Apr 29th, 2014


Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has stated that Nintendo wasn’t able to lift the sales momentum of the Wii U console and its software as much as it hoped during the critical holiday season last year. He further stated that the lack of game software is having a large impact on profit for the company. The financial forecast for the company is a loss of 25 billion yen ($240 million) for the year to March.

“During the year-end shopping season, we weren’t able to lift sales momentum for the Wii U. The decrease in game software sales is having the biggest impact. My duty, more than anything else, is to revive our business momentum.”

With Nintendo having announced their plans for E3 this morning, hopefully things will start to get back on track for the Kyoto company this year.

[via NST]

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  • Ultrasyd

    Everyone is waiting for E3. At this moment, we’ll be able to know what’s next for the Wii U. I really hope they announce a good number of games, with variety for everyone, and some release dates if they can.
    I mean solid infos about Zelda, X, and more …

    • Stephen Davis

      They just better do E3 and not another Nintendo Direct/E3 – I don’t care what their financial situation is like. They jipped us last year (perhaps cause not much to unveil) Well this year they have something to brag about!

      • Hugh Quinn

        sorry mate, they have announced that they are doing the same thing again.

        • Assassinated23

          And that’s why I have no faith that they’ll right this sinking ship. It’ll be dead within a year.

    • Jon

      see, I had this kind of attitude but…. people said the same thing about the last E3…. then it was “Wait for Pikmin”, then “everyone is waiting for Christmas” and now we are back to “Everyone is waiting for E3 and Mario Kart”. After this it will be “Everyone wait for Smash”. Honestly, I am getting tired of waiting.

      • Ultrasyd

        Yup :/ All the more that Pikmin, Smash or Mario Kart don’t get me excited at all. I’m fed up with those weekly Smash screenshots for a game to be released in winter, it’s the only thing they deliver. But see, less and less people are optimistic. Before, you couldn’t criticize Nintendo without being bashed here. I really think that this time, it’s their last chance. A little part in me hope for something nice, if they can udnerstand the situation. I try to lower my expectations though 😀

    • Eva Amore


  • jackawoo

    Physical games are needed. Gc and n64 on eshop.

  • Stephen Davis

    Iwata is getting good at admitting his mistakes. If he keeps this up he should think about going into politics 😛

    • jackie

      Lol im not sure about politics but he should step down. He should stay employed at nintendo atleast

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Sounds good to me.

        • jackie

          How much power should he have though

  • Jack5221

    Its seriously time for Iwata to step down. He hasn’t been able to do his job and raise sales momentum for the past 2 years… I admire his “Never give up” attitude, but he seriously needs to call it quits. Other than Smash Bros, we’re getting ZERO daily / weekly / monthly updates on upcoming games like Yarn Yoshi, X, Bayonetta 2, Fire Emblem, Zelda U, Metroid, Sonic Boom… The list goes on… Im happy with my Wii U, and Im peeing my pajamas with excitement for Mario Kart 8. But seriously Iwata… No more of this “Please Understand” crap. >.<

    • Yen

      Has he actually said “Please Understand” in a while? I like him because he knows to admit his mistakes and tries to correct them. I think it’s better than CEOs that cover up mistakes or blame others. Whether he can or not is up in the airs but I think 2 years of bad sales after a whole generation of success deserves a chance to correct them. If things don’t improve in the next year then that’s a true sign to me that he should consider bringing in new management.

      • AlienFanatic

        A profitable quarter is far more admirable than a dozen “I’m sorrys.” I’m sick and tired of Iwata’s apologies for his ineptitude.

      • zdog

        He always takes ownership but does nothing to fix it. An occasional salary cut won’t sell Wii U’s

        • Yen

          You’re right, it won’t sell Wii Us, but neither will stepping down if the new guy doesn’t have a good plan either. He seems like he has something planned and I want to see what it is before I feel like he’s done.

    • Zuxs13

      Think about this before you call him to step down. Who would replace him? Many members of the board want Nintendo to go third party do you want them do do that? If Iwata steps down there is a high chance that they will elect someone in place of him to take the company in that direct.

    • Mario

      Hey! He’s no quitter! If he fails, at least he’ll try to end his job as CEO with a bang!

      • zdog

        Yeah by coming out with that exciting new quality of life platform!

        • Mario


      • Capt. Smoker
        • Mario


          • Capt. Smoker

            Lol why not?, its his ultimate technique, the sliding please understand ^.^

          • Mario

            Oh! I though you meant me! Sorry for the misunderstanding.

          • Capt. Smoker

            I’d never go against you, your one of my favourite posters on here 🙂

          • Mario

            Woohoo! I have a fan! 🙂

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Excactly. He will bring Nintendo with him in the fall.

    • incoherent1

      I’m willing to give him until E3. If he can bring down the house at E3 and show some real progress with real timelines, then I’m willing to give him more time before calling for his ouster.

      Really, this has been his first major misstep as CEO, and it takes awhile to right the ship. He’s had a full year to clamp down and get some results, and hopefully we’ll see those results in June. If not, then need to start searching for a replacement.

      • Eva Amore

        We need someone who has the quirky vibes of a true Nintendo maker who also can adapt to the current market. How the hell are you supposed to sell a product if you refuse to give what your competitors are offering? Give us a proper online capabilities, improve your hardware and, THEN add the quirks. It should be about marketing the basic box. The quirks and character are what separates the system from competitors.

    • jjbredesen

      I have got to agree, but after Wii, DS and 3DS one failure is not really much of a reason to fire him. I would give him 1 more year once MK8, Smash and Zelda U are out and we have seen there E3 conference to see what they planning we can say if its time for him to step down.

      If he can’t fix anything when the 3 largest system sellers Nintendo has have been out he has failed, not yet.

      Please understand 😛

      • Alexander Kleinwechter

        yes i agree more with your statemeent, one failure now is not a huge deal for what huge sucesses the 3DS and wii were. but yeah, if the big 3 doesnt change the wii u console around nothing can really, but to be completely honest, i think when smash comes out there will be huge changes, maybe not as huge at first as we hope they are, but i think that smash is really gonna be the turning point for the wii u, i doubt mario kart 8 can change really that much.

        • zdog

          3ds is Nintendo’s worst selling hand held of all time. Just sayin

          • Alexander Kleinwechter

            no its not, where are you getting these assumptions xD

          • Eva Amore


      • Panorama Vee

        The AAA games are not even out yet. The games hope and surely be a big bang and what they want is a continuous big bang. So let’s wait and bleed 😀

        • Eva Amore


      • Rinslowe

        Thankfully we’re not all under the same microscope huh. If most people here complaining about Iwata were in positions of authority (And I am convinced, most are not), then we’d all be jobless.
        The guy doesn’t deserve more time… He’s earned it.
        I don’t agree with all his decisions, hardly. And I think ultimately he will be held accountable either way, in some form.
        But firing the guy now is a disservice to his accolades and a tad premature in any case…

        If he can’t bring the Wii U to be profitable for Nintendo by this generations end, then I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t step down himself.

        For a multiplatform gamer like myself, so long as Wii U enjoys games of the same quality as we have seen so far and even better. Then an alien fish could be running Nintendo for all I care…

        • jjbredesen

          / This

    • Panorama Vee

      Not sure if he step down will do any good. Basically Nintendo is focusing on new way of gaming. PS4 chose to focus on graphic powerhouse, Xbone went on the same way. But PS4 is leading now. If Nintendo would have a new CEO, and the new guy decided to focus on graphic powerhouse as well, I don’t think this will help at all. Iwata for sure, must have an advisor or consultant.
      Unless…unless the new CEO decided to change the whole Nintendo strategy. I love all Wii and Wii U games, though most of it are kids, I love them! It’s so much fun. But I think Nintendo needs to grow up because we still have a bunch of fanboys who thinks “Wii U are for kids”. I’m 32 and all my female friends of the same age playing it without any issues.

    • Squid

      As I have said before, I want to see what he can do at e3 before I lower my hopes for him.

    • AlienFanatic

      I have zero faith that Iwata can turn it around, but he’s too stubborn and aloof to do it himself. I hope the board moves to strip him of his CEO title and awards it to someone with an aggressive vision for the company. Someone that can actually build bridges with the 3rd parties Nintendo desperately needs to ensure a decent flow of software titles. They have tried going it alone for almost two years and look where it’s led them.

    • Nope.

    • AkaLink77

      I think the WiiU is giving him this really bad reputation…

  • darkcreap

    Positive side: he admits he is doing things wrong. Good, he is at least not a blind arrogant executive. That thing I like from him.
    Negative side: still no solution. I guess he is still figuring out. It would be a complete contradiction to admit it and not be working into a solution. The issue is that this problem has been going on for quite a while. He should act soon. Almost a year after that hyped E3, almost nothing has changed. Iwata do something!!!

  • Des

    They need to bring 3DS games to the Virtual console. That will help with adding more software titles that gamers would actually want to buy. Forget those annoying NES Remix’s and decades old console games. I wouldn’t mind picking up a few 3DS titles from Mario, Luigi and Zelda. Plus, add gamepad support for wii games. Mapping out the buttons like the procontroller for games that support it. Also, add more Wii games to the Virtual console as well. Don’t bring the trash either. Put out AAA games. Oh and make sure they’re reasonably priced. I don’t know why games in the e-shop tend to be overpriced, often higher than the retail versions. Any way, all of that will help in the long run.

    • Ultrasyd

      So many good games on 3DS indeed ! But I can’t afford one. That would definitly be great.

    • Jason

      If you want to play 3Ds games, buy a 3DS, and if you want to play Wii games, buy a Wii game. The Wii U is backwards compatible to the Wii. What we DO need on the VC is N64 games and GameCube games.

      • Des

        By your own logic, if you want to play N64 and GameCube games, just buy the old consoles on Ebay. Of course, I don’t think that way. Adding N64 and GameCube games aren’t bad ideas but the cool thing about 3DS games are that they’re new games and you can play them on your tv. Remember Iwata admitted that… “the lack of game software is having a large impact on profit for the company.” This is a way to bring “new” software to the Wii U. Just saying. If you don’t like the idea, fine. To each their own. We can agree to disagree.

        • Jason

          Nintendo isn’t going to put 3DS games on the Wii U. Nintendo is trying to sell both the Wii U and 3DS, and putting 3DS games on the Wii U will anger people who own both a Wii U and 3DS. Also, no one has 3D TV’s, so the games that require the use of 3D will be difficult to play on.

          Also people who never owned an N64 or CG, or weren’t alive when those systems were out will be able to play the games they’ve missed out on. That’s the whole purpose of the Virtual Console.

          • Des

            I understand Nintendo wishes to sell both 3DS and Wii U’s. However, the 3DS is already a success with, according to wikipedia, has shipped 42.74 million units worldwide since 12/31/13. While the Wii U has only shipped 5.8 million units since 12/31/13. The 3DS doesn’t need a boost in sales, the Wii U does. As far as removing 3D mode from the games, it shouldn’t be too difficult. Look at the Nintendo 2DS. That’s exactly what they did. Now I don’t get why you would think Wii U and 3DS owners would be angry that digital 3DS games would be available on the Wii U. Especially if you make those digital copies playable on both formats. It’s like what Sony teased about the PS Vita. Being able to play a game on your console and then being able to pause the game and then take it with you on the Vita. I don’t know if that ever came to fruition on the PS3/PSVita but it’s an awesome concept. Any way, I agree with you that I don’t think Nintendo will do it. Even if it would sell more Wii U’s, they’re happy with having the two consoles/games separate.

    • Eva Amore

      No DS or, 3DS games should be on the Wii U console because, that would persuade people not to buy a 3DS. The goal is to keep BOTH sides of the company thriving NOT one or the other. Maybe two gens from now. :p

  • DonaldKKeenan

    He further stated that the lack of game software is having a large impact on profit for the company. The financial forecast for the company is a loss of 25 billion yen ($240 million) for the year to March. http://sn.im/28uztf9

  • RedChu

    Maybe they’ll announce the new Zelda game for their new line of Nintendo treadmills at E3. Play as Epona as you run endlessly around Hyrule Field in search of the unattainable Triforce!

    • Eva Amore

      LOL Its so true though. While new technology to benefit my health is interesting, its not what’s important. Save that for the afterparty when the Wii U is doing better. Besides, do gamers really care about health? Fuck the outdoors I want to be inside with the blinds shut in a dark room playing Zelda. XD

  • Volshebink

    If he would actually listen to his fans for once maybe he wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place. Stop worrying about this “Quality of Life” bullshit or building the next big VR toaster oven and start worrying about the thing that made the company world famous in the first place – video games. It’s your massive stock of characters, Iwata. We all love Zelda and Mario, but stop regurgitating them back to back. Give the fans what they’ve been asking for with the characters that you own – games like: Star Fox, Metroid, F-Zero, etc. If you’re going to make new characters than do it. Sure, Mario and Zelda sell, but omg… THAT’S ALL YOU’RE GIVING US.

    I hope Miyamoto’s little secret project is a response to this. It’s probably safe to say that this E3 is Nintendo’s make or break. They’ve either been paying attention to all of us and have been really secretive about surprises OR we’ve been ignored… But i’ll keep my hopes up. I love you Nintendo, but dammit you’re hard headed.

    • zdog

      Hey man, Nintendo can do whatever it wants…and apparently that is to churn out as much Mario and Zelda as possible

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    Very nice Iwata. Perhaps it’s time to let someone else play president and CEO of Nintendo now? You had your run. Time for a change of scenery.

  • simkenno

    I’m glad and happy that iwata can admit his errors and mistakes. Not a lot of companies do this nor acknowledge their own faults.

    However I’m sick of hearing excuses I really want e3 to just arrive so we can hear some new news and get some gaming announcements. There’s so much Nintendo could do and I honestly think we will hear them now sooner rather than later.

    Imagine it at e3 Reggie and iwata announce the acquisition of capcom and announce a new takeover of Sega. The sheer amount of new ips would be glorious.

    Mario kart 8 and Smash Bros will sell systems but they won’t “save” systems.

    I except big things new announcements and some sort of renewal deal with Sega or a new deal with Capcom to be announced.

    I believe in Nintendo and that sales will increase, but the balls in Nintys corner now to see how they do it 🙂

  • ActivesiN

    Iwata is a clown, stop saying please understand and give us some games
    buy some smaller devs to make games, partner with more companies and bring more games like fatal frame

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    well he lead the Wii to the most sucessfull console last generation, he isnt a terrible CEO, hes not stupid, its just he makes mistakes, and he has to get better at it, but thats how we learn, from mistakes.

    • Assassinated23

      They did not expect and were unprepared for the success of the Wii. They didn’t have to lift a finger, and the Wii performed past their wildest expectations. Then they expected it to happen again without understanding what caused it in the first place. They didn’t lift a finger, and expected the money to flow in, instead it flopped harder than anything since the Virtual Boy. Laissez faire won’t cut it anymore Nintendo! You need to get involved again!

      • Alexander Kleinwechter

        Wii u is far from a flop, its far from a failure, its doing bad yes, but wii u has so much potential, and it literally could happen anything, The wii u sales could turn around completely when smash bros and mario kart 8 comes out, ohh and also dont forget how succesful the 3DS is, is it also because of not lifting a finger? I think its more bcause of the games, and wii u has fantastic games alrady, and so many more to come.

        • Assassinated23

          It is literally doing worse than the Dreamcast. With the 3DS they changed strategy, got third parties to come in, made a huge price cut, and released a string of great games with lots of variety. With the WiiU they doubled down on the same strategy, made a small price cut, pushed third parties away, released mostly platformers, with enormous gaps between games multiple years in a row. And failed to advertise after their initial failed ad campaign.

      • Zuxs13

        They had to lift a finger to make the Wii a success. They advertised it like crazy, and took it to every day time talk show evening show they could get on to. They also hyped it for two years then they pushed a Zelda game to Launch on it to help out sales.

        • Assassinated23

          A fair point, their Wii would like to play ad campaign was brilliant, however the reception exploded beyond their wildest dreams. They did not have to work hard to attract each new customer, they were flowing in by the thousands. They assumed it’d be the same with WiiU. They had a far less brilliant ad campaign that flopped, a confusing introduction and name, brought their #1 mascot to launch, and waited for the money to roll in. And kept waiting, and waiting, doing very little to change their strategy, still hoping for lightning to strike twice.

    • Brian Lockett

      Iwata’s nice. Too nice. That’s the problem. He’s quite soft as a leader. He’s not aggressive enough during times when they need to be. He doesn’t make good initiatives. You can spell his efforts’ failures before they even arrive. This year’s E3 is already a failure, if they lack an on-stage presence yet again.

      He relies too much on resting on their laurels of staling traditions that simply won’t work anymore, instead of breaking new ground for Nintendo. He doesn’t know how to improve upon Nintendo’s traditions by taking necessary risks. He’s not a competitor. Nintendo needs a competitor to lead them.

      I like Mr. Iwata, but he’s just too soft when it comes to giving Nintendo an edge.

  • Aztec Ninja

    he hoped… what did he hope another few hundred sales?? I think Nintendo have given up in all honesty, but all hey need is a better marketing strategy and less gimmicks next time around!!! Step Down Iwata let some fresh blood carry Nintendo on is what i say.

  • Daniel Carvalho

    How, come on! What did you guys have for the holiday seasons? Donkey Kong? Ok, what else? Kranky Kong?! Did you really believe you could create a momentum with a single game? It may be fun, but Donkey Kong has never been a system seller, specially a title that doesn’t even use the Gamepad for anything other than off-TV play!

    Wanna get a sales momentum, risk something. You have no upcoming games until after the E3? Advertise your currently available games, give special discounts for eShop titles for those who buy certain bundles, include free Wii U Pro Controllers in some packages, or even make a bundle with your system sellers altogether (enough with the Wii U Karaoke crap, put Mario 3D World, Zelda Wind Waker HD and Pikmin 3 on a bundle, advertise it like crazy and you have a good share of sales until E3 comes up).

    The secret ingredient to create momentum for sales is having something to sell!

    • Assassinated23

      Actually, it was Mario. DK missed the holidays. In any case, it’s Way too many platformers, and nothing else! So far we’ve gotten like half a dozen boxed platformers, a few more dozen downloadable platformers, and maybe as much as that for all the other genres combined. Get it through your heads Nintendo, platformers cannot save the WiiU!

      • Daniel Carvalho

        Nintendo should really come up with a bundle containing X and Bayonetta 2 – those are the kinds of games that sell systems!

        • Assassinated23

          They’re really not.
          Bayonetta 1 wasn’t even profitable, and JRPGs are rarely considered system sellers. Besides, their audiences are entirely different.

          • Daniel Carvalho

            Well, maybe you’re right, but taking in consideration the Japanese market (which is the one they always try to please first), if they don’t do something like this they won’t be very smart.

            I believe the reason Bayonetta 1 wasn’t very profitable was because it didn’t get as much attention by the time it launched as Bayonetta 2 has been getting simply for the fact that it is now a Nintendo exclusive. I’m sure most Wii U owners will get this game!

          • Assassinated23

            I’d wager most WiiU owners never played the first. M games on Nintendo systems rarely do very well either. Not to mention the size of the install base vs. the cost of the game. I will be astonished if Bayonetta 2 earns more than Bayonetta 1, let alone becomes profitable. When you get down to it, it is a pretty niche title, despite trying to bill itself as an everyman’s action game.

          • Daniel Carvalho

            Well, taking in consideration most Wii U owners are the ones who accompany gaming – specially Nintendo related – news, and most of them have showed an interest for the game, I can say it will do fairly well, since those are the same who are saying they’ll support the game. If that means it’ll be more profitable than Bayonetta 1 was, that I don’t know. It depends too much on how many Wii us Nintendo manages to sell until the launch, how much advertisement they make for both the console and the game, the pricing, the special offers, etc.

            It is true that games rated M or above don’t really sell well on Nintendo consoles, but that’s only because
            1) Nintendo never does an M rated game by itself. All its games are either E or T. Seeing how great part of the gamer community has developed some kind of fear for that rating, they choose rival consoles to play M rated games;
            2) Third parties, the ones that usually make M rated games, don’t support Nintendo consoles. If there’s an M rated game in development, the last console they think of developing for is the one that takes the Nintendo logo (not only regarding the Wii U, but Wii, GC…). It is true we used to have more M rated game on Nintendo consoles in the past, but as time passes, and the more Nintendo appeals to children, the less we see them.

            In the end, it all comes down to how Nintendo will manage it. If they manage it like they did with Donkey Kong (having Bayonetta 2, X, Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3D World and a little more, but deciding to show Cranky Kong at the PAX event), then we’ll surely not see any M rated game selling well on the Wii U. If they decide to do something like they’re doing with Mario Kart 8, there is a possibility it’ll render more profit than Bayonetta 1 did!

          • Assassinated23

            I’m guessing it’ll do slightly better than Wonderful 101, but worse than Pikmin 3. It certainly won’t sell close to Mario numbers.

      • PrincessKairi

        be prepared for a Kirby 2D platformer announced for Wii U at e3 then! lol

      • Eva Amore

        Star Fox U. NOW.

    • zdog

      Hire him

      • Daniel Carvalho

        You know, I hear that a lot, but no one ever hires me O_O

        • Eva Amore


          • Daniel Carvalho

            If it were for me, I’d get FF7 to boost up Wii U sales.

            Just think about it: Wii U sales are bad for one major problem – advertisement! Since Square refuses so strongly to remake FF7, even though it’s one of the most (if not the most) requisited games in the world, actually managing to get it on a platform would cause an impact so big no one in the gaming industry, media and consumers would be able to not know about it. It would turn all the attention to the Wii U, making both PS4 and Xbox One seem like they’re not trying hard enough in term of advertisements. And to make things even better, the game could be developed using the DX11 engine – the very same one Square said the Wii U can’t run as excuse to why they’re not bringing FFXV and KH3 to Nintendo’s console.

            Now, how would I manage to get FF7 to be done, and above all a Nintendo exclusive? Well, I would actually try to make an agreement with Square: Nintendo develops the game, and we share the profits by 50-50. The reason Square doesn’t remake FF7 is because it’s gonna take at least a few years to do so, and they want profits sooner than later. If they’re going to take a while to develop a game, they’d rather bring something new instead. If the development of their game were to be taken by someone else, and the profits shared equally, I doubt they’d say “no” to that!

            Of course, having the game just wouldn’t be enough. We could increase it by making it compatible with the Wii Fit Board (remember the squashing minigame at the gym and the snowboard minigame?), use the Gamepad on the arcade minigames for more diversity, and even allow online connectivity for the Chocobo’s race and other minigames and battles with other players’ teams.

            And the best part, with Nintendo developing the game, there would be no way for the game to be later ported to other consoles. It would be a Wii U exclusive for as long as Square doesn’t handle the rights to other company to do the same again!

          • What about Starfox?

    • Ultrasyd

      Very few Nintendo games really use the Gamepad actually …

      • Daniel Carvalho

        And that’s my point. Instead of making games that use it wisely, like ZombiU or Nintendo Land, for example, they decided to cut it off almost entirely on this new line up! They should be focusing on the Gamepad more than anything else, yet they fail to realize that!

        • Ultrasyd

          Yeah, it’s the only feature that the Wii U has and other consoles miss … It doesn’t have a lot of internal memory, it’s not super powered, it doesn’t have a lot of 3rd party support. If they don’t clearly show that the Gamepad is a great new thing, the console can’t do well.

    • Eva Amore

      Games that need to be released: Star Fox,F-Zero,Metroid,Zelda,Kirby,Kid Icarus,Fire Emblem,Pokemon Snap 2,Harvest Moon,Animal Crossing,Rune Factory,Castlevania,Final Fantasy IDC if the company doesn’t like certain franchises anymore. If its a huge title GET IT DONE. In between those released come up with new franchises to join our favorites. Hell if you’re so damn bored of F-zero turn Captain Falcon into an action/racing fusion game. Captain falcon would make a great standalone hero. Just be creative with our favorite and ignored titles! That’s all we want. ;-;

  • Kenshin0011

    WELL NO DUH! You should have invested just a fraction of the yen you just lost in order to beef up development teams, buy new franchises, and you would have had software.

    Does Iwata think that games just come out of thin air!?

  • Googs

    He should stop apologizing & start acting. I haven’t seen any actions regarding the situation. They’d better get the development machine rolling at full speed, although it should have been doing that in 2013 already.

  • Capt. Smoker

    daijubuh Iwata sensei, daijuhbuh, you can always open up a ramen stall when your fired 🙂

    • Rinslowe

      I can’t see why not, maybe on the Citadel…

  • gerome

    yeah well, wii u is a massive failure. good luck reviving that steaming pile of failure. mario couldn’t do it, how insane is that?. mario, the main man, the hero of nintendo, the one that always saves nintendo’s video game consoles failed to save the wii u.

    • C4

      Still 2 – 3 million sales of software will generate profit. A hardware base of 10 – 25 million can be as profitable as 100 million in theory, especially if you don’t make money by hardware sales.

  • iamserious

    Nintendo seriously needs to hire more software developers and STAT! They obviously can’t keep up with the demand of HD gaming right now. They should buy out some companies and/or just hire some new recruits. I love the Wii U but it needs a lot of help!

  • WiiUPS4

    It is time for change and Iwata’s time is up..Two years and Wii U has failed and he keeps giving us the same thing …Please understand..Sorry Iwata but that won’t work anymore…

  • Sycamore

    I honestly don’t think Iwata is doing as bad a job as everyone thinks. I think that most gaming media outlets have been portraying him in a negative light just because the Wii U’s software library isn’t as large as we’d expect by now and sales have been slow. But that cannot simply be the fault of one man and him stepping down wouldn’t solve anything.

  • Josie the Sketcher

    Oh no! Not another negative article.
    WARNING: Troll infestation alert.

  • Look at it on the bright side: Now that they’ve learned from this HUGE game drought mistake, we can expect their next-gen console to be AWESOME with the games library 🙂

    Hopefully next time we will see a proper Mario game, Star Fox and Zelda within the launch window. Oh, and Metroid a couple of months later.

    • Jon

      Have they though? They said they learned from their mistake about the drought last year towards the end of the summer and guess what…. we are back in this even bigger game drought.

      • Leo

        I don’t think they could simply take out of the bag games like a magic trick. It takes years to develop those modern games. The current drought is a result from their initial struggle to shift for HD development, they have even admitted that sometime around 2010 they underestimated the dificulties to make that shif and now the whole console divison is suffering from those mistakes of the past.

        • Jon

          but it is not about just pulling a bag a games, there are so many games that are just skipping the Wii U but are going every other platform. The 3rd party is dropping off a cliff and Nintendo isn’t doing much. This is what is causing the drought

  • Josie the Sketcher

    Arrrrrr! Aye! We are sailing into the wild seas once again.

  • I hate the fact that people keep singing the same “IWata Must Step Down” song. People, Nintendo has seen great profits and innovation thanks to this man alone. One lousy misstep isn’t enough to crucify someone just like that.

    Granted, this misstep is rather huge, yes. But haven’t many CEOs made crucial mistakes at one point or another? People are too quick to put the stake on someone based on that ONE failure.

    I think the internet is making people too spoiled. We expect faster results, we expect this “game war” to always remain top-notch, etc.

    Just yesterday I was at IGN reading comments. Some dude was already demanding that Nintendo come up with the 3DS successor just because sales have dropped a bit this year. He was already calling it a sinking ship and urging Nintendo to quickly release their next handheld by next year at the latest.


    So people, calm down. We are too damn quick to jump to drastic conclusions in this day of age thanks to our tech-driven adrenaline.

    • Jon

      people keep singing it because all he does is admit mistakes now. It is almost like 1 step back, 5 steps further back now.

    • Rinslowe

      “I think the internet is making people too spoiled.”
      Truth is most people commenting Iwata must step down, lack the necessary experiences to really know what they’re talking about. And I’m not just talking the younger crowd in support of that idea…

  • I am Error.

    Try listening to your fanbase.
    What we’re asking isn’t unreasonable.
    Sequels to your ignored franchises.
    Unified account systems.
    Variety of VC consoles emulated.
    Does that sound so hard?

    • Eva Amore

      Don’t forget a slimmer version of the the Wii U Gamepad and STAR FOX STAR FOX STAR FOX.

  • Donaald

    He did improve sales during holiday season but it wasn’t by that much.

  • Sdudyoy

    Admitting your mistakes is the first step to fixing them.

  • Nintendofreak
    • Jon

      The music they primarily use is from Zelda…..or all of it is I think… which could be a good thing.

    • Daniel Carvalho

      And that, Nintendo, is how you should’ve been advertising your stuff from the start!

    • FutureFox

      I bet nobody in that room ever grew up playing videogames.

  • Dark-Link73

    I think Iwata took the Wii success for granted. He thought such momentum would carry over to the Wii U just like the playstation 2’s carried to the ps3 (and now ps4) and the xbox’s to the 360. He neglected to realize that the ps and xbox success was based on the avid gamer demographic which is a more constant gaming demographic, whereas the Wii’s success was based on the casual demographic (blue ocean) which, when it comes to gaming, they don’t care if they’re playing in HD or SD, touch screen or analog sick, $60 or $.99; all the casual gamer cares is about quick and simple fun.

  • Green

    Unfortunately there isn’t any coming back for WiiU specifically =. They just don’t have the momentum of games to harbor interest. They need at least 3 games a month to keep people interested ;(.

  • Get rid of Iwata, a new guy will come… and do what exactly? Who knows? It’ll probably appeal only to Japan, though.

    • Jon

      Or it could be someone who sees the mistakes and does something about them instead of admit to them, then sit in his office waiting for the next mistake to admit.

      • Nintendo is a predominantly Japanese company. Wii U’s selling poor over there still, but it sells period. Nintendo needs to appeal to all the regions. Imagine Mario Striker for the UK, since they love soccer, Metroids for America, and various other games to appeal to various other places.

    • KH

      If they get rid of Iwata, the next guy, would probably be a puppet for the investors, and do their every bidding, mainly bringing Nintendo games to smartphones, and surely discontinuing the Wii U and bringing a new console already.

      So even if Iwata, has done some mistakes, he still leaded Nintendo through their most succesful era, he justs needs a good wake up slap, which he received recently, so things should begin to get better, and for the best interest of Nintendo, he hopefully stays as president and doesn’t get changed in favor of a investor’s puppet.

      • I agree. Nintendo just needs to adapt some western appeal, rather than western rationales.

        • KH

          But what can Nintendo do appeal to the Western Market? The only things they can do is give Zelda, a permanent realistic artstyle(which should still have lots of color, unlike TP) or actually bring back Metroid with some kind of online multiplayer, related to Samus’s time with the Galactic Federation Police, and give it a bit more realistic artstyle, and do some fanservice.

          Since it would be hard for Nintendo to appeal to the Western Market, without fully leaving their “For everyone” style of games, since the western market is all over Shooters and things like GTA, something Nintendo really doesn’t work with.

          • Well, the games already appeal, Zelda, Metroid, and the like, I’m just saying, giving us the games that American wants, and also doing things that other American companies do, like, say, ADVERTISE, create consoles with 3rd party in mind, perhaps, easier to develop on, etc.
            Basically, whatever problems people have with Nintendo, shouldn’t really be attributed to Iwata, just to Nintendo’s predominantly Japanese work mentality.

    • Dark Lord Sauron

      if they do get rid of iwata they need to find someone that actually knows wat their doing and not some guy that doesnt know wat to do.

      • Nintendo is a predominantly Japanese company. Wii U’s selling poor over there still, but it sells period. Nintendo needs to appeal to all the regions. Imagine Mario Striker for the UK, since they love soccer, Metroids for America, and various other games to appeal to various other places. Since I already made this comment, Allons-Y!

  • Jon

    Well, it is not like they really did much. They released one game and expected that to lift it…. I didn’t see one ad or anything

  • zdog

    And the best way to revive momentum is to spend time and money “doing whatever you want”

  • Will the3rd

    Haha, that last paragraph has been the same for the last 5 years… xD

    • Mario Lopez

      That’s why you voice you opinion will the 3rd … It does get annoying after they continue with there same Repetitive faults XD… So over it

  • Mario Lopez

    I’m seriously sick of Iwata and the nintendo team … I had high expectations for the wii u but they seriously are letting me down after the launch and every month seems like a blow to the face …e3 last year boooombed repeat software titles we all knew and expected just fresh new screenshots and gameplay intros and the idiotic idea of giving it through nintendo direct was just a atomic bomb placed in each of its players hands. I see Noo support and interest in gaining its players back just them crossing there fingers hoping that a new great game would per sway its nintendo fan club members to pick up the system and idolize once again … They need to put there CEO in game over mode and push start with fresh new ideas and allowing a different direction in advertisement and game direction ….. I don’t find cutesy persuasion believable in gaining new customer base in this day and age … They need to rethink in advertising, embrace new software with new supporters, and stop being that nintendo know it all … Because by the end of the day nintendo isn’t gaining popularity just look at its own fan base pro nintendo websites there bullying on the system and its becoming annoying …nintendo look back and center yourself and rethink what drove its successful gaming customer buying in the previous years ..I’m just annoyed that the head people aren’t being real and assume that the product is doing great … Sorry doesn’t cut it … Get off your platform and let others with fresh new ides and concepts take your spot

    • Dark Lord Sauron

      i think iwata is the main person to blame not the nintendo team cause they dont make the decisions but iwata does i hope he gets replace soon if things still remain the same

      • Mario Lopez

        You got it … Dark lord Sauron … Missing the TRUE NINTENDO MOVEMENT 🙁

  • NintendoFan

    Please understand, that Reggie’s body wasn’t ready enough to generate the Wii U sales we wanted.

  • Alejandro A

    I would like to see new IP’s for Nintendo and also 3rd party exclusives. I’m disappointed that the Wii U isn’t getting many 3rd party multiplats but I’m hoping the console at least builds up a unique library of games over its course. Online support for virtual console games would be a plus.

    Build the install base (advertise and consistently put out software) and more companies will want to make games for the console.

  • thedeciderU

    less talking, more doing.

    1) get some games on the shelves that people want.
    2) please utilize NOA and seek out outside perspectives to help boost sales in regions outside japan. hire people. save your company from wasting this gen.

  • Michael Ocampo

    Keep on doing what you do best, being Nintendo. Tomodachi Life Direct and the E3 announcement tailer are great examples of this.

  • WellWisher

    C’mon Iwata. Get those Wii Us into people homes!

  • Rob

    Xbox One isn’t doing real great either. I think, again, Nintendo will figure something out. They do not need to get rid of Iwata, and they don’t need to suck up to 3rd party publishers either.

    • PrincessKairi

      At least MS have recognized this and put some fresh blood in charge of the X Box division. I’m actually excited to see what changes Phil Harrison brings to the table, i wish i could say the same for Iwata and Nintendo….

    • Brandon

      Xbox one is the 3rd fastest selling console, I think its doing pretty good.

  • wiimenonowiiu

    Well he had 2 years to get this system up and selling guess what you though wrong trying to leave off the wii sucsess a monkey can do a better job at promoting the wii u

  • Anthox Androniux Zoltwes Zoltw

    lo que ase falta son software y mas software nada mas ahora que se libero el cryengine , sacarle el mayor probecho a este motor , y daran grandes frutos DIOS .

  • GmailIsDown

    Microsoft already set up a joint company in China and will start selling their Xbox Ones in September. wtf is Nintendo still doing here?

    • Rinslowe

      It’s not that easy.
      And being first in, doesn’t always mean, ending up first in the market.

      I’m not taking anything away from your comment, you have a point. But whether or not that = success over and above their competition is unknown.
      Expect both Sony and Nintendo to be in the Chinese market before long…

      MS has their work cut out for them as well do the others. The market here is much different than anywhere else so far…

      • Hard to say if consoles will take off or not. I think mobiles and tablets have already got an incredibly strong foothold there (At least from what I’ve seen). Without a strong pre-existing console buying culture it’s not the best time to try and break into china. Last gen, or the gen before, would have been easier if it wasn’t for the ban.

        Of course, to win china Nintendo need only buy the rights to make big mouth monkey games 😛

        • Rinslowe

          Mobiles and tablets don’t have a foothold per se here as such. But they are popular…
          PC is the go to device for serious gaming.
          What will be challenging is the types of games that will need to be tailored to the market. And which company successfully identifies with cult branding as is the style with the Chinese today.
          Will the consoles be a success overall? I think that’s almost a given to be honest Adam. And that’s why each manufacturer will be looking to come here. 1.4 billion people who a large % love gaming. Granted as you say a lot of that is being done on mobile and PC. But that is not as much an obstacle as it may seem.
          There’s a lot of buzz here right now and from the studios that I know personally there is a lot of interest buzzing around with the opportunities to make games on those systems.

          To win China Nintendo need only to market the product accordingly and their games will breeze through the regulatory system with ease….

          But it’s anyone’s guess really which company will get it right first.

    • Leo

      Oh pleeeease… as if chinese people would give a fuck for Xbox LOL Microsoft is dead on arrival in any asian market!

  • Logan Waltz

    Is this guy fucking high? They should have spent that quarter billion on partnerships and ads. Fucking tards

  • Iflywright

    The dude’s been president since 2002, that’s a long time, a lot to be proud of, he needs to step down and allow someone younger to take over, someone who understands how to market the West.

  • Dylan Groot

    If I was president of Nintendo I’d be selling millions of consoles. The secret? Listen to what 3rd party dev want to see in a next gen console, and make it for them, whilst creating epic content inhouse. Nintendo fans happy, 3rd party fans happy, hardware geeks happy, every fuckin body is happy. This is what PS4 seems to have done, and they’re selling an insane amount of consoles. It’s not rocket science Nintendo, just deliver top notch shit. And don’t give the “it has to be affordable” crap. Apple is stupendisly expensive yet every kid nowadays has an iPhone and every college student has a Macbook AND an iPhone AND a console.

    Serioulsy, step down Iwata, I like you, but you’re not doing your job.

  • LordiMcKill

    Looks like it one more nail in the coffin for your job Mr Iwata…

  • Carlos Webster

    I’m surprised that Iwata said that. It would be reasonable to say that the Wii U is struggling right now, but sales were up in the holiday season.

  • sirdracus

    You don’t get back on track by snubbing E3 and essentially alienating yourself and upsetting your partners or potential partners

  • Leo

    Mario Kart and Smash Bros have the duty to save the day. If these games don’t do the trick, then it will be better to set sail to a new machine probably anticipating the future unification of the console/handheld divisions.

  • This:

    The decrease in game software sales is having the biggest impact.

    Err what software? You can’t sell software if you have little to nothing at all in the first place to increase software sales. Delaying smash till winter 2014 (possibly early 2015) isn’t helping either, Mario 3D world, Pikmin and w101 could be great games I dunno haven’t played them but then again they don’t appeal to me much anyway, seeing the sales for it it seems many people think alike regarding that. Not to even consider discussing the terrible advertising regarding these titles…

  • Brian Lockett

    Nintendo failed at E3 2013 while Sony stole the show completely. It’s no surprise their holidays sales were a failure.

  • Eva Amore

    Hes marketing the 3DS so well but, failing at the Wii U. How long before he screws up the next handheld? Theres already talks of a hybrid handheld/console. The moon is falling everybody…curse Majora..

  • William Cole

    Maybe they should start marketing the Wii U.