Jul 8th, 2013

Ittle Dew is a brand new puzzle adventure that will be making its way to the Wii U soon. The game came to PC already just a week ago and is from developers Ludosity, known for Alien Chaos 3D on 3DS and Bob Came In Pieces on various other platforms. The player will play as Ittle Dew, discovering new lands and secrets while battling a ton of monsters.

The game is slated for release on the Wii U some time this fall or winter, but you can check out the trailer above and let us know what you think of the game!

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  • sdmac200600

    I’d play it. It don’t look like Zelda that much.

  • Linskarmo

    Looks interesting.

  • RockieOllie

    looks like The Binding of Issac X Zelda

    • My thoughts exactly.

    • majora :D

      That’s like saying Zelda X Zelda

      • RockieOllie

        It has the Binding of Issac’s art-style with characters that look like they are from Zelda.

        But I guess in a sense you right xD

  • Beau

    It’s so sad that the Wii U is so starved for games that this piece of turd game is news.

    • Jack5221

      August – Pikmin 3
      September – Wounderful 101
      October – Windwaker HD
      November – DK Tropical Freeze
      December – Mario 3D World

      Those are just the 1st party exclusives. Thats not including the 3rd party exclusives / 3rd party, and the virtual console games. Plus Iwata announced that there are games that they never mentioned during E3 that are due before 2014. Starving of games? I think not.

      • Beau

        lol. Look, I love my Wii U just as much as any other Nintendo fanboy, but let’s not lie to ourselves here. While there are a few good games on the horizon, we’re not exactly drowning with too many games to play here.

        • Wayne Beck

          How many games do you think are normally released on a console every month?

          • Beau

            Typically more than 1-2.

        • wober2

          I feel this way too, but I am not seeing so much on the other consoles right now. Summer game drought hits everyone just the poor wiiu does not have the back catalogue to buffer it.

      • Mochlum

        Not to mention Sonic Lost World, Scribblenauts Unmasked, Wii Fit/Wii Party, Mario and Sonic at the 2014 Winter Olympics, a few unannounced 2013 games, and eventually Mario Kart, X, Bayonetta 2, Yarn Yoshi, FE x SST, and Smash Bros. Even if the hardcore market doesn’t like all of these games, the more casual/family market will.

      • val berger

        still it is. of course there actually are coming games, but in the big picture it’s not really that good, especially if most of those games are like HD versions or sequels of stuff people already do know. Of course, there’s gonna be more sooner or later and as a nintendo-player I already know that patience is a bless, but there’s really nothing wrong if someone claims the lineup to be just not enough. I wouldn’t be satified if Nintendo would continue that way, but then again, it’s the first year, so there’s no chance they’ll continue that way, right? Nintendo is totally suffering under the development efforts, which is really stupid as they had SO DAMN MUCH TIME to develop for that. Still, sooner or later they gonna know how to work things out and then there’ll be a better flow of software releases.

  • DeedsGaming .

    sorry but I really don’t like the animations and art style

  • Christopher Acuna

    No thanks.

  • Adrian

    Oh….nothing good to say about that.

  • Baum 「ツリー」

    lol…Guess they’re talking about XBones game library in that thumgnail? xDD

    The game looks pretty interesting, thanks for the info Ashley

  • Josiah Parsons

    This looks Hilarius Stupid and Awesome. might pick it up.

    • Akatosh

      How does one pick a download up? Hmm…

      *starts making weird gestures with hands.

      • Josiah Parsons

        They are quite hard to catch, but it beats buying them.

  • Jeffrey Debris

    Looks nice! It’s definitely piqued my interest 🙂

  • bakedapplepie

    Adventure Time meets Zelda.

    • willweinert

      the Adventure Time 3ds game was exactly like Zelda 2, sans the intense difficulty.

  • Super Buu

    Man, Zelda has been inspiring many games as of lately. Yet another reason why it’s my favorite Video Game franchise of all time.

  • Adrian

    I’m not big on games that me (and maybe one artist) could probably make by ourselves in less than a year, in our spare time.

  • Mochlum

    Looks kind of like Adventure Time meets Zelda. I’m pretty interested, I’ll definitely download when it comes.

  • it looks a bit like ScribbleNauts + Zelda

  • Srpg2ishere

    “Wow! Look at all this total crap!” XD Can’t wait to get this game. lol

  • Guest

    This is probably a stupid question but is this going to be an Eshop game, or a packaged/retail game?

  • Yousif Alromaithi

    Great game will pick it up support indies because they are the one that buy the Wii U’s. Look at their amazing drawing on Miiverse.

  • Madmagican

    Hmm, looks rather interesting
    I’ll have to delve a little bit into this one

  • Kyle

    zelda meets flash