Dec 17th, 2013

In this latest installment of Iwata Asks, Nintendo’s CEO interviews the folks at Panasonic and discusses how the Wii U’s Fit Meter came about, along with some of the challenges its team faced during the sensor’s development process.

For those of you who don’t know, Wii Fit U is the sequel to Nintendo’s widely popular fitness game. If you’re looking to knock off a few of those pounds you put on this holiday season, a month-long free trial of the game can be downloaded from the eShop. In order to take advantage of this freebie, you’ll need a balance board from the original Wii Fit. If you didn’t pick up Nintendo’s take on the bathroom scale, you can try your luck with eBay and Craigslist or just wait until the game’s January 10th release date.

Sadly, there’s no video for this one, but I encourage you to read the interview. It’s really interesting and pretty funny as well.

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  • Zakariyya Al-Quran

    So.. Wii Fit U was great, but come on.. It is the same generic format. I like it but it needs more improvement. I hope the retail version will be better than the demo. It was missing an important aspect. It needs more games and originality. It is entertaining though yet it has to have something that influences people to do more and actually lose weight.

    • I never played the first one, so Wii Fit U was a lot of fun for me. That being said, I remember a few of the games from Wii Fit, as I’d played them before. Seems a bit sketchy.

    • Shota

      dlc perhaps?

  • simkenno

    Ok, honest answers please 🙂
    I’m looking to drop a few pounds but honestly don’t have the stamina to go out jogging for an hour everyday. So has anyone lost weight using Wii Fit before and can you give me any advise using it if you have ? 😀
    Thanks again, and I have the original Wii Fit game now to use. 🙂

    • Shota

      yeah my brother lost 7 pounds with wii fit plus. play the balanced games.
      dunno what age you are but if you are worried about your weight consult a doctor for help 😉

    • As far as advice, just stick to it. That’s probably the hardest part

    • jreed3842

      Some advice I would give… I’ve been losing some weight over the past few months, and what I’ve been doing is eating a bit healthier (I don’t snack late at night any more and just don’t each as much) … I could probably eat healthier foods, but right now I’ve just cut back on how much I was eating.
      I also walk around… A LOT. I don’t really have the stamina to go jogging either, but doing small little exercises like walking help me out.
      I bet the Wii Fit could give you more little exercises you can do to help build up your stamina to allow you to go jogging!

  • The Clockwork Being

    Love the Iwata asks. I love seeing the different faces at Nintendo.

  • Ducked

    Sorry to be OFF TOPIC but here’s a “DEAL ALERT”

    Target currently has the Mario and Luigi Dream Team 3DS XL Bundle for $149.99 and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds 3DS XL Bundle for $149.99 as well.

    I know it may be way off topic, and go in the 3DS section. But just thought I should post it.

    • Shota

      PEOPLE NOW IS THE TIME TO GET YOUR OWN 3DS FOR A GREAT PRICE. thanks for the info ducked!

      • Ducked

        You’re welcome 🙂

    • Do you know how long the deal will be going on?

      • Ducked

        Through Saturday 12/21/13

        • I’ll suggest it to the editors 🙂

          • Ducked

            Thanks! I should add that the deal is in stores only.

          • I was gonna say… I just looked online and it’s not on sale. I’ll have to find an official source before suggesting. Thanks for the tip :3

          • Ducked
          • It must be a local deal. Mine has just the XL, not the bundle

          • Ducked

            I don’t think so, the article I listed said the bundles were on sale as well

          • I understand that, but I’m saying I personally went on to target’s website and looked at my local store ad. There was mention of the 3DS XLs themselves being on sale, but the bundle was not included

          • Ducked

            Well, if you get a chance to go to your local target take a look. It looks as if it’s a national deal and not a local one, I’ve seen several articles on the bundle being on sale too.

          • It’s not the bundle that’s on sale. It’s just the XL

          • Ducked

            No, I just went to two targets today and they both had the bundle. On Black Friday it was just the XL, but this week they have both bundles.

          • not at my target. I just checked the ad. Must be for your area. They HAVE the bundle, but it’s not on sale. that source you posted also doesnt link it’s sources or anything. I dont think we’re gonna be able to report on this :/ Sorry…

          • Ducked

            It wasn’t in my local ad either, but in stores it was on sale. I’ll try to snap a photo of it, I don’t think they’d write articles on it if it wasn’t on sale

          • if the website cited a source that’d be one thing, but they have no source to back up their info…

            Picture would be lovely though

      • JohnBgon

        Slickdeals ftw. I didn’t take the pic, but I’ve seen the deal in a few of the Los Angeles Targets. You can always try to get BB and Walmart to pm. YMMV

        • Shota

          beautiful 🙂

        • THIS I can use. thanks 🙂

    • bizzy gie

      A 3DS XL BUNDLE for LESS than just a regular 3ds?! You’re doing people a service.

      • Ducked

        I know, it’s crazy! The weird thing is the XL’s have been cheap all year, I’ve rarely seen the regular 3DS on sale.