Jul 2nd, 2014

nintendo e3 booth tour

There’s no denying that this year’s E3 show was one of the best for Nintendo. Super Smash Bros. was a critical hit with both critics and fans alike, while fresh new games like Splatoon and Hyrule Warriors show that Nintendo is capable of adapting to what consumers would like to see, without giving up on their friendly approach to gaming.

The tease of the new Legend of Zelda game was spectacularly done and though many fans hoped to see more, the short showcase we saw in the digital event presented by Eiji Aonuma was enough to tide many fans over. There was no drastic change in art style as what happened with Wind Waker, and the hint that the world is as open as you want it to be brings The Zelda franchise into the realm of the modern world. These are all great things to see and they’re the hint that Nintendo may be on the right track to reclaiming some of its former glory.

This past week the annual shareholders meeting for Nintendo commenced, where shareholders were given the choice to replace or keep president Satoru Iwata. Iwata has had some great successes under his belt, including the Wii and the Nintendo 3DS. The Wii U has been a stain on his record until now and it showed, in 2010 Iwata’s approval rating was at a staggering 90%. In 2013, a year after the official launch of the Wii U, Iwata found himself with just a 77% approval rating which is the lowest it’s ever been.

History of Iwata’s Approval Ratings

Satoru Iwata Wii U

A short look at the history of Iwata’s approval ratings through these votes show that shareholders and investors remain confident in Iwata, despite the troubled 2013 year. Super Mario 3D World wasn’t a big enough hit to generate the expected Wii U sales over the holidays, so Nintendo had to lower their sales forecast for the second time. This year, Iwata approached the issue of Wii U sales very gently and with a conservative number. He apologized for previously over-stating the sales potential of the Wii U and admitted that Nintendo had not done enough to push units.

Here’s a quick look at the history of Iwata’s approval ratings from 2010 onward:

Iwata, 2010:

  • Approve: 952,201
  • Oppose: 19,072
  • Approval Rating: 96.74%

Iwata, 2011:

  • Approve: 932,379
  • Oppose: 48,339
  • Approval Rating: 92.89%

Iwata, 2012:

  • Approve: 913,453
  • Oppose: 83,740
  • Approval Rating: 90.60%

Iwata, 2013:

  • Approve: 772,384
  • Oppose: 218,960
  • Approval Rating: 77.26%

Iwata, 2014:

  • Approve: 777,999
  • Oppose: 169,240
  • Approval Rating: 80.64%

As you can see, this year Iwata’s improvements in terms of addressing how the company will market the Wii U, as well as the showing at this year’s E3 likely had great influence on the shareholders vote. Iwata jumped up 3% in approval ratings, though he’s still down nearly 13% from where shareholders in 2010 enjoyed his direction.

To contrast this, here’s a look at other top Japanese CEOs of gaming companies, to see where Iwata compares.

  • Sony, Kaz Hirai – 89%
  • Square Enix, Yousuke Matsuda – 93%
  • Bandai Namco, Shukuo Ishikawa – 95%
  • Konami, Kagesama Kozuki – 91%
  • Tecmo Koei, Keiko and Yoichi Erakawa – 89%
  • Capcom, Kenzo Tsujimoto – 97%

Among Japanese shareholders, Iwata is currently the lowest rated president and CEO of his company, likely thanks to how the Wii U has sold in the past 2 years since it’s been available. With the dynamic showing at E3, it’s clear that shareholders are putting some faith back in Iwata that he understands just how the company should be performing, especially after the lean year of 2013 in terms of Wii U gaming.

So does this mean that Nintendo is rebounding? We won’t have the answer to that question until we see sales from this holiday season once games like Hyrule Warriors, Super Smash Bros., and Bayonetta 2 have been released. But with the dynamite catalogue that Nintendo has in store for us barring any delays, the Wii U is about the have the best holiday season it’s had since launch in 2012.

Stats compiled thanks to NeoGAF.

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  • Mr Ninty

    The wiiu might or might not be a success, but nintendo is still one of the best if not the best game company around

    • Jon Turner

      Whatever it is it won’t be the failure many were predicting.

    • ScrewAttack

      Many people refer to it as another gamecube, as if that were a derogatory term. Why? It always confuses me. We didn’t really get into the online side of gaming at that point, and as far as we could tell the GC was the bee knees. We’ve got awesome GC titles coming outta the wazoo here, so if the Wii U ends up the same way I’ll be very happy indeed.

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Checked Metacritics just now. 30 games on Wii U got an average score of 80 or better. And that will probably boost even further with the lineup of 2015

        • ScrewAttack

          Not a surprise my friend! Despite what the lowest common denominator think, Nintendo games are generally top notch shit. Like I said before; another GC = another win in my eyes.
          Xbone can’t touch this, but Sony does have some quality titles. Can’t wait to get my PS4, Destiny, TLOU Remastered, MGSV etc

          Truly, this combo is master race

          EDIT: PC too I guess, if you like RTS’ *hugs his copy of Starcraft 2, despite the race imbalances right now*

      • Rinslowe

        Gamecube selling in reasonably low no’s wasn’t a negative really in the sense most people apply to it. For their points anyway…
        It sold OK. It was profitable for Nintendo and the software obviously sold well for them overall. And for us consumers, who can really complain with the games we got? Some really great gaming experiences came out of that machine…
        Sure it could have sold even more and made even more profit for the company, absolutely. But that’s looking at a situation mostly positive and saying it could have been even better… Talk about stating the obvious, but with a faulty outlook.

    • kbuck42

      I’m a die hard Sony guy. I have ps3 ps4 and Vita. I also have a Wii. After watching E3 I decided to pick up a wiiU and transfer my vc games. They had me the moment I could build my own Mario levels. Also looking forward to Zelda and Hyrule Warriors. I’m excited to play these games!! I’d say Nintendo is rebounding nicely:)

    • Rinslowe

      The industry wouldn’t be the same without them. That’s for sure…

  • Noah

    Yes. N is on the rebound for sure.

  • They have been putting in more effort in their marketing and it seems the game release schedule is on the rise too. So this definitely could be the start of a rebound.

    • Jon Turner

      Try telling that to the naysayers on IGN’s forums. “There is no momentum,” they say, “There is no hope for WiiU” they say.

      • IGN is so full of hate and does nothing but fuel the needless console war. Heck they posted a blog the other day saying the console war is good for gamers. While I think competition is good the console war does nothing but cause hate and anger amongst many gamers. Well actually true gamers have no hate really and just play the games that they like to play and could care less what others are playing and what systems they play them on.

        • Ghost8484

          Is it IGN or the people who gets on IGN?

          • Both.. IGN consistently posts console war fueling articles and likes to start arguments over which is better and leading in sales.. Seems like they do this more than talking about game content. This of course gets the people making comments and posts fighting to defend their favorite game or gaming platform.. It is an endless and stupid cycle

          • Ghost8484

            How can Nintendo release games faster to fans like they did the 3ds and not having a lot of 3rd party?

          • Jon Turner

            The only way third parties will return is if Nintendo can rebound interest in WiiU. If that happens, then it’ll return… well, maybe not all of it: I don’t expect EA, Bethesda, or Take Two to change their tune about WiiU, but others like Capcom, Konami, Namco, SquareEnix, Sega, Atlus, and maybe others like Activision and Ubisoft could have a change of heart.

  • darkcreap

    I hope so. Nevertheless, let’s wait till year’s end. After Mario Kart 8’s launch, WiiU is selling at 50K a week according to VGChartz (I know it is not ver reliable, I know). It is not as bad as 2013, in which it barely did 30K in one week, but it is still very weak. Nevertheless, there is something that does not add up. Nintendo claims that they have shipped/sold 2 million units of MK8. I wonder if VGchartz is undertracking Mario Kart 8? What is clear is that the WiiU needs more software and less spaced to catch speed.

    Of course, we know, that WiiU will not definitely catch steam until the very end of this year, with Smash Bros, and the early 2015 titles, which I hope are strong if we don’t want to see another draught. It is very clear that 2015 is going to be the WiiU’s year or none will be. I thought 2014 was going to be, but Zelda and Xenoblade in 2015 proved me wrong.

    • Jon Turner

      VGChartz is never really accurate on its numbers. The real truth of the matter will be the nPD reports. VGChartz isn’t always reliable either.

    • bistricky

      I take VGchartz numbers for what it is ….. showing trends in the gaming market. Taking solid numbers and filling the gaps with estimates (and adjusting it when more solid numbers are confirmed …. and then repeat).

      Presently, VGchartz lists Mario Kart 8 as 1.8 million + (up to June 21st) …. which seems close enough to the announcement made by Nintendo.

      I actually don’t mind VGchartz …. even though we can not take their numbers as solid … there doesn’t seem to be anything else out there that at least gives us a glimpse at the trends occurring in the worldwide gaming market.
      Cheers 😀

  • SmashFinale

    Why in the hell do Kaz Hirai and Satoru Iwata have lower approval ratings than Kenzo Tsujimoto? I’m clearly missing something here if Capcom is somehow happy with their current position.

    • Daniel Carvalho

      Well, they have their popularity among the companies shareholders, but, as much as an investor can be a shareholder of many companies, the investors at Nintendo are different people from the investors at Capcom. As far as we know, those guys may actually like and encourage Capcom to keep up with their anti-consumer strategies, and believe having a new Mega Man title may actually be harmful to the company instead of selling well.

      We don’t know what goes within each company’s round table, what plans they have for themselves and for the market and what kind of people are investing on them. But if they want to let things be same way as they’ve been ever since Capcom started sinking itself, then let them be. Someone will end up buying Capcom, and that may very well be Nintendo. In the end, we might get something good from all of this!

      • Jon Turner

        I don’t think Nintendo will go out of their way to buy Capcom, but it WOULD be nice to get some of their IPs into Nintendo’s library. MEGAMAN and RESIDENT EVIL have traditionally been good sellers on Nintendo platforms.

  • bobacdigital

    I think there is a slight uptick in the sales .. No question had they had this lineup last year the system would not be in the hole it is now. This kinda proves the point the system came out way too early and Nintendo was a little behind in development of HD games.

    None the less at this point Nintendo has to count on breaking even rather than getting back to “Nintendo Like” profits. This years Christmas will outperform last years , if they produce a lot more Mario Kart bundles to fill stores with. They also have to meet release windows for each of the games they announced and string them along into 2015 until zelda to continue the momentum. I would have thought by now they would release some kind of DLC for Mario Kart to capitalize on its sales momentum but only time will tell…

  • MerryBlind .

    Funny how Capcom’s president has 97% approval rating, yet we all know where Capcom are at right now….

    • matthew garcia

      Thing is everything that is Japanese is not selling as well as it use to. Western games whether you like them are not are taking over the console market. Consoles are now bigger in the west then they are in Japan. To some people that may be sad but I like both western and eastern approaches to game development

      • MerryBlind .

        That’s true, I just thought it was fairly ironic and funny (though it’s very sad to see Capcom in such a bad shape, even if they had it coming).

        I like both ‘approaches’ too.

    • Daniel Golightly

      I was just going to say that. Lol. They haven’t exactly been good to their IPs, and they have some great ones.

      • MerryBlind .

        Yeah if there was a company that shouldn’t be going under it’s them. They have such amazing IPs and seem(ed) to have so much talents. Such a shame.

        I remember when I was younger, Capcom were among the very best developers in my mind. Nintendo, Rare, Capcom. Good times.

  • jjbredesen

    Well I think we can all agree that in terms of sales it will never be as bad as last year, so it can really only get better, and with great games on the way both this year and next year i think Wii U will be fine, not fantastic but it will do well enough for Nintendo to turn a profit and thats the whole point.

    Before E3 i spent a bit of time over at IGN and a lot of people where not sure on how well Wii U and most where not sure if Mario Kart 8 was good enough for them to buy one etc. and then there was the usual Nintendo is still doomed people.

    However after E3, suddenly everyone in the comment section even those most people look at as Sony or Microsoft fanboys where saying that Nintendo won E3 and that they now wanted to buy a Wii U, never before have i seen a comment section so positive about Wii U ever. Wii U sales will be a bit of a roller coaster between releases, but they should stay around what they are now if they can keep the good games coming and for this year and next year that is sort of already guaranteed.

    Wii U will not sell 100M units like Wii, but i think it will do better than gamecube, so i am placing it around 45M units +/-

    I was not sure about Iwata, but he has proven that he has understood what he must do, and he is doing a good job of it, so i think he will stay president for the next years, depending on how well his health stays, perhaps he will step down at the beginning of next gen, as he will then be in his 60s. Don’t know who will take over, but it will not be Reggie. Reggie is a sales man, not a CEO, he can’t lead a company, but he can represent one!

    • Jon Turner

      You should look at the IGN forum users now. Now they’ve gone back to saying there’s no hope for WiiU. Some are even saying it won’t EVEN hit GC.

      • jjbredesen


        • Jon Turner

          Sadly, they are.

        • Ghost8484

          I have a question? What do the people want from Nintendo? They want them to be like the Sonys and Microsofts? Power? Gameplay? Fast releases? They want them to be humble? Or cocky? I mean what do we want from them?

          • jjbredesen

            Well i guess it depends on the person and its a very hard question to answer, but i will try to answer as best i can.

            I will start with us, the Wii U owners and Nintendo fans, what we want is for them to release the great games they already make, but we want more to play, but without it effecting quality, so basically we want them to get more 3rd party games to come to Wii U, and more exclusives, so we have 1 game a month to play. That keeps the momentum up, so that people will want to buy a Wii U, and the owners will be happy, if you have a system with both COD and Mario from a business perspective that will sell consoles, and the ports need to be on par with the other versions so that the Wii U does not feel inferior and there is no reason to buy it on PS4 or Xbone.

            Then we want them to work a bit more on there online and ecosystem. Eshop is great, but we want more from it, they need to try to compete with services like Steam, they have great indie games, but if they could have sales like on steam, then people would be all over Wii U. They also need to make there servers faster so that everything is easier and less frustrating to use.

            Stuff such as voice chat, and easier ways to communicate, invite people to lobbies etc. should also be in focus. They need to make Wii U’s online usable without needing to skype your friend with a secondary device, everything should be included on Wii U.

            They should also consider adding a way to capture game footage like in Mario Kart TV for all games.

            The OS should also be made more stable, and load even faster if possible.

            Then there are a lot of people that think the virtual console should be better and that way more games should be released, and not just games nobody has ever heard about.

            Gamecube games should also be on Wii U VC by now. As for power, i think people want more powerful consoles, or one that is easier to develop for.

            Wii U is actually a lot more powerful than people think, but it is to advance and a head of its time to be fully understood and utilized by devs, only Nintendo know how to use it to its fullest, witch is why there games look so fantastic and on par with PS4 and Xbox games that are on more powerful systems.

            So perhaps more powerful, but that depends on who your asking, as Nintendo also wants to keep the cost down, and make a innovative system, some people want them to just make a normal gaming device without a gamepad or wiimote, and others want them to, so that depends strongly on the person.

            Sterotypical “hardcore” cod fanboys want a pure gaming system, and a lot of normal gamers want that to, whilst families and children want wiimotes, so from a business perspective that is what Nintendo will do, as there core audience is families.

            That is also a problem, as those that have been long time fans since the NES/SNES feel like they have been abandon and what Nintendo to do stuff like they did before, aka just make games on a normal gaming system.

            There marketing also has needed to become better, but as of recent they have become fantastic, especially after E3, so if they can keep doing what they are doing now, that side of stuff should be fine.

            People also want them to be more open about stuff, and not have such a closed ecosystem for each console and instead do what Android does, and use the same core OS on both systems, so that things are more similar and games can run on booth systems+ it makes stuff such as cross buy on booth systems easy.

            This is something i know that Nintendo will do next gen though, so thats not really a problem.

            So in short: Lots of great games, and lots of great 3rd party games and lots of old game releases on Virtua console, better online and more apps etc, easier ways of communication, better PR, better ecosystem and richer software+ depending on the person a more traditional system.

            From an investor standpoint they would just like Nintendo to go mobile, so they can make more money, but that is something nobody else wants, so there are a lot of different perspectives, but the above is what i think most people agree on.

          • Ghost8484

            Man thanks for that answer! My wife wanted me to ask u if all Nintendo do is make games and have all that money then why don’t they have all of these problems fix and why don’t they have the most powerfuliest console today and be different at the same time ya know

          • jjbredesen

            Well since i don’t work for Nintendo i can’t really answer that, but from what i have understood its because Nintendo want a family friendly place for kids to play, and adding stuff such as voice chat will expose kids to swearing etc. You can imagine how much cursing there is in a game of mario kart 😛 So adding stuff like that makes it much harder for them to keep the system “safe” for kids.

            When it comes to online services, they entered the area a little late, so there servers etc. are not that well made yet, but they are getting a lot better.

            I remember Iwata putting 3 discs on a table and saying that “this is how big the new console must be” they want it small and to consume as little energy as possible, why? Well you will have to ask them.

            They have the money, but they are a small company in terms of employees, so its limited to what they can do.

            Can’t really say much more as I can’t ask Iwata xD

          • Jon Turner

            And HOPEFULLY third party games will return next year after MK8 and SMASH BROS. “lift” the sales.

          • TaintedXGamer

            I want Nintendo to continue what they doing, their IPs are always unique, I can’t wait to see what else they got for this Fall 2014 onwards. My Faith in nintendo haven’t wavered once :D.

    • Ice Climbers

      On the flip side, the 3DS’s hardware sales probably won’t ever be as good as last year. Hopefully I’m wrong on that though.

      • jjbredesen

        True, 3DS is slowing down a bit, but it is still selling fantastic, i predict that Amiibo will boost the sales for next year, as it is most kids that buy a 3DS, and the edition of a toy should help a lot?

  • WarioForever

    `here was no drastic change in art style as what happened with Wind Waker…’ To correct you, the new Zelda is more a mixture of TP and SS than WW itself if you look closely. (or did I misunderstood your comment?)
    Anyway what surprised me was a Mario Maker, Robot Chicken and Nintendo, 2 player mode in Yoshi’s game.
    Zelda didn’t surprised me cause Aonuma already told us that it’s gonna be more open world than any Zelda and that qrt style won’t be realistic nor cartoony, but in the middle.
    Nintendo’s still the boss and always be. 🙂

    • Razo_E

      I think he meant the drastic change of styles from OOT/MM to WW.

  • David Trail

    Yep 100%, yes. Not like there was anything to worry about to begin with. Nintendo was doomed since the N64 era.

  • FutureFox

    You know, there is a phenomenon in Japan regarding saving face where they try very hard to ignore short-comings.

    Given Capcom’s recent need to basically sell the company and SquareEnix being what they are now (crap) one has to be highly suspicious when you see approval ratings like these for poor performing companies.

    Square Enix, Yousuke Matsuda – 93%
    Capcom, Kenzo Tsujimoto – 97%

  • Ducked

    Mario Kart 8 will boost sales for the rest of the summer, and finish as a top 5 Wii U seller for its lifetime. Super Smash Bros will sell more Wii U’s than MK8. Yet Wii U will still finish 2nd place, behind PS4. But why should sales give a damn? Well hopefully the bigger install base will finally bring back some third parties next year. I’m hoping Yoshi Woolly World, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, Splatoon, and Mario Maker will release in the first Q1/Q2 of 2015. Giving Star Fox and Zelda a release in the Fall/Winter.

    Not sure how Square Enix president is so high? Not showing KH3 and FFXV at E3 this year. It’s a shame Ubisoft isn’t interested in a sequel for ZombiU, I could really go for one. Most of my money next year will be going to the PS4. LittleBigPlanet 3, Uncharted 4, Bat-Man Arkham Knight, No Man’s Sky, Destiny, and Final Fantasy XV.

    • Jon Turner

      A lot of users on IGN are convinced that it is too late for WiiU. But I don’t. And with FFXV and KH3 still open to a possibility on WiiU, yes, I think there IS a chance thirds will return with WiiU next year.

      • Ducked

        KH3 is still in early development so it’s very possible it’ll hit Wii U. Not sure about FFXV, but there’s a chance.

        • Jon Turner

          FFXV is probably the more iffy of the two because it’s likely ahead in development already and FF hasn’t been on Nintendo platforms in some time. They DID get spinoffs, but that’s about it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m less confident on FFXV showing up on WiiU, but should it be released on there? Absolutely.

          • Ducked

            I agree. Also look at how things have changed, the Japanese RPG crowd has shrunk on the PS4 compared to PS3 and PS2. You have to think about the consoles audience for sales numbers. Even if FFXV came as a delayed port, it still be good for sales. I’m not exactly sure how big FF audience is with Nintendo, but still better than Xbox One.

          • Jon Turner

            I’m sure there still is an audience for FF on Nintendo platforms (the Theaterrhythm and CRYSTAL CHRONICLES games have done fairly well, except THE CRYSTAL BEARERS, although that game was an odd duck and wouldn’t have caught on). Besides, SE just ported all the SFC/FC classics to the Japanese VC on WiiU. I don’t understand WHY we’re not getting them here.

          • Ducked

            I was just about to mention that. I don’t understand why we aren’t getting the Final Fantasy games on the VC here in the west. It could bring a lot to the Wii U’s VC.

          • Jon Turner

            That IS puzzling. What’s up with that? Then again last year we all assumed Konami wouldn’t get on the WiiU (well, the VC aspect of it anyway), and lo and behold, we got their games sometime around this time last year. I imagine there’s still some red tape that’s going on. Who knows.

          • Ducked

            True, also we has zero capcom games on the VC, then at E3 they reveal near 20 games for VC. I’m hoping Square does the same thing. I’d love to play FFVI on the virtual console.

          • Jon Turner

            Same here. That and CHRONO TRIGGER and SOM. Those are among my favorite SNES titles of all time. But there’s still time.

            Capcom HAD actually brought titles to VC BEFORE E3; we got Mega Man 1-5, and Super Ghouls N Ghosts, plus Final Fight. Still, nice to see them step up their game.

          • Ducked

            Chrono Trigger is easily one of my favorite games of all time. It also be nice if they brought Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories to the VC, and 358/2 Days whenever the DS VC comes out.

  • LevenThumps

    We won’t know for sure if Nintendo’s on the rebound until after these games are out, but I think this is the best Nintendo’s been before the holiday season.

  • TheSkeletonMan939 .

    Nintendo’s doing better little by little.

  • nin-10-doughfan

    YES! :] ;} `:)

  • leo

    games is the name of the game

  • bistricky

    ” Is Nintendo …… on the rebound”?

    Simply on the rebound ….. yes ….. they have implemented a new plan with a new attitude …. which has brought more positive attention to its products, increased sales potential and hope for the future.

    Changed the general negative ‘doom’ mode that had existed in the media …. to the general “of-course-its-not-doomed” because it’s Nintendo tune.

    Cheers 😀

  • C4

    Yeah. They need to stop producing droughts. It did really hurt the Wii Us (potential) success. If they do smaller games they really have to position them more strategically, and at the same time generating some hype. MK8 and the following E3 was okay of course so maybe they have learned that lesson?!? 2013 was a missed opportunity because people _were_ looking for a new console. Lots of PS4 sold because of the expectation of the next 2 – 3 years which Nintendo wasn’t able to communicate well as far as I can see.

  • TheAnimal Fleming

    Mario kart 8 is okay and were talking about wii u not the ps4

  • If you ask me, they never really lost it. Wii U is not selling as good as other Nintendo consoles, but at this point, Nintendo is trying to best their best, meaning they’ve essentially surpassed other standards. Nintendo is in a class of their own, and they stay there.

    • Joseph Oliveira

      It sold better than the Virtual Boy :p

      • linxz


  • Joseph Oliveira

    Capcom, Kenzo Tsujimoto – 97%

    Really? That good? Pfft.

  • EllaWLemmons

    These are all great things to see and they’re the hint that Nintendo may be on the right track to reclaiming some of its former glory. http://clck.ru/9FMLh

  • Arobin10

    My problem with Nintendo is that they want to leave development of deeply engrossing mature titles to 3rd parties. Metroid will shine using game pad functionality. Wii u was designed for titles like that. Sadly, we’re 1 yr into the consoles lifespan & they diverted the talents of Retro Studios to make a side scrolling donkey kong game. Now don’t get your panties in a bunch. I’m sure many people enjoyed it, but it won’t move console units like Metroid or Zelda. We shouldn’t have 2 E3 shows pass without a hint of development beginning on that title. My point is that Mario kart & smash brothers will always sell, but you need new killer apps that cater to a more mature audience to get people to purchase the wii u as a 2nd next gen console. I think the E3 showing was lacking.

  • TheyCallHimBigAl

    These being shareholder numbers mean very little insofar as comparing the health of the respective companies. Being a publisher, development studio, and hardware manufacturer, Nintendo’s owners incur much more risk because all those sectors have to work together. Sony is the only comparable case, but they make so many consumer electronics that their gaming sector is only a fraction of what their shareholders are concerned about. All Konami or Squeenix have to do is show that they have products that won’t flop for their shareholders to be happy.

  • Rinslowe

    After E3 it was obvious Nintendo had building up to the show and with Kart, shown they were understanding more clearly where they needed to improve. So bravo to them for that.
    But are they on the rebound overall? I think… Way too early to say.
    I think when most people go to answer that question it’ll be likely in consideration of “if” they do this, or “if” they maintain that etc…
    So too many if’s to be certain either way. Personally I think they’re on the right track. But any no’ of situations mostly related to how they themselves continue forward from here, can take them to success or derail them completely this gen.
    Hope they make a genuine rebound, put it that way.

  • linxz

    Wiiu will go into a deep slumber when the next of AAAs come about and it’s nowhere to be mentioned. IWATA is nothing but sh*t. he really should have quitted by now

    • Marioman21

      Really “quitted”. Not to mention at least the Wii U is selling better than the XBONE.

  • Rich Garriques

    the Wii U is about the have the best holiday season it’s had since launch in 2012.

    might want to revise that sentence.

  • FlashFan207

    “Super Mario 3D World wasn’t a big enough hit to generate the expected Wii U sales over the holidays…”

    Indeed! And I have absolutely no idea why. That game is absolutely fantastic! Graphics, fun factor, replayability, multiplayer, imaginative level design… I could go on. This game was a blast and so many people missed out.

  • Marioman21

    Seriously 97% for Capcom a company that is about to go bankrupt. Really.

  • Vorpal Blade

    How does Capcom have that high of an approval rating?!?
    This rating system is about useful as DBZ’s Scouters.

  • Arthur Jarret