Sep 2nd, 2014


One of the biggest pet peeves for many Nintendo fans is the fact that both the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS are region-locked, meaning gamers are unable to import games that are not released in their region. This makes for a difficult experience for many gamers, including those who live outside of regions were Nintendo traditionally operates. Last year a huge initiative to get Nintendo to consider unlocking their consoles sprung up after both Microsoft and Sony announced that the new Xbox One and PlayStation 4 would not be region-locked.

So what’s making Nintendo reconsider? According to a rumor from Tilmen of NintenDomination, the new Nintendo 3DS could potentially mark the start of region-free gaming for Nintendo. The rumor also states that big changes are incoming for Nintendo Network ID, which could mean fully unified accounts with games that are tied to the account instead of the console.

Either way, since this is a rumor you should treat it as such until we get more conformation from Nintendo themselves.

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  • Googs

    If true, props to Nintendo for actually delivering. I hope they can magically remove region locking from original 3DS’s though.

  • Shonenfan

    nintendo should update the original 3ds region lock to make it regio free then i will believe it.

    • Fred

      But then you’ll have no incentive to buy the new one

      • Zach Cruz

        What about the exclusive games coming out for it?

  • J_Joestar

    would definitely be great, but i’ll remain skeptical as it feels very unlikely and don’t want to get hyped up just for a big disappointment.

  • Corey Watford

    Question, if this is the case could I buy a Japanese “new” 3DS in October to play US Games, and would there be any downsides as like language etc?

    • If it is absolutely region-free, then there would be no downside to buying the Japanese one when it is released unless there is no English language selectable for the menus and such.

      • Negatron99

        Would help my Japanese learning anyway so I’m not bothered from my POV

        • RIP Eric Garner

          I Would buy Fatal Frame Wii U Day 1 as my First Region Free Game

  • Please be true.

  • Merry_Blind

    I knew it.

  • jhell

    make it happen nintendo

  • darkcreap

    If that should happen, a lot of my criticism towards the new 3DS and its exclusives might disappear. Also, the changes in NNID could be the beginning of account based purchases?

    Sorry for my daydreaming, but it is high time that Nintendo does something like that.

  • Ducked

    They need to give the New 3DS a new name.

    • MonadoKnight

      God of handhelds…3ds

    • Brandon

      3ds U lol

    • JudgeMethos

      DS U? LoL! How about dropping the ‘ds’ altogether? How about ‘The Arc?’ No? Nintendo Legend? Too epic? That’s it: ‘Epic DS?’ Nah…too grandiose. Hmm. Well, they should revisit the drawing board for names.

  • Probably not, being that it was only announced in Japan.

  • The answer to all questions as article headers is, “No”.

  • NintendoPSXTheSecond

    A rumor with no credible source backing except for Nintendomination who recently put out a fake “rumor” of Nintendo DLC for Watch_Dogs…Hmmm now what do I believe…

    • ShawnOtakuSomething (¬_¬)

      from the makers of kill la kill, Fake LA Fake come out in 2020

      • NintendoPSXTheSecond

        Co-Produced by Faker Industries.

  • BrBa

    A rumors from Nintendoimnation ??? LOL. I love his site but he’s usually Always defend Nintendo for whatever they did or do …
    I hope the rumors are true, tho.

  • simkenno

    Before anything happens, please for the love of God change the name from new 3ds. Call it something specific to avoid confusion, please all we need is for another Wii WiiU situation to occur.

    Please God,


    Anything !! 😀

    • William Cole

      We need to petition this to NOA fast. The Wii U name is about half of the Wii U’s struggles. Call it Wii 2 for God’s sake. Why “U”! The Super Wii/Super 3DS combo would be way better that what they have now. Bring back that understandable nostalgia.

      • simkenno

        Exactly William 🙂 Glad to see you agree ! That combo would be an amazing marketing idea 🙂

    • I don’t think there will be any confusion considering the old 3DS will most likely stop being made and sold, although I’m wondering if they are going to stop the 2DS all together.

  • Although I want this to be true, I doubt it is.

  • William Cole

    Just make the next Pokemon(not Ruby/Sapphire) for the New 3DS and it’ll sell.



    • Bowsah

      Wait, wait, wait, hold on a second. There’s a game based off of Attack on Titan!? Oh my God! I think I’m going to faint. O.O

      By the way, after reading your comment, I became curious and decided to do some “research”….I think you’ll like what I found. I know I like it. 🙂
      Though, I know not to get too excited here. There’s always the chance it’d be unsuccessful.

      • I saw that before, I was all like IT BETTER HAPPEN.

        • Bowsah

          I think they will. Attack on Titan is THE anime that everyone is talking about. Not just in Japan, but America and probably Europe too. They’d be stupid to not imo. It’s more money for them….so why not?

          Also, I really like that box art. The “Nintendo 3DS” logo sitting on that black strip just puts it all together quite nicely.

          • The opening though. When I import this game(I MEAN IF) and I put on the opening theme from episode 1 – 12 in the game, I’m going to start singing the dub.


          • Bowsah

            Yes! I loved the 1st season’s opening. The 2nd season’s is just….meh. It’s not horrible, but it’s not as good as the 1st season.

            I’ll end up playing on “both sides” but I’ll play “prey” first. (Prey is the “human side”, right)?

          • You CAN play as Eren in Titan form.

  • RIP Eric Garner

    Please be true so us buy Legal copy of games Release in Japan Only so we won’t need Modded Wii U 3DS Ever

  • Vorpal Blade

    Why would they make the “New” 3DS region free but not the “normal” 3DS or the Wii U?

  • tronic307

    An alien told you, huh? Did that alien happen to come from uranus?

  • Relick

    These changes will bring Nintendo into last gen, then it is the final push into this gen! 😉

  • manson junito

    I don’t like the name ”new 3DS” it should call 3DS Advance.

  • Nico Richards
    • Nico Richards

      this was the alien btw

  • PS4WiiURocks

    Now do that for Wii U too

  • YamiryuuZero

    I know the Region lock was used to combat piracy in the past (when cartridges were stolen and sold in another country, for example), but nowadays it only incentives piracy! People are going to illegally download softwares to run on their hacked consoles in order to play a game that didn’t leave Japan or USA. And being so easy to obtain titles from other countries for free, people start getting titles from their countries as well, which leads to 0 revenue to retailers and game developers.

    Nintendo now says they use the Region lock in order to protect the children, since different countries have different rating systems. A game set for R-18 in Japan might be rated 15+ in USA and M in Europe. In order to prevent children from accessing that content, they Region Lock it away. Why can’t they just make the Region Lock part of the Parental Control?! Make it an option to lock games from other regions from running in your console! Those who don’t want games from other region won’t get them, but those who want will!

    Now you have digital sales distribution. That makes things a little complicated in an economical way. People who live in Brazil may get their hands on a game from the Japanese store, which is way cheaper (games in Brazil cost 4 times what they should cost due to abusive taxes). That might lead to two possibilities: 1) the government would be forced to reduce the taxes in order to compete with the external market; or 2) the government would keep neglecting the gaming industry and let it fall apart, closing several retailers and making Brazil a digital-only sales country. The later one seems more like Brazil…

    In order to counter that, Nintendo would have to limit access to eShops from their own countries. Although having an option to access eShops from other countries would be the best option in my opinion, as you could get access to games that have been released solely in digital formats and are limited by country/continent. I believe lifting the Region lock in every possible way can only bring good things to Nintendo! But, knowing them, I hardly believe they will.

  • DeVaun Bruno

    Christ, this site has some of the worst journalists. No reputable site would post a rumor where the evidence is someone saying a fucking alien told them something was gonna happen. This site is a joke sometimes.

    • Jetstream5500

      Too bad most rumors from reputable people are true…

  • manson junito

    How about 3DS Advance ?

  • steveb944


    Of course I’ll have to release my Zelda 3DS from my clutch and into the free market. Can’t justify 2 portables of the same only because my original is gold….damn it.

  • Just imagine all the limited edition Japanese 3DSs we can buy! :3

  • Somebody

    I can’t read Japanese and I don’t take my 3ds anywhere so this doesn’t affect me unless there are Japanese games that add English like how in Pokemon X you can choose a language

    Nintendo should have been region free long ago. There are people who like to import and take their systems to another country and buy a new game while they are there.

  • A – Kuma

    “what? that’s not a CREDIBLE SOURCE for a RUMOR!”
    it’s called a rumor people, just because a rumor comes from a believable person instead doesn’t make it true, that would mean it’s a “fact”.
    it called a “rumor” for a reason.

  • Nintendo seriously should name the console “Super 3DS” Why? because the abxy is colored like the Super Famicom controller and Super 3DS sounds better. “New 3DS” doesn’t sound appealing.

  • Steve

    I hope it is.

    PS: Does anyone know if the New 3DS/XL will be coming to North Amrrica? If so, when is the expected release date? Thanks.

    • Bowsah

      It’s apparently coming to America sometime in 2015. Japan will get it this year. In case you’re wondering, Japan’s release date is why it was revealed “so early.” Because really us “Americans” shouldn’t know about this “New 3DS” yet in the first place.

  • DJKeens

    I posted this elsewhere, but my 3DS magically disappeared. I’ve made quite a few purchases on the eshop and it has the ambassador games as well. I called nintendo about getting the purchases shifted, expecting them to tell me it’s locked to the console, but was surprised when I was told the opposite. The purchases are linked to the NNID so all they need to do is break the link between the ID and the console. Something they can most definitely do remotely. I don’t have a new 3DS yet so he said that when I do get one, just call in and they will link the new console, my purchases will all be transferred at that point. I asked if there was a way to do this through the site and he said “not yet”. So yeah Nintendo is working on this and is already where many users want them to be, so whatever these big changes are (if true) sound exciting. I’ll put my speculation in: cross buy please! More to the OP, if this is region free, I will be broke in Oct.

  • lonewolf88

    question can i sell my 3ds XL and get a new one for less then half the price?

  • hopefully this is true, please nintendo no more region locks!

  • GregoryTheRainMaker

    The 3DS eLite or the 3DS “G2” series.

  • Gentle Robot


  • rurikuroneko1

    I think if Nintendo is concerned because of how different the age rating systems are in other countries they should add a region lock feature in parental controls for future systems

  • JudgeMethos

    That. Would. Be. AWESOME! Nintendo… pwease– PWEASE BE TWUE! LoL! O:-)

  • MewtwoWillBeBack

    “New Remove Region 3DS”