Realmente. 

      Sempre foi assim, desde os anos 80. E vai continuar…

  • Wayne Beck

    Unless he is personally making the decisions to continue their complete lack of advertising  I don’t think you can really put any of it on him.

    • MujuraNoKamen

      Exactly what I thought. Iwata has done a lot of good for Nintendo and with him at the helm, I think they have a bright future, the reason Wii U isn’t selling so well is because the majority of people haven’t heard of it. Only when people know what it is will they go out and buy it. I said in my comment below about the poor quantity and quality of the commercials and how Ninty need to step it up, can we start a petition to help them out or something, people have been saying for ages how bad the ads are so we need to make Nintendo listen.

      • PKUltima

        I would totally sign a petition for more/better commercials. They need to focus the commercials on how it’s next gen and show some gameplay from ZombiU or some other adult game. It really doesn’t help the commercials when all it does is show gameplay from NSMBU, which could easily be mistaked for NSMB Wii.

        • MujuraNoKamen

           I’ll see about setting one up (once I figure out how) and pester them with E-mails saying, no offence but everyone thinks these ads suck! I don’t want to tell them how to do their jobs but they have the wrong idea, we need clear information and good footage, not actors, not dubstep “music” just something that will make people think, yeah that looks pretty good!

      • Oskar

        Let’s do it right away, who will email it to them?

        Name number 1:
        Oskar Danielsson, Sweden

        • MujuraNoKamen

           Screw it, everyone who agrees about how the bad advertising is suffocating Wii U, please E-Mail them constantly until they listen and say; “we were wrong let’s show the world what we’re really made of!”
          Otherwise the Nintendo haters will have something to use against us sane people.

  • I see no reason as of why Iwata is to blame on this, like others say: the industry has changed a lot as of late, and the worldwide economical crisis isn’t helping much either.

    Third party developers is a different story, they just assume that N fans only buy N games, I wonder why? MAYBE BECAUSE THIRD PARTY DEVS hardly bring out games at all for N consoles (sarcasm) THEY ARE THE ONES WHO ASSUME it all wrong, N fans can’t buy 3rd party games if there hardly are any.

    The only part we might be able to blame N on in general (not just Iwata) is like someone said allready that N doesn’t bring out new IP’s often enough (once a decade or so indeed) another part is that I am still sure that the WiiU commercial is probably the worst ever at all, just no WiiU/WiiU game commercials at all anywhere, I see shietload of commercials for  PS360 and pc every day and they even are FAR superior to any N commercial since the Metroid Prime and Fusion commercials, those where great and came a LOT ever since then we simply see very few commercials of N games and consoles(haven’t seen any WiiU commercial at all this entire month), the only one I see often is the Sing commercial for the Wii.

    Perhaps that is the only part on which N can be blamed, pump those commercials, convince third party devs as they convince indy devs, then maybe then N will make viable profit again.

    There is NO WAY that Iwata is to blame for this alone, it’s imo the failing asumption from N that everyone know’s of WiiU, no, just no. Face it very few know what WiiU is. Well many heard of if, but ask them what it is and probably 80% says it’s a tablet controller for the Wii, 5% says it’s a new game console from Nintendo and 15% say no idea care to explain?

    Sorry for my long rant.

  • Graham Gillman

    take out Iwata and the company goes down with him.

  • Fred

    You guys, instead of hoping things magically get better do something to help it get better. Personally I’ve purchased more Nintendo systems and software than ever before in my life during the past year including my first launch purchase (wii u was the fussy time I didn’t wait for a price drop to buy a console). I’ve also talked several people into buying wii u’s 3DS’s Wiis and more games. I even write an article for my local newspaper to try and get more people to but a wii u  www.stgeorgeutah.com/news/archive/2012/12/21/is-the-wii-u-worth-299/

    If we’ll all chip in a little we can help Iwata turn things around for Nintendo.
    Who’s with me?

    • Fred

      Also, I’ve seen it helps to have Wii U parties. Invite people over to your house to play. Those that don’t have a Wii U always go away wanting one.

      • Kyle Berger

        OMG yes I made like 4 people get a wii u playing Mario chase, luigi’s ghost mansion, and 2 player black ops 2 online with the gamepad screen and tv

      •  I think I can take credit for two Wii U sales.  Had some friends over and we had so much fun playing Nintendo Land that two people went out and bought a Wii U. 

    • andrewjcole

      I read your article! I’ll remember you when I’m ready to publish my Nintendo website. I totally agree! I actually am typing on my White Wii U internet browser now! I bought Nintendo Land separately afterwards. Me and my family love the game! We compete and also work together! So hear this, Wii U haters! If you think Wii U is stupid, you’re wrong. It’s just unique and brings the family together! Also, the Wii U is getting more and more games with online multi-player and extra downloadable content on the eshop! I don’t know how I survived without this console!

      • bizzy gie

        You should have bought the deluxe version if planned on getting Nintendo Land. If you had payed ten dollars LESS, you could have gotten NL, 4 times as much memory, stands and a cradle, and the digital deluxe program.

        • andrewjcole

          Well, the truth is it was out of stock everywhere except for Toys R Us but they only had White ones. We got one and later got Nintendo Land ad a surprise Christmas present.

      • David Noble

        I completely agree with you.  People doubt Nintendo because they make fun consoles, not over-profitable consoles.  Despite the small problems, such as the first-minute download, you can tell the Wii U is an amazing console because Nintendo prioritized Innovation, Entertainment, and Experience before Profit, Sales, and Efficiency.  When Nintendo announced that they were selling Wii U’s at a loss, I was impressed yet again that they care about quality over quantity to an extreme extent. 

        I don’t know about anyone else, but there is no way I choose, for example, a classic console (d-pad, a, b, x, y, r, l controller) with revolutionary graphics over an 8-bit Wii, much less a High Definintion Wii U.

        Overall, the only reason the Wii U is failing is because that’s what people believe. How can a non-profitable console be any good? As one of the proud few who understand the answer, I say “Because Nintendo doesn’t sell prettier versions of its out-dated stuff, and they have enough sense to come up with there own ideas.”

        Yes, I’m looking at Kinect and that XBox Projector rumor. In the future, Nintendo is the kind of company that invents a flying rusty old buggy, and Microsoft will make one that just hovers and is water proof. Here comes Sony, who will make a regular car. “Ooh, look! It’s shiny!”

        Anyway, Nintendo is the most amazing gaming company out there, and they are creative and original, but most importantly, they are not greedy. Thank Nintendo for being the only company that actually advances gaming.

        • andrewjcole

          Only have Nintendo systems, games never will not.

          • David Noble

            If Nintendo could give us games for free, they would, but they have to earn a living.  Microsoft and Sony are different because they are companies that have a different main product (Computers, T.V.’s).  I also have only Nintendo Systems.  They are far superior.

          • Silent

            I dont think they will give us games for free if they could. Nintendo has a really good reputation with people of all ages, especially parents. This is why Nintendo has considerable sales.

    •  You turn things around by stop trying to scam the consumers, stop concentrating on making baby games and having a baby machine image and concentrate on making innovative (not just a new controller!) games instead of endless rehashes, then they could be about something.  The Wii scammed people and the casual gamers will never forget that.

      • MujuraNoKamen

         You again. You accuse Nintendo of re-hashing games but let me ask you; when did Sony or Microsoft do anything new? Was it Playstation All-Stars? Kinect? Smartglass? PS Move? Vita’s touchscreen? No.
        And as for baby games may I point you towards Bayonetta 2, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Ninja Gaiden 3, CoD: BO2, AC3, ZombiU, Darksiders 2, Mass Effect 3.
        Wii U will also be getting, Monolith’s game, Zelda, Metroid and more to please the hardcore gamers.

        • Ben Kapferer

          Who says he’s a PS/Xbox fan? You seem to be forgetting the longest lasting gaming system of all, PC.

          • MujuraNoKamen

             Good point.

          • MujuraNoKamen

             But that’s still no reason to pick on Nintendo, his reasons for why Nintendo are bad are total BS and Sony and Microsoft have done for more things wrong and far worse.

      • Fred

        “The Wii scammed people and the casual gamers will never forget that.”
        What in the world makes you say that? I consider myself a hybrid between a core gamer and a casual gamer and I haven’t felt scammed in the least by the Wii. 
        On the contrary, I own a Wii U and have purchased a few more Wii games since buying the Wii U.
        There are a TON of great games on the Wii

    • MujuraNoKamen

       Nice work, good to see someone trying to help 🙂
      I think I should E-Mail Nintendo and give them tips on advertising, I dont want to tell them how to do their jobs but the poor commercials they’ve been showing for years is really doing them down. maybe we could all sign some sort of petition and let them no it’s not just me being awkward, lots of us think that they aren’t educating potential customers about why they should buy a Wii U, and therefore aren’t selling the product very well at all.

  • Laud

    Udaily is turning into a “do anything to get a view” news site.

    I remember when the news was important and factual, now it’s pure speculation and rumors because instead of providing solutions they’re just feeding the problem.

    All this ‘Nintendo is dying’ news turns potential buyers off, shame on you Udaily.

  • Laud

    In other good news that uDaily failed to mention.

    “We will have few titles to be released early this year, but our software lineup will be gradually made stronger from spring to summer. To give sales momentum to the hardware, from the latter half of this year to next year, we will intensively launch our key titles including those we announced in the Wii U Direct – Nintendo Games presentation last week.As a decisive factor in buying a console is that you cannot play a much-anticipated title without the hardware, we will make a lot of such titles available during this time.”

  • audie bowler

    smeone isnt getting japanese culture are they its japanese culture to take all blame and to shoulder reposability

    the los was EXCHANGE RATE japanese companys cannot profit from the pound euro and dollar THERE WORTHLESS CURRENCYS

    his being polite and a stadup man by shouldering blame and responsability thats how japanese culture works he has to come across as ashamed and honerable his just playing the part HE HAS STATED A FIGURE OF PROFIT HE ALREADY KNOWS HIS SELF WILL BE REACHED and making it sound all dramatic

    its the honorable leader faligon his sward NOTHING MORE NOTHIG LESS

  • RyuNoHadouken

    yes, Iwata needs to step down…stop catering to kids and moms…You cant have a successful console if you leave out hardcore gamers…developers arent gonna make games for consoles with  a low install base…Wii U should have sold over 5 million by now…totally unacceptable

    • Steven Scott

      nope not true 

    • NintendoNoob

       Hmmmmmm… So you think the Wii U is catering to kinds and moms huh? What do you say about Assassins creed 3, Black Ops 2, Mass Effect 3, Batman Arkham city, Ninja Gaiden 3, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Zombi U, and the new Zelda? Do you think those games have been turned into non cussing, cute, non gory games just for the Wii U? Your comment is totally gone full retard, only reason not many devs have stepped up to the Wii U is because they wanna see how it turns out, more and more devs are making violent games for the Wii U. Your comment is totally unacceptable. You have forsaken Nintendo and will soon meet your fate…

      Round 1… FIGHT!!

      • RyuNoHadouken

        im speaking about the brand as a whole

      •  I say to that – those games were on other systems already (except the obvious), so nothing new there.

        • Silent

          Total BS. Next Please

  • Mickey Mouse

    He said achieving 1B$ operatng income was his commtment for the next fiscal year. He however did not hint that he would step down othewise, this is mere conjecture on WiiU daily’s behalf. This is typical of a site like WiiU daily to make catchy headlines that bend the truth just to get people using their site. Stop doing it WiiU daily.

  • Justin Lee

    I see a bright future in Wii U. So many major games coming out later this year and next year.

  • Steven Scott

    How many more games do I have to buy to keep him in 

    he is amazing and if he steps down then nintendo might crash 

  • Seth S. Scott

    you know what would help?? Releasing Animal Crossing in the US ASAP and get another 2 million in sales here! 

  • Sneferie

    I also don’t see any hints of Iwata stepping down here.  As for the question:  Japanese culture operates under a number of axioms or ideals, and one of those is the idea of accountability of authority for everyone’s well-being, and in turn, trust in authority to guide others to prosperity.  That means it’s not unheard of for Iwata and company to have taken pay cuts when the 3DS underperformed in 2011, or Iwata possibly stepping down if things don’t change with the 3DS and Wii U.  

    I’d personally be disappointed if he left, because as others say, he’s done a lot of good for the company.  All I’m saying is this kind of reaction from the top of struggling (for lack of a better word) companies isn’t unheard of in Japan.  I find Western media tends to sensationalize this kind of thing because in our world, companies just lay off people en masse when earnings don’t meet expectations.  But I think people should think about the role culture plays before freaking out and asking if it’s “right” for Iwata to take the fall.

    As for the 3DS and Wii U, I think with their strong software line-ups for this year (especially Pokemon X&Y), things will definitely pick up. In the meantime, I’ll be bugging my friends to get a Wii U, because I need more friends on the Nintendo Network anyway…

  • Andrew W Garttmeyer

    uh, perhaps Nintendo DOES need a little shake up?  I still love Nes, but what is the problem with letting some of other younger folk take the reins, maybe they have some great ideas to keep Nintendo viable for the next couple generations?  I mean, they STILL missed out as far as I know with the Wii and its internet features.  Tournament Wii bowling, four people on your couch VS four people on a couch across the globe?  C’mon!

  • ye tha sales wont pick up if ur doin wack kiddie mini games all the time and games like smash bros an mario kart  that take like 2 yrs 4 dem 2 come out of course the sells wud b low

    •  I don’t understand a word you just said

      • Ben Kapferer

        He has a point, though. All the system-sellers that just got announced seem to be a year or more away (at a time when Wii U needs games the most).

        •  Glad you could decipher that! 😀

  • I still think nintendo is doing good and forget these haters let’s keep supporting this awesome company

  • Michael Workman

    Personally, I don’t like Iwata very much. I think he has very little grasp on what the American and European audience wants. I think the only reason they improved graphics on Wii U like they did was because if they didn’t, they’d have no third party support at all. Let me clarify myself: graphics are not necessary to make a good game, but third parties don’t like their games to look crappy, and you can’t sell your console without third party support.

    Furthermore, I think Wii’s library was lacking in lots of more adult games. If you look at it, most of the games were meant for children or families. The Japanese culture is completely fine with things that just seem really childish to America and (I’m assuming) Europe, and I think Iwata doesn’t realize that.

    Reggie for CEO!!!

    • MujuraNoKamen

       I don’t know, I find Iwata quite likeable. I have to say I agree about the lack of mature rated games and it is a real problem for N’s consoles, but I don’t think it’s Iwata responsible for that, if anything he’s been more open to mature games – see Ninty stepping in to save Bayonetta 2 from the dumpster, more focus on the hardcore crowd Wii U, and a hand-full of others. I think the whole family-oriented games is a general thing at Nintendo and has been for a while, I think they need to stop being quite so conservative and let mature games flourish on Wii U – maybe make grittier Zelda and Metroid games for Wii U. I’m not saying Ninty should throw in violence for the sake of it into their games or sideline other games in favour of “mature” ones, I know Ninty aren’t the “kiddy company” some people say they are but they need to accommodate more peoples tastes and maybe experiment with their own IPs a bit more.
      Iwata isn’t responsible for the family-friendly approach and removing him wouldn’t change that, and it wouldn’t change Nintendo for the better.

    • Adam Porter

      what kind of snob are you, you must think games are mature because you can hire hookers, shoot them, steal their money run over the next guy you see on the street and rinse and repeat………..games with mature ratings are anything but, they have mature ratings to protect impressionable young people from the totally immature content of these games.

      •  That cop out for not having the hottest game on your system is the reason why Nintendo is losing the race – being out of touch and making excuses instead of facing reality.  Verizon used to shit on the iPhone – until they got it!  Once they got it they left all others behind.

  • David Berning III

    Have Miyamoto come in and be CEO. He is the Steve Jobs of video games.

  • NintendoNoob

    I really hope Iwata will not step down. He (In my opinion) was the best Nintendo President I have seen in a long time. I am happy how humble Iwata is and wants the best for the company, not for him. I know most of this article hasn’t been shown but honestly. All you Nintendo haters out there don’t know what Nintendo has done for you. Without Nintendo you wouldn’t have no Kinect, Move, Ps3, 360, RPGs, and good games anymore. If Iwata steps down I hope he would  give his position to a honoring person, like Miyamoto or Anoma. This really wants me to buy another Wii U and tons of first party titles to help stop Iwata from stepping down

  • Geoffrey Tasker

    wait wait wait, sow me where it says he makes this hint, the quote taken here doesn’t mention any such thing

  • there is SO much potential for the WiiU… once third party/Indie dev’s realize how easily and innovative they can produce games for this console, I feel that it will begin to shine. Iwata is a good man, you win you lose some, that’s just the way it is! 

    However, I’m not blinded by fandom to realize that the WiiU isn’t at its full potential right now. I have some issues with in-game connectivity via the Miiverse. The functionality of existing features is fantastic. I have problems with the content of Miiverse in-game. I don’t wan’t to say hey Nintendo, you should make your Miiverse kinda like Steam, or XBL… but I do feel that they are missing allot of key features that I would love to see. Being able to share short posts and screenshots is great, but I’m huge fan of other statistics. I wan’t to see records of in-game stats on a Miiverse profile, I wan’t to be able to chat in-game without having to suspend game-play or exit back to Miiverse etc…

    I guess what I’m really trying to say is, Get back to the Basics. I feel like Nintendo are too busy staying up all night thinking of new ways to innovate that they are forgetting fundamental game-play! At the end of the day, the WiiU plays games, it’s a gaming system , and should revolve purely around gaming. I wan’t the Miiverse to be more geared towards the games than a very limited social aspect of the WiiU.

  • Justin Shelton

    i for one believe that if nintendo can prove that they are ready to take on some real 3rd party hardcore games and they work very close with 3rd parties that they will come out ahead in a year or 2 but on the other side i just don’t think nintendo has really tried since iwata has taken the position he is too cautious when it comes to change so he does it really slow and this is the most consecutive set backs for products and services i have ever seen they need to get it together if they want to survive

  • He should step down.  If Nintendo wants to be taken into the modern era, they need someone like me!  I keep it real and will put them in a place that they need to be.  No miscalculating here!

    • NintendoNoob

       STFU All your gonna do is get Nintendo into a bankruptcy. Your ideas are pointless, hate Nintendo? Get off this site then retard

      •  How much do they pay you?

        • NintendoNoob

           nothing, I’m just one of those raging fanboys

  • Linkamus

    I say step down…

    He’s a great game developer but not the “President” type. They need
    someone more aggressive and in tune with the gaming atmosphere across
    ALL age demographics.

    Iwata is way too stuck on making it a
    “Family Console”… That is not the job of the hardware, but of the
    software.  Game developers can make “Family Titles” for whatever console
    they choose.

    His decisions with the “Anti-Pedophile, Profanity,
    Stranger Danger” methods of friend requests and voice chat have once
    again left Nintendo at a serious online gaming disadvantage.  They were
    supposed to come out with an online strategy that was an improvement
    over the current infrastructure, not… whatever this system with the
    WiiU is.

    Give the hardware FULL capability, and implement whatever you want into the software while letting other developers do the same.

  • LukeBlackburn

    who only reads short posts?

  • Nintendofreak

    being honest its deir fault for making d wiiu look exactly like a wii….most people dont even know its a new console dey just assume its a fucking expensive controller but hey hate on me all u want u know its d truth

  • My guess with the Wii U is that Nintendo just wanted to make money from suckers with the Wii and the Wii U is supposed to be it’s present generation system which could be why it still has the Wii name to it.  I am hoping that is the case.  Even if it were, that is a dumb idea when money is at stake.

  • Kirzan

    I honestly don’t know what he / other people expect. I don’t remember ANY console coming out with the most amazing and competitive launch titles! They, always, suck. I understand some other consoles might sell more, but ultimately, people are bored of it 1-2 months after release because it takes too long to release game.

    I bought a Wii U last week. I’m enjoying it. ZombiU’s a nice exclusive. But I think the Wii U’s prime will BEGIN past the 19th of March. Specially if they bundle the Deluxe Set with MH3 Ultimate and a Pro Controller to boot. That’s what Nintendo needs to do. Give NSMB with your platform! Massive game sales and bundles like the THQ bundle have proven time and time again, that a bundle, a discount, a price reduction of any kind HELPS sales and creates a buzz about your product. It’s insane how one awesome article on the right website affects people’s opinions and decision making nowadays. Give to your (potential and existing) fans and they will return the favor!

    P.S.: I normally don’t buy consoles in their dormant launch state. But… I’ve been gaming on the usual multi-platform for so long, I figured I should get back to my roots. There’s still a lot to be hopeful for. Monster Hunter 3, Monolith’s new game, Zeldas, The new Virtual Console which, if as advertised, will be insaaaaaane. I dunno, I’m hopeful.

  • DragonSilths

    Iwata don’t you even think about it. It isn’t his fault. Investors are bulling Iwata. They are all saying what happened to N64, GC and even the Wii days when you guys were rolling in the money? Its bee more then 2 months and the Wii U isnt bringing in tons and tons and tons of money waaaa we arent happy Iwata.

    The thing Nintendo Investors seem to have forgotten is the fact that they got invested into Nintendo knowing THEY ONLY MAKE VIDEO GAMES AND CONSOLES. The system is out. NOW SLOW YOUR ROLL AND GIVE NINTENDO TIME TO MAKE THE DAMN GAMES!!!

    You dont want to wait? Then sell your shares in Nintendo and GTFO. Don’t blame Iwata and try to cause the company to implode. Most people don’t realize how important Iwata is. He is the single main pillar holding up Nintendo. Miyamoto is a 2nd pillar assisting but taking Iwata out as President will KILL Nintendo.

    Obviously 1 day he will retire and pass the torch. However he can plan for that and find the right guy. Dont force him to step down that wont end well. Investors complain they arent getting enough money? Well taking Iwata down as president will mean they get NO MONEY AT ALL.

    Iwata is a nice dude who has so much passion for Nintendo you dont let you;re own greediness for money as an investor kill the company you invest in.

    I get it Investors main goal is to make money. But HAVE SOME FUCKING PATIENCE. By Christmas Wii Us will be selling like nobodys buisness with all the killer games announced so far.

    I know it doesnt actually say in the article he will step down. But everyone who is a Nintendo fan really should help out anyway they can. Buy the amazing games coming out this year on Wii U and 3DS. Tell you’re friends about them get them to buy a Wii U. Tell you’re family.

    Point is we as Nintendo fans CANNOT LET IWATA BE FORCED TO STEP DOWN. Thats just not right.

    • MujuraNoKamen

       Very true, I’m gonna stalk him now 🙂 and tell him not feel threatened by a few idiots – and also say the problem is bad advertising!

    • Linkamus

      I love Nintendo, have since ’85… but to buy a company’s products just to save it’s president?  Ehhh…

      Again, I have every Nintendo system, including the WiiU, but facts are facts… he made A LOT of decisions that fudged this launch up bad.  Is the console bad?  Not really… but it is half assed currently.  People have to be held accountable, this is a business after all.

      That’s why he’s man-ing up, taking responsibility and will resign, not be fired, if he cant make his personally designed business model work.  I think his actions are honorable and wouldn’t exactly blame this on share holders.

      Business is business…

      • DragonSilths

        Iwata isnt tbe soul person to blame. If you have the passion someone like Iwata has for a company so what if he makes mistakes every know and again. He is human. I personally cant think of any bad decisions he made that effected me at all.

        • Linkamus

          Have you ever been a manager?  You’re always to blame.  It is the price of power my friend.  I am not saying Iwata is a terrible president, but the buck does and always will stop with the person in charge.

          As for the bad decisions…

          1)  Friend Codes (Wii, DS,  3DS)… seriously… W..T..F..

          2)  Nintendo WiFi Connection (Wii, DS)… sooo flawed

          3)  Multiple incompatible shops (DSi Ware, Wii Ware, Wii Vitrual Console, eShop)  (They should find a way to make any Virtual Console game N64 and down compatible with both WiiU and 3DS, allowing for a single purchase)

          4)  Friend System on WiiU… Give me a break, still?

          5)  Single analog pad on 3DS… not the end of the world but yeah…

          6)  Pro Controller with no Voice Chat support

          7)  Wii U OS is garbage.. Something so simple, generic and plain can barely run on an advanced architecture CPU/GPU with 1GB dedicated high speed ram. That deserves bitch slaps all around, but he allowed it to ship as is.

          8)  Day one update…

          All those, and more, he signed off on.  Again, I don’t hate the man, I applaud his innovations and ideas, but it all comes down to one person to blame.   It’s his job to accept it and “fall on his sword” if need be.

          • iPedro1000

            This is true. I like Iwata but as you thoroughly pointed out, it was Iwata who signed off on all these things.

            How in the world did the WiiU OS get shipped like that? Did nobody use the console before it shipped? Is Japan’s culture of patience so much different than the rest of the world? It’s excruciatingly slow and even though the OS and the games run on different parts of the system, and even though the games suffer no speed or performance issues, the first impression a new user gets from the slow OS is that the overall console is slow and terribly dated. Any competent CEO would have made a few heads roll and sent the OS to the drawing board and redone from scratch so that it worked. It’s truly an embarrassment.

  • gnxleoo

    nintendo needs more commercials and more 3 rd party

  • sup3rnoah

    I buy almost every nintendo game. i’m such a fan.

  • $41809923

    we hope this doesn’t happen he is good for nintendo

  • A SNES Day Off

    1. Reduce the prices of downloadable games from the Wii U’s store. We’re not fools; no-one is going to pass up buying a game on disc if it’s at least 10% cheaper.

    2. Make the OS snappier…

    3. Improve the marketing campaigns to make a distinction between the original Wii and the Wii U.

  • Andrew Longo

    its obvious, stop launching consoles WITH NO LAUNCH TITLES

  • kikkelipissi

    Who then holds banana in e3.

  • fireheartis1

    There’s no way this genius should step down from Nintendo.  He created the Wii and sky rocketed Nintendo to higher ground.  A little trouble for selling Wii U’s is no big deal here.  They say their in the red, but Wii’s and Wii U’s have been selling out at my Walmart.  This console is amazing and Iwata should realize this.  Once more games get made for it sales well shoot up, but not by much in this economy.  He should realize that they are making quit a bit of money in this crazy economy and people are still buying Wii U’s.

  • Nintendo keeps making the same stupid mistakes. What the wii U today is should be what the first wii was. And then to release the wii u so early just to tell customers that all the games we want will come later in the future… cmon! Also no tvii at launch, no virtual console from launch, wtf

  • Dominic Coradazzi

    I really hope Iwata doesn’t step down; he’s been leading Nintendo since I was 5
    That, and I’d sincerely miss Iwata Asks

  • You Not me


  • the turth

    The United States government should be held responsible. they are the ones who destroyed the global economy.

  • iPedro1000