Dec 19th, 2013

Several game announcements were made during yesterday’s Nintendo Direct. One of the announced games, NES Remix, was also released on the Wii U eShop just after the show concluded.

While I thought it looked like an interesting concept, I had my doubts as to whether or not this collection of retooled NES game challenges was worth the $15 Nintendo is asking for it. I spent a good amount of time playing it yesterday, and you can check out my thoughts on the game in the video below.

Are any of you currently playing NES Remix? What do you think about it so far? Let us know in the comments!

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  • palomino blue

    Thanks for this review. I thought it looked cool enough but I was on the fence for $15. I think I’ll be getting it this weekend.

  • hahahero

    I say if you’ve got the funds. Go for it. This has been some of the best controller passing gameplay I’ve come across in a while. We had a blast with it last night.

    • WiiUFanboy

      It had really bad graphics. Im very disappointed with Nintendo. It can only play really bad games :'(

      • hahahero

        Well, the majority of the content on the game is true to the original form. So, technically I wouldn’t tag them as having “bad graphics,” just…”antiquated” (or something to that effect). This is my belief of course.

        When I consider the concept of “bad graphics” it is in the context of its times. For example- How does game X,Y, or Z stack up, against others titles within their respective generations?

        Most of the games represented in this collection have respectable graphics given their release dates during the NES generation (again based off personal disposition and knowledge). For example look at an Atari 2600/5200 games, then Super Mario Bros.

        I guess what constitutes “bad graphics” is more of a subjective, philosophical concern than I though, even possibly postmodern!

        To complicate things more. Would you consider titles which revisit the 8-bit or 16-bit styles as “bad graphics?” Some are absolutely beautiful, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World immediately comes to mind.

        Sorry you didn’t enjoy the game!

      • Captinn2

        You idiot, this is about NES GAMES! They’re OLLLLLLLDDDD games that date back to 1985. If you want good graphics go play some Xbone of PS4 crap!

      • oontz


  • Rocky

    Looks like the same level of mobile games should be prize like mobile games and should be on mobile devices…

    • hahahero

      Well, looks can be deceiving. There is a surprisingly vast library of content focusing on the best parts of a given game. Spent hours with friends on it last night and we’re still far away from completion (we also spent a lot of time challenging the hi-scores). Video reviews really do the title little justice in regards to how challenging (and, thus, rewarding) the micro-games can get later in the game.

      I agree, the price could have been a little lower ($10-$12-ish),but I would still recommend it. I guess I like it bc it is the closest thing to a spiritual successor to “Wario Ware: Smooth Moves.” I was hoping for “Game in Wario” to satisfy that need, but we saw how that ended up.

      I guess what I am saying is that its a bit unfair to liken it to a mobile title. Especially if you have not experienced it yet. I do see where you’re coming from though.

    • Speedy Petendo

      “should be priced like mobile games.” 16 remixed games… at a mobile price of .99 each… that should come out to about 15.84. By your logic this is quite a deal at $14.99 US.

  • I am Error.

    Good review, man.
    I picked up the title yesterday as well.
    I was wary of the price… but it turned out to be totally worth it.
    For fans of the 8-bit era this thing is just a blast.
    While it seems designed to be playable in short bursts (taking your gamepad to the restroom comes to mind) I’ve already spent hours with this highly addictive title.
    One of the features I really enjoy but don’t even use is the ability to earn Miiverse stamps of classic 8-bit sprites.
    Sadly, the title seems focused entirely around games that are available on the Wii U Virtual Console service… which means there are still a TON of oldies, especially SNES-era titles, that would need to be released before some nifty DLC or a sequel could come about. I get it, using titles you can run to the eShop and buy makes total sense, but let’s face it, the VC needs a better library.
    Aside from no Wii U Controller support I see no problems with this amazing title. I’d love to see Kid Icarus and Metroid work their way into (hopefully) future versions, and a 3DS version utilizing Gameboy sprites would be a hoot!

    • Speedy Petendo

      Love the current line up. However, I agree a Kid Icarus and Metroid update would be amazing!

  • It is overpriced. But it’s still a nice game.

    • Fred

      I disagree. The only 2 games in there that I would buy are Super Mario Bros and the Legend of Zelda. I’m too young to have ever owned an NES, but I’d like to experience all those other games. This will let me get a taste of a whole bunch of different games without having to pay $5 EACH. I’m all in on that price.

      • Speedy Petendo

        “Overpriced” but “Nice”? Come on, it’s awesome!
        ***Edit I meant to address Mr. Howell.

  • Saul Rivera

    I quickly bought it and it’s been fun so far..though…I can’t help but feel 10 dollars would have been a better pricetag

  • Jon

    yes, if it was $20 I’d pay that too! 😀

    • Fred

      I’m with you Jon I also think it’s worth $20

      • hikkerd

        don’t give Nintendo any ideas

        • Speedy Petendo

          Don’t worry, Nintendo is not looking here for pricing ideas. Jon and Fred are just saying this is a quality piece of Nintendo magic.

          • hikkerd

            Jou know I was joking right? (._.)’

  • Fred

    This game is really fun. I don’t regret the $15
    By the way Thanks for the review I really appreciate it. After watching the Nintendo Direct I didn’t think I wanted it, but after watching your review I changed my mind.

  • Daniel Schwarz

    I think I’ll wait to see if it goes on sale.

    • juancamiloarq

      It’s gonna take a while for that. The game is worth every penny.

    • Speedy Petendo

      I guess all games generally go on sale eventually… While you are waiting, we’ll just be over here having the BEST CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY EVER!!! Bru ha haha!

  • Ninja Pirate

    Well worth it. I have only played about an hour but I’m enjoying it tons already.
    $15 isn’t really that much for the content they’re giving you. Levels have decent re-playability especially when trying to beat times, get more stars, etc.

    I was pleasantly surprised by this yesterday.

  • I watched some videos on it last night and when it was first announced I thought maybe it was like those NES ROMs distributed where people MOD the game to change characters and settings but this looks like Nintendo put their own little spin on the games and actually looks really fun. I may have to purchases this sometime in the near future.

    • Speedy Petendo

      I like to describe this game as… If 9-Volt from WarioWare had his own game, this would be it.

      • XD You’re totally right. Good call

  • Sdudyoy

    I could see this happening on SNES and possibly N64 but I really don’t think they could or would take the time with GC.

    • Daniel Carvalho

      I wish they would hurry up and put GC games on the Virtual Console. Also, they could start selling Wii games on the eShop, all of them re-made into 1080p! Games like Metroid Prime Trilogy and Xenoblade Chronicles that vanished from the stores would sell like water. Even those who already own those games would buy them just for the improved graphics.

      • Sdudyoy

        Me personally really wanted Xenoblade Chronicles but by the time we got the funds to get it it was already out of stock, so I’m hoping X will be good, considering they can’t run out of stock on the Eshop!

        • darkcreap

          Do you live in the EU or in the USA?

          • Sdudyoy


          • darkcreap

            Um, too bad. The reason why I asked is because in my case I live in the EU and my Amazon local store is a bit of a mess. Despite the fact that the European versions are all the same (They have 5 languages in one disc), my search results differentiate between German, UK, French and Italian imports, which is wonderful if you care about the instruction booklet and the box, but the game is the same inside (it takes the language you configured for the console). This can be a bit confusing some times.

            What I wanted to say is that I waited two months for a French edition because they were out of stock. I switched my order to the UK edition and I got it immediately. But this does not apply to you since I guess there is only one US edition.

        • Daniel Carvalho

          It’s a shame you couldn’t buy it. I couldn’t either, but I’ve beaten the game a few times, it is simply awesome! I wish I could’ve gotten a proper copy of it and other awesome Wii games I couldn’t as well. Just hope Nintendo realizes the potential the eShop has to sell Wii games as well, not only up to N64 titles. And please, eliminate the friend codes from every Wii title sold on eShop!

  • darkcreap

    Honestly, no. I think it is a good concept, despite recycled content, but I think 15$ is too much. 4 or 5 at most for me.

    • Speedy Petendo

      “Recycled content” – I call them classics.
      “4 or 5 at most” – wow tough customer!

      • darkcreap

        They are not the classics. Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Zelda (among others) are the classics.

        These are chunks from classics, but they are using literally a lot from old games. That is reusing/recycling IMHO.

        Regarding perceived value, well, it is a subjective thing in this case. Be aware that I said “4 or 5 at most for me” (not necessarily for others). There are people here who would pay 20$ or 25$ for it, others 10$ or 7$.

        I do not mind paying 5$ or 8$ for NES and SNES classics. I actually have a lot of Kirby, Zelda and Mario games on Wii and WiiU VC. I also bought 2 of the Final Fight VC releases in Wii and WiiU. A lot of people would not pay even 1$ for a bunch of them. In my case, those classics have great value, even if it is something I could go and play in an emulator without problems.

        Don’t take me wrong, I don’t say the game has no value, it is simply that the value I give the game is lower than what they ask for, which is different.

  • Grendelmon

    I’d pay $5, no more.

    • Speedy Petendo

      I disagree. You will pay $14.99. Ha ha! You will do it, I know it! Maybe you feel strong now… but eventually we will see you at the eShop. The eShop!!! Bru ha haha!!!

      • Grendelmon


  • Wayne Beck

    Everything I’ve seen about this game points to a must buy.

  • Arthur Jarret

    It’s 10 euro in europe… which is less than 15 dollars at today’s rates… then again, NES games are 5 euros, which is a lot more than 5 dollars. So: we win some, we lose some.

  • Des

    Nah, wouldn’t pay $15 for those old games. I had an NES back in the day but I’m not that nostalgic. Now if they would have given them a more updated graphical polish, maybe.

    • thecoolmana777

      how exactly do you give 8-bit a graphical polish, isnt the point of the game is that it’s supposed to be NES games?

      • Agent721

        It’s called an SNES game!

      • Des

        That’s the problem. I wouldn’t want to play an 8 bit game. But take those same games, keep the same mechanics but update the graphics. Then I might reconsider. Maybe. I only say maybe because most of those games included in the remix weren’t even the best NES games.

  • Agent721

    A very good review & well timed, given its release yesterday…thumbs up!!

  • RyuNoHadouken

    i’d pay 5 bucks for it

  • Daniel

    I’m playing it at the moment and it’s worth the price tag considering how similar it is to warioware which retails for a full price disk. It’s lacking in variety of titles and multi-player support. Aside from that, it’s a great addition to the eShop.

  • Rinslowe

    In any case it’s a good start. IMO.

  • I think they’d be safe if just tack off $5 for good measures.

  • Yes.

  • Adam Fox

    I wonder how many people thought it was $15 for each game? LOL….I will be picking up this game VERY soon….heading out of town to my parents house tomorrow and my Wii U has been there almost all year! I need to get it so I can pick up some of these awesome first-party games such as Wind Waker HD, Mario 3D World and NES Remix…….I may try out Pikmin 3 but i’ve never really been a fan of that series….

  • Shota

    i enjoy hell out of it. buy it. i hope they make snes remix

  • Jayden

    Can you play the games without it being remixed. As I’d like to see the NES games in original form too.

  • Jan

    Right into the childhood!

  • ETeach

    I love how there’s still people who think this game is just a collection of old nes games. It’s much more interesting, I promise.

  • In an earlier comment I said it was a nice game but overpriced. I am warming to it more now, and find my self playing it a reasonable amount. I still can’t give a definitive answer on it’s value yet.

    I think they could have been a lot more creative with some of the remixes and I would have loved to have seen some 3rd party games included. Particularly the ones from my childhood.

  • Sheiky Baby

    Nes games should be $3
    Snes should be $5
    Nes remix should be $8
    Snes remix (if it happens) should be $12

    But what do I know, I don’t work for Nintendo… It’s just that, everytime I look at their store, and I see these classics I like, I feel like they should cost less, considering I could play them on just about any other device without the price. I would definitely purchase a lot of those if the prices were that much lower. I’m sure they have their reasons for these prices, since I’ve always felt like they’ve always been a very pocket friendly company, but I do find my self scratching my head lot when I see the Eshop prices lol.

    Overall, I’m glad to see and hear that the twist on these titles are positive ones. Maybe I’ll pick it up when it drops a bit.

  • Wiiluigi

    Great review! 15 bucks translates less than a dollar a game. I’m sold.